Office Girl Ch. 02


After that first time, I began obsessed. I’ll admit, healthy or not, I was obsessed. For the next three weeks I went every Tuesday and Thursday night for my blow job fix. I needed it. There was the odd regular that I would see once or twice a week, and many new faces. It was an unspoken rule, as unspoken as everything else inside that room, that rookies got to go first. I didn’t care, about any of them, or craziness of the whole thing. All I wanted was the guilt free sensation of the best head I had ever had.

By the end of the third, week, I became obsessed with something else: finding out who was on the other side of that door. No one knew who it was. I believed that. From what I had heard, a few seemed to have tried to find out, but my thoughts were that most were happy getting head, and didn’t want to ruin the fantasy by discovering that an ugly woman, or a man, was behind it.

I tried waiting around a few times myself, watching the parkade and the area around the maintenance corridor, trying to cover any exists the person might take. I searched the walls late at night when no one would be around, scraping and banging on every crack for some sign of a door. And in the end, there was nothing. I even tried being the last person and then waiting in the lobby to see who came out, but it was a large, busy building, even that late in the evening, and it could have been anyone.

It became increasingly harder to focus on my work when all I could think about was the mouth that would be waiting downstairs twice a week. Each time was a little different, and a little better, almost as if the mouth remembered each cock individually and wanted to please us in a different way each time. Sometimes I would be at that wall for a quarter of an hour as it worked me over. Sometimes I would hardly last a minute. Each time was glorious and left my blood burning for the rest of the night. And it always brought me back for more.

It was during one of my waits that I finally had any success. It was close to 6:30, and the last man had left fifteen minutes before. Hidden around the corner and out of sight, I heard the sound of a door, and then faint heels clicking on a stairway. There were stairs not far from where I was waiting, and I crept to them as quickly as I could. I decided to wait. I didn’t want to scare our benefactor away, and I was rewarded with the sound of the door opening and closing far away. It had to be in the lobby. Whoever it was, and by sound of high heels it had to be a woman, did not park underground.

It occurred to me then that I was in plain sight of the door to the stairs the entire time. Confused, I stepped into the stairway. The stairs ended at that level, as an elevator went down to the remaining floors. An emergency staircase led directly up to the street from the lower levels. Strolling around the small landing, I noticed something that I had never seen before on my trips down here, and would never have if I had not been looking. There was a small door under the stairs.

My heart was racing at that moment. I was about to uncover the most daunting mystery of my otherwise fairly uneventful life. The door was small, maybe three feet by three feet, and the handle was to the underside of the stairs, making it even more difficult to notice. I held my breath and tried the knob; it wasn’t locked. I pulled it open and ducked my head inside. I could see light coming through the slot in what had to be the glory hole door. The room was fairly large, and I could make out cushions placed by the hole. This was it. I had her.

The two-day wait until the next Thursday was halkalı escort excruciating. I don’t know how many times I jerked off, both from the excitement of catching her and to calm my frail nerves. That night I left a bit early and hurried down to the room to ensure I was the first in line. When her lips wrapped around my cock, I could hardly stand it. She must have somehow sensed my anxiety, as she skipped any warm-up and began sucking me with all she was worth. I don’t think I made it to thirty-seconds before the first wad exploded into her mouth. I let her suck me dry before I zipped up and made my way to my predetermined position.

I had to make a hasty retreat a couple of times to the first level of the parkade as the stairway was used to get back to the lobby, but for the most part the satisfied men used the elevator to get to their vehicles and return home to their wives or girlfriends. It was less than an hour after I was sucked off that I heard movement at the door.

I waited at the top of the first landing. It gave me a perfect view of person coming up, and unless she was abnormal, her eyes would be watching the stairs she was climbing and wouldn’t see me until the last moment. I was right. I watched her climb. It was indeed a woman, with long and wavy black hair. It was shiny and healthy, so that was a start. But that was all I could see. Her face was lowered as she watched her step, and she was wearing a long coat that covered most of her body. I waited as long as I could before finally acting.

