Nude Beach for Christmas – Day 2

Nude Beach for Christmas – Day 2Nude Beach for Christmas – Day 2The next morning we met Nick and Suzette for breakfast but saw no sign of Rolf and Heather. During breakfast we decided to hit the nude beach again in the morning before the sun got too hot and then see some of the sights in the afternoon. After breakfast, we got our stuff, picked up some bottled water from the resort and the four of us headed to the nude beach. Being it was a Sunday morning, we were not that surprised to see the beach virtually empty and then it could have been because of the time of day. Regardless of why it was so empty (only 1 older couple), we quickly stripped off our clothes and walked to the far end where we had been yesterday. We set out our towels on the sandy beach and I handed Babs her bottle of suntan lotion. She smiled at me and then asked Nick if he would rub some lotion on her. Suzette told her that two can play that game and she asked me to rub lotion on her and both Nick and I were happy to do as asked.I started with Suzette’s back, ass and legs. Then I had her turn around and I started with her legs and worked my way up. I made certain that her pussy was well protected but told her that she may need more lotion there soon as she was already wet and diluting the lotion. Then I worked my lotion filled hands up her narrow flat tummy to her pert tits, making sure that her nipples were also well protected. Suzette then took the lotion from me and returned the favor, starting with my back and then the front. She took extra care to make sure my cock and balls were well lotioned. It felt so good that I starting shooting my white hot seed into her hands that were already filled with white suntan lotion. She just continued to rub me until I was done. I looked over and Babs was just finishing off Nick in the same way. As the morning wore on, we never saw any sign of Rolf and Heather and wondered if everything was okay with them. Several other couples and few single horny men wandered the length of the beach but none of them caught our interest. Around noon we headed back to the resort, cleaned up and then headed into town for some lunch. The afternoon was spent shopping with the ladies and nothing exciting except when Suzette flashed a young man in one of the shops. He kept watching us as we shopped and Suzette suddenly exposed one of her tits and blew the young man a kiss. He smiled and quickly disappeared. After dinner, we grabbed our things and headed back out to the nude beach in hopes of seeing Rolf and Heather, but we never saw them. We made our way to our spot, laid out our stuff and decided to go for a swim before the sunset. It was amazing to watch everything turn a golden orange as sun appeared to kiss the ocean horizon. We watched as the sea swallowed up the golden orb and took all the shadows with it. We stood in waist deep water watching the sunset and I held Babs in my arms and cupped her tits in my hands. By the time the sun set, I was rock güvenilir bahis hard from rubbing my cock up and down between her ass cheeks. I always love making love to her cheeks and by the time the sun completely disappeared I was emptying my balls onto her back and ass. As the last signs of daylight sank into the distant horizon, the last of the beach visitors left, making their way back to the clothed world. The peace and serenity were so overwhelming that the four of us just sat there and absorbed the silence. The gentle washing of the waves along the sandy beach was soothing and could easily lull one to sleep. The silences was interrupted by the telltale sound of heavier breathing mixed with the distinct moist sounds of a cock sliding in and out of a pussy. In the darkness next to us we could see Suzette on all fours and Nick towering behind her, pumping away at his wife. Babs asked me if I was just going to sit there and watch or was I going to do something, so I moved over in front of Suzette and she hungrily started sucking my cock. Babs moved in behind Nick and started playing with his balls as he continued to pump Suzette. As the tiny sex fiend sucked my cock, I reached down and started playing with her tits. A few minutes of our foursome and I heard Nick’s grunting that indicated that he was emptying himself into Suzette’s pussy. Another minute longer and I began emptying my load down Suzette’s throat. She took her time cleaning my cock off and then she collapsed onto her towel. Babs told Nick and I to rest up a few minutes because she it was her turn next and she wanted to take us both like that before we went back to the resort. As the four of us laid there in the dark, I noticed a flight at the far end of the beach. The longer I watched it the more I realized that it was someone with a flashlight looking for something. I told the others and we all sat and watched as the light grew closer and continued to sweep back and forth across the beach. When the flashlight was a short distance off, I heard the unmistakable sound of a thick Scottish accent. I shushed the others and quickly got up and snuck up the beach and came up behind Rolf and Heather. Once I was close enough. I suddenly grabbed Heather from behind, cupping my hands on her tits. She screamed and Rolf turned and shown the flashlight and then busted out laughing. I let go of Heather and she turned, looked me and said I scared the life out of her so I grabbed her again and told her let me put some life back into her and gave her a big passionate kiss. Any anger she had melted away as she returned the passion. They told us that they had been out fishing today and had a blast. After they got back, cleaned up and ate, they went to both of our rooms and when they didn’t find us they figured we might be back out here so they came looking for us.Before anything else got going, Babs told them that she had just watched Suzette get fucked by Nick and suck me off at the same türkçe bahis time and that she was ready to take her turn. They said that was fine that they would be happy to