Nightshift at Judy’s Ch. 2


The day after Wendy had lost her anal virginity to Dave, her co- worker at Judy’s SuperBurgers, while they were working the nightshift, she showed up for work in high spirits, wearing a miniskirt that covered less than a third of her thighs and no panties. Her tank top hugged her bra-less breasts tightly and her long, reddish-blond hair flowed freely over her shoulders as she walked briskly from the parking lot to the entrance, just in time for the start of her shift at 10 p.m.

Dave would work with her again and the thought brought a smile to her lips. Dave, the first guy who had stuck his dick up her ass and had done it so expertly, had made her feel so good, that she was hooked now. Hooked on anal sex. Surely he would do it again as soon as the stream of customers ebbed off and they’d have a quite moment. That moment would be several hours away, however, and Wendy wondered briefly if she could stand the tension for so long without sneaking to the restroom and jacking off.

Wendy knew she wouldn’t be alone with Dave that night. Weekend nights at Judy’s were always busy and the manager usually scheduled three or four employees to work the nightshift. Today would be not different, although Wendy still didn’t know who she’d work with.

She found out a few moments later as she walked past the counter and into the kitchen area. There stood Dave; Paul, a college drop-out and part-time cashier at the supermarket; and Terri, whom she knew from college and even shared a couple of classes with. While she had had sex with Paul before, she didn’t know much about Terri and had never exchanged more than pleasantries with her. However, the way she was dressed — tight denim shorts and a thin t-shirt that clearly revealed the lack of a bra — didn’t exactly make her look like a nun. Wendy didn’t know if Terri was bi, but resolved to find out before the nightshift was over.

She walked over to the trio and greeted them cheerfully, then wrapped her arms around Dave and kissed him on the mouth. Dave kissed her back enthusiastically and they spent the next few moments with their lips pressed together and their tongues dancing around each other.

As soon as Dave released her, she practically jumped into Paul’s arms and pressed her lips to his mouth. Paul returned her kiss eagerly and squeezed her ass cheeks through her skirt. Wendy thought he must have noticed the lack of panties underneath, but he didn’t say anything about it.

“No kiss for me?” Terri asked and pouted theatrically when Wendy wiggled out of Paul’s embrace but didn’t step over to her immediately.

Wendy looked her up and down and smiled. “If you want one, you’ll get one,” she said finally.

“I want one!”

Wendy smiled brightly as she took Terri in her arms and pressed her half-open mouth on Terri’s lips. Both girls tried to push their tongues into the other girl’s mouth and they met halfway, probing softly and dancing around each other.

“Come on, girls,” a sourly voice coming from the direction of the counter interrupted them suddenly. “It’s 10 p.m. Time for the nightshift to take over.”

Wendy reluctantly released Terri and turned to face the manager. “Spoilsport!” she said with feigned indignation.

The manager, a 40ish guy with an athletic body Wendy hoped to screw one day, glanced hard at her. “You can kiss all you want when your shift is over. Now you have customers to attend.”

“Don’t worry, Bob,” Dave said quickly. “Every customer will get perfect service.”

“I hope so,” the manager said as he waved the late shift out of the kitchen. “That’s what we pay you for.”

Once the other employees, and especially the manager, were driving out of the parking lot one by one, Wendy, Terri, Dave, and Paul had nothing on their minds but getting their hands on each other and having fun, fun, fun. Unfortunately for them, however, the restaurant was still packed nearly to capacity and more customers were waiting in line at the counter. It would be more than two hours before the girls, both of them working the cash registers, would have a chance to chat without being overheard by customers waiting to place their orders.

“Dave told me he took your ass-ginity last night. Is that true?” Terri asked as soon as the last customer, at least for the time being, picked up his tray and walked off to find an empty table.

Wendy laughed out loud. “Ass-ginity? That’s cool!”

“Did he?” Terri asked again, her eyes sparkling with curiosity.

“Yes, he did. And it was absolutely fantastic,” she said dreamily and smiled from ear to ear. “You take it up the ass?”

“I want to try it,” Terri said. “What’s it like?”

“Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. You’ve got to try it for yourself!”

“Did it hurt?”

“Just a little in the beginning,” Wendy replied truthfully. “But after a few minutes, it felt so damn good. I felt so full, you know, so absolutely stuffed with dick, it was incredible.”

“So it’s worth a little bit of pain?”

“Definitely!” Wendy said emphatically.

“And you did it in the kitchen?” Terri canlı bahis wanted to know, as if she couldn’t quite believe it.

