One Night

Adriana Chechik

One NightIt Happened One Night by Al Steiner ( walked in the front door about eight-thirty, fully an hour after my usual coming home time.Another twelve-hour shift at the hospital that had turned into a thirteen-hour one thanks to a late flight call at six-forty-eight. As a pilot on a medical helicopter I was accustomed to the unpredictable schedule of calls but I was quite irritated none-the-less. It was customary for the oncoming pilot and crew to relieve the off going a half an hour early, just to avoid the sort of late-flight I’d just been on. But my relief that evening, a fat slob of a pilot who should have been grounded years ago, had not yet been there when the call came in. So off I’d flown to our city’s rural area to pick up some poor slob that had been smashed to bits in a car accident.I hadn’t bothered calling my wife to let her know I’d be late. She was a nurse who used to work on the helicopter with me, it was in fact where we’d met, and she knew not to worry if I didn’t show up at home on time. She no longer had the problem of waiting for relief. A rising star at the hospital, she was now firmly rooted in the administration. She wore business suits to work each day instead of scrubs, made ten thousand a year more than me now, and she was always home within ten minutes of five-thirty.Trooping through the hallway from the garage, where I’d parked my car (a Volvo, what else do people in our income bracket drive besides mini-vans?), towards the living room, I stopped at the k**’s respective bedrooms to look in on them. We had two of them, ages four and six. Laura put them to bed each night promptly at eight o’clock, whether I was home or not, and tonight was no exception. I gave them each a kiss, careful not to awaken them and then continued my trip to the living room. I was feeling vaguely horny and was hoping that Laura would be in the mood for a little poke in the whiskers tonight.She wasn’t always on work nights, the stress of her job tiring her out easily, so I had been forced into the all too common husbandly role of taking it whenever I could get it. My aspirations slipped down a few notches as I heard girlish giggles coming from the living room. She had a guest, a somewhat unusual occurrence. Laura was a homebody, a Type-A personality if there ever was one. She wasn’t much into girlish small talk.Curious, I entered the living room. Laura, wearing her favorite pair of old sweat pants and a T-shirt was sitting on the couch, a glass of white wine in her hand. Her face was flushed in a manner that immediately told me that she wasn’t on her first glass of wine. Sitting next to her was Sharon, our next door neighbor.Sharon and Tom had moved into their house the day after we’d moved into ours, both of us purchasers of brand-new homes in a brand-new subdivision. Tom was an accountant of some sort. He was a nice enough guy but somewhat of a dweeb. We borrowed each other’s tools, discussed each other’s landscaping schemes, but that was about it as far as socialization went. His wife, Sharon was a petite little woman that probably weighed about ninety pounds soaking wet. She was attractive without a doubt and, like most males, I’d even wondered a time or two what she would be like in bed, but I’d never had a lot of contact with her. Laura and her had a relationship similar to Tom’s and mine. They talked about their houses, they borrowed cooking supplies from each other once in a while and that was about it. Laura and Tom had no k**s and we had two of them; it’s uncanny how much of a barrier that simple difference represents in the bonding of two couples.So it is safe to say that I was a little surprised to see Sharon sitting in my living room drinking wine with my wife. As far as I knew, such a thing had never occurred before.”Hey Baby.” Laura haled as she saw me enter the room. She giggled a little, letting me know that this was probably not the first bottle of wine that they’d opened. Laura was not a giggler. “Late flight?””Yep.” I said, nodding. “Thanks to that idiot Rick.” I turned to Sharon.”Hi Sharon.””Hi.” She said, blushing, giving me a look that told me she knew something about me that I probably didn’t want her to know. I wondered what the two of them had been talking about. Laura was not much of a drinker. Though very stoic when sober she had a tendency to run her mouth and reveal embarrassing things when she’d had a few. Once, at a hospital Christmas party, she’d revealed to my boss that I’d cheated on several of my pilot’s written exams. “Your wife’s been entertaining me tonight. I hope you don’t mind.””Not at all.” I answered politely, casting an eye on the three-quarters empty Chardonnay bottle.”Where’s Tom?””Oh,” She pouted. “He went to a stupid basketball game