Night of Abandon


I saw him from across the room. Our eyes met. The intimate look that moved between us caused me to blush. I had seen him many times at business events; we often ended up at the same table. But tonight, the way he looked at me and the lightning that shot through my body was electric. Recently, we had spent a bit of time together while traveling. Dining out, and having late night chats over drinks. Talking about everything from past relationships, to dreams and desires. The nights always extended late into the morning.

Tonight, he was talking to a colleague about the pros and cons of some new technology. He was dressed in a stripped shirt and jeans. I was turned on by his nerdy look, knowing that while he could keep up with the best of the best on technical talk, he also had a side to him that few people knew that was very charming and social. I knew he was using his intelligence to win the argument with his peer; it was hard for anyone to top him when he wanted to prove a point. His intelligence was so sexy, I had seen him use it often in meetings and it never failed to turn me on. I was so attracted to him at that moment.

I had not realized how much I wanted him until that moment. I laughed at myself as I thought; of course you want him… I couldn’t get him out of my mind, when we were apart, I thought about his face, his lips… Oh he has wonderful lips, but they had not yet kissed me, I yearned to feel their touch on me. Once he kissed me I knew I would be at his mercy. His mind, the way people were attracted to him, and how he could go quickly from a highly technical conversation to a funny story or joke. He was the life of any party. And then there was the way he looked at me, with desire, humor and with the intimacy of someone who had known me for years.

I had dressed for him that night. I pretended that I was just wearing another cute outfit that I would wear for any event. I knew that, he loved a woman in a white blouse. There was something about the purity that turned him on, wanting to make her impure, I assumed. I wore a sweater over the blouse to pretend that I was not dressing for him. When he commented I said, “Oh this, I just needed something to match my sweater.” I was secretly pleased, and wanted him to notice. The fact that he did made me wet with desire.

What was wrong with me? I had never felt this kind of desire and I knew at that point that I had to have this man. I could tell that he also had to have me. Discretion would be tossed aside. I needed him and for whatever reason; was going to get him. When he was close to me, or when he snuck a peek at me from across the room, my body tingled with excitement. I had never known such desire. Tonight we would have each other.

We watched each other from afar, once in a while catching each others eyes. We chatted professionally with other business colleagues, staying near, keeping our eyes on the other. As the night wore on, we were drawn apart and then, across the room; we caught eyes and moved toward each other. As we approached each other our eyes caught not, looking away. “Hi friend.” I said as we hugged and he moved in for a kiss. I moved my cheek toward his lips as he gave me a kiss. “Good move.” He stated. Little did he know halkalı escort how my body ached to feel his lips touch mine, to feel him suck my lip and have his tongue roam inside my mouth. I released a deep sigh with the desire that was building inside me.

That began the start of our sexual sparing, we chatted about business and other things quietly, feeling the intensity of our need for the other. Joined our business colleagues and began the dance of romance. We spent the rest of the evening chatting with our colleagues, flirting with each other, moving closer and closer to the edge of danger. You said; “This woman will be my wife…” I laughed and said, ‘Yeah, better hope I will take you when you are old and can’t move any longer.” “You will…” was your response. He just made me want him more.

We had had plenty to drink and with our friends closed down the bar. Not wanting to part we all headed to the hotel and raided the no-host bar. Beer and wine continued to flow. Discretion faded between the two of us. We were crossing closer to the point where business colleagues become lovers. We couldn’t allow our peers to know, the desire that loomed deep inside our bodies. But we were becoming more and more unable to control our desire for the other.

He became more brazen and began to put his hands down my pants. My panties been removed earlier in the evening on a dare. At that time, with the other men, he smelled and tasted my panties with desire when they were placed in his hand. I saw his pleasure as he watched the other men enjoy the smell of my wet pussy as my damp thong was passed around. I knew his cock was straining with his desire to take me into him. We remained close and I pretended to have little interest in him. This infuriated him and he pursued me with more aggressiveness, ensuring that he would have his target for that night.

As we sat in the hotel lobby with our colleagues I could feel his hand down the back of my jeans reaching dangerously close to my pussy. He reached his hand up my shirt to rub the tip of my breast. I was aching with desire for his body, wanting him to have me naked and taking me forcefully. I excused myself to use the rest room and he quickly followed stepping into the room before I cloud close the door, forcing me against the door and kissing me with an aggressive passion that almost hurt. He reached his hands up my shirt and quickly removed my bra from my breasts fondling and pinching them until I almost cried out with pleasure and pain. I could feel his bulging manhood in his pants and longed to free his cock so I could touch it and make it mine.

I knew that I had the power that night as several of the men who we were sitting with wanted me; but were not as aggressive as to you state their claim. I flirted with the other men, driving him deeper into his desire to have me for his own. I knew that I wanted him, and that the other men would never succeed in taking me, but flirted and coaxed them on with their desire. Watching my game; he became more possessive and wanted me more. He would not allow another man to have his target.

