Nursing School Ch. 01: Day Off


Authors notes:

This is not meant to be a short story; I will be an ongoing story with a solid number of chapters. It is a slow build up that will not have a large amount of sexual content towards the beginning. This is my first story as a writer and I am using it to test a variety of skills in different areas, if you are looking for a quick and straight to the point story, this is not for you. That being said, feel free to leave any constructive comments or criticisms in the comments section!

Chapter 1: Day off

“Finally, time to relax…” I sighed as I tossed both my backpack and duffle bag filled with medical supplies onto my bed. I had just come home from another long day of nursing school after being crammed full of information that makes my brain want to throw in the towel. It had only been 5 weeks since I started classes but already I can see why people told me nursing school would be one of the hardest things I’ll ever experience. They were right, but at the same time, nursing school will yet to prove the most exciting and life altering event in my life.

My name is Chris, I’m a 22-year-old nursing student. I have always wanted to get into the medical profession and have struggled for a long time deciding between going for a degree in nursing or attending medical school. After a lot of soul searching, I chose to go with nursing school. It sounded fun to spend my time with plenty of young, single, and fun ladies. Going into nursing school, I figured I’d have a lot of potential playmates. Standing at an even 6ft and having a slightly more athletic build than most guys my age, I knew it’d be no problem getting the interest of the girls in my class, it was never hard in high school. As classes came, I soon found out how very wrong I was. While most of the girls were my age, they were either engaged or already married. Fuck!

It was yesterday evening when I realized nursing school was going to change my life forever. We have been learning the basics and part of our schooling is to practice our skills as often as possible and on as many different people as possible. The first thing we’ve been learning is how to give a full physical assessment, during which you examine a patient from head to toe and try to be as thorough as possible.

It was my day off of classes and I had nothing to do, my workload at school has caused me to pretty much give up on my social life. I had all of my homework finished and had felt confident on the material I had been studying, so I decided to take taksim üniversiteli escort a break for the day. It wasn’t long before I realized how boring life had become since my whole world had begun to revolve around studying and practicing skills, this downtime felt so uncomfortable.

“Fuck… I’m so bored” I thought to myself. I hadn’t had any free time in over month, and I wasn’t going to start slacking off now. I decided that I could use the time to practice taking vital signs and performing a physical assessment. I went downstairs to ask my brother if he could spare about an hour of his time, and unfortunately, he didn’t have the time to spare.

“I guess I’ll go ask mom then, thanks anyway, Jim” I said, disappointed. I was still a little uncomfortable performing assessments on women as all of the girls in my class are incredibly attractive, I find it hard to be professional and keep my mind in the right place. I suppose it comes with being young, stressed, and very sexually frustrated. I decided it’d be no problem and maybe practicing on my own other would help me avoid those urges with others, it’d be a good start to get used to women who I can’t be attracted to.

I headed upstairs and knocked on Mom’s door “Mom, are you in there?”, no reply. I sighed and started to head to my room when mom came out the restroom wearing just a towel. Believe it or not, this is the most exposed I had ever seen my mother, she’s one of the most modest and well dressed women I’ve ever met. She doesn’t even wear anything that would reveal her cleavage.

“Sorry, Chris… I didn’t hear you knock on my door, what do you need?” She said to me, smiling warmly as she always did Mom has always had the most beautiful smile and it’s always made me happy and forced a smile of my own whenever she’d smile at me.

“That’s okay Mom! I was just wondering if you could help me with something for school, I need to practice physical examinations and Jimmy is too busy to let me practice with him.” I said, returning her smile

Mom started heading toward her room “Sure, I’m happy to help, just give me a few minutes to get dressed and you can tell me what you need.” she says as she turns around to open her door.

As she turns around I notice a small butterfly tattoo on her upper right shoulder, I had never seen her undressed enough to actually notice it before. I’ve always imagined mom as a very reserved and elegant woman, but it seems she had a bit of tophane escort a wild streak in her past.

I stop her before she enters her room “Actually, Mom, it’d be a lot easier if you had like a robe or something a little closer to a hospital gown. I wouldn’t be able to do things properly with you dressed normally, is that still okay?”

