Oh Mary 3

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Oh Mary 3Oh Mary 3Following on from the time on the train, which I guess is a couple of years ago now, Mary’s appetite for extra cock had developed as had my own enjoyment of being cuckolded. Roger had faded away and been replaced by a string of other well hung men who openly fucked her in front of me. Mary grew quite fond of one, Paul who was only in his early 20s. He has a very slim build which only accentuates his very large thick cock. It almost looks incongruous as it cantilevers out 10 inches from his small frame. Paul is something of a naturist and Mary loves him to be naked when he’s over at the house which he is very relaxed about.It started with him coming over 2 to 3 times a week until eventually Mary stated that he should simply move in with us full time. We bought an emperor size bed and the three of us slept together with Mary generally in the middle. Being young Paul would become erect very easily and he would fuck Mary in the evenings, at night and always in the morning. She once proclaimed that he had spunked 6 times in her in one day! We have a four bedroom house but Paul is not permitted to have his own bedroom. The relationship with Paul had been going for a couple of months and the story picks up from there.It was Friday night and Paul and Mary were sat on the sofa whilst I was in an armchair. We had eaten dinner and were enjoying a few drinks. Paul was completely naked, as he was most of the time around the house, whilst Mary and I were fully clothed. His big soft cock rested lazily on his thigh his foreskin covering the helmet although the eye was visible. Mary simply loved his cock, she thought it was the best she had ever seen and loved the way it moved and grew almost of it’s own accord. As she stroked his thigh it did indeed start to swell ever so slightly.”Mary, I was talking with my parents yesterday and they are curious now that I have moved in to meet with you and see where I am living. Would you guys be okay with that?” Paul askedMary looked at me and replied “Yes, of course, Paul, that would be fine, why don’t you ask them to pop over for a coffee this weekend?””Really?” Paul said ” That would be great I will send them a text now, say 11.00 tomorrow morning?” Mary nodded smiling and her hand moved to his cock “Why don’t you tell us about them Paul, what are they like?”Paul’s penis was rapidly hardening towards an erection and his bulbous helmet had appeared from under his smooth foreskin.”Well they are early 40s, fairly laid back. I look very much like my Dad although he is bigger than me” Paul replied”Bigger than this?!” Mary exclaimed holding his thick erect shaft”I meant his physical size, Mary” he laughed ” Yes, I guess he’s at least as big as me although hard to tell as he doesn’t shave it all as I do.”Paul was meticulous in keeping his ball sack and cock completely shaven and smooth. Mary would often rub moisturiser onto his privates to keep them soft and comfortable.”What about your mum? What’s she like? ” Mary continued squeezing his helmet so precum leaked out”She’s pretty I guess, ample boobs, reasonable ass” Paul replied struggling to focus as Mary started to suck his cock.She lifted her head ” They sound nice Paul and I look forward to meeting them. You will of course be naked I am assuming?” “Errr.. well that would be a bit odd wouldn’t it?” Paul replied” Well let’s see how it goes, Paul” Mary replied raising her skirt around her waist and lowering herself onto his hard thick cock ” You just said that you are a naturist family so it would make them realise how at home you are here” Paul undid her top and released her full firm heavy breasts – he sucked on her nipples as she rocked backwards and forwards fully impaled on his thick 10 inch rock hard cock. I could see it spreading her labia and slick with her pussy juice.Mary gyrated on his lap reaching round to squeeze his heavy distended ball sack. After 10 minutes or so Paul tensed and I could see his cock depositing yet another thick load of his creamy hot cum deep into my wife’s cunt. She stopped gyrating and kissed him deeply thanking him for his lovely hot wad and saying she could actually feel it spurting inside her.She raised herself off his lap releasing his large but softening cock. Thankfully we have leather sofas as his spunk immediately started to trickle down her thighs. She sat back on the sofa next to Paul legs spread wide her puffy gaping hole on display.”You know what to do, Stuart” she said to me.Indeed I did. It had become part of our agreement that if I got to