tonight.” She seemed rather angry about this. What was wrong with going to a basketball game? I went to them all the time. Especially on those rare occasions when our city’s team was in the running for the play-offs.”Oh.” I said neutrally, not wanting to slam a fellow male. “Well that’s too bad.”Laura got up, walking over to give me a kiss. “It’s their anniversary.” She explained softly, knowing as wives do, what was going through my mind. She kissed me on the lips, lingering over it, letting her tongue slide briefly into my mouth, something she only did when she was horny.I glanced over at Sharon as Laura withdrew from me, giving her an apologetic look. The anniversary thing made it different of course. If there was one thing women revered it was the anniversary.Any male would be ill advised to treat such a thing lightly. But I was more interested in Laura’s tongue and the promise of later pleasures its invasion into my mouth entailed. Hopefully Sharon had already poured out her sob story, been consoled, and was ready to leave so my wife and I go get down, as it were, to business.”And it’s my goddamn fertile period too.” She blurted, immediately turning red and apologizing for her outburst. She seemed to be in disbelief that she’d said such a thing.I found myself unable to offer any comment to that statement. Sharon had told Laura a few months ago and Laura had told me that they, Tom and Sharon, were trying to have a baby and that, so far, it had been without results. This was definitely ground that I wasn’t about to tread upon. “Well,” I finally said. “I’m gonna go take a shower and get out of this flight suit.” Laura giggled again, a sound I’d very rarely heard in our marriage. “Why don’t you take off the flight suit and THEN take a shower.” She suggested. This broke the tension. While I stared at my wife, who was not prone to cracking jokes, Sharon began giggling too. “Yeah.” She said, holding her hand over her mouth.”It’ll probably work better thatway.”I smiled, heading for the bedroom. “All right. I think I’ve taken enough abuse from you two.”I walked to our bedroom, which also contained the master bathroom and shut the door behind me.I unzipped my fluorescent blue flight suit and dropped it to the floor, walking over to the shower and turning it on. While gathering up a towel, fresh underwear, and my own favorite pair of sweat pants, the door creaked open and Laura strolled in.She walked up to me, grabbed me around the neck, put her lips to mine and thrust her tongue into my mouth. Her right hand dropped down to my cock and began caressing it in a way she knew I liked.Immediately turned on, feeling myself stiffening to her touch, I put my arms around her and returned her kiss.”Mmmm.” I said, smiling when she withdrew. “Is somebody a little horny tonight?””I’m so horny I’d fuck a table leg.” She said, dropping to her knees and pulling my underwear down, all in the same motion. She slurped me into her mouth, deep throating me.I moaned, staggering backwards, grasping for support from the wall behind me. Like many married men I was not accustomed to my wife taking my cock into her mouth. She still did it on occasion, which is better action than many of my married friends can claim, but it was still no better than an annual event. I groaned as she bobbed up and down on me, sucking gently with her lips and swirling her tongue around. As abruptly as she’d started however, she pulled back, standing up and licking my lips.”I can’t wait.” She told me matter-of-factly, “To have you inside of me.” “Why wait?” I returned, grabbing her and pulling her to me. “Drop those sweats and let’s do the squishy.”She grinned, pushing me away. “Sharon’s still here. We can’t do it now.” “Get rid of her.” I hissed, pulling her back to me and sliding my cock into her crotch where it rubbed against her sweats. My hands began squeezing the familiar cheeks of her ass. I thrust several times for emphasis.”Just wait a little.” She told me. “She’s kinda down in the dumps tonight. Her prick husband went to the game on their anniversary. She needs someone to talk to.” “Let her talk to her Mom.” I said, thrusting again. “I wanna fuck you.” “Later.” She told me, pulling away. “Take your shower and then come down and have a drink with us.” She offered me a sensuous grin. “She won’t be here long.” “All right.” I finally said. “But let’s make it QUICK.” My dick stayed semi-hard all through the shower. After getting out and toweling off I brushed my teeth, put on my clean underwear and sweats, and found a T-shirt in the closet to throw over my chest. I combed my hair since we had a guest and put a few dabs of cologne on for Laura’s later benefit.Before going back into the living room I stopped at the kitchen and grabbed a beer out of the halkalı escort