“Yeah. I leaned over the table with my skirt around my waist and he took me from behind. Just like that! He didn’t even–” Wendy stopped in mid-sentence when the door opened and another group of customers walked in for a midnight meal.

Customers kept trickling in in pairs and small groups and it was almost 1:30 in the morning before the girls had a chance to talk in private again. “Who do you think I should do it with? Dave or Paul?” Terri asked when they were finally alone at the counter.

“Good question,” Wendy said and thought for a moment. “Dave definitely has a lot of experience. His dick is a bit larger than Dave’s, but not much. I’d go for Dave the first time and do it with Paul later.”

“Sounds like solid advice,” Terri said thoughtfully. “What time do you think we can get started?”

“Who knows. This place is a madhouse Friday and Saturday nights,” Wendy replied, amused by Terri’s eagerness to get rid of her anal virginity. “Yesterday it was past three before we had the place to ourselves, and that was Thursday night.”

“Shit,” Terri sighed. “I’m so horny I could do it right now.”

“Those shorts will get in the way,” Wendy pointed out mischievously. “You should have put on a skirt.”

“Oh shit, yes!” Terri groaned. “But I didn’t expect to get fucked tonight. Dave told me about this only when I got here.”

“Well, it’s too late to change now,” Wendy smirked.

“Maybe not,” Terri said as an idea hit her and a bright smile spread out on her face. She walked around the counter without further explanation and threaded her way through the crowded restaurant. Wendy watched her curiously as she approached a table where two couples were sitting and digging into their burgers and fries with a healthy appetite.

Terri talked with the group for several minutes and they all kept smiling and laughing cheerfully. One of the guys even fondled her ass a couple of times. Then one of the girls got up and she and Terri took off in the direction of the restrooms, their arms around each other’s waists.

Standing at the counter, Wendy watched the two girls disappear behind the door to the restrooms and wondered what they were up to. While she attended more customers, she kept an eye on the door and waited impatiently for Terri and her friend to reappear.

Almost 15 minutes later, the door finally opened and the two girls came back into the restaurant. Wendy gasped when she realized that Terri was now wearing the other girl’s miniskirt while her friend had Terri’s shorts on.

“Now I’m ready,” she whispered in Wendy’s ear as she passed her on the way to her cash register.

“What the heck took you so long?” Wendy asked when they had the counter area all to themselves a few minutes later.

“Well,” Terri smirked, “Gina would only let me have her skirt if I ate her boyfriend’s cum out of her pussy. And there was so much of it! Took some time to suck it all out.”

“Did she eat you too?”

“Of course, but not as long. I didn’t have any cum in me, you know, so she just sucked on my clit until I came.”

“Did you put your panties back on?”

“Yeah, sure,” Terri replied, not quite sure what Wendy was driving at.

“Why?” Wendy asked, feigning surprise. “They just get in the way. Take them off!”

Terri just stared at her. “You’re kidding! I can’t take my panties off in here!”

“Nobody’s looking our way,” Wendy said after a quick glance around the restaurant. “Take them off!”

Terri was dumbfounded. “I mean, I . . . I can’t walk around here without panties!” she protested.

“Chicken!” Wendy scoffed.

“I’m no chicken!”

“Yes, you are!”

“No, I’m not!”

“Then take them off!”

“You take yours off first!” Terri demanded.

“I’m not wearing any,” Wendy said sweetly, knowing she had backed the other girl into a corner.

“I don’t believe that for a second! Not with a miniskirt like that!”

Wendy grinned from ear to ear and glanced around the restaurant again. Not seeing anyone looking in their direction, she quickly lifted her miniskirt and exposed her naked pussy for a few seconds. “See? No panties. Now take yours off!”

Still reluctant, but not wanting to be called a chicken again, Terri glanced around nervously, then reached under her miniskirt and quickly pulled her panties down her long legs. As she stepped out of them, Wendy reached out and cupped Terri’s pussy with her hand, giving the moist lips a gentle squeeze before she ran her middle finger through the slit between them and upward through the crack of her ass. Terri was shocked and surprised by Wendy’s aggressiveness and took a few moments before she jumped forward, out of reach of Wendy’s hand, and straightened her skirt.

“Don’t like to be touched there?” Wendy teased her when she turned around again.

“I love it,” Terri replied. “But do we have to do it out here in public?”

Wendy shrugged her shoulders. “Why not?”

“Because bahis siteleri we might lose our jobs if we get caught, that’s why.”

“Jobs like these are a dime a dozen,” Wendy said and shrugged again. “And we won’t get caught if we’re careful.”

