one night business trip


one night business tripThis happened a few months back…I went away for a business meeting up north and had one night to stay in a hotel. Now I’m by no means a regular, most of the time I have no interest in guys, but the odd time my mind does head in that direction.I was bored driving down a straight highway with not much to look at for the majority of the 4-hour drive and my mind had begun to wander. I found myself thinking about the possibility of meeting someone like I have read about on here, but I laughed it off as a long shot. I was thinking how crazy it would be to have a rendezvous with a guy I met in public. A little bit of a back story, I had only met three guys before (all online), and with these guys I only ever gave them orally and had only done anal a few times with one of them, keep in mind those encounters were all spread out over a couple years.The thought of meeting someone out of the blue was definitely something crazy because I’m not one to strike up the conversation and would definitely shy away if a guy had approached me that way in public.Anyway, those thoughts had past and my mind got back to work as I got closer to my meeting.After spending 3 more hours in the meeting I finally got time to relax. A few of us decided to go to a bar across the street from the hotel. There were 3 of us there from the meeting and we had a couple of beers while watching the basketball game. After a 4 hour drive and a 3-hour meeting, most of us were pretty tired and the beer definitely didn’t help, both the others decided they were going to call it a night as we had to drive back home in the morning. I decided to head back to the hotel as well. There was still a quarter left in the game which I had planned on watching in my room, but as I was walking past the hotel bar I decided to have one more beer and finish watching the game there. So I said my goodbyes to my colleagues and took a seat at the bar.There were two other guys sitting at the bar who also seemed to be at the hotel for an unrelated work event, one was a white guy who looked to be of an Italian or Portuguese background with brown hair about 6’ tall and an avg body, not out of shape but definitely no bodybuilder. The other was a black guy who was noticeably taller than his friend probably about 6’4”, this guy definitely worked out as he was toned but again not a bodybuilder type. I was halfway through my 3rd beer of the night and the guys beside clearly had lapped me a few times over in the drinking race that night. They were drinking scotch and had a few empty glasses in front of them. The White guy was loud and clearly drunker than his friend. He asked why I was nursing my beer and I laughed and said I didn’t plan on having a late night. He told me that was nonsense and order me a scotch and told me to come over to the stool next to him. They both introduced themselves, Marco (white guy) and Ken (black guy). bahis firmaları They were also watching the game which was coming to an end but we somehow managed to finish a second scotch together. This was now my 5th drink and I was getting pretty buzzed and was glad I was almost able to call it a night. With a minute left in the Marco called over the bartender and order one more scotch, Ken declined and said he was heading up to bed in a minute or two, I also declined and said the same thing. The drink came, the game ended and Ken excused himself and said goodnight.It was now just Marco and myself. Marco pulled his stool closer, put his arm around me and said: “listen I know you said you didn’t want another one but you gotta help me finish this I think he poured me a double”. I decline once again but then decided what the hell, plus this guy didn’t need another one that’s for sure. I take a sip and he tells me to just finish it. While I try to get this drink down Marco kept touching my back and started talking about his sex life with his wife. I was getting interested as he was telling me some pretty detailed stories and he got saying how his wife didn’t give great head because his cock was too thick for her mouth, he segwayed into telling me he is 6.5” but thick as a pop can. Marco told me that was it for him and he was going to watch some porn and jerk off. I thought great he also managed to leave me with the rest of the whiskey.Marco left and went up to his room,I took a sip of the scotch and felt a pat on my back and heard “finally I thought he would never go to bed, hey, can I get another please” Ken sat down next to me and I thought to myself “I’m never going to get to bed”Ken got his drink and told me how he went up because he couldn’t listen to Marco ramble on anymore, which was understandable. I told Ken how Marco started telling me about his wife and his “pop can thick dick”ken rolled his eyes and said, “he wouldn’t know a thick cock if it slapped him in the face!” We both laughed and I found myself picturing it. I must have made a face or something because Ken smirked and said let me get you another drink.I said no way as I had already had 6-7 and was not drunk but definitely feeling it already, Ken replied “you sure? You’re going to need it for when we go upstairs”I was taken back and straight-faced, Ken just laughed, said he was joking and told me to relax a bit. Now my mind had gone back to my thoughts in the car. I believed him when he said he was joking but what if he wasn’t.. my mind was wandering and my cock was definitely not affected by the whiskey at this point because I could feel it stiffening up.“Ok fine I’ll have 1 more,” I said,Ken just smiled and waved over the bartender.The bartender said they were closing early because they had to prep for a function in the morning but we could order them to our rooms.Ken without hesitation replied and said to kaçak iddaa send two scotches up to his room. He looked at me and just said “come..”