Nothing in Life is Free Ch. 01


Nothing In Life Is Free

Jesse was on a solo road trip. Some time away on his own to deal with the divorce he hadn’t wanted. He had tried to make it work for eleven years, and he had stopped trying when he realized that no amount of money, travel, or “quality time” would make his wife happy. He started doing what he had wanted. He started working out, read the books he wanted, and even enjoyed the scenery at work. He was an associate professor at a small university. When he earned tenure, he realized that the job security wasn’t what he really wanted all along. Jesse needed a challenge. And when the challenge of keeping his marriage together turned out to be unwinnable, he sought something new. He enjoyed his work, and summer school was especially enjoyable, what with the coeds prancing around in next to nothing in an effort to beat the Arizona heat. But he was ready for some time to sort things through in his head. Plus, he was more than a little tired of the rich college girls flaunting their bodies at him to get “extra credit” or a little extra time for a paper. It’s C.O.L.L.E.G.E. people! It’s supposed to be tough! Suck it up and study! Why did it seem that everyone, his ex included, wanted something that hadn’t been earned? So he hitched his travel trailer to his F150, a post-divorce gift to himself, and hit the road.

Jesse wasn’t sure where he wanted to go. He just knew he wanted…no, needed… To get away. So he started driving east, towards Texas, toward home. The miles flew by, and the low fuel warning chime was kind enough to bring him back to reality. He stopped in Gallup, New Mexico, for gas.

“Hey, mister!” Jesse almost didn’t turn around. He was accustomed to being called ‘Doctor Richards,’ but correcting the clueless tourists lost in the desert would serve no one’s interests, and it would just make him look like an asshole. Jesse was tired and frustrated with life, but he still tried to be a good guy.

“Yes, ma’am?” he answered politely.

“How far is Amarillo from here? We’re having car trouble, and I need to get to my uncle’s place. He can fix my car for me.” She was a short, cute blonde who batted her eyes at Jesse, knowing how to use her feminine wiles to get what she needed.

Jesse wanted to be a smartass and tell her to use her smart phone and figure it out for herself, but those retorts only happened when he was alone. In the company of others, he defaulted to helpfulness. It was a character trait that had landed him in more than one bad relationship. “It’s quite a ways. I can usually make it in six hours, but if you’re doing the speed limit or less, it will take a fully day of driving.”

“Damn.” She was honestly worried now. “We went on a road trip to see the Grand Canyon, and now I’m not sure we’ll make it home. What do you recommend?”

Having travelled this road many times, Jesse knew this was no place to be stranded. “Well, you can leave your car at a shop here and wait for it to be fixed, but your choices here will be limited. Your second option is to have it towed to a shop in Albuquerque and wait it out there.” Jesse then put bostancı escort the pieces together and realized the girls were driving an old Pontiac Grand Am. He hadn’t seen one of those in a long, long time, and they weren’t great cars in their heyday. “But given the shape of your ride, I would recommend selling it here and getting a bus ticket.”

The girls thanked Jesse and went back into the gas station. Jesse finished filling up his truck, felt a twinge of hunger, and decided to get something to eat. He stopped at the Route 66 Café for lunch. It was old, not at all fancy, and pretty simple, but it was where he stopped on every trip through. Halfway through his burger, he heard the bell on the diner’s front door chime, followed by the voices of two distraught young coeds. He didn’t have to look to know who it was.

“Hey mister! We meet again!” The lead bubble-brain chimed. Jesse was already tired of being called “mister.”

“Hello there. What did you decide?” He asked, not really interested in the response.

“We decided to take your advice. Well, after talking to my folks. That car was done in anyway. So now we just need to get a bus ticket home, but we decided to get some lunch. Better to think on a full stomach. Plus, the next bus doesn’t leave here until 10 p.m. Where are you headed? My name’s Jennifer, by the way. And this is my bestie, Sandra.”

“Hi, sir.” Sandra was obviously raised to be more respectful than Jennifer.

“Hello ladies.” Jesse resigned himself to being part of the conversation and resolved to end it quickly and get back on the road. “I’m just headed east. Going to do some travelling and writing this summer during my time off.”

“You’re a writer? What do you write?” Jennifer thought she was about to meet someone rich and famous.

“Of sorts. I’m a professor of management at Arizona State, but I’m originally from Texas. I research and write on change management and ethnocentric leadership stereotypes and responses.” The blank stares told him that Jesse need not worry about meeting these coeds in his graduate seminars any time soon, if ever. “What do you girls do?”

“We’re students at Panhandle State University. Have you heard of it?” Jennifer was trying to make herself seem smarter than she was.

“I have. But I haven’t been to the campus.”

“It’s typical Oklahoma, but it’s close to home. Sandra and I are cheerleaders. Want to see our routine?” Jennifer cheerily got out of her seat to start.

Jesse cut her off and led her back to her seat. “I don’t think there’s enough room in this diner for your dance number, Jennifer. Besides, I need to hit the road. It was nice meeting you.” He threw $25 onto the counter, nodded at the waitress, and headed for the door. He was almost there.



“You’re headed the same direction we need to go. How about we give you the money we were going to use for bus tickets, and you can take us to Amarillo?” Jennifer smiled, and Sandra quietly pleaded with her eyes. He could tell she dreaded being on a bus for a day with who knows what sancaktepe escort kind of strangers.

Jesse wanted to refuse. He wanted to ignore them and walk out. But he couldn’t. He was a good man at heart, and he couldn’t leave two obviously helpless girls stranded in the New Mexico desert. “I’ll take you. But you hang on to your money. You’ll need it to get another car later. Finish eating and meet me out at my truck.”