“Oh… I suppose so. You’re the nurse.” She giggles and closes the door behind her. I quickly run to my room to grab the supplies I’ll need to perform my examination.

A few moments later, I return to mom’s room and knock on the door, “Mom, you ready?” I ask, she quickly replies “Come in, sweetie, I’m decent”. I enter the room and can’t believe my eyes, in the past 15 minutes, mom has already done her hair, makeup, and was settled in bed with a big fluffy red robe that covered her fairly well, but would still allow me to do what I needed to do.

“So are you going to just stare or are you going to show me what I’ve been paying for you to learn, Chris?”

“Oh, of course!” I get flush and warm quickly as I realize I was staring at my own mother, I guess I was just surprised at the effort she puts into keeping herself decent, modest, and well groomed. As a single, 42-year-old woman, you’d think she wouldn’t care so much about her appearance, but she’s the complete opposite. I walk over to her bedside and set my instruction papers on her end table in a position that I can easily glance at to ensure I’m following all of the steps in order and covering everything I need to examine.

I glance back over to mom and catch myself looking her over again, I’ve never seen her so relaxed and looking natural. Before long, I catch myself staring again, and quickly bring my attention back before she notices. “Okay mom, why don’t we go ahead and cover you up like I would in the hospital? I’ll only uncover what I am assessing.” I say calmly, trying to sound professional and like I would with any other patient. Mom nods and pulls her blanket up, covering everything from her neck down. “That’s better, okay, let’s get started.”

First, I remember that she’s got no idea what to expect, so I should treat her like a patient who doesn’t know or trust me. “Okay mom, I’m going to explain each step of the process for you so you know what I’m doing and looking for.”

I take out my blood pressure cuff and stethoscope, “The first thing I’m going to do is take your vital signs”, mom nods and I get started. “I’ll need you to sit up and topkapı escort move the blanket down a bit so I can get this around your arm.”. Mom nods, sits up, and slides the blanket down around her waist. It was a bit more than I needed but I’m not going to correct her, if my patient is comfortable, I need to be as well. I take her blood pressure and temperature first. “Alright. 110/70 and 97.0 degrees, perfectly normal there.”.

“Okay mom, next I need to check is your pulse rate.” I place a hand around her wrist and find her brachial pulse, with her being fairly thin, it’s quite easy to feel. I checked my watch and began counting while watching for respirations so I can get a good idea of what cues to watch while counting them. 30 seconds pass, I counted 38 beats, so for a minute that’s a total of 76. For the next 30 seconds, I watch and count respirations. I never tell a patient that I’m counting respirations and just let them think I’m still counting pulse, otherwise if aware of their breaths being counted, their breathing pattern will change. I began counting as I watched for chest rise and fall, with the blanket down it’s easy to notice her chest rising. I guess it’s a good thing my mom has a fairly tight robe on, it accents her chest well and makes it very easy to watch for cues. I took note of the time and started counting, watching her chest as she breathed. I never noticed how busty mom was before, it really made this easy. I could see a bit of cleavage with the robe, and if I had to guess, I’d say mom was at least a D cup, maybe a DD. She was in incredible shape for her age, I don’t know why she’s decided to stay single since Dad left almost 15 years ago, surely she wouldn’t struggle to find a man. She stood about 5″6, a very average height but her body was very fit with great curves. She has naturally pale skin with a slight tan, and long dark black hair that she usually keeps pulled back into a ponytail. She was definitely a very attractive woman; any man would be insane to not want her. “Including me.” I thought to myself, and then shaking my head. “No, stop that, she’s your mother!”

“Something wrong?” Mom asked, I reassured her that everything was fine, I was just thinking.

Thirty seconds pass, I take note of her respirations “Alright. You’re breathing at a rate of 14 breaths per minute, still in normal range, as expected.” Mom giggles “Oh, tricky little one. I had no idea you were counting my respirations, that explains why you were staring at me blankly. I thought your mind had just wandered off.”, she teases. “If I told you I was counting them, you wouldn’t keep a normal breathing pattern, it would make a reading inaccurate.”, I reply and talk to her as I would any other patient. “Fair enough” she finishes, and we move on to the next step, time for the real assessment.

(To be continued..)

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