refrigerator. Cracking it open, I entered the living room. The two women were sitting next to each other on the couch, giggling about something. I saw that TITANIC was playing on the VCR, the volume turned low.”Titanic huh?” I asked, sitting down in my favorite recliner and putting my feet up. I asked Sharon, “Have you seen this as many times as Laura has?” “Probably more.” She giggled. “Don’t you think it’s one of the most romantic movies there is?”I shrugged. “I guess.” I answered. “The special effects are pretty good but the plot is a little recycled wouldn’t you say?””Oh you.” Laura admonished playfully. “Don’t start that again.””Recycled?” Sharon asked. “What do you mean?” “You know.” I said. “The rich/poor romance plot. It’s as old as movies themselves. They just plugged it into a new setting. Remember Pretty in Pink? Same plot. How about The Karate k**? Hell, even Lady and The Tramp has the same premise.” Sharon frowned, taking a sip out of her wineglass, which was just about empty. “Men.” She said.”You’re all so unromantic.””Now I wouldn’t say that.” Laura spoke up, defending me. “He can be quite romantic sometimes.You know what he did for our last anniversary?”She looked interested. “He didn’t go to a basketball game?” “It wasn’t basketball season.” I joked, embarrassed in advance at the story that Laura was about to tell.”He rented a helicopter and flew me up to this spot up in the foothills. It was a little clearing with a stream beside it, miles away from any roads. Completely isolated. He pulled out a picnic basket and a blanket and we had lunch there.””Wow.” Sharon said, beaming at me. “That IS romantic. Tom would never do anything like that.He doesn’t even bring me flowers anymore.””And then we had the most incredible sex right there on the blanket.”Laura continued. “Bugsand all.””Laura!” I said, shocked that she would talk about such a thing to our neighbor.”Well we did.” Laura giggled, spilling a little of her wine on her arm. “I’m lucky if I can get it on my fertile days.” Sharon said sourly. “Tom just doesn’t seem to be all that interested in sex. Never has been.” She shook her head. “It’s kind of unnatural isn’t it?””Hell,” Laura said, “We should trade husbands for a while. I usually have to fight him off me.”Sharon blushed a little, refusing to meet my eyes. “Well how is it,” Laura asked, “When he does give it to you? Is he good in bed then?”She raised her hand into the air and seesawed it back and forth. “He’s all right I guess.” She said, her voice conveying the message that even this qualification was an exaggeration for her husband’s benefit.I was quite amazed at the conversation they were having. Is this the way women talk when no men are around? Did Laura ever bash me the way Sharon was bashing Tom? I certainly hoped she never had to wave her hand in the air in a seesaw when someone asked her how I was in bed.”All right you guess?” Laura said, raising her eyebrows. “Does he make you come?”She shrugged. “Once in a while.” She answered. “I have to hurry, he finishes up rather quickly.”Wow. Poor Tom. As a fellow male I could imagine how embarrassed he would be to find out his wife was discussing their admittedly boring sex-life with, not only another woman, but with a man as well.”Well doesn’t he ever eat you out?” Laura asked next, making me gape at her. I wondered if she was trying to shock our young neighbor into making an exit so she could get down to business with me.Sharon blushed again, sparing me a glance, but said. “No, not very much. He’s tried it a few times but he usually just, you know, licks a few times and then comes back up. He says he doesn’t like the taste of it.””My God.” Laura said, honestly shocked. “That is truly appalling. You really should borrow my husband for a while.” She favored me with a warm look. “If there’s one thing he knows how to do, it’s eat a pussy. I’d put him up against a lesbian anytime.” “Really?” Sharon, her eyes shining, asked.I couldn’t help but beam with pride. I was rather proud of my cunnilingus skills. You could say I’d put extensive research into the matter.”Oh yeah.” She answered, suppressing a shiver as she thought about it. “Sometimes he draws it out for a long time, you know, just teasing and bringing me slowly up. Other times he goes right for the gold. He sure knows his way around a pussy, that’s for sure.” It was at this point that I first noticed the sexual tension floating around the three of us. It was like a charge of static electricity, building rapidly, waiting for some sort of release. I looked over at Sharon, sitting next to my wife on the couch. She was wearing a pair of black stretch pants that outlined her trim butt and legs nicely. A patterned green sweater covered her chest, accenting the swell of her breasts, which were smaller