Oh, Danny Boy!


She hesitated before knocking on the door. “What am I doing here?” she thought. “I must be crazy.” But she knocked once, twice, the door opened and he was standing there, smiling.

“I was hoping you’d come.” He opened the door wider, let her in. She could think of nothing to say, they both knew why she was there. A sudden flush of embarrassment brought hot blood to her cheeks as she remembered their conversation the night before.

It was at work, late, nearly time to knock off for the day, when he had plopped himself down in the chair next to her. He sat there a moment just looking at her, before he spoke. “So, did you think about what I asked you earlier?” She had, in fact, had been thinking of nothing else all afternoon.

Danny was remarkably easy to talk to about anything, anything at all. So it was perhaps inevitable that the conversation would turn to matters of a sexual nature. But it had still thrown her a bit when he asked her how often she and her boyfriend made love. She had managed to stammer an answer that she hoped sounded as casual as his question. “Uh, I don’t know, maybe once, twice a week.”

But then he asked her often she and her boyfriend fucked, and that threw her. “Well, it’s the same thing, isn’t it?” But the way he laughed softly told her that it probably wasn’t, in his mind anyway. “No,” he said “Not the same thing. But maybe that’s the trouble?”

Actually, the trouble was that things were not going well in that department, not at all. She had lied when she said once a week, it was more like once a month, at best, and sex had become routine. And boring. Mark wasn’t into trying anything new or different, and the few times she had tried to bring up the idea of experimenting, he had looked at her as if she had lost her mind. “What’s wrong with the way we make love?” he had asked, his expression told her that he was hurt by the idea that she found anything lacking.

“There’s nothing wrong with it, honey,” she had told him. “It’s just that I thought maybe we could, I don’t know, spice things up a bit. We’re getting like an old married couple.”

“Well, I was kinda hoping that maybe we would be someday, but if you’re not happy…” and with that she had decided to drop the subject. Then they made love in his preferred way, with him on top, her below with her legs wrapped around him, while he pounded away until he came with a shudder and a sigh. He always lay that way for a few minutes, on top of her, his weight pushing her down into the mattress, while she lay, his breath in her ear, feeling that she had missed something. Sometimes afterwards she would take a shower, and with soapy hands, bring herself to a hard bitter little orgasm. Other times she just waited until he rolled off of her, then turned to her side and fell asleep.

It was certainly not a “Cosmo girl” experience, but Mark was a great guy in all other respects, she really felt that she had no cause for complaint. Her friends told her he was a great catch, her mother loved him, and everyone they knew thought of them as a perfect couple. The fact that the sex was mundane and routine was not something she felt comfortable telling anyone. Until she met Danny.

Danny was widely thought of as gay, but he was actually bi, or so he said. He was not the least bit shy about it, and often joked that being bisexual doubled his chances of getting laid, which she thought was pretty funny. Some of the other men at work were a little uncomfortable around him, but those were generally the kind of guys halkalı escort that she thought of as jerks anyway. But mostly everyone liked Danny, it was hard not to, he was so easy-going and friendly. So when he started to seek her out during breaks to talk, she found herself opening up to him.

What she quickly learned was that Danny absolutely loved to talk about sex. At first it was in a friendly, joking sort of way, but as she warmed to the topic she found herself revealing a bit more than she intended. She told him that she loved Mark, but that something was missing sexually. He listened to her, let her talk without interrupting. It was like having a therapist, she could vent her feelings freely without hearing about how lucky she was to have a man like Mark. After a while, she began to look forward to break time, to their little talks. The days he wasn’t there dragged by, and she missed him. He gave her his cell phone number and told her to feel free to call him anytime, about anything.

