On the Plane

On the PlaneHe’s watching them; she sees this wondering why the distinguished older gentleman is watching her and Jake as they all wait to board the plan. Jake, at 6’2”; is towering over her petite frame, his dirty blonde hair falling in his eyes as he leans in closer to her. Kira knows he loves the peach and vanilla scent of her body was, so she leans her head back so he can press his lips and nose to her neck. Jack nuzzles her and pulls her closer, his hands on her ass, unaware that they are being watched, he presses his lips to her, slowly pushing his tongue between her lips.Jake’s kisses take her breath away and she soon forgets about the man. When the call to board is finally announce, Jake grabs the bags and they head over to get on the plane. The flight back to Philly is a short one from Boston and Kira is anxious to get home.While walking across the tarmac, Jake notices an older gentleman boarding ahead of them and thinks to himself about how he hopes he looks that good when he’s that age. Hoping that Kira will still desire him at that point in their lives; after all, don’t men look sexy with the slight graying sides, sharp fitted suits and what must be Italian leather shoes? His eyes turn to his pretty little wife as she walks ahead of him, her cute heart shaped ass wiggling as she moves. The short skirt Kira is wearing flicks up as she walks, giving him glimpses of her thigh high stockings. Looking around, Jake notices only a few people heading for the plane, good the flight won’t be full, he thinks. Jake feels his cock stir when he looks back to Kira, remembering that she’s not wearing any panties under that skirt, since he won the bet, she isn’t allowed to wear them all week. It only takes a few minutes for them to get settled into their seats of the small plane. Once the bags are secure, overhead and Kira is happily settled into her window seat, Jake settles back looking around. He notices that older man sitting all alone across the aisle from them. It seems something has caught the man’s attention on their side, so Jake looks over at Kira thinking something out the window must be interesting, but quickly realizes that it has nothing to do with the window. The man is looking at the tops of Kira’s stockings, sticking out from the skirt as it rides up the further she leans to look out the window. Jake smirks as he slides his hand up her thigh, moving the skirt even higher, revealing all of her stocking tops and the warm skin above it. As he runs his fingertips over the tops, caressing the silky skin, he feels the heat of her body and it reminds him of their last night in Boston. The announcement that thy will take off comes over the speaker, so Jake sits back, pulling the blanket over him and let’s his thoughts go back to the feel of Kira writhing beneath him in pleasure. His mouth locked to her, tongues probing and tasting each other as their bodies entwine. He can see the candles all around the room, the atmosphere that Kira wanted for them to make love before the fire and candlelight. He moves slowly down her body, kissing each of her eyelids, her nose, her jaw, biting at her neck as he undoes the buttons on her shirt. As the skin is exposed, his soft warm lips press down on her, Kira’s fingers running through his silken hair, urging him lower on her body. She is breathing deeply, taking in the scent of Jake’s cologne, feeling her heart beating faster at his touch, his attention to each of her breasts is exquisite. Kira’s hand on his arm shakes him out of his daydream, she whispers “what is it, baby?” and Jake laughs, realizing he must have moaned out loud. He takes her hand and slides it under the blanket to his hardening cock encased in his jeans. She giggles when she feels how hard he is, her fingers exploring the outline of his çankırı escort cock, teasing him further. She loves to touch him and give him all the pleasure she can.Jake looks around and doesn’t see anyone watching, decides to take a risk. He unbuttons his jeans and slides them down under the blanket, letting his cock spring free of the confining material. Kira wraps her fingers around him and begins to slowly stroke him, knowing he loves her hands on his hot, hard shaft. Leaning his head down, Jake whispers, “I want you to wrap your lips around my cock, baby.” A nervous giggle comes from Kira, but when she looks into Jake’s eyes, she sees the fire burning in them. “Yes, do it, baby”, he hisses at her as she grips him harder under the blanket. Glancing quickly around, Kira notices the older gentleman from the airport gate sitting in the aisle seat next to them. He seems to be asleep, his face is handsome, his body is covered by a blanket, but she remembers that he was in good shape. Since he’s the only passenger close by, Kira acts on a whim and lifts the blanket, revealing Jake’s long, hard cock. She hears him gasp softy as she leans in and glides her tongue over the tip, licking the sweet liquid dripping from the slit. Jake’s hand slides over the back of her neck, caressing and urging her lower, deeper onto his cock before sliding to