watch Mary fuck I had to clean them both up afterwards.I went onto my hands and knees.”Do Paul first, Hon, I want to play with my clit while I watch you lick his cock clean” Mary said already starting to finger herself.Paul sat there with his legs apart and played on his phone while I began to clean him up with my tongue. I started with his big scrotum carefully licking up the mix of their love juices. I then moved up his shaft holding it in my hand – it was quite some piece of meat..Mary was totally focused on what I was doing and brought herself to a climax”God that’s so horny Stuart, now suck his helmet, get the tip of your tongue in the eye of his cock, make sure you get all that spunk cleaned up!” Mary continued rubbing herself and squeezing her erect nipples.I did as she asked although giving Paul head was still a bit new, previously I had only licked. I felt his cock start to harden in my mouth.”Oh you dirty cock boy!” Mary exclaimed as my mouth bobbed up and down on his now fully erect cock.”Keep going Stuart and rub his shaft with your hand!” I did as I was asked and Paul now put down his phone.”Bloody hell, that feels good! I wouldn’t do that for too long though otherwise I am likely to cum!” Paul saidMary had a mischievous look in her eye” I want you to cum in Stuart’s mouth Paul and then, Stuart, you mustn’t swallow it, just hold his deposit in your mouth” she said.I had never sucked a cock off before but it didn’t take long before I felt it swell just that little bit more and then 4 hot squirts erupted into my mouth. I almost choked but held on. When his cock had finished I carefully released it ensuring no cum leaked out. It tasted so warm and salty in my mouth. Mary was delighted and sliding down on the sofa her heavy breasts parting slightly to either side she pushed her open cunt into the air. “Stuart, I want you to dribble it all into my hole and then push it in with your little cock” Mary instructed.I positioned my mouth close to her already used pussy, pursed my lips and let it fall inside her cunt.”Mmm, this is fun you emptying my lovers sack and then putting his lovely ball juice into my eager hole, now ram it home with your little man” I undid my trousers and released my stiff 5 inch cock. I hardly ever got to fuck Mary and even though I would be fucking another man’s cum into her I was excited. My cock slipped in easily into her slack vagina. It was so sloppy with her juice and two of Paul’s wads in her.”That’s it, love, push Paul’s strong young seed right in as far as you can with your little dodger” Mary gasped as she climaxed yet again – this was quite something as it had always been rare that she orgasmed when I fucked her. I couldn’t hold on and shot my little load into her.As I stopped Mary said” Oh have you cum? You have stopped pushing it in but i am never sure when you ejaculate””Yes, Mary, I have ” I replied a little out of breath.”Kiss me Stuart I want to taste Paul’s spunk in your mouth” Mary asked After I had cleaned up Mary’s well used pussy, which did take sometime I retired to bed leaving them in the lounge. I didn’t hear them come to bed but i did wake up about 3.00 to find them fucking again.The next morning we all got dressed and tidied up ready for Paul’s parents Jean and Ray who dutifully arrived at 11.00As Paul had described they were a good looking couple in their early 40s and Paul, whilst smaller, was the spit of his Dad. Jean a radiant red head with lovely green eyes had a very large bursa escort chest with plenty of cleavage on display but was in good shape. With a dazzling smile and a bubbly personality she oozed sex appeal.We all sat down and chatted for a bit and were soon fairly at ease. “Well it’s very good of you to allow Paul to live with you” Jean said “You certainly have a lovely home”You could see that both Jean and Ray were more than a little curious about the set up.”Well we love having him here and as I am sure you have probably guessed, Stuart and I have an open marriage and it seemed to make sense for Paul to move in as my lover” Mary explainedYou could see they were a little surprised but they didn’t seem shocked ” So Stuart, I presume you must be okay with that?” Ray asked “Yes, I am. We have had an open marriage for a number of years and Mary has been with a few men. I am very happy about it as it gives her what she needs. With Paul here it just makes it more settled and relaxed” I replied.”Well each to there own, I say” Jean interjected “every family is different” she smiled.”Yes, Paul tells us that you are a naturist family” Mary replied ” He continues that here you will