The night he asked her the “fucking vs. making love” question she had been in a horrid mood. She was starting to wonder exactly how lucky she really was. Sure, Mark was a great guy, but she was growing ever more frustrated by their tepid sessions, tired of having to depend on her own fingers to do what she felt Mark ought to be doing, and wondering whether she could actually spend the rest of her life with him. She found herself fantasizing dreamily about something more wild, even drifting into rather kinky territory. With Mark, she dared not broach those topics, but with Danny she found a willing, even eager listener. They would sit together, and talk about how this one or that one would be in bed. Sometimes they would laugh so hard imagining scenarios her stomach would hurt, and she would have a hard time keeping a straight face when she spoke with the ‘stars’ of the little dramas they concocted.

“So, am I right? Is that the trouble with you two?” He looked at her directly, waiting for her answer. “You know, making love is fine, but sometimes what a person needs is a good, nasty fuck.” He brushed the hair away from her face. “When is the last time you were fucked? I mean really, truly, down and dirty fucked?” She laughed, a quick, bitter sound, then told him “Danny, I don’t think I have ever been fucked that way.” Then she added, “Maybe I should be bi too, it would double my chances, huh?”

He placed his hand on her thigh, squeezed, then said “I have an idea.” She was listening. “Why don’t you ditch Marky-Mark for the night, and come over to my place? There are some things I’d love to show you.” He added, “You trust me, right? You know I’d never do anything to hurt you.”

“Oh, I know. But what kind of things do you want to show me?” He just smiled and said, “Why don’t you let me surprise you?” Then he winked. And that is what did it, what made her decision, that wink. It was a playful wink, a conspiratorial wink. Just a small gesture, but one that set her mind racing with thoughts. She agreed.

So that is how she ended up standing on another man’s front porch, waiting for him to answer the door.

After he took her coat and tossed it on the kitchen chair, he took her by the hand and led her into the den. He made them each a drink, told her to make herself comfortable, then sat beside her on the sofa. “So,” she asked, “What kind of things do you want to show me?”

He chuckled softly. “My, my, so eager. What taksim escort kind of things would you like me to show you?” She took a gulp of her drink, then said, “Hey, this was your idea, remember?” He took the glass from her hand, set it on the table, and without a word, leaned over and kissed her.

It was a gentle kiss. She stiffened briefly, then relaxed as she felt his lips against hers. She sighed, and as her lips parted, he slid his tongue past them and kissed her deeply, slowly. She let herself relax, feeling his tongue explore her mouth. As her eyes closed, she felt his hand on her thigh, gently moving up until it was between her legs. She pulled back suddenly, and drew back to look at him.

“Ok?” It was a question, he was waiting for her answer. “Danny…I don’t…I mean…” She couldn’t think of what to say. She had a pretty good idea of what Danny had in mind, but now that she was actually here and the thing was happening, she was suddenly unsure of herself. She was in another man’s house, and he was kissing her, and she felt, well, nervous and aroused and unsure of what she really wanted to happen. She was aware of his hand, still between her legs, and of his fingers lightly stroking her, without thinking she opened them to allow him better access. He kissed her again, more forcefully this time, as his fingers moved over her. He slid his hand up and lightly cupped her breast, gave it a playful squeeze. “I love your little titties,” he murmured, “Little itty, bitty titties…” He slipped his hand under her shirt, under her bra, and began to tease her nipple.

She could feel herself responding to his touch, and despite any misgivings she may have had, she put her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. He moved his lips down her neck, whispered into her ear, “Get that shirt off.” She began to undo the buttons, while thinking to herself, “What am I doing?”

As if he could hear her thoughts, he said softly, “I want you to just relax. You know I’d never hurt you, I just want to make you feel good. Trust me, I know what you need.” She looked into his eyes, and at that moment she decided to trust him, to let him do whatever he was going to do. He sensed her acquiescence and kissed her again, harder this time. He pulled her shirt up and off, unhooked her bra and tossed it. Pushing her back onto the sofa, he moved his lips to her nipples, sucking and licking them till they puckered and stiffened. She pushed her hands through his hair and drew him closer, moaning softly. Now that she had decided to let what would happen, happen, she began to get aroused. Very aroused. In her mind she screamed, “I’m letting another man touch me!” but strangely, felt no guilt. She wanted Danny to touch her everywhere, wanted to know how his hands felt on her tits, her pussy, anywhere he wanted to put them.