. I got up and listened without thinking.It wasn’t until we got off the elevator at his room and I thought to myself “wait a minute, I’m actually going up to this guys room,” even while thinking that I was still just following Ken.We got to his room and went inside, he told me I can sit on the couch while we wait for our drinks to get up here. He said he was going to change out of his suit and went to the bathroom to change.The drinks came and he was still getting changed, so I took them back to the couch and sat down.He came out of the bathroom wearing a white undershirt and grey sweatpants. My eyes went straight to his crotch because you could clearly see a near perfect outline of a very large cock what was not even hard yet. Ken noticed my glance down and laughed as his said “you too huh? You looking at me like one of the girls at the gym when I wear these haha”.I was at a loss for words and couldn’t string together a sentence at this point. Ken laughed again and told me to relax and that he was just messing with me.I was drunk at this point and my mind was racing, and I thought multiple times that ok, it’s time to go but I stayed glued to my seat sipping my drink.Ken finished his drink, stood up and positioned himself in front of me. “I know your type.. too scared to say what you want.. you need someone to take charge huh”At this point his huge bulge was inches from my face… I opened my mouth and started to say “I don’t—…” Ken told me to shut up now and he pulled his sweats down. His huge black cock brushed my nose and lips as it bounced out of his pants, it was easily over 8” and wasn’t even fully erect. I had never seen anything like it before, thick, dark, cut with two meaty balls hanging between his muscular legs… being so close to my face I could just smell a manly musk coming off him. After staring for a few seconds all I said was “holy fuck…”Ken smirked and just said, “that’s right..”I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and started to lean forward when he pushed my shoulders back and told me to stop.I was a bit confused but all he said was “you aren’t touching my dick sitting down, get on your knees and the only tongue until I tell you-you can suck it” without a second thought I kneeled on the floor and began running my tongue along the sides of his long black shaft. My tongue worked its way down to his meaty balls and he let out a moan, I continued to lick and run my tongue up and around his huge dick. Ken sat down and told me “suck it now”.I lifted his heavy cock in my hand towards my mouth and a big glob of pre-cum oozed out of the head, he was not fully hard and pushing 10”. I open my mouth and tried to put it as deep in my throat as possible which was half of his huge dick, I starting to gag and as I was sliding my kaçak bahis mouth back I felt his strong hand on the back of my head stopping me.“No no no, that’s wasn’t good enough,” Ken said with a serious tone now. He then pushed his cock down my throat I don’t know how deep it went, I just remember gagging and my eyes started watering like crazy. He continued to fuck my mouth for about 15 minutes and my jaw was started to hurt, I told him That my jaw was getting stiff and just replied calmly saying no problem which was a bit surprising. He stood up and said, “well get your pants off and get that ass on the bed”… again I just listened without thinking.It wasn’t until I was naked with my ass in the air that I thought I have only done anal a few times with a 6” cock.He is going to destroy me I thought…I felt cold lube hit my asshole, and two fingers slide in.. and then a third and I remeber thinking those went in really easy, the alcohol must have loosened me up a bit.He slid his fingers out, I heard a condom pack rip and felt more lube hit my hole. Then I felt his plump head press against me, I let out a whimper. He pulled back and slapped it on my ass and said “bite on the sheets” before I could reply I felt his grip on my hips get stronger and I did as I was told and bit down on the sheets. I felt a sharp pain and winced but as he started pumping that pain turned to pleasure as he was soon pumping all 10” in and out of my formly tight hole.He fucked me hard and long and would grab my wrists everytime I would reach for my cock which was ready to burst at any moment. He flipped me over and his huge cock slid in with ease, my legs were on his shoulders quivering and my 6.5-inch cock looked tiny in comparison to seeing his monster sliding in and out of me.I was whimpering, moaning, and everything in between as I was in a drunken bliss. He was breathiing heavier and moaning and tightening his grip, pumping faster and harder. He let out a quick “get on the floor now!” And flung me off the bed.. before I could think about how I have never taken a facial or swallowed before I was feeling hot spurts hitting my lips, cheeks, and forehead. I opened my mouth and two more ropes hit the back of my throat. He put his cock back in my mouth and let out one least huge grunt then collapsed on the bed. I stay kneeling frozen still processing everything that happened as the cum ran down my chin and into my chest hair and I swallowed his warm load.Ken sat up and said “that was good but you gotta go, I’m going to sleep”I was again in a little bit of shock and scrambled to collect and put on my clothes. I almost walked out of the room covered him Ken’s cum before I regained some composure and grabbed a towel and quickly wiped my face. I knew I still had cum on me but hurried to my room and had a shower and went to bed.The next morning I would have thought it was a dream, but my head, jaw and asshole all felt like they took a beating which I guess they did.As I was leaving the hotel I saw Marco and Ken checking out, Marco gave me a nod and Ken didn’t even acknowledge me.It was definitely eventful 1-day trip.

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