be pleased to know, don’t you, Paul ?””Yes, I do, Steve and Mary are very cool about it so it’s great” Paul said smiling at his parents.” Oh that’s great to hear! Yes, Mary, both Ray and I are naturists, guess we have always been into that free love and hippy jive” Jean laughed ” But we know some people find it odd so we never really advertise it and some of our friends would have no idea” “Well as you say each to their own” Mary said smiling ” and in fact why don’t you get naked if you want to, relax and stay for some lunch with us?” There was bit of a pause here and thankfully it was Paul who picked it up. ” Sounds good to me” he said pulling his T- shirt off over his head and slipping off his jogging bottoms and boxers in one fluid motionJean and Ray looked at each other and then nodding started to undress.”Oh look you’ve completely shaved off all your pubic hair” Jean noted looking at Paul’s smooth ball sack and flaccid penis as she stepped out of her dress. Jean stood there in a balcony bra and small pair of pants. Ray was unbuttoning his shirt and said ” By the way it is a naturist rule and good etiquette that we should all undress” Ray said to myself and Mary.Before I could reply Mary said ” Absolutely, Ray!” and started to undress leaving me with no option but to follow suit.” Great” Jean replied “all naked together, just as it should be!” She removed her bra and her pendulous size H tits swung free and then leant down to remove her knickers . Her pussy was shaven although she retained a small strip of red pubic hair just above. She sat back down and crossed her legs with her hands on the arms of the chair so her tits were nicely displayed.Mary was also naked now and her breasts whilst slightly smaller were equally magnificent and Jean complemented her on her figure and as she put it “bubble gum nipples”I quickly undressed and sat crossing my legs to deflect attention from my small cock.Ray was the last to strip and I could swear I heard Mary gasp as he pulled his pants off. Whilst Paul was big, Rays was the same length but the girth of it was probably 50% greater. Ray sat open legged his magnificent tool dangling over the front of the cushion of the sofa like an elephant trunk! My cock just seemed to get smaller…” So how and why did you get into the open marriage / swinger lifestyle?” Jean asked Mary” Well I have always liked sex and men and it’s just part of who I am” Mary replied. Looking at me smiling “Stuart would you mind getting everyone another drink, please?”So I was now undone and had to get up and there was no more hiding my penis. As I went to the kitchen and as I came back Mary said” And the other thing, Jean, is that I do like a nice big cock” Jean looking at mine said “Oh yes.. I can see what you mean” We all settled back and chatted, me in the armchair Mary and Paul on one sofa and Jean and Ray on the other.Mary was stroking Paul’s thigh and I could see that he cock was starting to stir.”So with the naturist thing, what happens if you get aroused? “Mary asked”It’s all fine and natural. Our bodies do react to variety of stimulants so if a woman gets wet or hard nipples or a man gets an erection nobody is bothered about that” Jean replied smiling looking at Ray and squeezing his bulging ball sack. Ray tugged one of her nipples playfully laughing.Mary and Paul laughed too and she rested her hand directly onto his cock. “Well I have to say that both Paul and your husband Ray have the most amazing cocks, don’t you agree, Stuart?”I merely nodded and Jean said ” thank you but this one can be a bit of a bugger to get inside it’s so thick when it’s fully hard! ” she said gripping his shaft and lifting his cock, her hand only getting around half of it.Ray laughed ” that feels good keep going!”Jean looked at Mary ” What do you think?””Rude no too give them some exercise and a stretch” Mary replied gripping Paul’s penis tightly.” Will give you both a stretch if you don’t watch out” Ray interjected giving Mary a wink”Behave Ray” laughed Jean as she began to tug his cock in earnestI was somewhat amazed at this and couldn’t help but say something” Paul have your parents done this thing in front of you before?” I stammeredPaul looked across at me as Mary rubbed his cock “Yes, of course, and they have sometimes fucked in front of me and my sister too, depends on where we are. Why is there something wrong?” Paul asked. ” We should have invited your step sister, Amy, goodness fancy forgetting her!” Jean interjected “Send her a text, Paul and tell her to come over for a naturist lunch! Would that be okay with you Mary?””Of course we