than Laura’s but firmer. Her mousy brown hair was pulled back in a simple ponytail and her face was flushed an exciting shade of red. Her chocolate brown eyes were shining, arousal plainly in them.Sharon giggled a little. “Well maybe I SHOULD borrow him for a while.” She obviously meant this as a joke. “You don’t mind, do you?” She asked Laura. Laura smiled saucily. “Not as long as you’re only borrowing him.” She said. “Hell, I believe in sharing the wealth.”Sharon and I both looked at her nervously, both of us picking up on the fact that it hadn’t sounded like she’d been joking. Not at all. An awkward silence developed. “Well listen,” Sharon finally said. “I guess I’d better be.” “You don’t mind being borrowed, do you?” Laura interrupted, looking at me.”I mean Sharonhere is a good looking woman.””Uh.” I started, completely speechless. She WASN’T joking. She was offering my services to another woman. Was this really my wife? The woman who interrogated me about each new nurse assigned to my chopper.”Oh, I don’t think Tom would like it very much.” Sharon put in, obviously very uncomfortable with the turn that the conversation had taken. “Fuck him.” Laura said pointedly. “I won’t tell if you won’t. You told me earlier how horny you were.” She waved her arm at me. “Well right here is the man to take care of that for you. Orgasms guaranteed.””I don’t think it’s a good idea.” Sharon said, her voice with a hint of regret in it. “I’ve never cheated on Tom before.”I kept my mouth shut during this exchange, partly because I couldn’t think of a thing to say, this was such a bizarre conversation, but mostly because I was desperately hoping that Laura would convince her to see it her way. If my wife wanted me to fuck our attractive neighbor, who was I to put forth any objections? In my pants, my dick had hardened just at the thought. “Well how about,” Laura countered, “If you just let him eat you? He could show you what a real pussy eating is all about. That’s not really cheating is it? It’s kind of like a handshake.””No.” Sharon said, shaking her head sternly but lacking conviction in her voice. “I just couldn’t.It’s wrong.””Wrong?” Laura said. To my astonishment she actually inserted her index finger into the waistband of Sharon’s stretchpants and tugged a little. Sharon looked at her finger but made no move to withdraw it. “C’mon. Let him eat you. He’s SO good at it. Wouldn’t you like to feel his tongue sliding between your pussy lips, plunging in and out, licking everywhere? Wouldn’t you like to feel him licking and sucking your clit until you come in his mouth? God girl, I’m getting wet just thinking about it.”Sharon was actually trembling now, staring at Laura’s finger which was still in her waistband. It looked like she was using the pad of it to gently caress Sharon’s stomach. Seeing this, my cock took a tremendous lurch in my pants. Laura had told me once, early in our marriage, that she had an attraction for other women at times. An attraction which, she told me, had led to a one-time lesbian encounter with one of her girlfriends back in high school. She’d never mentioned it again and in truth, I’d always suspected that the story was something she’d gotten out of a Cosmo magazine or something as a recommended manner of turning on your man. But now, seeing her with her finger in our attractive neighbor’s pants, I was forced to reconsider this notion.”Aren’t you wet Sharon?” Laura whispered to her. “Doesn’t the thought ofhis tongue in you justmake the juice swell up in your pussy?”Not saying anything, Sharon nodded softly.”Then let him eat you.” She whispered. “I promise you won’t be disappointed. Let him make you come. You deserve it.””Ohh.” Sharon moaned, neither saying yes nor no. But Laura took this as a sign of consent. She withdrew her finger from her waistband and ran her hand down Sharon’s right leg. She pulled the leg into her lap and began untying her shoe. Sharon offered no resistance as her shoe and sock was removed from her right foot. Once it was on the floor, Laura patted her lap. “Give me the other foot.” She said.Sharon hesitated for a moment and I thought that the whole thing was about to come to a halt now that she’d been asked to make an overt move to further the encounter. But finally, she picked her foot off of the floor and placed it in my wife’s lap, turning sideways on the couch to do it. She leaned back, closing her eyes and putting her left forearm over her face. She was trembling all over.Laura smiled, giving me a loving glance as she went to work on the left shoe and sock. She licked her lips seductively. Once the shoe and sock was nişantaşı escort on the floor with its companion, she reached forward and grabbed the waistband of Sharon’s pants at the hips. Without being told, Sharon lifted her