“You say so,” Terri said without much conviction. Wendy’s hand on her pussy had aroused her, though; had aroused her very much, in fact, and she couldn’t wait to get her hands on Wendy and the guys in the kitchen.

As it turned out, though, they had to wait. They slipped their hands under each other’s skirts occasionally, rubbing and exploring the naked pussies underneath and tasting the juices that clung to their fingers, but the steady trickle of customers didn’t allow them to do any more than that. When the last customer finally left a few minutes before 4:30 and Judy’s was empty for the first time that night, Wendy and Terri were so horny and their pussies throbbed so badly that they could barely contain themselves.

As soon as the last car pulled out of the parking lot and headed down the street, Dave and Paul rushed out of the kitchen and grabbed the girls from behind, rubbing their tits through their thin tops, and kissed their necks.

“Boy, did I wait for this moment!” Dave exclaimed as he slipped his right hand into Wendy’s skirt and ran his fingers up and down her pussy lips.

“Terri wants to lose her anal virginity, too,” Wendy said and grinned at Dave over her shoulder. “Interested in the job?”

“Of course I’m interested!” Dave exclaimed enthusiastically.

“Ummm, wait a moment,” Terri said. “If it’s okay with you guys, I’d like to see Wendy getting fucked in the ass first.”

“Fine with me!” Wendy cried immediately. “Paul, you game?”

“I’m game for anything,” Paul smirked, “especially if it involves my dick and your ass.” He released Terri from his embrace and nudged Dave aside, who was still standing behind Wendy.

“You want to do it right here at the counter?” she asked, a bit surprised but not entirely adverse to the idea.

“Why not? Easier to keep an eye on that door,” he said and pointed to the entrance.

“And if somebody opens that door?” Terri asked nervously.

“Then we’ll just disappear into the kitchen and we’ll be out of sight,” Dave said reassuringly as he stepped over to Terri and wrapped his arms around her from behind.

“I don’t know,” Terri said, still not entirely convinced.

Listening to Terri’s objections, Wendy was rapidly running out of patience. Her pussy was throbbing like crazy and she was more than anxious to get started. “Come on, Paul, get your dick into me!” she said as she bent over the counter and bunched her miniskirt around her waist, exposing her naked ass and wet, hairless pussy.

Paul’s dick was ready. As soon as he unzipped the fly of his jeans and pulled it out, it stood up proudly, a drop of pre-cum already clinging to his piss hole. He positioned himself behind Wendy’s outstretched ass and ran his rock-hard dick through the slit between her red and swollen pussy lips to lubricate it.

“Be careful,” Dave said with the air of an expert. “It’s only the second time she gets it up the ass.”

“It’s the fourth time, smartass,” Wendy corrected him, slightly irritated at his tone of voice. “You’re not the only guy who fucks me! Now stick it in, Paul!”

Paul was most happy to comply. Without saying a word, he kept rubbing his dick against her pussy lips until it glistened with her juices, then placed the tip of his dick at her asshole and pushed forward.

“Yeah!” Wendy screamed as the head of his dick slipped past her sphincter and into her rectum. “Deeper! Stick it all in! Fuck my asshole!”

“Jeez,” Paul muttered and pushed his dick deeper until his pubic hair grazed her ass cheeks. He waited a few moments until her sphincter relaxed a bit, then began to fuck her at a leisurely pace, pulling about three quarters of his dick out of her asshole before shoving it back in.

“Faster!” Wendy demanded. “I can take it! Fuck me harder!” At the same time, she began to push her ass back at Paul to meet each of his thrusts with one of her own.

Paul increased his pace gradually until his dick went in and out of her pussy almost as fast as if he were fucking her pussy.

“Yeah! That’s it!” Wendy screamed, finally satisfied with his pace. “Fuck my asshole! Fuck me hard!”

Terri stood a few feet away and watched with rapt attention as Paul pounded Wendy’s asshole. The way the other girl shrieked and moaned and ground her ass against Paul made it more than obvious that she was having a great time and really enjoyed the dick sawing in and out of her asshole. Her earlier doubts as to the wisdom of doing it right there at the counter rapidly gave way to excitement and an intense desire to get rid of her anal virginity as soon as possible. Having Wendy and Paul watching her while it happened would only make it all the more exciting.

While his eyes wandered back and forth between the fucking couple at the counter and the front door, Dave bahis şirketleri couldn’t help but notice how excited Terri was getting. Her breathing was getting heavier and her nipples were straining against her tight t-shirt so hard they looked like they might rip through the thin fabric any moment. Dave himself was highly aroused by the prospect of popping Terri’s ass cherry and wished silently Paul would hurry up and shoot his load so he and Terri could get started.