can’t leave people out!” Mary replied as she bent to put Paul’s cock in her mouth.Paul was kneading Mary’s tits and Jean looked on approvingly “You having fun Paul?” She asked “God yeah, Mary’s a beauty and great at giving head” he replied”Mmmm.. she sure is and I wouldn’t mind trying that…” said Jean Mary looked at her quizzically but Jean opened her legs exposing her pink pussy and waved her over.Mary released Paul’s cock from her mouth with a soft “plop” and on her hands and knees, tits swaying, went over to Jean and was soon tonguing her twat.Mary’s perfect arse was raised in the air and I could see her wet cunt.It was all quite a sight, Mary licking out Jean, Jean was wanking Ray’s enormous cock and Ray was sucking on her Hcup breasts. “Oh my! You dirty bitch that’s one hell of a tongue Mary! Get it right in there” Jean moaned as Mary sucked and tongued her juicy cunt. Spurred on by Jean’s dirty talk Mary spread her legs wider and pushed her tongue further into her hot hole.Paul stood up his 10 inch erection bouncing as he walked. He placed himself behind Mary and started to rub his bell end up and down her wet slit. Jean could see him moving into position.”Don’t you guys use rubbers?” Jean asked”Hell no, I want to feel everything and for him to splash my cervix with his lovely hot cum” Mary said lifting her head for a moment her face glistening with Jeans cunt juice.Jean laughed and said “good answer!”With that Paul pushed his cock all the way into Mary and started to fuck her doggy style. Rays cock was now fully erect and it was so thick. “Thank you for lubing me up Mary I need to climb aboard Rays Rocket as I call it” Jean laughed.Mary moved away and Ray slipped onto the floor and started to feed his cock into Jean. Mary and Chris and I just watched the spectacle. Jean’s pussy seemed to physically grip his wide shaft – it must have been 10 inches in girth. Slowly but surely he fed in his length until his balls were slapping her arse.”God, that looks amazing!” Exclaimed Mary ” I bet that feels good! “”Oh yes, it does” gasped Jean as Ray reemed her hot snatch ” You should try it!”Mary bit her bottom lip and looked at Paul…”Up to you, may as well keep in the family” Paul said chucklingIt was bursa escort bayan interesting that Mary asked Paul rather than me whether Ray could fuck her!Jean shuddered to an orgasm her juices trickling off Rays swinging ball sack.”Okay I am up for a go on Ray’s Rocket!” Mary announced Both Jean and Ray said “Great!” At the same time which made us all laugh.They positioned Mary on the sofa and Jean stood behind holding Mary’s legs apart to help her take Rays cock. Paul sucked on her tits as Ray started to feed his monster in…Mary just kept saying “OMG, OMG, OMG” over and over as he eased it into her. Finally after a few minutes he was fully implanted in her pussy and then he began to fuck her cunt – slowly at first and then building up the tempo. Mary was having a wave of orgasms and writhing on the sofa. Jean kept her in place holding her legs.”See I told you it was good!” She saidRay pulled out of her and I had never seen Mary’s pussy gape so much! “I need a bit of a breather, why don’t you takeover son?” Ray saidThey repositioned Mary so she was on all fours again and Jean didn’t waste anytime and had her munching on her twat. Paul banged her from behind and Mary’s tits gyrated with the motion.”Look at the dirty slut!” Said Jean ” getting banged by father and son whilst eating out my pussy!” She grabbed Mary’s hair pulling her into her crotch. Paul and Ray then took it in turns to fuck her from behind asking her to guess who was inside her. To start with she got it correct but after a while she couldn’t tell as her pussy was so stretched out and they were of a similar length and both hitting her cervix.Paul mentioned he was building up an appetite and I offered to go make some sandwiches. I left them to it and went into the kitchen.I vaguely heard the door bell go but presumed someone else had got it or ignored it. Then I heard another female voice which I could only presume was their daughter Amy.After about 10 minutes this young lady who must have been about 24 walked into the kitchen stark bollock naked.” Hello, you must be Stuart, I am Amy, Paul’s older sister and thought I would come say hi” She was a stunner but very petite – no more than 5ft tall long radiant brown hair and slim build apart from a pair of luscious pert C cup size breasts that literally jutted out..” Hello Amy Nice to meet you” I said wiping my hands on a tea towel and shaking her hand. I tried to avoid ogling her firm body although