hips. Slowly, she pulled them down, revealing a pair of pink panties and Sharon’s beautiful legs to my gaze. Laura’s hands slid softly along the outside of her legs as she performed this maneuver. I could see the flush of her arousal increasing.She balled up the pants and tossed them over her shoulder. “Would you care to do the panties Love?” She asked me seductively.I nodded, standing up and moving over to them. The front of my sweats was tented as my erection strained outward. Laura eyed it with a wicked smile. “I can see I don’t have to convinceYOU.” She told me. I offered her a weak, guilty smile in return, figuring that I’d be wise to keep my verbal outputs to a minimum lest I inadvertently say something to screw this thing up. “Doesn’t she have the prettiest legs?” Laura asked me, running her hand up and down the upper thigh of the left one. She slid her hand under the knee and picked the leg up, pushing it out over the floor and into my waiting hands. This served to open her thighs considerably, giving me a view of her panty-clad crotch. The panties were simple cotton, colored pink, cut high. They were sucked into her slit and I could tell they were damp. Curls of dark pubic hair stuck out a few millimeters on each side of the crotch.”Give her the full treatment.” My wife instructed me. I nodded, swallowing with a mouth that had gone dry. I could not believe that this was happening to me. I kneeled down on the floor in front of the couch, placing her left foot on my right shoulder. Laura began stroking Sharon’s right upper thigh. I slid my hands up and down her calf a few times. She had obviously shaved recently, probably I figured, because she was expecting sex from her husband tonight, and her skin was smooth as a baby’s butt. It was soft and feminine, well muscled. I slid my hand up further, across the inside of her knee to mid-thigh. Laura was right, her legs were beautiful. A sigh escaped from Sharon’s mouth but she kept her eyes tightly closed. I took her toes gently into my mouth, sucking on each one, running my tongue into the spaces between them, paying particular attention to the big toe. She moaned, hitching in a breath as I did this. I licked across the bottom of her foot, moving upward along the back of her calf. When I got to the back of her knee I kissed and sucked here for a moment. This elicited another moan, louder this time. I continued up the inside of her thigh, trailing wet kisses up her skin, occasionally licking softly. Her thigh was trembling slightly, goose bumps clearly standing out. At about mid-thigh the odor of her arousal reached my nose for the first time. Her scent was different than Laura’s, softer, yet tangier. I felt my dick quiver as I smelled her musk. For the first time in eight years I was inhaling the scent of a woman other than Laura. I continued up the inside of her thigh, my eyes taking in the beautiful sight of her panty-clad crotch. Laura, I saw, was now using both of her hands to fondle the other thigh. As I watched, she slid one hand up over her hip and under the hem of her sweater, pushing it upward. Sharon’s stomach was smooth and tanned. Laura began rubbing her fingertips around her navel, causing the muscles there to twitch and dance. I ran my tongue suddenly up to the junction of her thigh, encountering the trailing edge of her panties. I licked along the length of them and her crotch pushed forward into my face, the damp panties leaving a wet spot on my cheek.”Do you want him to take them off?” Laura asked Sharon softly, pulling her sweater up a little more and running her other hand lightly over the crotch of her panties. “I can feel how wet you are.You’re soaked. Does your husband ever get you this wet?””No.” Sharon breathed.”So you want him to take them off?She nodded.”Ask him then.” Laura said.”Please.” Sharon pleaded. “Take them off. Take my panties off and eat me. Please.”Laura smiled, trailing her hand upward, further under Sharon’s sweater. I could see she was cupping one of her breasts now. “You heard the lady.” She told me. I reached up and grabbed the waist of her panties at each hip. Once again Sharon lifted up to assist me. Laura let go of the leg that she had in her possession and relinquished it to me. I pushed both legs up into the air and slid the panties off, trailing them upward and over her feet. I dropped them to the floor and then placed her thighs on my shoulders, spreading her legs again and gazing between them. Her pussy was covered with a bush of dark black hair, it’s color a stark contrast to Laura’s blonde bush. Her vaginal lips were swollen and puffy, standing open invitingly, moisture glistening off of them. Her clit was as erect as a nipple, protruding out of its hood. I leaned forward, her intoxicating odor, so different from my