Northern Europes tallest building


Northern Europes tallest buildingwhen i started my new jobb at Stockholms highest office/hotel building i had a slight claustrophobic feel in the elevators with the 34 floor high building i was still grateful my office was at the lower office floors Victoria Towers is in y eyes an ugly building but then i dont see it from the outside much My first day i wanted to be off early, since i dont trust the metro to be in time i came in early, signed in to get my id, that id taken pic to week before and my card key off to the elevators for my second ride up the building only 3 people in it, looking like business office people but most off the hotel floors are filled with “suits” as well a distinguished guy in suit is just so sexy against me in the elevator is just a guy like that hes dark haired, green eyes, about 6 feet, normal built, he noticed me checking him out and he returned the favor starting at me wedged high heels, yes im a comfort girl my black pantyhose, navy blue knee long pencil skirt with a high slit in the back he couldnt see a white blouse, with my nipples starting to try and penetrate the fabric and my jacket over my arm, holding my briefcase as i watch him noticing my nipples, he looks up and meets my eyes and the cheeky smirc on his face the 2 other people leaves the elevator, the devil flies in me and i slowly adjust my blouse stroking my nipples in front off him i hear his breathing and looking down its my turn to smirc, seeing a bulge in his pants just as he starts to say something the elevator stops and the doors open Im thinking to myself, shit, fuck, what if he works at my office? but we get to my floor and hes not getting off during the day i wonder if he works at the hotel, office or might just be a guest he keeps popping up in my mind and making my mind wander to other things than work im usually not easy influenced, but i broke up and moved away from my cheating boyfriend and havent had sex since, its going on a year soon we have a late lunch at the sky bar at the top floor man what a view, thank good im not scared of hights my elevator man isnt at lunch when we are, im kinda disappointed my first day ends, its 18:00 time to go home its pitch dark out now, december, almost christmas holiday we come to the elevator and it seems as everybody’s going home at the same time from this floor oh my good so many people in that tiny space, im feeling some panic building up my friends use to say i get bird eyes when im nervous, big dark shiny and not bahis firmaları much blinking the first elevator is full, but the next isnt, my colleagues walk in, i feel i cant stand and wait so i step in feeling theres not much room, my chest is feeling tight, my pulse starts raising im starting to sweat, when i feel a hand on my arm, i look over my shoulder and theres my cheeky elevator guy he pulls my arm and i excuse myself, stepping back between to people, getting close to him, yes? -Stand in front of me he says… im a bit confused, but i stand in front of him, he leans forward and whisper in my ear, -if you feel panic, lean towards me, i got you now im intrigued and im more curious than nervous i can feel he is so close behind me, so i lean back a tiny bit oh my he smells good, his chest is steady, i let my whole upper body lean against him im a bit shorter though, i feel his bulge growing against my back, hip hight i adjust my jacket, and just quickly and gently stroke him now im defenatly not nervous anymore, im just horny we come to the entrance floor and people leave the elevator and so do we, i thank him for his support when im in my bathtub i think of this guy while im putting my shower head to good use and i have a good nights sleep next day im taking a later metro, using my card key i can just walk in through the foyer, i come to the elevators, not much people but hes not there hes not at lunch either, at the end of the day i three elevators before i step in disappointed im thinking he was probably a hotel guest and ill never see him again the next morning hes still not in the elevators, i go in thinking about him, i dont even think about im riding a full elevator at the evening hes not there either, im thinking well, that was a “kinky moment” shared Monday, new week and on friday the office closes for christmas holidays so Im feeling jolly and humming christmas songs on my way to the metro im a bit early so i make the earlier train in the foyer i see my elevator guy waiting, he says -oh hi i thought you might just have been a hotel guest here? oh i thought the same, but i guess it was me being early my first day, not the other day with a smile we go in the elevator, when we turn to face the door, he gently pushes me in front of him and leans towards me, i can immediately feel that not only is he aroused, but hes all up i bend my arm behind my back and touch him, i can clearly feel his going commando or he pulled his underwear down theres only kaçak iddaa a thin trouser fabric between us, when i rubb his cock head i feel the