One Night Stand


I’m sitting in the pub with a few of the girls from the evening class I go to. My husband Peter is there too; he’s come to give me a lift home. The girls have never met him before. Then this other guy comes and sits next to me, starts chatting me up. He looks early 30s — I’m 25 – and really fancies himself. Nice looking, and a good line in humorous banter; wedding ring on his finger, but…I know I should just tell him to piss off; but it’s always quite flattering when this happens, and Peter doesn’t seem to have noticed. I know it’s wrong of me to flirt with this interloper, with my husband sitting right next to me, but I just can’t help myself.

After about half an hour the guy — he tells me to call him John — leans right into me, his lips nuzzling into my auburn hair, and whispers that he wants me to come home with him. I giggle nervously and flutter my eyes away from him. “I can’t,” I whisper, “this is my husband here.” Some of the girls are giving us odd looks, but Peter still seems oblivious.

“I don’t care about him” John mutters, his lips practically brushing my ear. “I’ll make it worth your while.” I giggle again, really quite embarrassed. When he reaches into his trousers I wonder for a second what he’s going to pull out; but my eyes widen in surprise as he deposits a wad of bank notes on the table in front of me. “A thousand pounds to come home with me, just for one night.”

I glance at the others out of the corner of my eye: Maggie is nudging Lucy and pointing, Julie is staring with her mouth hanging open — but Peter still apparently hasn’t noticed what’s going on. A nervous tremor in my voice, I say, “I can’t do that; not with my husband sitting right next to me. Look, why don’t I give you my ‘phone number?”

John reaches into his pocket again. “Not good enough. All right, two thousand. Just for one night of sex.” I stare goggle-eyed at the money — so much money. I’m vaguely aware that Peter has finally noticed, and has asked John what he’s up to. John ignores him entirely.

“I’ll sleep with you for two thousand pounds.” It’s little Julie, her eyes swivelling between John, the money, me, Peter, who’s sitting with a stunned expression of disbelief on his face, back to the money.

John snaps “I don’t want you.” His cool blue eyes never leave my dark brown ones; he reaches into his pocket a third time, scoops out more notes. “Five thousand. That’s it. Take it or leave it.”

Peter finally comes to life, and asks the guy what the fuck he thinks he’s doing. Cool as a cucumber, John says, “I’m offering your wife five thousand pounds to spend the night with me. It’s nothing to do with you – unless you want to make something of it?” Drinkers around us have gone quiet, sensing the drama unfolding at our table. John stands, his hands bunching into fists. He’s a big guy. Peter stares at him, going pale, swallows…and hangs his head, shaking it. No, he doesn’t want to make anything of it. John holds his hand out to me. As if in a daze I take it, scoop up the money with my other hand.

Maggie stares at me as if I’ve just shit myself in public. “Alison, for Christ’s sake, you can’t be serious.”

Peter raises his head, his eyes rimmed with red. “Ali, please, don’t do this. You can’t. I love you.”

Tears prickle in my eyes as I say, “I’m sorry Peter, but…five thousand pounds. Look, I’ll see you tomorrow darling, okay? I love you too.” As I walk out of the door like a zombie, John’s hand gripping my elbow, I glance back once. Peter is openly weeping, his head sinking to Maggie’s chest as she wraps a comforting arm around him, staring at me with murder in her eyes.

We don’t speak in John’s car. He occasionally glances at me out of the corner of his eye. I sit staring sightlessly through sarıyer escort the windscreen, my face reflecting pain for the man I’ve left sitting in anguish in the pub, and uncertain anticipation for the man now sitting beside me. It doesn’t take long to reach John’s apartment. It’s stylishly decorated, clear signs of someone with real taste. There are also signs that he doesn’t live here alone — presumably his lady’s away for the night. I drop my raincoat and shoulder bag in a chair and he guides me, a hand in the small of my back, to the bedroom. Once there he hugs me tightly to him, thrusting his tongue between my lips. My arms hang loose at my sides as he continues to rape my mouth with his tongue. “Nice; you taste of Bailey’s.” He takes a step back, reaches out and rips my blouse open, buttons flying off. I gasp in shock. He chuckles. “Five grand buys a lot of shirts.”