watch. Only Babs shocked the heck out of me again by telling me to lie down on the towel. She climbed onto my cock and then told Nick to come around front so she could suck him. Before she took his cock into her mouth, Babs asked Rolf to fuck her in the ass. Babs rarely allows me to do anal and I was floored. I asked her if she was sure about this and she said that she’s always wanted to try a double penetration and now just seemed like the best time. She told Rolf to use some of her suntan lotion as lube and he did.I was as hard as ever as I was slowly sliding in and out of Babs’ pussy. Nick now had his cock half way down her throat and I could feel the pressure of Rolf’s cock as he ever so slowly worked it into Babs’ ass. This was a first for Babs and me. I had heard other men talk about feeling the other cock rubbing through the thin walls, but it was so much better than I had ever imagined. Rolf and I got into an opposite rhythm so that when he pushed in I was pulling out and vice versa. The feeling was indescribable especially when Babs had her orgasm. I could feel the muscles in her pussy contracting and squeezing me and at the same time I could feel Rolf sliding in and out of her ass. Fortunately, I had already cum a couple of times so I had a lot of staying power and continued to pump away at my nympho bride.Not long after Babs came I felt a different pressure against my cock and realized it was Rolf’s cock swelling in preparation of cumming. Then I felt his movements change as he thrust harder into her several times. It was the wildest thing ever to actually experience another man cumming in your wife while you are having sex with her. It was enough to get me over the hump and I began to unleash a load up into her. I had lost track of Nick and realized that he must have already cum down her throat as he had moved away. After I was empty, Rolf pulled out of her ass and Babs rolled off of me and laid there panting like she had just run a race. I asked if she was okay and she looked at me and just said WOW! I told her it was pretty intense on my end as I could feel Rolf inside her and felt when he came. Rolf said he could feel me and when I came as well. Babs chuckled and said she could feel us both and when we both came. Heather asked what was left for her since us guys had just spent our loads and I told her to lay back and let me show her what’s left. She did and moved in between her legs and started kissing up one thigh and then up the other thigh. I kissed all around her pussy and even played with her tuft of hair. Then I did something to her that drives Babs wild. I placed my mouth over her pussy and clit and just breathe hot air into it. Heather’s moans told me that she liked it also. Now it was time for the tongue to go to work and I began licking one güvenilir bahis siteleri side of her lips and then the other. With each lick I would slowly probe a little deeper until finally her lips were parted and my tongue was probing the depths of her womanhood. Heather grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her, almost smothering me. My tongue worked along inside and when I found the right spot at the roof of her pussy, I kept licking harder and harder until my tongue was getting sore. Then I moved to her clit and swirled my tongue around it several times. I could feel her body twitch each time my tongue touched her sensitive bud. Using my lips to move back her hood, I sucked in her clit and began licking, sucking and gently chewing on it. Her hips soon began to buck and move and I had to hold onto her keep my place as I continued to focus all of my attention on that one tiny sensitive part of this Scottish lass. When Heather climaxed, she came hard. Her body shook like she was having a seizure and then she started gushing all over my face. She produced more cum than I ever have and there was no way I could take it all in as it came squirting out. Rolf commented that he has only seen her cum like that once before and that whatever I did to her must have been really good. Heather just laid there for several minutes trying to catch her breath. Finally she said that was the most intense orgasm she has ever had in her life. And I added that I have the cum covered face to prove it and everyone laughed. We all decided that we needed a break and headed to the water to rinse off and relax. Heather’s legs were wobbly so Rolf helped her along. We frolicked in the surf for a while and returned to the towels to dry off. While we were laying there, Heather said that after that eating out she got that she really needs to feel a cock inside her and wanted to know who was interested. Rolf said it was between Nick and me and I told Nick to go ahead since I got to eat her it’s only fitting that he gets to fill her. Suzette slapped Nick on the shoulder and told the big oaf to get over there and show the lass what he could do with that Lock Ness monster between his legs. Nick asked Heather how she wanted it and said as long as it’s in she doesn’t care, so he laid down and she climbed on top of him. Rolf nudged me to go in front of her so she could suck my cock at the same time and I thanked him and did. Heather was eager and quickly brought me to a full erection with her mouth. I watched as Nick played with her tits as she rode him.In the meantime, Babs and Suzette and had moved over to Rolf. Suzette was riding his cock and Babs was sitting on his face. The two girls were facing each other and playing with each other’s tits. Rolf must have had a great tongue also because it wasn’t long before Babs had an orgasm. Heather was next and finally little Suzette. It took us guys a bit before we came, but we all managed to empty a load into the proper orifice. Afterwards, we cleaned up in the water, dried off, got dressed and headed back to the resort. Since we only had one day left, the girls really wanted to spend as much of it as possible at the nude beach so we all agreed to meet there after breakfast…

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