wife’s, filling my head with lust. I slid my tongue between her wet lips and licked slowly upward, tasting her tart flavor. She moaned loudly, pushing her crotch into my face. I stopped short of her clit, circling my tongue over the top of it and back down into her pussy without actually making contact. I thrust my tongue in and out of her a few times, spreading her wider.”Ohh God.” She moaned. “It feels so goooood.” “Let’s get your shirt off Honey.” I heard Laura say. This was followed by the rustle of clothing from above me and a few shiftings of my target as she maneuvered. I continued to lick her, still avoiding her clit for the time being but licking softly at its hood. With my peripheral vision I saw the green sweater float to the floor on my left. A moment later Laura, her voice breathless, said “Very nice.” A white bra floating down on my left followed this.I looked up, keeping my tongue firmly in her vagina, and saw Sharon’s exposed breasts, or at least the right one. The left one was covered by Laura’s kneading hand. Her nipple was small and very erect. It was heaving up and down with her rapid respiration. Sharon’s eyes were now open. Filled with longing they were staring downward, alternating between my head between her thighs and Laura’s hand on her tit.I returned my attention to her pussy, starting to lick her clit softly now. This made her hips buck up and down and a continuous moaning to emit from her mouth. I built this up slowly, increasing the frequency of my licks and throwing in an occasional soft suck. When I heard her draw in a sharp intake of breath that seemed unrelated to what I was doing, I looked up again and saw that Laura had removed her hand and was now suckling Sharon’s breast. Sharon was resting one hand on the back of Laura’s head and the other on the back of my head. Her eyes were closed again and she seemed to be in a state of rapture.Have you ever seen a woman sucking another woman’s tit? I mean in real life, not in a porno mag or on a porno movie. I’m telling you, it’s the most erotic sight imaginable. I felt like I was about to shoot off in my pants before anyone even had a chance to touch my cock. I continued to lick and suck, focusing more and more on her clit as she became more excited. I kept one eye trained upward watching the antics of my wife as I did so. She sucked on one tit for a while, occasionally teasing the nipple with her tongue and then switched to the other one. After servicing this one for a while, she raised her head up and applied her mouth to Sharon’s. Sharon seemed hesitant at first, trying to turn her head but Laura was persistent, grasping her face and turning it back. She licked the outside of Sharon’s lips softly, in much the same manner as I’d treated her lower lips a few minutes before, and finally Sharon opened her mouth. My wife slid her tongue between the lips and Sharon’s tongue emerged to meet it. They swirled their tongues for a few moments, the kiss becoming more intense. Laura began sucking on her lips, making them swell. She often did this to me and I knew the sensation was incredible.When Sharon seemed ready for the final push I began to suck on her clit without let-up. Her pelvis began to mash into my face rhythmically, almost painfully and I started to suck harder. Her moans came unmuffled and I looked up to see that Laura was sucking her tits again. She panted and moaned, louder and louder. Her pelvic thrusts became stronger and stronger. Finally, with a cry that her husband probably would have heard if he’d been home, she came, her orgasm lasting nearly a minute, her thighs crushing my head like a vise.When her legs relaxed around me I pulled my face out of her crotch and looked at her. She was still breathing heavily, her face damp with perspiration. Laura had pulled her head up from her breasts and was staring at her too.”Not bad huh?” Laura asked her softly. “Didn’t I tell you he knew what he was doing?”She nodded softly, spacily. “Yeah.” She breathed. “That was..” She seemed to think about it for a minute. “That was the most intense thing I’ve ever felt.” “You want him to fuck you now?” Laura asked her. “He fucks almost as good as he eats. Do you want his cock in you?””Yes.” She cried. “Oh God yes. Fuck me please. Let your husband fuck me. I want it sooo bad!”She smiled at me, her hand dropping down to Sharon’s pussy and dipping in. “You heard the lady.” She said. “Get those pants off and give her what she wants.” Not needing a second şişli escort offer, I stood and dropped my sweats and underwear in a single motion, releasing my turgid cock.”Come down to the floor.” I told Sharon, stepping back, giving her room. Laura released her (licking the pussy juice off of her finger afterward) and she slid her naked body down to the Berber