Obey Me


I came through the door you greeted me with a drink in your hand you gave me little kiss.

You grabbed me and gave me a long wet deep kiss. Mmmmm you make me so horny.

You pull me closer to you and I try to pull back, you pull my head back by my hair you start kissing my neck. You release me and I move a step back away from you to catch my breath. You tell me, You look hot. You walk over to me. I am wearing a dress my nipples are pushing at the material.

You rip the dress open my breasts are free as I have no bra you grab my head and pull me to you for a deep kiss and then you move down to my nipples taking them into your waiting mouth. You suck them and say, god they taste ooh sooo good, they are hard like steel I beg for more as you stop sucking them. you tear my dress off. I am halkalı escort naked totally, you see my pussy it is glistening in the light. You push me to my knees and order me to pull your shorts down as I hesitate you pull my head back and kiss me hard, you will obey me you say.

I pull your shorts down. I put my hands on your cock and slowly start to lick it. I am running my lips around the head it is getting so hard you stroke it as I lick it my tongue running up and down the shaft.. you say to me it feels so good babe. You like when I tease you with my lips, it is so hard, you tell me now.. I want you to take me in your mouth so I can fuck you with it.

I’m afraid and hesitate you don’t like me not obeying so you taksim escort grab the back of my head and force your hard wet cock in my mouth and move it in farther and farther you say to me you want it all in my mouth I start to choke, you stop for a second while my muscles relax. then you force my throat to take your cock all the way in, it feels soo good you say and start to fuck my mouth. I’m moving my head back and forth on your hard cock you tell me you are a very good girl. I take my tongue and run it over the slit and it makes you weak at the knees.

You say to me ohh baby suck me fuck with your mouth my mouth is all over your cock now I take your hard cock and move it up and down on my tits and between them I take you back into my mouth and suck you harder şişli escort and harder, you tell me you want to fill my mouth with your cum.

You order me to start fingering my pussy, when I don’t you jerk my hair to get me to listen I move my hand down to my wet throbbing pussy. You tell me you have been waiting for hours to feel my lips on your hard cock and say it feels so good to have me suck you hard. oohhhhhhhh it is so good your lips are like wet velvet on my cock fuck me with your lips…

You say to me I can feel the tension rising in your body, your balls are banging against me as you are moving so fast in and out you say you are getting close, and order me to squeeze your balls. So I reach up and grab your balls and start squeezing them you tell me you are cummming as you explode in my mouth you tell me to keep squeezing them ohh it feels great your cum is squirting down the back of my throat and I am sucking you dry ohhh god I just luv that you say.

I lick you clean and as this is happening your cock is getting hard again. You tell me your pussy is going to get a hard pounding now after I suck it dry.

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