her hip to hold her. As she shifts her body, rising to her knees in her seat, so she can take him deeper, Kira spreads her thigh for Jake’s hand to begin probing over her glistening slit. She moans around his cock trying to stay quiet as Jake slides his fingers into her, parting her pussy lips so he can rub her clit with this thumb.Jake and Kira are so engrossed in each other they don’t notice that the gentleman next to them has started watching them. Adam has enjoyed watching cute couple the airport, remembering what it was like to be so in-love with each other. It’s been 4 year since his wife’s passing and he truly misses her. Now as he looks at them, he sees Kira’s lips wrapped around Jake’s cock, his own cock jumps to life, throbbing in his slacks. Not wanting the young couple to stop, Adam slowly pulls his zipper down trying to mask the sound as he pull his hardening shaft free of the confinement. Adam has never been so hard, seeing this happening right before him and up close, his cock is already leaking steadily with precum. He knows he’s not going to last long. When Kira moans, Adam’s cock twitches in his hand. Jake opens his eyes and looks around, making sure they are still safe and not about to get caught. He turns his head and looks at the man in the aisle next to them. The man is staring at Jake’s cock in Kira’s mouth and doesn’t notice Jake looking at him. Though Jake does see the blanket moving and knows right away what is going on next to them. His cock stiffens more at the knowledge of being watched. He leans his head back and doesn’t say a word, this is too hot.Kira feels Jake’s cock pulse and throb in her mouth. She loves the feel of him in her mouth; her tongue running over the slick skin, feeling every curve, every vein of Jake’s cock. She swallows as much of him as she can, her head bouncing up and down. She hopes he’s paying attention so they don’t get caught, but the excitement of her has her pussy sopping wet. Sure that the excitement of doing this on the plane, in the open has him ready to explode, she doesn’t think it’s going to be much longer before he fills her mouth with his load. Kira loves the way Jake tastes, so heavy and sweet. She licks every last drop from him when he lets her. Her pussy is spasms over Jake’s hands, and she’s trying to stop herself from crying out as Jake thrusts his fingers faster into her pussy. Her hips wantonly thrusting as she fucks herself with his escort çankırı hand. Jake knows to bend his fingers up slightly and spread his fingers wider as she pumps on them. He just holds his hand still as she thrusts and pumps her body over and over on his hand.Adam can’t take his eyes off this couple; his hand is stroking his hard cock under the blanket. Hoping that neither of them looks over and sees him, but is so turned on at the idea of getting caught, he can’t help but watch. In all his years, he has never done anything like this and briefly wonders why. He feels his balls tighten and stops touching himself, wanting to wait to cum when the young man does.Warm tingles of pleasure are running through her body, the walls of her pussy clench and grip Jake’s fingers as she cums. As gasp and a moan escaper her lips, Kira lifts her head from Jake’s cock and looks up, her eyes fluttering then open wide as she sees him. The man from the airport is looking right back at her. She is powerless to stop her orgasm from rushing through her body and seeing him watching her so blatantly just pushes her right over the edge. Kira stares into his eyes and silently cries out, her lips parted with pleasure, her breath caught in her throat. A few moments later, her body is back in her control, she realizes this man is touching himself under the blanket. She’s not sure why, but knows only that this excites her more and she wants to see him, watch him. She whispers “show me” and her eyes dart to the movement beneath the blanket.Jake looks at Kira as she rides her orgasm and sees her look at the man in the next aisle. He holds his breath as she comes back down, not sure what her reaction may be, his heart pounding in his chest. When she whispers, “show me”, Jake nearly creams right then as Kira’s hand begins to stroke him faster, but her eyes are on Adam.Adam can’t believe his ears; this pretty little lady wants to see him. Her eyes are locked on his until he lifts the blanket. She can’t help but look at his cock as it is revealed. Her eyes widen with surprise. Adam knows he is well endowed, knows that he has had problems before with petite women being hurt by his size. He loves when they squirm and writhe with the mix of pleasure and pain from his cock thrusting into their tight pussies. Continuing to stroke himself, more openly now that he is being watched, he turns his eyes to Kira’s face again. As all of this is going on, no one notices the flight attendant is quietly observing. She doesn’t interfere, excited by the passengers actions. The flight only has 5 passengers and 4 crew members anyway. Her panties are so wet from watching the action. She’s enjoying watching and listening, knowing that the