she must have seen my cock hardening.” So have you met my wife, Mary?” I asked “Err yes! My step Dad and step brother are fucking her in your lounge” she laughed”I think they are considering dp but she’s not keen” “I am not surprised, those are very big cocks, unlike mine” I said a little mournfully.” I hate big cocks and won’t let them anywhere near me” Amy replied ” I much prefer small ones although not always easy to find and once you’ve committed to going to bed with someone it’s a bit difficult to say ” sorry that’s too big!” ” she laughed.She examined mine “Actually yours looks perfect! I am only small and don’t want to be split in two, how big is it erect?”I was lost for words so she simply stood in front of me her breasts brushing my stomach and stroked my cock. ” mmm let’s see shall we?”I looked down into her clear blue eyes and flawless skin. She smiled and parted her red lips.. we kissed her tongue swirling around my mouth.Breaking away from the embrace Amy said ” Well its lovely and hard and what a gorgeous cock you have Stuart, can I see if it tastes as good as it looks?Without waiting for a reply she took me in her mouth and moved all the way down to the root of my cock – god it felt good!”Mmm.. tasty too!” She said ” shall we try it for size?” and sat on the kitchen table he legs apart.This was like a dream here was this stunning woman who must have been 8 to 10 years younger than me asking me for sex.I kissed her a little harder, my hands exploring her fabulous rack and pinching her nipples. She moaned and my hard cock was now nudging her wet sex, I could feel the heat of it.She had her arms around me and she dropped her hands to my bottom and pulled me forward into her.I entered her warm hole, she was tight but it was just the right amount of friction “Ohhhh good fit Stuart push it all the way in!” I did and for the first time in my life I felt the tip of my helmet nudging her cervix”Fuck me!” She cried and I started to fuck her in earnest.It was then that we heard Mary calling from the lounge.”Stuart, what are you doing? Have you met Amy?” She calledI looked at Amy my cock still hard in her hot hole” Shall we go through?” I said lifting her up still on my cock.She put her arms around my shoulders “Great idea, Stuart!” She laughed I walked through to the lounge carrying Amy with her pussy impaled on my cock.It was quite an entrance! Mary was sat on the floor and either Paul or Ray had ejaculated as her tits were covered with thick ribbons of spunk. Jean was fingering herself and Ray was on her tits.”Yes, Amy and I have met” I laughed parading her round the lounge lodged on my erection.Mandy was speechless but Paul sat in the corner said ” You lucky bugger, you are right in her! I’ve always fancied ago but despite pestering her repeatedly she has always said no!””That’s because you have ridiculously big cock, Paul. I don’t want you messing up my little pussy with that truncheon” Amy repliedMy mind was whirring they were talking about i****tuous acts hereMary must have been thinking the same and finding her voice “So as a family do you have sex with each other then?” She askedPaul replied ” No not really Amy and I did experiment with each other a bit when we were younger but that’s about it as moany Amy won’t allow big cocks inside her.” I found this somewhat erotic and all the more exhilarating that Amy wanted only my cock.We sat down and she span round so she was facing away from me my cock still inside her.Amy bobbed up and down on my erection and I could feel my orgasm building. ” oh yes , oh yes, oh yes” Amy said ” That’s so good Stuart, I am going to cum!!”With that we both came at the same time – I must have shot six squirts of jizz into her tight snatch. We were both motionless and my now softening cock remained in her. I cupped her lovely breasts as she leaned back on me.Mary seemed a bit pissed off ” Well I am glad you had fun Stuart but I need cleaning up” she said pointing to the copious load of thick spunk dripping from her big tits. ” Ooh do you like eating up spunk Stuart? I think it’s the best thing ever!” Amy said standing up and finally releasing my cock” I’ll deal with this load and you can do the next? Deal? “Before I could reply she started to lick Mary’s breasts sucking the cum up into her mouth. As Amy licked up the cum Paul reached out to fondle her breasts. After a couple of squeezes she pushed him away saying ” Keep your hands to yourself Paul, Stuart’s my fuck buddy today”She turned her head over he shoulder and gave me a beautiful smile and a wink.Seeing her pert bottom raised in the air and