October Dream


October DreamI came home early from work where I saw my room mate standing in front of the living room window wearing his sheer purple panty,I don’t think he heard me as I said Hey Ron, he turned from the window where I was just staring at his cock in those sheer panties and asked him what he was doing. He was in shock that I came home early from work and caught him in his panty. I continued to stare at his larger than life size cock which seem to grow in his panty when he saw me,I again said Ron what are you looking at,in which he replied,No one really just dreaming. I approached him and said Those purple panties,Where did you get those and he said Why? I said you look great and touched his ever growing rod. I asked him if he wanted a rub down and he said sure. We went to the couch and I told him I would get the oils,but instead I went into my bedroom to change clothes. I put on a white jock strap and came back into the living room. He was face down into the couch cushions as I poured the oil into my hands and started to rub down his legs,ever so close to his ass. I again placed my hands bakırköy escort only this time started to massage his buttocks,he has a great ass and I had my hands into his panty digging into his butt crack,I could feel my cock start to swell as I massaged his buttocks while he moaned on the couch. I said Ron,Do you want to roll over,he said yes in a soft voice. As he was turning around his thick cock was now bulging from his purple panty and I could see every inch of him.Again I poured the oils into my hands and started to massage his legs but this time my hand went right up the side of his panty touching his love muscle which gave me an instant boner.As Ron laid there I stared at his cock and again ran my hand inside his panty only this time I grabbed him,he didn’t move an inch and I started to stroke his cock,he gave out a soft moan as I continued to squeeze his cock. With my other hand I pulled away his panty to reveals his balls and sack and started on his balls and again he gave out a soft moan. I asked Ron if it was alright if i removed his panty beşiktaş escort which he replied Yes go ahead. With both hands I slowly took down his panty revealing his large dick and balls.I told him I had never seen such a beautiful cock and he said Thanks so I touched his cock head with my lips and gave it a kiss which he smiled. I could feel my cock letting go some of my own love juice and felt my jock strap a little sticky. I had pulled Ron’s Panty down to his knees and then held his cock with one hand while caressing his balls with my other hand. He has one hell of a man size muscle which again I told him how large he was,just then I felt his hand slide into my jock strap and grab onto my cock where he said I was starting to drip out some of my cum. I couldn’t believe what was happening which i now had both hands on his cock giving him a good stroke. His cock head now sticky as I was rubbing it with my thumb,all the while he had his hand on my package. I felt my jock strap get pulled down as he now was stroking my cock I started to move my head towards beylikdüzü escort his cock and then it happened,my mouth was around his head,I sucked and slurped his man juice as he was stroking me even harder. I couldn’t help myself and slid my mouth down his shaft up and down,my nipples were hard as rock and my cock was leaking cum as he continued to stroke me off and I had his head in my mouth where I could taste his sweet juices and holding his shaft I continued to suck him off. I never thought this would happen between 2 room mates and I didn’t want to stop until I started to shoot multiple shots of cum all over my jock strap and then it happened. I woke up with a wet dream in my underwear and the computer on in front of me with some old porn movie playing. I looked around and I was all alone in my house with a sticky mess in my panty and sticky mess down my leg. I couldn’t believe this was all a dream. My cock soft with a cum stain in my underwear and no one else in the house, but It was so real. I guess I didn’t really suck a cock tonight. I looked thru several movies until I found a guy on guy movie and found one guy who had a large cock and started to watch it. It was a hot movie from the early 70’s and again my cock was getting hard,this time I took care of things and started to jerk off. I started to dream it was me in the movie and shot another load all over myself.

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