After what seemed like an eternity to Terri and Dave, Wendy’s moans turned into almost continuous screams and her ass jerked every which way erratically. “I’m coming! Fuck me harder! Faster!” she screamed and reached between her legs with one hand. She flicked her engorged clit mercilessly with her middle finger, adding to the stimulation Paul’s dick in her asshole was providing, until she passed the point of no return and an intense orgasm gripped her, making her scream like a banshee.

Moments later, the first spurt of Paul’s cum shot into her quivering asshole. He moaned and groaned unintelligibly as he rammed his dick balls-deep into her ass and held on to her, his entire body shaking with the force of his climax.

Wendy collapsed on the counter and shuddered with every wave of orgasmic bliss that washed over her. Panting and whimpering, her arms stretched out in front of her, she lay there until her orgasm subsided and she found the strength to push herself up and stand on her wobbly legs again. “Wow, Paul, that was good!” she panted when he pulled his spent dick out of her asshole and stepped back to clean himself up with a wad of paper napkins from the counter.

“Jesus,” Terri murmured as she watched Paul’s dick plop out of Wendy’s asshole, which remained wide open for a moment before it started to contract slowly. A gob of cum oozed out of it and slowly trickled into her soaking pussy, mixing with the juices running out of her snatch in copious amounts. Terri was tempted to kneel down and lick it right up, but then decided not to. The most pressing business at hand was getting her ass cherry popped and nothing would distract her until that mission was accomplished.

While Wendy and Paul where still cleaning up and recovering from their orgasms, Dave stepped up behind Terri and massaged her ass cheeks through her miniskirt. “Ready, babe?” he asked, trying hard to keep the urgency out of his voice.

Terri took a deep breath before she replied. “All ready. Do it!”

“You can still bail out,” Wendy said sweetly. “If you don’t want him, I’ll take him.”

“Bail out your ass!” Terri said cheerfully. “Do it, Dave! Pop my ass cherry!”

“Lean over, baby, and enjoy your last moments as an anal virgin,” Dave said hoarsely as he unzipped his jeans and released his dick from its confines. Terri pulled her skirt up, leaned over the counter, and stuck her naked ass out at him.

A few strokes with his hands got Dave’s dick fully erect and he wasted no time inserting it into Terri’s soaking pussy, which clamped down on it immediately and held it like a fist. Then he reached down and scooped up some of the pussy juice that coated her pussy lips and thighs and stuck his wet forefinger into her asshole.

“Yeah, that feels good!” Terri moaned. “Now stick your dick in!”

Dave ignored her for the time being, squeezed his middle finger into her asshole, too, and finger-fucked her leisurely.

“Stick your dick up my ass!” Terri demanded again.

“Take it easy, baby,” Dave said soothingly. “You’ll get my dick up your ass soon enough. Now relax a little. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Don’t patronize me, fuck me!” Terri screamed impatiently. “Fuck me in the ass! Now!”

“Listen to this chick!” Dave said incredulously as he twisted his fingers in her asshole and added a third one.

“What’s the rush, Terri?” Wendy chimed in. “You’ve lived happily as an anal virgin for more than 20 years, what’s a few minutes more? Take your time and relax.”

“I am relaxed!” Terri cried stubbornly. “I want to get fucked in the ass now!”

Dave shrugged his shoulders and sighed exaggeratedly. “Don’t blame me if it hurts,” he said as he pulled his fingers out of her asshole and his dick out of her pussy. “Here it comes!”

“Do it! Fuck me in the ass!” Terri screamed again. “Fuck me now!”

Dave guided his dick to her asshole and pushed forward, increasing his pressure slowly until her sphincter gave way and the tip of his dick slid past it and into her rectum.

“Yeah! Deeper!” Terri cried immediately.

Dave placed his hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them apart with his thumbs. Just as he was about to push forward again, Terri rammed her hips back violently and forced his entire shaft up her asshole in one hard plunge.

“Ah, that hurts,” she groaned when her ass came to rest against Dave’s hips.

Everybody at the counter held their breath while Terri inhaled deeply and moaned. Dave held her hips firmly to keep her from moving her ass and hurting herself even more. “Want me to pull out?” he finally asked.

“No! I’m okay. I’m okay!” she panted. “This feels so good! God, this is great! Fantastic!” Moments later she started to grind her ass against Dave’s hips and wiggled them about despite the hands trying to hold her in place.

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