carpet. Whipping my shirt off and tossing it across the room, I dropped to my knees and grabbed Sharon’s thighs. I pulled her forward and lay down atop her, pressing my pelvis to hers. My mouth found hers and we began to kiss, a wet, sloppy, deep-probing tongue kiss. I found that she wasn’t as good a kisser as my wife was but she more than made up for in enthusiasm what she lacked in skill. I felt the head of my cock pressing against her soaked pussy. Without hesitation I sank into her, burying myself to the hilt. Her legs wrapped around my back and I began to fuck her in earnest, not bothering with the slow build-up, just slamming her.She grunted with each of my thrusts, her hands caressing my ass. My mouth left hers and found her tit, though it was quite a stretch since she was about 5-2 and I was six feet. Her nipple was hard and already wet with the taste of Laura’s mouth. Though her pussy was tighter than Laura’s was, she hadn’t birthed two k**s through it after all, she didn’t have the control of her vaginal muscles that my wife did. In this way it was both better and worse than fucking Laura was. But it was different, no matter what it was.I was in a strange pussy for the first time in years and I’d just watched my wife sucking this woman’s tits and kissing her. I was on overload and though I usually have a strong degree of control over my orgasm, I felt it straining to be released now. I had to slow up a few times to keep from shooting off too soon and I had to concentrate on something else which I was loath to do since experiences like this only came around once, if that, in a lifetime.Somehow I managed to hang in there, pounding away at Sharon, until she shrieked her way through another orgasm. And then I felt warm, familiar breasts pressing into my back and a hand caressing my swinging balls. Laura had taken off her clothes while we’d been fucking and was now rubbing herself against me. I felt her hand slide from my balls, moving forward and then her finger was inside of Sharon’s pussy with me. She began kissing my neck softly in a way I liked and then she was licking my ears and whispering into them.”Come in her.” She whispered. “Shoot yourself in her, fill her up. And then,” She promised, “I’m gonna suck all of it out of her pussy.””Oh God.” I cried. This pushed me over the edge. My thrusts became frantic, a blur. My balls slammed against her butt. My orgasm surged forward, building to a crescendo of euphoria within me.”No!” Sharon cried, alarmed. “Don’t come in me! I’m fertile!” But it was too late, my seed blasted out of my balls and I began to shoot and shoot inside of my neighbor. I could not remember having an orgasm that intense before. When my thrusts slowed down to nothing, Laura put her hand between us and rolled me off. My cock popped free with a sticky slurping noise. Her pussy was absolutely drooling liquid from it.”Oh my God.” Sharon said, staring in horror. “You came in me. This is my fertile period. What if you get me pregnant?!”I looked at Laura, who seemed completely unconcerned with this problem. “I guess,” She said, “We’ll just have to get that sperm out of you then.” With that she dropped her head down between Sharon’s legs and started slurping away at her pussy.”Stop!” Sharon cried, trying to push her off, but Laura persisted, licking and sucking obscenely, her blonde head moving frantically back and forth. After a moment, Sharon’s hands dropped away.Another moment and she stopped saying “stop”. Another moment and she began to groan, her legs coming up around Laura’s back.I watched, fascinated, as my wife ate another woman’s pussy. My dick, which was still dripping with come and with Sharon’s pussy secretions, jerked a few times and then began to harden, something I would have sworn wasn’t possible so soon after an orgasm. Sharon’s hands came up and began playing with Laura’s dangling tits, tweaking the nipples and rubbing them. Curiosity and arousal showed in her face. Laura moaned against her pussy, swinging her shoulders with Sharon’s rhythm.Almost absently I began to fondle myself, bringing the stiffening up to a full-fledged hard-on.Laura glanced over at me, saw what I was doing, and raised her head out of Sharon’s pussy for a moment, much to Sharon’s displeasure which she signaled with a frustrated “No.” “Don’t just sit there jacking off, you idiot.” Laura told me. “Put that thing in me and fuck me.””Right.” I said, embarrassed that the thought hadn’t occurred to me earlier.I positioned myself behind my wife and slid into her, grabbing her buttcheeks for leverage. I began thrusting, feeling much more in control now, while she continued to eat Sharon out. I watched over her back as her blonde head bobbed in Sharon’s crotch and as Sharon’s tits heaved up and down in pleasure.Shortly, Sharon