Nola – Part 1

Nola – Part 1We had never been to New Orleans, but were glad we had made the reservations.It’s a whole different type pf party down there. Laid back, easy, and just plain fun.We had been there a few days and were settling in to our routine. The french quarter is like a carnival without k**s. We would sip drinks all day long, eat, get cleaned up and then back to the quarter. My wife doesn’t drink much during the year however, down there she drank every day. She got drunk a few times to say the least. She’s a good Baptist girl that isn’t much for the wild side.One night, we were just walking around having fun and drinking. The hurricans were having an effect on her. We were passing bartın escort a strip club and she stopped and told me she wanted to go in. I was shocked. she had never hinted about this before. We paid at the door and went in. All the clubs I’ve been to in the past were full of women dancers only. This place was co-ed. Males and females were milling around trying to make a buck.We were the only couple in the joint. She sat taking in the sights and I figured “why not give her a thrill”I ordered drinks and while we were waiting, found a young black k** (mid-twenties) and asked him if he would mind teasing the wife. He led her to a seperate table and sat her down. Sitting, her escort bartın face was about even with his stomach. He started to dance and move around her. She was visibly excited throwing me a glance every so often. She found it hard to take her eyes off this k** especially when he lost the slingshot. He was hung like I wish I were. About nine inches soft and uncut. Black as the night is long too. She couldn’t take her eyes off that long black snake. He actually started to get hard in front of her. She was mesmerized by it. He moved and so would his cock. She followed each bump, swing, jump it made. He got right up in her face with it. She didn’t know what to do. I was betting bartın escort bayan her pussy was juicing something crazy. He took her head in his hands and turned it so he could rub his cock on her cheeks. It was half hard by now and monsterous already. If I had had my camera, I would heve been snapping shots like mad. That big black monster cock on my wifes face. He let one hand drop and took her hand in his. He brought it up to his shaft and put his rod in her palm. My cock was rock hard at the sight of this. I wondered how far they each would go. She held his shaft in her hand and I cuold see she couldn’t get her fingers all the way around it. She pumped it a few times and shot me a look. I smiled and winked at her. She bent forward and kissed the mushroom head of his tool.I about shot a load in my pants. The song came to an end and she made her way back to the table we had. I kissed her and she said “Thank You”

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