One Lazy Late Afternoon


She slowly shut the door to her bedroom, blotting out all external light and plunging the room into near darkness. Milky light from from the dying sun tried valiantly to trickle through the gap between the shade and the sill, temporarily highlighting her creamy skin as she removed her shirt. “I think I’m ready.”

He raised an eyebrow, smiling from his repose on the bed. His startling blue eyes, dark with desire, roamed her body as she unsnapped her shorts and let them fall to the floor, exposing her smooth mound. His eyes wandered back up, lingering for a moment on her dark areole before meeting her own eyes-filled with desire, yet apprehensive, he could tell.

She nervously smiled and let her hair down, deep auburn ringlets falling about her shoulders and tumbling into the crevace of her breasts. Her chest heaved with nervous breath, and her small knees seemed to shake slightly. Grinning, he opened his arms, saying simply-“Come to me.”

She did as she was bade, crawling over the bed and his body. Once her skin touched his, she seemed to relax, covering his face with small kisses as she gently rubbed her nude body against his clothed one. She stopped for a moment, looking at him expectantly.

“Undress me.”

She nodded, raising up his shirt. He sat up, helping her remove it before running his hands down her sides and reaching around to cup her ass. A small moan escaped her, and he smiled. She was his now, he knew. Lying back down, one arm behind his head, he smiled down at her as she worked dutifully on his fly.

She delighted in the cock that sprang forth-not too bakırköy escort terribly large, perhaps, but certainly enough to please her. Happily, she engulfed his head in her mouth, causing his body to stiffen slightly, then relax. Running her tounge up the underside of his shaft, she moaned, enjoying the taste and sensation of this beautiful cock in her mouth.

Groaning under her minstrations, he reached down and ran his hands through her hair, pulling it back so he could see her face. Hardly able to bear it, he suddenly yanked sharply on her hair, bringing another moan from her. “Turn around,” he ordered. Keeping his cock in her mouth, she did so, presenting him with her shorn pussy for his enjoyment.

As he plunged his tounge into her, she fought hard not to bite down upon him-she was unused to men enjoying this act. With an effort, she continued to suck him, fondling his balls as she did so. Feeling his hands on her hips as he sucked her clit, she could feel her orgasm building inside, her hips beginning to buck slightly under the growing pressure.

Thouroughly enjoying her pussy, he licked in long, slow motions from her pussy to her ass. He felt her first juices begin to trickle from her, loving as always the taste of her in his mouth. Feeling her readiness, he pushed upwards on her hips, a signal to rise. She did so, crawling off of him and looking over her shoulder at him inquisitively. The sight of her thus, face flushed with desire and her round ass presented to him, was nearly too much. Gently, he pushed her down, rolling her onto beşiktaş escort her back.

She smiled impishly up at him, curly tresses fanned out behind her as she reached down and grabbed his cock. With a groan, he pushed forward, and guided by her hand, penetrated her warm hole.

She moaned, arching her back beneath his weight, giving him perfect opportunity to take her tit into his mouth. He sucked it slowly, thrusting in and out of her in the way he knew she liked-driving her mad with the desire to cum.

The feel of him, the smell of him, the light slapping of his balls on her ass drove her wild, and she began to moan louder, digging her nails into his back. Darting her head suddenly, her sharp little teeth latched themselves to his neck, a feral growl escaping her. He pounded harder in return, biting at her hair, her shoulder, anything he could reach in such a position.

Abruptly, she brought up her feet, pushing him out of her. He rocked back to his knees, swollen cock glistening with her juices, as they eyed each other as though sizing one another up. One hand of the girl lazily played with her clit as she watched him, propped on one elbow.

Grinning, he leapt forth, grabbing her by the hips roughly and flipping her uncerimoniously to her stomach. She giggled darkly, raising to her knees and trying to pull away from him, deep blue eyes glittering at him over one shoulder. Again he grabbed her hips, dragging her backwards to impale her on his cock. It was always thus, it seemed-her the constant tease, dancing just outside his beylikdüzü escort ability to tame, and he the lovesick puppy constantly on the chase.

He raised his hand high, bringing it down on her ass with a loud smack. She laughed then-“You pussy. Try harder.” He growled, grabbing her tits and pulling her up and back on his cock, his mouth by her ear.

“WHAT did you call me?”

“A pussy-bitch can’t even smack my ass right.” With that, she tried to pull off, smiling to herself as she ripped her tits from his grasp. Having none of that, he grabbed her hair firmly, yanking her head back and causing her to yelp. His other hand decended as he once more began to pump her pussy, smacking her ass hard as he fucked her.

“Am I a pussy now, bitch?” A groan of delight was her only response, pussy tightening with the pain of the repeated smacks. Letting go of her hair, he brought his head down, latching onto her shoulder with his teeth. She growled, trying once more to tear from his grasp, but he held her hips firmly as he pounded her. More sounds of delight were escaping her-wild moans and feral growling. One might think it was wolves mating instead of humans.

He drew himself upright, digging his fingernails into her hips as he fucked her, concentrating now on his desire to cum. Feeling his balls grow heavy, he thrust deep into her pussy one last time as his cock began to shoot. Feeling his pulsing cock, she arched back and groaned, legs shaking with sheer delight as he filled her warm cunt with his cum.

Spent now, she pulled herself gently off his cock, curling up on the bed. He joined her, feeling himself go soft slowly as he took her into his arms. He nuzzled her hair, smelling the clean scent of her shampoo and feeling it’s softness against his skin. “I love you, darling.”

“And I you, my dear,” she replied, curled up to his chest as she slipped off gently to sleep.

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