On Your Knees


The room is dark.

From my view from the bathroom I see you asleep on your stomach, face pressed up against the pillow. You look satisfied and I can’t help but smile. I touch my neck, feeling your teeth marks. My skin is raised and sensitive where you let loose. What we just did leaves me speechless. My legs are still shaky…my body still floating listlessly.

Inside me though there is a fire burning. Turning my head back to the mirror I look at myself. My face is flushed with excitement…lips slightly swollen…partly from biting them and partly from being constantly in contact with yours. My hair is beyond tamable and says one thing: Well-fucked. I lost track of how many times your hand sunk into it and gripped it firmly but my scalp tingles in memory.

I slide my hand down my chest grazing a nipple. I can see it hardening beneath the lace of my lingerie and I flinch remembering the grip you had them in just hours earlier. I want to stay there…being greedy…enjoying the current that travels down to my pussy as I play. But I move further down to the smooth plane of my stomach until I encounter the one thing that still needs satisfying.

My hand connects with the protruding smooth shape that juts out from between my legs. I grip it in my hand…warming it. I look down, seeing my pink girl cock strapped on…an extension of me…a source of pleasure for you. Turning away I walk into the bedroom, stopping by the bedside table to retrieve a small bottle of oil. My eyes seek out the shape of your sexy ass beneath the sheet. I take a deep breath to slow the excitement that rises in me. In an instant…electric pulsing need beats deep inside my cunt. I want you spread open and shaking with need for me.

From my stance at the bottom of the bed I lift a hand and begin pulling the sheet from your naked body. Inch by inch you are revealed to me. When it slides up over the curve of your ass I bite my tender lip to stop from groaning out loud and waking you. I have other plans in store for you. Crawling up onto the bed I gently kneel between your spread legs. I reach out and slide my hand up your thighs to the supple curve of your furry ass, my thumb delving into the crease. I want kurtköy escort to dip lower but I restrain my movements to light massaging touches.

After a while they grow stronger, my fingers dig into your cheeks to pull them apart…releasing after a brief look and then pulling them apart to stare longer. I know you can feel the heat of my gaze on your asshole…my hunger for this part of you. I can’t resist and my fingers slide down to your exposed taint and balls. I feel you shift as I travel back up, this time my thumbs move deeper, grazing across the wrinkled skin of your pucker. I groan inwardly…wanting in there so bad. I tell myself to wait…that there will be time to give in to those urges.

Your head turns on the pillow, eyes alert and aroused as you look back to see me with my new cock strapped on running my thumb in circles around your hole. There is so much intensity generated in our gaze it nearly steals my breath away. I find my voice and say, “I need to be inside you.”

There is no hesitation as we have done this once before. I feel your ass push up into my fingers and you say, “Then fuck me baby girl…I need your pretty girl cock as much as I need your cunt…your mouth.”

I expel the breath I have been holding. Hearing you say cunt…that you need my cock is all I needed to hear. I smile and nod and see you begin to turn over. My hand is firm on your ass as I stop you. “No,” I say. “I want your ass from behind…this time.”

Your hesitation is fleeting but it’s there. Fucking you from behind is not something you envisioned. “If you need my ass that way baby girl then take it.”

I wink back at you and begin kissing down your back, and over your ass. I give your hole two slow teasing licks of my tongue and moan my approval. “Your ass babe…you taste fucking delicious to me.” I say between another couple of licks, this time burrowing my tongue inside your tight musky heat. I wiggle my tongue, feeling you squirm into the vibrations I’m bringing to your nerve endings. Then holding your ass open I begin fucking you with my tongue…quick little darts and long penetrating strokes.

After a minute I work my finger in and tickle my tongue along the malatya escort sensitive rim as I move slowly in and out. I can feel you clenching around my finger each time I pull out and I know how good it feels for you to be penetrated. I add another finger and lay down on the bed to lick your balls and taint in time with my finger fucking. You take it all and begin grinding your cock against the bed, pushing back into my fingers driving them deeper and deeper.

My cunt is on fire and I find myself fucking it into the bed to relieve the pressure. “Now baby, ” I moan moving back onto my knees and pull you up to yours. Wrapping my arms around you I press my body against the length of yours and rub my tits into your back. Reaching down I stroke your hard leaking cock once…twice until you groan my name. “I want you to lower yourself onto my cock this time…I want you to take it all in for me.”

I hear you groan “Yes,” and I pump your cock once more. Holding my cock at the base I position the head against your hole and feel you begin to press down on it. The pressure hits directly against my clit and I can’t help but push up into it. “That’s it yes…take it…every inch you take makes my cunt throb.”

In a loud growl I feel you impale yourself on my cock and I cry out “Oh god baby!” holding you to me. Our bodies merge, no space between them. It’s heaven. I let you adjust, playing with your balls and cock..kissing your back, whispering how fucking good it is to be inside you. When I feel you begin to squirm I start fucking in and out at a slow pace.

Angling my cock towards your balls as I sink in, I graze that spot that drives you wild. Fucking you from this angle is incredible…my hips bouncing against your ass at a nice steady pace creates a delicious wet noise that drives me faster into your hot ass. “The heat in my pussy is so extreme I feel my orgasm hovering with every movement. “Oh god..” I cry out, my fingers digging into your hips.

“Fuck me hard baby girl!” you grunt out and I can hear your arousal heavy and strong.

“I’m so close baby…bend over for me…please,” I beg.

You do and I am breathless for a moment as I see your ass on display like this…filled kayseri escort by my pink cock. The hunger inside me rises to a fevered pitch. I grab onto your hips and pull you back on the last exposed inch of my cock with a moan. I hear the breath leave you as you adjust and I feel the tension in your body as you brace yourself. I hesitate for a moment not certain if I can go there with you.

As if reading my mind you turn back to face me, your eyes dark and serious. “I know what you need baby girl and I want you to take it. Don’t you dare fucking hold back…give it to me!”

Shocked and relieved, I bite my lip and pull out of you to the tip, mesmerized by the stretch of your tight ring around my girlcock. Gripping your ass with both hands I slam home, grinding my hips in hard. Working off an instinct as old as time I set up a steady pounding rhythm as I pull your ass back with each motion. It feels so right to fuck you like this and I begin to lose myself in the absolute joy of it. “Fuck baby…take my cock…every…hard…inch…of it!”

I hear you grunt out an incoherent string of words but I don’t stop…the pressure against my clit intensifies with each thrust, reverberating deep into my cunt, teasing my gspot. My pussy is beyond swollen and soaked as I tap in to my base urge to penetrate…to fuck. “Ugh…baby…I need you to cum…can’t hold back!”

My hand slides from its grip on your ass and reaches around to find your cock hard and wet, pulled tight against your body. I encircle it and the sound out of your mouth tells me you’re close. Every slam of my hips forward drives you into my tight fist. I pick up my pace, our sweaty bodies smacking together in a lewd and delicious way. It’s too much, every thrust grazing your sweet spot and my clit sends us both over the edge in a chorus of loud moans. “Yessss!! Oh fuck baby…!!”

My cunt explodes into a burst of spasms and waves of pleasure so intense my legs buckle and I collapse against your back as your cock jerks and pulses in my hand. When the last stream of cum pumps out we slowly sink to the bed on our sides. My cock still buried deep inside you I feel your hand cover mine and gently bring it up to rest over your chest. Emotion so strong rises in me in that moment and I need to express it. “Baby…”

“Shh baby girl it’s okay…I know…I have a hot ass.”

I smile and snicker into your back. “That you do babe…that you do.”

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