Office Sex

Office SexTiffany called me from the other part time job she had at a small grocery store, telling me that shewas fucking horny as fuck, from her boss smacking her ass when he walked by. She said, she didn’t get off for about 3 more hours and didn’t know if she can hold out that long. I suggested that when he walked by, bend over a little showing that her ass was sticking out a little for him to smack it and afterhe did, ask him if that was all he was going to do? Well she did just that. She seen him coming and bent over a little. He was going to walk someplace else but seeing her doing what I wanted her to do and he looked at her as she looked at him as if she was inviting him do do it. He walked by and gently smacked her. Tiffany said, “Huummpphh! That’s it?” He stopped and looked at her, and looking around to see if anyone was around and their wasn’t so he came back and she knew what was going to happen and stuck her ass out ready for a good one. He approached her and pulled his hand back as she was ready for it bending over a little farther and, “SMACK”. did it good. She said, “MMMMMMMM YES! I love it” He said, “Just wait till later in the office if you can work over. ” She smiled big at him and he took it as a yes. And said, “Only if I can take pictures for my husband to see. It turns him on.” He said, “Fine, I’ll make it worth your while.” and walked away. All night she was getting wetter and wetter just thinking about what he wanted to do and a couple of times when nobody was around started rubbing her pussy. She would stand their rubbing herself with he eyes closed and when she opened them she would noticed that some customers were watching her and it seemed that they knew what she was doing and it turned her on even more. A couple of times she put her cell phone on vibrate and shoved it down her trabzon escort pants and used another phone to call it so it would vibrate when it would ring and she loved it. Once it was ringing when she was waiting on a customer and she nearly CAME right their! As the night went on customers started slowing down and the boss started sending more and more people home. Tiffany noticed that he was sending more people than normal home, and it kept her thinking about LATER. Her nipples would get hard thinking about it. She thought they were so hard that they were poking through her shirt and people noticed. She didn’t care, it made her hot. She would stand their behind the counter and would brush against them with her fingers and would sigh. Well, it was late and everyone was gone except for about 3 other people that he told them he would be working with Tiffany in the office conducting daily business so they would be working in the back anyways and if they needed anythingto call. With that said, he walked with them to the back to give them instructions as to what he wanted done. Tiffany went into the office and waited. She wondered what she should be doing or position she should be in when he returned. She tried opening her shirt while sitting in a chair rubbing her tits, then she tried spreading her legs with her pants unzipped and pulled down a little, then she tried bending WAY over acting like she was reaching for something behind the desk, and when she did to rehearse it, she got a hard smack on her ass. He came back without her knowing. The smack instantly turned her on and she said, “Do it again” He did. she sighed with an mmmmmmm enjoying it. He said, “You like that hu?” She said with a breathy, “YES!” He smacked her ass again, she moaned and again she moaned louder getting so turned on. She expected escort trabzon another one but he didn’t. Instead he came up from behind her grabbing her hips and rubbing himself up against her like he wanted to fuck her. She exhaled as he rubbed up against her from behind. Then she started to rub against him wanting what he was offering to her. He reached around her waist and unbuttoned her pants and started pulling them down revealing that she had no panties on and he said, “no panties? You bad girl.” She said, “I’m a bad girl so you have to punish me.” He said, ‘Oh yeah, your going to get punished and punished good.” With that said, he pulled her pants all the way off and unzipped his pants and pulled them down and his cock popped out hardand waiting for her wet pussy to shove it in. Tiffany stayed in her position as he slid his cock between her pussy lips and she said, Don’t forget the camera. He took a picture of the head of his cock pushing in and laid it down on the table with the video running to make a movie. He shoved it in slower and slower till she couldnt take any more and wanted him deep inside her. Tiffany reached back and grabbed his legs and pulled him into her as he pushed it deeper into her she moaned loving to be filled with cock. He grabbed her hips and started thrusting it in and out and in and out fucking her good as she kept moaning with every thrust. Then he pulled it out and wanted her to suck her pussy juices off his cock. She got on her knees and grabbed his stiff dick and ran her tongue up and down it as he made a movie of her doing it. Then she took the head of it in her mouth and sucked it gently, he sighed. Then she took it bit by bit in her open mouth sucking as it went in deeper and deeper in. She started to suck HARD with it in her mouth wanting to drain all the trabzon escort bayan cum out of it. Then she shoved it’s entire length deep into her throat pressing her face against him. He moaned loud as she held it deep in her mouth rolling her tongue all over it sucking it deep. Then she pulled it out and started sucking wildly, slamming her face into his lap driving it deep every time. He loved it in her mouth deep like that. Then he pulled it out, and sat her in one of the chairs. Then grabbing her ankles and spreading her legs wide, he pushed it in her wet pussy. Tiffany moaned as it went into her deep pumping her good. He kept fucking her as she keptsaying, “Fuck me , fuck me good like a whore!” He kept driving it deep in and out pounding her good with the camera rolling. As he was fucking her hard she noticed that the other people who were supposed to be working in the back was standing their watching the entire thing as they had their pants opened stroking their cocks while she was getting pounded, she said, “Good more.” Then they surrounded her as she took her hands and started jacking them off while sucking the last cock. As she was getting fucked hard one by one the hard cocks that she was handling shot huge loads of cum all over her tits and the next one she said, ” Cum on my face, Cover my face in your hot cum!” Just as she said the last word cum, the guy shot a HUGE wad of hot cum across her lips while she sucked off the last guy, he couldn’t hold it any longer and started filling her mouth. She started swallowing as he kept filling her mouth, she thought he wasn’t going to stop, but swallowing it had her so hot she started to cum herself. Her pussy started to pulsate around his cock and got him ready to cum as she started to orgasim he pulled it out and covered her pussy with a load that shot out while she fingered herself to completion. Their she layed in the chair covered withman cum and exhausted got cleaned up and came home and showed me the pictures and video and got so turned on that she wanted to have sex again and we did.

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