her pussy slick with our recent fuck made me hard again. I knelt behind her and pushed my cock into the warm folds of her sex.”Oh good, you are going to fuck my little pussy again, you are such a good fit!” Amy said parting her legs and welcoming me inside her cunt.I built up a good rhythm sliding my cock in and out of her slick yet delightfully tight cunt. Amy having finished cleaning up the spunk on Mary’s breasts had now moved her attention and tongue to Mary’s clitoris. Mary was soon moaning an orgasm building. Amy inserted three slender fingers into her opening and still keeping her tongue on Mary’s clit finger fucked her really hard and fast angling them towards her g-spot.”That’s it, Mary, let yourself go, are you going to squirt for me?” Amy asked herMary was moaning and my own climax was building! Suddenly a stream of liquid squirted from Mary’s sex soaking Amy’s face.”Oh, yes, Mary, keep it coming” Amy said her mouth open to receive more streams of liquid.Mary escort bursa was writhing in exctasy and squirted again and again with Amy greedily receiving it over her face and in her mouth.It was too much and I delivered my second load into Amy slamming hard into her in a final thrust. Amy’s knees buckled and I withdrew my penis.We were all exhausted however true to her word Amy said it was my turn to clean up the cum. She squatted over my face allowing my cum to drip from her open hole into my mouth.An hour later Jean and Ray dressed and left, thanking us for our generous hospitality and promising that we should come to them very soon.Amy stayed saying she had nothing pressing and would like to hang out with us. I was more than happy with that and suggested we moved to our rear garden. Mary had installed a high fence only a few weeks ago so it was completely private and her and Paul could fuck outdoors as and when the mood took them.Remaining naked we all went outside and sat together on the large settees.After Amy had given her such good oral Mary seemed more relaxed about her.Paul reclined and closed his eyes, his big cock laying lazily on his thigh. Amy and Mary sat either side of him.“So do you enjoy oral sex Amy?” Mary asked her.“God yes, I love it. Sucking pussy and cock with all the lovely juices is just amazing!” She replied. The conversation continued and I went into the kitchen to get a jug of Pimms for us to share.When I came back out they were still talking about sex but Mary had started to enquire about Amy’s family and how they interacted sexually.It was clear that whilst there was no full sexual activity between the parents and their off spring, sucking and licking did occur from time to time. Mary then moved the question into Amy’s interaction with her step brother“Well, we have experimented a little I guess and our parents thought that was quite natural. Mainly when we were younger in our late teens. Often when we were on long car journeys we would get bored and…” Amy giggled“And? Please carry on” Mary said encouringly“Well as I said we would get bored in the back and would play games, like “I Spy””Amy said“That sounds innocent enough” Mary commented“Well yes it was except that if you guessed the word the other person had to take an item of clothing off”“And this was as you were driving along??”“Yes, of course” Amy replied “The windows were heavily tinted and Mum and Dad thought it was funny”“So when one of you were naked was that the end of the game?” Mary asked“It would then turn to forfeits, me licking his penis or Paul licking my clitoris. The most naughty thing we did was to 69 each other and the loser was the person who orgasmed first!” Amy laughed “ I always had to swallow this load as my step Dad didn’t want any mess on the seat”“OMG” said Mary “that’s so naughty! But you have never had full intercourse?”“No, but that really is because of how big he is and how small my pussy is. I have let him rub his bell end up and down my slit until he has ejaculated a thick load on my pussy but that’s about it. I generally find that men do a thick globby orgasm first and then with a second ejaculation it’s thinner but squirts further, do you find that too?” Amy asked.“Yes, I do and I prefer the squirty load” Mary replied “ So when was the last time you and Paul played together ?”“Oh, quite a while ago, may be 12 months? He gets frustrated because I won’t let him in” Amy laughed putting her hand over her shaved mons.All this talk was making me aroused and my cock was hardening.