began to shriek again and was soon echoing another orgasm through the living room. When the spasms stopped, Laura pulled her face away from her crotch and her pussy away from my cock.”How was that?” She asked Sharon softly. “I haven’t done that in years.Did I do it right?”Sharon looked at her blankly, her mind apparently on overload. “It was beautiful.” She said.Laura smiled. “Thank you.” She told her. “Then you won’t mind returning the favor?””What?” She asked, confused, shocked. She started to say further but was stopped when Laura suddenly spun around and planted her pussy down on her face. She landed with a wet squish.”Now eat ME.” Laura told her, wiggling her crotch in Sharon’s face.My mouth dropped open as I saw Sharon tentatively begin to lick my wife’sblonde pussy. Laurainstructed her in the proper manner of doing it and was soon sighing softlyas her student accomplished thelesson.”Very nice.” She whispered.I didn’t know if Sharon was actually enjoying herself or not and didn’t really care. It was still quite a sight, watching my beautiful neighbor, naked on my carpet, her legs spread wide, licking my wife’s wet pussy. Not wanting to be left out, I moved forward, taking my cock in my hand and pressing it against Sharon’s pussy once again.Laura gave me a knowing smile as I slid my member into her and began thrusting once more. I leaned forward and began sucking on Laura’s tits, which she loved, and shortly she began groaning the groan of approaching orgasm. She spasmed her way through first one than another under the duel assault of our mouths. Sharon, meanwhile, despite her earlier protestations, was now enthusiastically thrusting her pelvis back against me. She also came once more before I felt the inevitable surge running up my spine.She didn’t even protest as I shot another full load directly up inside of her.When I finally stopped thrusting, I pulled myself out of her, again leaving her pussy a drooling mess. Laura climbed off of her face and leaned down to give her a long soul kiss. She then leaned over and gave me the same. As her tongue swirled with mine I could taste the combined mixture of two different pussy juices and my own seed in her mouth. We pulled back from each other and simply stared, all of us wondering what to make of what had just happened. I saw that tears were inching their way down Sharon’s cheeks.”I just want to say.” Sharon finally spoke up. “That this is the single most erotic thing that ever happened to me. But.” She couldn’t continue. Laura nodded. “But I guess things have changed between us, haven’t they?”Sharon nodded, stifling a sob. “Yeah.” She said. “But what do we do now. What if I’m pregnant? It’s my fertile period you know. There’s a good chance I am.” They both looked at me, as if I had the answers. I was still trying to convince myself that this had really just happened.”Well,” Laura said. “Suppose you are. You’ve been wanting to have a baby haven’t you?””Yes.” She said. “But Tom’s baby, not his.” “But you’ve been having problems you told me. And you’ve been to the doctor and there’s nothing wrong with you but Tom refuses to go and see if his sperm count is low or if there’s other problems. Right?”Sharon blushed. “Well, yeah. But what does that have..” “Look Sharon.” Laura said. “I’m kinda drunk and to tell you the truth, I don’t know what to make of what just happened. Like you said, it was the most erotic thing I’ ve ever done in my life. But what are the consequences going to be tomorrow, when we’re sober? Who knows? Maybe we’ll hate each other. Maybe we’ll become obsessed with each other and start doing this every night. Or maybe we’ll be able to pretend it never happened and go on like we’ve always done. “What I suggest you do is fuck your husband when he gets home. Find some way to do it. Suck his cock, give him a rim-job, do whatever you have to but get him to fuck you and come in you. That way, if you turn up pregnant,” She shrugged, smiling. “There’s as good a chance it was Tom’s as his.”Sharon considered this, thinking deeply. “My pussy is a little sore.” She finally said.We stared at her, not sure whether or not to laugh. “I suppose it would be.” I finally offered.”But I think I can convince him to do me.” She sat up straighter. “It won’ t be anything like this though.””No.” Laura answered. “I suppose it won’t be.” Five minutes later she was dressed and out the door. Laura and I looked at each other, not sure what to say, not sure what to do. Finally she turned off the VCR and put the wineglasses in the sink. She went to bed. By the time I locked up the house and joined her there, she was sound asleep and snoring.I lay awake for a long time, wondering what tomorrow would bring.The End. (Possibly)

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