Nothing Wrong In It


Nothing Wrong In ItNothing Wrong In ItBy: Londebaaz ChohanAlthough it was well over 10 years but for no reason, Douglas Trelawney remembered; his father telling him that if he was lucky in life to be doing what he loved to do and enjoyed doing it daily or as often as he could, and with a rewarding payment; there could be nothing wrong in it. Douglas was a nice boy, growing up to be a decent man; his father had always wished him to be. Although Douglas Trelawney Senior always hoped for Doug Jr. to have the college education and get into some Public Service job but apparently, it was not to be because for one; they lived in such a far flung area that there was not even a high school in the surrounding 20—30 miles’ area where Doug could be sent, plus Doug was not a good student. He had taken 1 extra year to get out of the Elementary school and 3 extra years to get out of the Junior High School. By the time he was out of the Junior High School, he literally looked like a budding boy. He had lots of hair on his arms and legs and even had started growing hair on his face. He was already over 6’ tall like his father and looked very handsome young teen aged man. Thankfully, he was extra good with his hands and could fix any broken thing with a special talent to work and make things out of the wood and so it was decided that it would be best if he could be sent to a Vocational School in the other end of the State; where he would get some stipend as well and in the next 2-3 years, he could come out as a very good wood worker; knowing all his tools in the tool kit to be provided by the School with no burden to the poor family of a postal worker; Mr. Douglas Sr. By the time Doug graduated out of the Junior High School, he looked like a Model boy on the posters. Getting into Vocational School was easy but the parents were hurt to send their prize c***d away. What a fucking misery; the poor family had to go through in life. One after the other problems or you may call them nuisance. The Vocational School had no arrangements for the boys coming from the faraway places and k**s were expected to make their own arrangements. Luckily Doug got a one room apartment; which he could easily manage with his monthly pocket money afforded by the school but then the apartment was at least half an hour stroll to the bus stop that could take Doug to the school. Douglas and his parents realized that they could not fix anything and so the teen boy had to walk a distance of at least 2 miles twice a day to and from the school; no matter what the weather was. There were extreme cold days, intense heat days, heavy rain, windy as well; but Doug had faced it all here happily for over a year now, only hoping that soon the next 2 years will be over and all be fine from there on.Somehow; Doug had managed to live with all kind of days except when it was very windy and rainy at the same time. The rain would hit the eyes like the needles and it was difficult even to keep the eyes open and see where he was walking after getting off the bus. Sitting in the hot tub, for at least half an hour; he was recalling on the events that had happened when suddenly he heard the noise in the stairs announcing that the stranger man was coming up and sure, soon there was a knock on the bathroom door asking him the permission to come in. Doug felt bad being naked and seen by some stranger; bahis firmaları he had met for the first time but he had no other choice to say ok and he saw the man enter in the bathroom in the bathrobe. The man was carrying 2 very large mugs with steam coming out and announced that he could not think of a better way to warm up quick but nice coffee with extra coco powder to make it thick and tasty. He offered Doug one and stood by the vanity behind him for a minute as if he was going to be there until them both finished their mug. He told Doug that he took a quick shower in the other bathroom and did not soak in the hot tub because he wanted to go down to the kitchen and make the coffee but told Doug no hurry and to take his time in the hot tub because he thought Doug was for too long in the cold rain and wind. Then he turned around and walked to the door to exit out of there, reminding once again that he had the boy’s clothes in the washer to clean them up and soon he will throw them in the dryer but until then there was a towel robe hanging behind the door. The door banged behind him and Doug had a large sniff of the drink in his hand. There was no mistaking; the creamy hot liquid smelled of a generous amount of some kind of alcohol added in it. As a matter of fact, the combination of the hot creamy water with the alcohol was very enticing and inviting to finish the mug and that’s what Doug did quite quickly. For some reason he felt the water getting cooler and he decided to come out of it. None much else to do; Doug reached for a warm towel off the heated rail and after drying himself, he took the towel robe off the hook behind the wall and stepped out of the tub. By now, Doug had all his memory back; remembering, walking in the cold windy rain for too long until finally this stranger pulled his car to the side, offering him the ride to the town. They were mostly quiet after the thanks and introduction during the short drive to the town till Melvin; the driver told Doug that he must stop at his home before dropping him at his apartment because he had forgotten his driving license at home and he must not drive with no license on him. Douglas was cold, drenched to the bones and did not see anything wrong in it and agreed readily. Being innocently young and may be even a bit naïve; nothing sounded wrong to Doug when Mel told him that he would drop Doug at his apartment after resting a bit because he was tired and cold and Doug was drenched and must be tired and cold too plus it was not a good idea to keep wearing the wet clothes and get sick. He did think of some nasty thoughts but Mel sounded very caring matured man of at least 40—45. Doug quickly wrapped himself in the robe to camouflage his rising dick full of sexual arousal and walked out of the bathroom with the racing heart and a bit dulling of his mind; thanks to heavy dose of alcohol.He was still thinking back, remembering the driver in the car putting his hand on his thigh but then he also remembered that Mel quickly remarked about the jeans being totally drenched; making Doug think nothing else but him being some nice, caring family man having the boys of his own of the same age as Doug. He remembered about the boys in the school; he had jerking sessions a few times and one of the boys in the tennis court; who always wanted to suck Doug off but Mel; no, kaçak iddaa not Mel at all. Mel looked like a true gentleman and a scholar although obsessed with