Old women I met in the shop & my ex sister in


Old women I met in the shop & my ex sister inThis morning when I got up about 8 o’clock had breakfast then I was thinking what can I do this morning. It then came to me I would nip down & see if the old women I met in the other day see if she was up for some more fun, so I gets in my car & sets off thinking about her old grey minge & my spunk running down her piss flaps, When I got there I noticed a car park outside her house, I gets out & go & knocks on the door, she answers it with a funny look on her face steps outside & pulls the door behind her hello I says hello she says I tht we could have a ;little fun like we did the other day, well she says we can later if u want but my sisters here now she will be going in a couple of hours can u pop back, Well what about having u both, no she says I don’t share, ok I will call later, now if left me a loose end then it came to me I could go & see my ex sister in law so I gets back in the car & sets off, I gets to my ex sister in laws & walks straight in hello u ok I says yes she says what about a coffee she puts the kettle on when she was filling it I was looking at her arse I could just reach from where I was sat I slide my hand up her skirt & rubbed her arse, Careful she says I haven’t been in the shower yet, whats are u telling me, well she says eeerrrrrrrr, U mean he fucked u last night, well err yes but it was this morning, I bet he didn’t make u cum, well no u know he doesn’t not like u, she finished making the coffee & sat down at the bahis firmaları table, well I says lets drink this & pop upstairs & I will finish what he started, I told u I haven’t been in the shower, lol I don’t mind, I drank my coffee & got hold of her hand come on lets go upstairs , But she says, I told u no buts I want u now on this holding my cock in my hand, I pulled her up kiss her full on the mouth & put my hand up the front of her skirt, U want some cock by the fell of this your knickers are wet & your nipples are standing out ready for sucking, so we go upstairs me following her watching her arse thinking I going to fuck u in a minute we gets in the bedroom & I says to her hurry up & get on that bed show me what I going to get, she strips off & says we shouldn’t be doing this, well u wasn’t saying that when I was taking pictures of u or when me made that video of me fucking u from behind, don’t forget how many times I have fuck u & u love me to make u cum, by this time she was stripped & getting on the bed, I too was undressed my cock standing there waiting to be sucked, show me where this is going I told her, she open her legs I could just see a little of his cum in her pubes, right come on suck this then I’m going to fuck u good, she stared to suck me off, I stopped her & told her I was going to have to fuck her, she laid down with her legs open I slid between them & mounted her fucking her hard & fast, U are going to cum aren’t u, U always know don’t u she says, Yes I do kaçak iddaa because I can feel u getting wet on my cock, with that she says fuck I’m cumming, I could feel cock & balls of wet I then told her to get on the top & fuck me, she did she was really fucking me, does he fuck u like this, No she says he’s only in 2 minutes before he cums wanker I says & pulls her forward & starts to fuck her now I’m going to make u cum & with in 30 seconds she’s cumming again I made her cum four more times, Please no more I can’t cum again ok I will shoot my load in u and with that I made her have it, I could feel our cum running down my cock, I kissed her & told her to suck me clean, she got off me & turned to suck my cock I could see cum running down her, now suck me clean, she started to suck my cock & then said I had better go to the toilet, so off she goes I followed her in she sat there letting my spunk run out & I put my cock in the mouth clean me up u dirty slag suck me clean, well there she is sucking my cock, did u enjoy that I asks I always do with u, well just time to get cleaned up then I will have to go till next time I run the water in the sunk got a face cloth & starts washing my cock, put that in the wash basket when u have done, ok I says then come down downstairs & I will put the kettle on again. so I got dressed and went down sat & had coffee then I said my goodbye’s & left telling her I would see her again, I got back in the car & went back to the old women & asked if she was kaçak bahis mashing yes she said I will but I have to go out, I was sat looking at her fat arse as she was making tea, we sat &had a chat & finished our tea, when do u have to go out I asked her, in about 20 minutes she says, just time I says to her, I asked her to bend over the table we cant do it here she says, why not nobody can see locked the door, she gets up & locks the door she standing in the front of the table so I pulls down her skirt & starts rubbing the front of her knickers before putting my hand in them, pushing my fingers into her crack pushing her legs open with my knee, there I was with 3 finger in her fingering her & rubbed the top of her clit with my thumb u are getting wet, yes she says its nice, I turned her round bend her over the table & pulled her knickers down, there was her big fat arse on display fuck that a nice arse I told her, I’m going to love watching it wobble when I’m fucking u with that I push my cock in her & started to fuck her, u like that don’t u, yes I do I have missed it, I was really fucking her, her arse was wobbling as I was bouncing her up & down the table then I felt my balls tighten I was ready to cum, I stopped for a little pulled out & rubbed her crack with my cock, fuck me will please fuck me, so I was back up her fucking her, but this time I shoot my spunk up her old fanny, that was nice wasn’t it yes it was I pulled out 7 slapped her arse with knob end, we then gets clean up & we chatted for a little before she had to go out, I told her I would see her Saturday afternoon about 1 for some more ok she said see u then & I left thinking that’s two fannys I’ve fucked today with a big smile on my face

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