Jesse checked the weather while he waited for the girls. A storm was brewing south of I-40 that threatened to make travel difficult. It was moving northeast, and there was no way to outrun it. And Jesse didn’t want to risk losing his trailer to high winds. He also didn’t want to stay in Gallup. Jennifer and Sandra bounced out of the diner and over to his truck.

“Ready to hit the road, mister… say, we never got your name.”

Jesse shook his head and replied “It’s Richards. Doctor Richards. And we need to talk about the travel. There’s bad weather headed this way.” Jesse explained the situation to the girls, both of whom were still more willing to travel with one stranger in a pickup than to wait for the bus. And the possibility of a delay didn’t seem to bother them. So, after double-checking his trailer connections, Jesse got into the driver’s seat and buckled in. Sandra took shotgun, thankfully, while Jennifer sat in the back and began to put in her headphones. Their bags had been thrown into the bed of the truck, and all were ready.

An hour-and-a-half into the drive, and approaching the outskirts of Albuquerque, the wind hit…suddenly, and hard. Jesse’s camper fishtailed, and Jesse started looking for a place to pull off the road. The dust followed, and visibility degraded to almost nothing. Jesse had noticed a carwash up the road, and he slowed down, hoping there would be a stall left for him to shelter his camper. It turned out to be an abandoned carwash, and the stalls were all empty. But it was perfect for sheltering his temporary home from the wind and sand.

“The trailer won’t be very comfortable because there’s no power for the A/C. So unless you’re okay with heat, we should stay in the pickup.” Jesse reclined his seat and started to doze, when he heard a door open, the wind rush into the truck. He watched as Jennifer fought the wind and went into the trailer.

“She’s a bit spoiled. She decided she didn’t want to be cramped in here.” Sandra informed him.

“Whatever works for her. I just want quiet.” Jesse sighed, and tried to doze off again. In his peripheral vision, however, he noticed that Sandra, a cute 5-foot-nothing was wearing a rather short miniskirt that barely covered her nether regions. And she was doing nothing to hide her shapely legs from him. Then he realized he’d been caught.

“I wondered when you’d notice me.” Sandra almost whispered. “I’ve been hoping we would have some time alone, Dr. Richards. I have a thing for attractive, educated men. And I’d like to get to know you.” Sandra leaned over and kissed him deeply.

Jesse kissed her back. He was surprised, but it zeytinburnu escort took only seconds for him to realize that much of his frustration of late was his lack of physical intimacy. As the wind howled around them, and the dirt pelted the truck, Jesse and Sandra kissed and touched each other. Jesse began to caress her breasts through her t-shirt, when Sandra separated herself and stared at him. “I think I can make it a little easier for you.” She peeled her t-shirt off, revealing a tank top that had to have been painted on. There was no detail of her perfect, 34D breasts left to the imagination. Jesse folded up the center console to get closer to her, moving to caress her legs, hoping to touch and feel her wetness.

Sandra had been turned on since she had seen him. He was older, but masculine, and she wanted him. Sandra pushed her miniskirt off her legs, revealing a small, red thong to her new lover. “Take me, Dr. Richards. Make me yours.”

Jesse peeled off her tank top and dove into Sandra’s perky, firm breasts, sucking, kneading, and licking. Sandra was now wearing only her tiny red thong, as Jesse lowered the back of her seat and moved to mount her. Sandra tugged at Jesse’s shirt, pulling it up and off, allowing her to run her hands over his hairy chest, getting more turned on.

“I need you inside me, Dr. Richards. Please let me give myself to you.” Jesse sat back in his seat, allowing Sandra to undress him, removing his boots and jeans, then peeling off his boxer-briefs and devouring his rigid cock in her mouth. Sandra sucked his cock briefly, then sat up, looked him in the eye, and ordered him, “Fuck me. Get into my panties and fuck me. Hell, get me pregnant and let me have your baby.”

Jesse did as she requested, moving again on top of her, pushing her panties to one side and thrusting his cock into her wet pussy. He pushed all the way in, feeling her tight cunt embrace his manhood while she looked in his eyes and whispered to him. “God, you feel so good, so manly. Use me, fuck me.” Jesse was thrusting hard into her now, watching her huge tits bounce with each push, and getting lost in the throes of a physical ecstasy like none he had ever experienced.

Sandra pulled up her knees, allowing him to push deeper into her pussy, then wrapped her legs around him while gently scraping his back with her nails. “Yes, Dr. Richards, that’s it. Fuck me, use me, cum inside me.” Sandra stuck her tongue into his ear and devoured his earlobe. “I love feeling your chest against my tits, your cock in my little pussy.” Jesse was at the edge and could no longer control himself. He began slamming his cock into her pussy with ferocity, gaining speed… “Cum inside me, sir. Please, cum inside me and get me pregnant.” Jesse could no longer control himself, and he pushed deep into Sandra’s cunt as he exploded, sending his seed deep into her womb. “Oh, Dr. Richards! Did you feel me cum when you exploded? That was the most amazing, intense sex of my life.”

Jesse had no words. He knew only that there was a deep, unspoken connection between him and this beautiful woman fifteen years his junior. He wanted her to join him on his travels, and he had no idea that she was thinking exactly the same thing. As he extricated himself from her womanhood, he noticed that the wind had calmed, although there was still dust in the air. They dressed, kissed, and dozed into a nap holding hands. Why hurry?

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