participants don’t realize they are being watched. If only she didn’t have to wear these damn pantyhose, she could rub her clit. She seriously considers ripping them at the crotch so she can rub her aching mound. Hips thrusting gently up and down rubbing his cock in Kira’s hands, Jake watches her face as the stranger reveals himself to her. When her eyes go wide, Jake looked over and has a similar reaction. Wow, he thinks, and I thought I was well hung, ha! Guess there is always someone larger! Jake wonders how far he can take this while Kira is so excited. He commands her again, “come, climb on my cock baby, let him watch as your ride me”. Jake pulls her up and into his lap, facing her away from him, so her wet slit is visible to the man. Kira helps position Jake’s cock so eh can slide right into her wet pussy, his fingers pull open her slick lips to accommodate his girth. Kira leans back on Jake, her body comfortable against him, hips grinding slowly, she lifts her skirt, feeling so brazen, wanting the man to stare at her pussy filled with Jake’s cock. She çankırı escort bayan can’t help the moans coming out of her now and doesn’t even try to hold them back. Someone watching her in this moment has her so turned on. She can smell the scent of her pussy filling the air as Jake pumps slowly, taking his time to push deeply into her.Adam is watching as the pretty young woman mounts her husband. He still does not believe that this is happening, he wonders where the flight attendants are and if they will get caught. Seeing her pussy, spread open by that cock, her clit glistening in the dim light of the plan, makes him wish it was his cock sliding in and out of her. The hard shaft beneath his hand twitches as if it has a life of its own and wants to be petted again. Adam begins to slowly stroke, matching the slow rhythm of the couple. Jake moves one had to Kira’s clit and begins rubbing her quickly. He is about to explode inside her and want her pussy to clench him tight to set off his own orgasm. The smell of sex is filling his nostrils as he works to make her cum.No one notices when the flight attendant moves up closer to watch the others, wanting more than ever to kneel before the woman and lick her clit until she screams. Her own fingers are furiously rubbing her pussy through the clothing, wanting to cum with them.Adam notices movement from the front of the plan and see the attendant who is staring at Kira and Jake. He smiles slightly, gripping the tip of his cock with his fingers, tugging faster and faster pushing towards his orgasm, all he can think about is wanting to shoot his cum all over the pretty girl’s pussy.Kira is fascinated and wants to feel that big cock inside her, she knows Jake is big, but wow, is all she can think. Between her thoughts, Jake’s cock and fingers working her pussy, she feels the crescendo of her orgasm beginning to peak. Jake feels Kira’s body tense and knows she is about ready to explode. He thrusts harder not caring who’s watching now, but needing his wife to cream all over his cock. When her tight pussy starts to pulsates and spams around his shaft, he can’t hold back anymore. Kira feels Jake’s grip on her hips and knows he’s close. Her eyes never leave Adam’s cock as her own moans turn to gasps and she cries out as she’s cumming on Jake. His cock pulses inside her and she is suddenly filled with the hot stream of his load being deposited deep into her.When Adam hears her cry out, he lets himself go, shooting his cum up, arching it over him and onto his chest. He releases a guttural growl as he does his breathing abnormal as he tries to catch it again. Adam collapses back into his seat, his eyes finally pulled away from the beautiful site of the couple fucking beside him.Kira leans back on Jake, who wraps his arms around her as they both catch their breath. He whispers into her ear “I loved that, baby, so fucking hot”. Kira just smiles and closes her eyes, feeling Jake’s cock being to shrink inside her.The flight attendant pulls a pillow over her face and mouth to help stifle her grunts as she pushed herself to orgasm with her fingers. She has never been so naughty on a flight in all her years. She has to serve drinks now and quietly rushes to get her cart. Adam watches the flighty attendant and lazily smiles as she rushes off. He tucks his deflated cock back into his pants and cleans up with the blanket.Kira slides from Jake’s lap, pulling her skirt down. She is still flushed with the excitement and can’t stop thinking about that cock. She is so embarrassed to look over at him though. She takes her seat and buckles in. The plan will be landing soon in Philly. Jake zips his pants up and buckles his seatbelt. The flight attendant comes by and offers everyone ice cold water and comments on how it must be hot back here, everybody’s faces are flushed. Adam just laughs and thanks her for the water. Jake and Kira both blush even deeper, but manage a thank you as well. Jake knows that he and Kira will never forget the flight home from their honeymoon.

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