“Ooh Stuart, does it turn you on the idea of Amy sucking Paul off?” Mary asked me pointing at my stuff cock. Before I could answer Mary continued “But then again you like to suck Paul’s cock too don’t you honey?” I blushed red but Amy smiled “ I don’t blame you Stuart and I think it’s a huge turn on to watch a man suck cock! Why don’t you come over and do it now, I would love to see that!”The day was just getting more and more surprising “Errr well okay, perhaps we could do that together? “ I repliedSo with me kneeling on front of Paul and Amy leaning over we started to lick Paul’s thick cock.He opened his eyes and saw his step sisters head bobbing up and down on his helmet while I was licking his heavy ball sack. Paul tugged Amy’s hanging tits and slid a hand onto her arse his finger sliding between her buttocks towards her sex. She didn’t object.Mary not wanting to be left out crouched over Paul’s face and lowered her well used pussy onto his face whilst squeezing her own breasts.Paul was moaning with all the attention and Amy lifted her head off Paul nob with stringy precum dangling off her bottom lip. She kissed me intensely before pushing my mouth onto Paul’s erect hard cock.Amy sucked each of his balls in turn before rimming his arse hole.Lifting his face away from Mary’s soppy cunt for a moment he said “God Sis, it’s been a long time since you have done that! I had forgotten that it was so good!” “Do you want to slide your big cock up and down my wet slit Paul, it’s really hot and wet?” Amy replied“Hell yes! “ he repliedBoth Mary and I moved back a little so they could position themselves. Amy was on all fours in front of me and quickly had my cock down her throat. Paul knelt behind her and moved his long shaft forwards and backwards pushing her labia apart with his helmet. Mary reached underneath and rubbed Amy’s clitoris hard with one hand whilst slapping her tits with the other.Amy was moaning with the sensation of it all and squealed with pleasure when Mary twisted her stiff nipples harshly. Whilst I didn’t want to cum yet and withdrew my cock from Amy’s mouth I was too late and shot my load all over her pretty face. “You naughty man! I love it!” Amy exclaimed. Paul then moved back a little and made shorter thrusts.“What are you doing Paul? That’s my cunt entrance! “ Amy said breathing heavily.“I am just giving it a little nudge Amy”Mary rubbed Amy’s clit faster and pushed her tongue against Amy’s anus. “Both holes are being nudged now!” Mary said swirling her tongue around Amy’s hole.I got up to get a better view of the action. Paul was indeed nudging Amy’s cunt as he rocked forward half his helmet seemed to disappear her hot hole.Amy’s pussy was dripping, in no small part due to the relentless rubbing of her clitoris and she went into a wave of shuddering orgasms. Mary nodded to Paul and on the next forward thrust his helmet disappeared inside her.Amy was in ecstasy with a tongue in her ass, clitoris on fire and now being opened up by Paul’s big bell end. Smiling Paul fed a little more of his cock into her with each forward stroke. As he withdrew I thought her pussy was going to go into prolapse as it was stretched back towards him.Finally he was about 7 inches in ,which I presumed was as far as it could penetrate, and pumping her hard. Amy was not far off screaming“Oh you bastard!” She said “ you are actually fucking me with that monster!!”“Don’t tell me you don’t like it!?” Paul laughed “God you are so bloody tight and small”“Just finish will you!!” Amy said orgasming again“Where do you want me to dump my load, Amy” “Just do it anywhere!!!”Grabbing Amy’s hips with his hands he pushed his cock in and dumped the contents of his ball sack deep inside her her cunt with several grunts.Amy got up scowling and smacked Paul’s cheek before sitting down on the sofa, she wasn’t happy!“Well you have teased me all this years Amy, and I am sure your pussy will be fine, I didn’t get all my cock in and it wasn’t for long. I think it will be better for me to stick to Mary’s hot hole in the future” Paul said and then kissed Mary.I sat next to Amy my arm round her cupping one of her breasts with my hand“It will be fine Amy, and I am sorry that he got it in, I just thought he was nudging your hole not going to fuck it. I am sure that there is no damage done”Amy looked at me hopefully and then examined her slightly puffy pussy with Paul’s sticky dribbling out “You really think it will be okay? Could we fuck again to check?” She asked looking at me imploringly“Not sure I could go again today Amy, why don’t you stay over and we can try it out in the morning?EndWell done if you got to the end pics of Amy and Mary in the writers gallery.

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