I was having one of those dreams where I was walking along and suddenly I was falling, falling, falling. I woke up with a startle and immediately calmed down when I recognized that I was in my hotel room. I rolled from my back to my right side and stared at Lover.

His mouth was slightly open as he slept. His long, deep breaths were going in and out through his nose. In the dark, I could barely make out his full eyebrows and long lashes. He looked peaceful lying there facing me. My left hand reached forward, and I placed my fingertips on his lips. They were thinner than mine and partially hidden beneath a soft, graying beard. I lifted my fingers from his lips and lowered my hand all the way down to his hips. I ran them over the soft head of his penis and leaned forward lightly kissing him on the mouth, in hopes of making him stir as my fingers tickled and teased him.

I could tell he was starting to come to, so I put my head back on my pillow. Lover opened his eyes, barely. His lids drooped down, as his mind registered where he was and what was happening. The corner of his lips turned up slightly.


I kissed him again, this time, with a little more energy and then put my head back down on the pillow.

He looked at me quizzically as I gave him my best, heated stare while I massaged his penis with more urgency. It was starting to come to, too.

“Really?” he asked slightly in disbelief. He looked over my shoulder at the clock. It was 2:48 a.m. He sighed a bit and shut his eyes again.

“Please,” I begged, worried that he might reject my request.

“This üsküdar escort is what I get for dating a younger woman,” he joked. “Roll over.”

I turned onto my back as he pulled off the comforter and sat up.

“Any requests, ma biche?”

“Orgasms to the point of passing out?” I asked.

“I’m on old man. I need my beauty sleep, so we’ll get you one, maybe two and then you’ll have to sleep like a normal person,” he said leaning over to kiss me on the lips before he climbed between my legs, slid down my body and off the bed onto his knees. He wrapped his hands around my thighs and my hips and pulled me down toward the end of the bed. He separated my legs with his hands, my labia with his fingers and went down on me. The more he licked, the more noise I made. He inserted a finger then two in my vagina. I propped my feet onto the end of the bed and pushed down onto his hand.

I wanted him deeper, wider, harder. So I begged for that too. He began to realize that fingers were not going to get the job done that night. “Move back, I’m coming in.”

I slid back a couple feet on the bed, while Lover climbed onto it. He stayed on his knees but lifted my legs up so that he could place about half of his penis into my vagina. I licked my fingers and started to rub my clit as he slowly went in and out. He leaned forward and played with my nipples. It felt outrageously good.

“We should really invest in a pair of nipple clamps for you,” he suggested, and he pulled on them a bit harder watching me writhe around in response. He pushed tuzla escort his dick all the way inside of me and I lost it. My orgasm started and I could feel my vaginal muscles clamping onto his penis as it moved in and out of me at a faster speed. I had ejaculated all over Lover’s stomach in the process.

“On your belly please,” he asked stepping backward off the bed. I loved when he was behind me. I rolled over and rose onto all fours. “No. Back up, so you’re feet are on the floor and you’re bending over the bed.”

I did as he asked. One of his fingers found my opening; his other hand guided his penis into me. He gripped my hips. “Ready?” he asked.

“Yes,” I answered. He started moving back and forth slowly and then deeper and deeper. I loved hearing his balls slap against me. I touched my clit and my knees weakened. I was going to come again. I moaned in delight. Lover gripped onto my hips and moved faster. His “Oohs,” were getting louder too.

“Lover — now,” I shouted as my second orgasm rolled through me. He huffed and puffed a few times before giving me one, two, three final pushes as he found his own pleasure.

I crawled forward onto the bed. My body felt tingly all over. Lover stood in place for a moment before getting a couple bathroom towels to lie over where I had ejaculated.

“Sorry about the mess,” I whispered.

“Ma biche, it’s nothing to apologize for. Trust me,” he said spreading the towels. “Are you at least able to sleep now?” he asked.

I looked sheepishly at my pillow. The truth was, I was pendik escort now completely worked up and wanted more. I met his eyes. He read my mind.

“Okay, um, let’s try something else. Roll onto your stomach.”

Lover went into the bathroom, while I rolled onto my stomach. He returned with a small sample bottle of body lotion from the hotel bathroom. Lover straddled me just underneath my ass, and instead of pushing any sexual buttons, he put the lotion onto his hands and started to rub it into my skin. He started at the area where my neck meets my shoulders and slowly, slowly applied enough pressure that I felt knots everywhere in my back start to come free. It was like I was butter melting in a saucepan, until he got to my lower back and ass, where I hold all of my tension.

“For a girl who just made love, you’re pretty tense,” he said. “Try to relax.” I inhaled deeply and relaxed as he moved off of my legs and sat next to me trying to stretch out those muscles.

Every touch was ecstasy and agony. Lover is persistent and determined. He worked on the area for a long time, then down my hamstrings, into my calves and finally to my feet.

I was putty when he was done, and almost sleepy.

“Roll over onto your side,” he requested. I turned to my left. In response, he curled up behind me, lifted up my right leg and pushed his semi-hard penis into my from behind. I felt cocooned in his harms. He moved back and forth gingerly for a long time, holding my leg up to give him access to penetrate me as he wished. When his orgasm came, he was quiet. I turned my head so I could kiss him behind me.

He gently released my leg and kissed me again. My eye lids started to fall as I felt his breath hit the back of my neck. My vaginal muscles squeezed twice to confirm he was still inside me. I had a small smile of satisfaction on my face, as I drifted off into a deep sleep of content.

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