Older Lover

Older LoverThick. Juicy. Delicious. The first words that come to mind when I imagine the woman I’ve been dreaming of getting my hands all over for the longest time. The thought of her lips wrapped around the tip of my throbbing cock with suction that would rival that of the strongest vacuum on the market. Her tongue wriggling and writhing like a ferocious snake on the under side of my shaft and head. The look in her eyes as she gazes up at me as I lay my fat, heavy meat on her beautiful face, my big swollen cum-filled balls filling her mouth, her eyes on either side of my shaft as she sucks and swallows my nuts like they’re melting in her mouth.. All the while I’m reaching down to squeeze her massive swinging white breasts, my GOD!! I want to fuck her face hard, smashing her throat until that thick saliva runs all over her tits, dripping from her rock solid nipples down to her anxiously waiting pussy lips.. Craving me, begging for me to stretch her tight walls and fill her womb with my strong muğla escort cock. I call her my dirty little slut, this bitch belongs to me. But she knows the harsh words are only a form of admiration, I know she is strong enough to take it, she owns it. I pull her up off her knees and grab her face with both hands, I kiss her gently on the forehead and say “you’ve done well so far, now I will reward you.” As she grins I pull off my tie and wrap it around her eyes, I like to surprise her. I then remove my belt and secure it around her neck and use it as a leash so I can have full control of my bitch. I use rope to tie her hands behind her back, and now she is ready. I walk her over to the bed and push her face down into the pillows, her big, fat, beautiful round white ass in the perfect position hanging over the edge of the bed. I spread her juicy cheeks to find her soft pink lips leaking, pussy juice running down her legs. My tongue traces her inner thighs, inching closer to her sweet escort muğla spot. As I catch a whiff of her I can’t help myself and dive tongue first into her ass, devouring both of her delicious holes. She tastes better than any meal. She’s my favorite dish. Her legs begin to tremble as she approaches nirvana. That’s when I stop. As she moans in disappointment, I grab a fistful of her hair and whisper in her ear, “Daddy’s just getting started baby.”Before she can moan in approval I spread her cheeks again and shove my big cock so deep inside her she screams out in shock “HOLY FUCK DADDY!!” Which makes me want to pound her even harder. With a tight grip on her hips I smash her pussy even harder and deeper, feeling her juices cover my shaft. I look down and see her thick white cum coating my cock mmmm damn!! With ever thrust I make her ass shake and jiggle, I spank it hard until it glows red for me. With a devilish smile she looks back and says, “if you’re gonna beat up that ass do it muğla escort bayan properly Daddy” and without hesitation I pull out of her cunt and using her own thick cum as lube, I slide in her asshole raw. She is so tight I think I’m gonna tear her in half. She lets out another scream and I know that she’s gonna explode at any minute. I reach down and rub her swollen clit as I destroy her ass, she is pulsating and moaning and I can feel her body giving itself to me. I pinch her nipples and squeezing her Rita with my other hand and that puts her over the edge. With one final flurry of fucking I take her to the moon. She releases her pleasure and squirts all over my legs while I continue to fill her from behind. She collapses into the bed completely but that doesn’t stop me. Digging away at her, I finally allow myself to finish now that he has. I flip her on to her back, and blow a MASSIVE load all over her beautiful face, she looks so sexy covered in my thick creamy sticky jizz. My little slut, right where she should be. A more beautiful sight I have not seen. She sucks my cock for the next half hour as it is still throbbing, then we pass out, dreaming of each other’s bodies, resting to do it again when we wake up…..

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