inspecting; how wet Doug was and kept sliding his hand closer to the boy’s junk. Doug was not all that comfortable but obviously not resisting or pushing his hand away, scared of being dropped off back onto the road to walk in the cold heavy rain. Doug suddenly felt his cock stretching to beyond its usual length and throbbing as well with blood rushing to it. Reaching downstairs in the living room; Doug saw Mel’s body spread all over the sofa; the empty coffee mug on the center table, Mel saw towards Doug and motioned him to come take a seat on the sofa on his side. Douglas could feel him pretty mellow like himself due to the alcohol mixed in the hot coffee and that was the reason, he did not protest or object Mel’s warm large hand on his knee, slowly moving up toward the young man’s soft thigh but then quickly stopped just before his fingers almost brushed the boy’s hard on pushing against the bathrobe. Mel looked straight in the boy’s eyes telling him; he was, undoubtedly a big boy and before uttering anymore words, he held Doug with one hand and with the other started undoing the robe belt, splitting it open, letting the cock to spring out like a bamboo. Mel was almost mesmerized with the beautiful shape, size and the poundage of meat of the cock and those well hung balls and kept brushing it with his large fingers from the base to the hole on the top getting slick already. Soon he was kissing the boy; the adult kissing of course in addition to kissing his cheeks as well. Doug did not want to be thrown out on the street with no clothes on and so he kept quiet and went along even when Mel made boy’s hand to slide under his robe to hold his well aroused cock and move slowly up and down. Doug boy had no doubt, the cock in his hand was almost as thick and at least 8 inches long, no less than his own. Mel’s hands were making Doug boy to moan enjoying the sensitivity developing in his sex tool.There was no hesitation in Mel’s voice when he asked Doug; if he had been sucked before and seeing the boy nod in positive, he smiled and said it was the perfect moment to provide the service to the boy’s cock and lowered his head to take it in his mouth. Doug growled, biting his lips and even shrieked; feeling himself about ready to cum immediately. The maturity and experience of Mel sensed the situation abruptly and suggested to take turns instead of letting the boy cum too soon and spoil the fun. That was when Doug also heard him say that the weather was not letting up, plus he had forgot to turn the dryer on and the boy’s clothes were now much more soaked than even before and to top it all off; it was dark already and suggested that it would be best for the boy to crash in here for the night and tomorrow being a Saturday; it should be no hurry and he would positively drop the boy at his apartment after the breakfast.What choice poor Doug had but he was ecstatic, feeling his head being pulled across the Mel’s lap and experiencing the wonderful sensation of manly meat taste in his mouth. Soon Mel shouted for Doug to slow down and they altered the position again; repeating the process for several times until Mel sucked Doug with much more passion and vigor in spite of the boy yelling kaçak bahis for him to stop but Mel kept pumping his head, making the boy to scream and unload his brew into Mel’s mouth. He remembered Mel milking him good and drawing every single drop and then Mel taking him under and shoving his length back in the boy’s mouth. By now, Doug was so exhausted and tired; mostly due to the large dose of alcohol, that finally took over. Next morning, he woke up on the sofa with some noise in the kitchen where Mel was making breakfast. Doug felt a very foul and sticky taste in his mouth; his jaw was hurting, his cock was aching, his balls were kind of sore and painful, having no clue what happened there after he was out last night. Hearing him grieve and mourn in pain; Mel quickly came to his side, started fondling him; making him lay on his back. It only took seconds for Doug to realize a huge, hard erection and Mel sucking it with a force that made Doug afraid of his cock being snapped off his groin. Mel was shouting and narrating that not only the Doug boy sucked like an angel but he fucked royally too and took the longest ever to squirt his seed. He told Doug; not letting him go and kept fucking him till very late hours of the night, flooding his ass for at least 5 maybe 6 times; solving Doug’s mystery of his groin hurting so bad. Now Mel begged loud for his breakfast dose of boy vitamins and nectar before the breakfast; making Doug to writhe and buck, bursting in Mel’s mouth really explosively. One thing Mel did was never done to Doug before; holding it in his mouth till their lips mingled and Doug had a first taste of a man’s juice. O’ fuck; that solved the mystery of his foul tasting mouth.After the shower and breakfast; Mel showed Doug his clothes and asked him to get ready for being dropped home. In the car both thanked each other and Mel made sure, he got Doug to promise that Sunday afternoon; he could be picked up again for another night’s rendezvous and assurance to be dropped at school Monday morning in time for his class. Just before Doug opened the door to get out; Mel pressed his large rough hand on the boy’s hand, passing a $ 100/= bill there to keep as a payment or a token of appreciation and also as a deal to keep his mouth shut. Sunday afternoon; Mel came to pick him up and this time Doug made sure he did not opt or ask for coffee or any hot drink. After dinner when they went to bed for sex; Doug for the first time in his life was fucking a man’s pussy enjoying the feeling of filling the stretched tight and expanded tunnel with his very young, healthy hefty cock. They fucked and sucked, swapping turns for couple of times only; enjoying each other’s warm juices in desired cores and then they dozed off in each other’s arms; naked of course. Come Monday morning; Doug expected to earn another $ 100/= and of course Mel was hoping another fucking, first thing in the morning too, and that’s what happened. Mel gave a sperm feeding to Doug and Doug; ass fucked and did the breeding in the Mel’s slut ass. Of course the $100/= were paid to the Doug boy as the payment for a job well done; with a promise, to be picked up from School, next Friday afternoon and dropped home on Sunday evening or at School; back on Monday morning, before his first class and that’s when he remembered his father tell him that if he was lucky in life to be doing what he loved to do and enjoyed doing it daily or as often as he could, and with a rewarding payment; there could be nothing wrong in it.The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan Nov.4/2018

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