He moved in to state his ownership of my pussy, şişli escort barely marinating his discretion. We worked with these people and, any inappropriate behavior would be spread quickly through the office grapevine. We were both aggressive about our career and did not need any outside gossip to slow our track to the top. As his hand ran down the back of my pants, moving dangerously close to my pussy, and he reached up to fondle my breast. I knew I needed to take control of the situation. I sat on his lap and held his hands down to his side in order to stop him from misbehaving. I could feel his hard cock pushing into my ass. I wanted him more and more, discretion abandoned. We snuck off to his hotel room, hoping our colleagues didn’t notice our absence in their drunkenness.

“Stand naked for me,” he said. “Let me look at you.” He looked at my body as I turned for him to see me from all angles. I was proud of my body and not embarrassed to be seen naked. The fact that a man was quietly enjoying looking at my naked body before touching me, made me fairly aroused. We kissed. His hands explored the body he had just looked at with such intimacy. “I love your body,” he said. “You are not afraid to be naked.” It was obvious that it was a huge turn on, as I observed his extended cock.

I wanted to touch his cock, to feel the softness of his hardened skin as it stretched to contain his extended cock. I could feel is press against my pussy as we kissed and he began to touch me. I wanted to sink down and take his cock inside my mouth. I was enjoying the touch of his hands and mouth on my body, so I became distracted with my desire. All discretion had passed, I wanted this man, had to have him, and he had to have me. We were going to learn all about each others bodies to an intimate level, just as we had learned of each other intimately on intellectual level nights earlier.

He forced me on the bed as he mounted me and began to kiss me as his hands spent time exploring my breasts, and pussy. I moaned in pleasure. He took his lips and locked them on to my breast and began to lick and suck it until it was swollen with desire. My pussy was wet with desire, and began to throb with need as he moved his mouth and hands in that direction. I was writhing in desire for his touch. His hands touched my drenched pussy and pushed quickly inside me. I gasped in surprise and pleasure. His mouth, moved down as his fingers continued to move in and out of my pussy. My moans of wanting continued as he licked and sucked my pussy juices as he proceeded to make me cum in fast intense shudders against his fingers and mouth.

Can this get any better? I was flowing with desire and wanted his cock inside my pussy immediately. I reached for his cock, when he pulled away and said “You dirty bitch, you need to be cleaned up.” “Get in the shower.” Disappointed that I couldn’t yet be allowed to take his cock I did as he demanded and headed to the shower. I loved how he was so forceful in his control of my body. I so often had to be the one in control in my professional and personal life.

We climbed into the shower and he began soaping me up, as I took the soap to his body. Finally I was able sarıyer escort to touch his broad shoulders and strong chest. He had a strong an fit body. I had admired it clothed many times, seeing it naked provided me with the pleasure that I had imagined many nights alone. I moved from his shoulders and chest down toward his throbbing manhood. Taking his cock in my hands and cleaning it with the slippery soap, running my fingers between his legs and reaching to his rounded ass. He was a runner; and had the best runners ass and legs that I had felt. His body was lean, but exuded a danger that told me he could dominate me at any moment had he desired.

Touching him and feeling his hardness made me want him in me more than ever. It must have had the same effect on him, as he lifted me forcefully and shoved me into the corner of the shower while he slid his cock into my wet and wanton pussy. Thrusting into me with such force it caused pleasure and pain. I felt the pressure of his orgasm and he shot his cum inside my pussy with his thrusts. We both moaned in pleasure and leaned into each other. The joy of my orgasm was flowing through my body.

My need for his body was not yet satisfied, as we toweled off and moved back to the bed. Finally, he allowed me to take his cock in my mouth, as I gave him the blow job to remember. I tasted his salty and sweet cum as he shot it down my throat. I was taken; this man would have me forever. I could no longer be with another lover in the same way. We touched t each other physically and mentally in a way no other person was able to reach. I knew that he felt the same.

As we lay in rest in each others arms, kissing, nibbling and talking about things important and not important over a time. Our strokes became more insistent and he moved me on to my stomach. My body was straining with desire to have his cock inserted inside my pussy. I thrust my ass up toward his cock as he moved your mouth closer toward my pussy, licking and inserting his tongue inside me. My wetness was increasing as he inserted his finger into my ass. I groaned in pleasure. I wanted his cock inside my ass. His finger was good, but I wanted more pressure.

He pushed his cock inside my ass as I moaned for more. Feeling the intense tightness and my want for him. he quickly orgasm deeply inside my ass. It felt so good, and my own orgasm started deep inside my body and thundered out to my man as I shook and vibrated in the power of the sensation. Wanting me more, he took my pussy inside his mouth and sucked while he fucked my pussy with his hands. He leaned in and kissed me deeply on my lips, sucking them as I rocked in orgasm.

Our night of lovemaking continued into the morning. We dozed here and there, but could not get enough of each other. Given the opportunity, I am sure we would have continued into the next day. However, we were suddenly awoken by the sound of his alarm. Before rising to shower he made love to me; slowly, passionately being sure that both of our needs were met. As we crested to ecstasy, I quickly said; “I love you.” Immediately regretting the words stated in the heat of my passion. You replied. “I love you too” as we both crashed into throbbing and intense orgasms.

That night was the start of a long and intense romance. Our need for each other never subsides. Not only do we physically desire the other, we came to rely on the other for support. Our sex life flourished in our closeness as we felt secure in our love for each other to explore things that we wanted but would have never attempted in a less committed relationship.

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