”I trust you’re good and full,” I said with all the cockiness I had practiced over the last couple of days. It was unfortunate that I could not come up with something better, but my voice was filled with confidence.

The woman started and looked up, and I gasped. I recognized her right away. She was a desk clerk in our marketing department, Tara I think her name was. At that moment, I could not really think of much at all. Tara was gorgeous and I had checked her out on more than one occasion. She was Mediterranean by descent, mid-twenties probably, with dark olive skin and almost black eyes. Her lips were full and red and perfect for what she had just been doing. Tara always dressed professionally in skirts and blouses, but they were always tight enough to show off her attributes. She had a fantastic figure, not skinny, and certainly far from fat, or even “full figured”. She was curvy in the hottest porn-star type of way, and it made me drool.

”What?” she asked coldly as she looked me in the eye. I’m not an ugly man, and I was sure she was checking me out. In my early thirties, I was tall and still in decent shape with all my hair. Some women called me handsome before, but it could have been the failing remnants of my brazen confidence over-imagining. I took a moment to gather myself.

”Full of cum,” I blurted out without really using the moment to think about how I was going to respond. “I was your first client tonight.”

”I’m not sure what you’re talking about,” she said quietly as she tried to push past me, but I blocked her way. She was so close I could smell the cum on her breath.

”I think you do. I was your first tonight. It would be a shame if your little enterprise were to be shut down, or if anyone found out it was you sucking off a dozen men a week.”

”What do you want?” she demanded as she back up and faced me.

It was a question that I had never considered being asked. Until that moment, all I really wanted was to add a face to the blow job, but now I was taksim escort faced with a very difficult question. My cock twitched, reminding me that the question was not so difficult after all.

”Don’t get me wrong,” I said finally, using the pause to actually think about my response this time. “I certainly don’t want this to ever end. But now that I know what I know, I think I deserve some added incentive. Just to make certain word doesn’t get out.”

”Bastard,” I heard her mutter under her breath. “Fine, you’ll get yours for free from now on.”

”That’s a start,” I said as I looked hard up and down her body and licked my lips. I’ve never been anywhere that forward in my life, but I had never had anything so incriminating and potentially destruction on a woman who looked like that before. She looked me up and down and sighed.

”Fine,” she said idly, like she was about to get a cup of coffee. My eyes widened. If she had said no, I think I would have been happy with the free blow job.


She looked around and shrugged. “Right here. I’m in a hurry. My husband will be waiting for me.” It’s funny how single men have such a hard time seeing wedding rings on hot women.

Tara gave me my biggest surprise of the night when she dropped her bag and coat and reach underneath her skirt. With a quick tug, she deftly stepped out of her thong panties and tosses them on her coat. She gave me a sharp look, but it was not to question her own actions. I could she a faint flush reddening on her cheeks. The slut would have probably dropped her panties for me without the blackmail, I thought in awe.

I watched as Tara slowly pulled up her skirt. The knee-length hem moved up her stocking-clad legs and over her shapely thighs. When they reached the tops of her stockings and skin was exposed, I couldn’t help but gasp. Her dark skin was so smooth and perfect, it looked almost airbrushed on. Without pausing, she pulled the skirt up over her ass and bunched it at her waist. Her ass was a firm, perfect heart shape that curved with the rest of her amazing figure. Taking a step forward, Tara bent over at the waist and grabbed onto the railing for support. She spread her legs, exposing her smoothed, shaved cunt to me and looked at me over her shoulder.

A faint smile played on her lips as she looked at me, and I couldn’t tell if it was humor at my obvious awe at the sudden string of events, or a simple, sexy invitation. Either way, it was one of the most erotic images I have ever seen, inside and outside of porn magazines.

”Well,” she asked me, almost too impatiently. I wanted to think she was impatient about me fucking her in that stairway, not her getting home to her husband.