He slid his hand up her skirt, slipped his fingers under the waistband of her panties, stroked her moistening lips. She began to move against his hand, then he slid two fingers into her and kissed her again, tonguing her. His breath was hot in her ear. “You want me to fuck you? Cause that’s what I want to do, right now.” He drew back and looked at her lying beneath him. “I want to fuck you every way, all night. You want that, don’t you?” He pressed against her, she could feel the hardening length of him as he pushed against her. He took her hand, placed it against him so she could feel his size. He unzipped his pants, and let her stroke him. She moaned as she ran her şişli escort hand along the silken length of him, he pulled her panties down, then off, and released his cock. Sliding it along her wet slit, he lifted her hips a bit and teased her with it, rubbing the engorged head between her lips, entering her just a little bit, then pulling back to watch her face.

“You want me inside you?” he breathed. “You want my cock up inside you?” She gasped, “Oh yes! Please…” He pushed inside her, one stroke, then pulled free again. Her hips thrust up to meet him, but he drew back, “Then tell me what you want. Tell me, I want to hear you say it.” He waited for her answer.

“Fuck me Danny! I want you to fuck me!” He smiled, pushed himself back into her moist pussy, she wrapped her legs around him and held him there. He began to pump himself into her, slowly and deeply. He gave her a few minutes of this, then pulled his cock free again. Lifting himself off her, he sat back on the sofa, his hand stroking his moistened cock. He pushed his hand into her hair, pulled her towards him. “Suck it”, he demanded. She leaned forward and took him in her mouth, running her lips up and down his shaft, tasting herself on him. “Oh yeah, that’s it.” He pulled her face onto his cock, fucking her in the mouth. She gagged a bit, but this just turned him on more. “C’mon bitch, suck me. You know you want it.” And she did. She did want it. She wanted everything.

He let her suck him awhile, then without a word, pulled free and forced her over onto her stomach. He slid into her from behind, she felt him go deep, deeper than he had from the front. He reached around and stroked her clit as he thrust into her. She was lost in the feeling of his cock in her so deep, Mark only fucked her from behind once, said he didn’t like it cause he couldn’t see her face. Then Danny did something Mark had never even attempted.

He pulled from her cunt, then stroked his wet cock up along her backside, moistening her ass with her own juices. When he had her good and wet, he gently pressed himself against her asshole, feeling the strong resistance. Mark had never fucked her that way, in fact, she had only ever tried it once before, years ago, with a weird boyfriend. It was an unsuccessful attempt, as it hurt too much and the mission had to be aborted before it was accomplished.

But Danny was gentle, and patient. He eased his thoroughly moistened cock carefully into her, slowly, letting her adjust. Since he had been fucked in the ass before he knew how it was, especially the first few times. Once he had penetrated her completely, he began to move slowly in and out. He was careful to stroke her in front, rolling her clit around under his fingers like an oiled marble. She was tight, and he knew he was going to come soon.

She, in the meantime, was almost gone with what he was doing to her. Although it had hurt at first, once he was in and moving slickly in and out she started to feel him in her belly. The hot, liquid feel of him pushing into her that way aroused her as nothing she had ever felt before. And with his fingers moving over her in front, she knew she was close to coming. And she did, with a sharp cry, her breath hard and ragged. A few more minutes of gentle thrusting and heavy breathing and he came, finally, in her ass. She lay panting beneath him, thinking to herself, “There really is a difference between making love and fucking.” Making love was nice, but fucking was wonderful!

They remained together until morning and he had her again and again, in all the ways he promised, until she was limp and exhausted. And happy, happier than she had been in a long time. When the night was over and she finally left, he reminded her, “See? See how it can be? Remember that.”

She did, and when she saw Mark again she told him, “We have to talk…”

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