damp from his precum he moans and pulls my jacked aside and caress my nipple through my blouse and bra both my nipples stands in attention, i feel naughty and cheeky, just alive… we stand like this for 24 floors, he asks me when i quit and do i want company down in the elevator? i tell him when and say i hope to feel him then, with a wink and leave the elevator, well noticing he has a damp spot on his front. in the afternoon i have problems focusing on work, i clean up my desk before leaving, thinking i should be cheeky too, but if i take of my panties i still have my pantyhose on and its so cold out… i go to the elevator and hes in the first one, i get in and excuse myself so i get over to him hes in the back with his back to the wall, i say hi and grab his dick outside his pants and i rub it gently before i turn around, wishing i was taller, im rubbing myself against his dick, feeling his hands on my hips suddenly i feel him undoing my zipper in my skirt, i look around, but no one seems to be looking he holds my skirt with one hand and the other hes feeling on my underwear, stroking my lower back, stretching down a little inside my panties and hoses cupping my cheek. he looks around and puts one finger to my lips and rubs lightly to get in between, i stand frozen, thinking Oh my god… he pulls back his hand, zip me up and put his finger in his mouth, im just looking at him in chock he has the silliest grin on his face, i cant help laughing, at the foyer we go separate ways going home i pass a lingerie store, so i go in to have a look and i find the perfect thing to buy Im eager to get going the next morning, i need my elevator fix i have a knee long but wide skirt on today, silky flowy material we go on the elevator i rub his willy good morning and i place myself in front of him he looks at my skirt say -oh elastic waist good idea he pulls the waist out a little o cup a feel, but then get a weird look on his face -are you not wearing pantyhose or panties????? i giggle and say im wearing crotch less pantyhose’s, he actually gulps, -let me see i know theres a cam, hell no im not that brave and the elevator stops people get on im back to my place in front of him, i feel him tugging on my skirt, thinking what is he doing? then i feel him against my cheek, he tucked in a bit of my skirt in my waistband, freed willy kaçak bahis and is smearing precum on my cheeks!! from an upwards angle hes rubbing my crack and i cant bloody move when we get closer to floor 24 he fixes our clothes and whisper in my ear -please meet me at the sky bar for lunch i wanna eat you i really need to be eaten so i agree to meet him there, thinking in my mind im nuts at one i go to the 34 floor when i leave elevator hes right there waiting where to i ask? -I have the key to a conference room when we get into the conference room, he gets on his knees, come here let me look i feel a bit embarrassed but i stand in front of him, he lifts up my skirt -Oh that so cheeky, god damn woman i almost came in the elevator when i felt your bare cheeks will you lay on your stomach on the table? i walk up to the table, leaning over, looking out the window at Stockholm city i lay down on the table i look back at him he already has his cock out wanking, head glistening, looking nice and thick im so horny and so fucking nervous, he comes up close, lift my skirt look at my new crotch less pantyhose i bought last evening on my way home he caresses my butt, bends over and kiss my cheeks, he drops on one knee, and with one hand on each cheek, he spreads me and starts to have his lunch and hes good at eating, he flutters his tongue, he sucks on lips, clit, he tongue fucks while holding my lips apart with his fingers my legs are shaking, i have goosebumps, he stops and say – you sure you wanna go on? uhhh yes, im not stopping now? he puts on a rubber, im giggling cos its red and even though im horny i never done a one time thing before ive been with ex for years too he rubs at my pussy, he feels hot through the rubber, hes teasing, rubbing lips and clit pushing my hole but not sliding in im going crazy… just when im gonna beg him to fuck me, he slides in no problems im so horny, im so willing and wet we both moan in relief, he starts to fuck me slowly the faster asking me if its good hell yes its good, but i ask if i can turn around so i can see him, us he pulls out and i lay on my back on the table on leg down one in the air please come back in from the cold mr dick he walk up and he dont tease now he slides right back in and now i get him rubbing my g spot oh my, hes good average length, but perfect girth, feeling so good im so close but not really there he say – im gonna come, i say come come….. he comes with a high moan…. we straighten our clothes,,,, with our hornyness out of the way, we soberly giggle a bit nervously when we leave the conference room we take the elevator down, he goes off on floor above mine im wondering if this will be my first “one time” or not…..

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