I had a momentary flutter of hesitation. I had never been with a married woman before. Hell, I had never cheated on a girl I was seeing before either. But I was single, and married or not, this woman was willing. The wanton, almost random encounter in a parkade made it seem suddenly all right. It was her husband, I finally decided, that would be the only one in this trio that would have a problem. And he wasn’t in that stairway at that moment.

”Alright,” I said finally as I moved my eyes from hers and locked onto her ass and exposed pussy. I could already see the faintest hints of moisture on her lips. I wanted to believe that it from the imminent fucking and not the from the multiply blow jobs she had just given, but in the end, it didn’t matter either way.

I started to unbuckle my belt as I moved forward. By the time I was standing behind her, my thumbs şişli escort were already hooked into my open pants and underwear and I pushed them down to my knees. Tara had sucked me dry less than an hour before, but that seemed more than enough time for me to recover. My cock jerked as it waved freely in the air at full hardness. Tara twisted around enough to get a good look before she wrapped her hand and it.

”I remember this one,” she cooed with a sexy smile at me before releasing her grip and returning to her bent-over stance. I could see her close her eyes as she braced herself. “Now fuck me with it,” she demanded.

I had enough with pussy-footing around like a nervous teenager. I was man, and this was a willing woman. She obviously was in as much of a hurry to get it over with as to get it started, so I dispensed with any more formalities. Grabbing her hip with my left hand, savouring the smooth, warm feeling only in my subconscious, I used my right hand to line my cock up with her crack and eased the head inside. She moaned and I sighed as the hot wetness clenched at my cock head like a vice. Grabbing her other hip with my right hand, I took a deep breath before ramming my cock all the way inside her.

”Fuck!” she screamed out loud, her voice echoing through the stairs as my violent entrance caught her off guard. It didn’t matter to me. She was soaking wet inside, and the scream was more from shock than pain.

”Fuck,” I murmured back as my cock lay balls-deep inside her pulsating hole. I savoured the feeling as long as I could before she started to move her hips back and forth. I took the hint and started thrusting my cock in and out of her as powerfully as I could in that position.

Weeks worth of frustration and delight and, most importantly, obsession, were quickly released as I pounded her cunt from behind. My hands ran along her hips and ass and thighs with a mind of their own as Tara cooed and purred into the wall. I loved the textures of her smooth skin and nylon stockings. Looking back, I assumed she was enjoying it. She had no reason to fake feeling good, and by the tightness of her cunt gripped around my thrusting cock, I filled her up enough.

Her body was amazing, even though I had seen and felt so little of it. Her hot skin was perfect, and her entire body seemed to vibrate as it wiggled beneath me. For five minutes I pounded into her almost nonstop. I could feel the sweat on both of us from the delightful exertion, and her cunt never stopped gripping and releasing me as I fucked her. All the time, she mewed softly, her eyes tightly closed.

With a final gasp I groaned and rammed into her as hard as I could. I dropped my chest onto her back, forcing her to bear my weight as both my hands locked onto her large tits through her blouse. Jerking in small, quick thrusts, I exploded inside her with more force than I had in her mouth not long before. I groaned and heaved and Tara gasped and sighed deeply as she felt my hot cum shoot deep inside of her.

Tara allowed me to rest of top of her as her cunt milked the last of the cum from my softening cock. I gave her tits one last, hard squeeze, rubbing her hard nipples into my palms before she pushed off of the railing and started to straighten up. My cock slipped from her soaked cunt with a plop and she giggled quietly.

She looked me up and down from my face to my shrunken and used cock and nodded to herself. As she pulled her skirt down and smoothed it into place, I could see my cum leaking down her thighs and soaking her stockings. She bent over and retrieved her thong and quickly pulled it on, before grabbing her coat and bag. She looked me over again, flashing me another quick smile before hurrying up the stairs as fast as he high heels would allow.

Leaning against the wall, I watched her go with a smile. I knew that this would not be the last time I asked for something special in return for my silence.

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