My eyes reflect fear now, and John sees it. He places a hand against my cheek, stroking it with a thumb, and says in a soft voice, “Hey, I’m sorry, I’d never hurt you. I want you to enjoy this as much as I intend to.” Gentle now, he slips my blouse off my shoulders, reaches around my back to unclip my bra. I feel my heavy pale breasts drop. “Nice tits; I knew they would be.” He kneels before me, reaches up my skirt, slides his fingers under the waistband of my pants and pulls them and my tights down in one, slowly, enjoying the slight sigh they make as they slip down my legs. I step out of them and my shoes. Then he unzips my skirt and eases that down. He runs his hands gently up my long, slim legs, wraps his fingers around my buttocks, the tips digging into my flesh. I gasp again as he presses his lips to the shaved flesh of my pubic mound. Releasing me, he stands, a confident leer playing about his lips, and silently nods towards the king-size bed across the room. Obediently I walk towards it, feeling his eyes burning into my back. I lay on the bed, my legs slightly parted. After all, I’ve sold myself to him, like a camel in an Arab bazaar; for the next few hours I’m his property.

He strips unhurriedly and walks over to join me on the bed. His large, sinewy cock is stiff and stands out from his belly. As he lays beside me he notices my eyes on it and grins. He says simply “Suck it”. As ordered I squat between his legs. He has large hairy balls and I cup a hand round them. Then I run the tip of my tongue up the underside of his circumcised cock. It twitches slightly and I hear him growl softly: he likes that. I repeat the movement. Then I take it into my mouth, rubbing my teeth up and down it, biting into it as firmly as I dare, gently squeezing his balls. He wraps his fingers in my hair, grabbing a hank, pulling quite roughly. He groans “Fuck, you’re good at this. Your husband’s a lucky man.” Not feeling like replying I lick my tongue around his shaft, feeling every contour, tasting the light sheen of sweat that has built up. I feel it twitching more regularly as he gets closer to coming. When he does the head bucks against the roof of my mouth, a jet of hot semen striking the back of my throat. I swallow it, savouring the salty taste. His fingers in my hair relax, he twirls a lock between them. “That was great. You’ll do that again before morning.”

We lay side-by-side as he kisses me again, tenderly this time, a hand caressing my right breast. I respond to his kiss, my tongue playing lazily around his. I reach my hand down towards his cock again, but he stops me. “Your turn” he whispers. He licks down my jaw line, down my throat, and closes his mouth over my right breast, at first lapping the creamy white flesh of my boob, then dragging his teeth down my stiff nipple; it feels painful esenyurt escort yet also incredibly erotic. A hand wraps itself around my bare pussy, squeezing so gently. As he slips his mouth down across my ribcage, and presses his tongue into my navel, one of his fingers finds its way inside me and begins to stir around. A low moan escapes from my lips and I slip my legs further apart. Now he’s licking my naked mons, moving lower again…I chuckle with joy as his tongue flicks against my clit, then loves lower still, pushes right into the heart of my cunt. He’s good at this too. He places his hands inside my thighs and pushes my legs wide, pressing his face into me. He reaches out his thumbs and snares my vulva, pulling them far apart, giving him maximum access, as his tongue laps the length of my slit, over and over, his nose tickling across my clit. As he begins to nibble at my clit, two fingers stroking around inside my cunt, I feel my hips rising off the bed, I shuffle down towards him, riding his face as he tickles a finger down the crease of my backside. I gasp as I come, then sigh and relax back into the bed.

I expect him to give me time to come back down, but he doesn’t. He’s rock hard again, and he slides back up my body, slips his monster cock into me. He fucks me teasingly, fast then slow, all the way in then just part of the way, see-sawing the tip of his prick just inside me. Jesus, this is driving me wild. I cry “Oh God Peter!”

He freezes, staring coldly into my eyes, and for a second I think he’s going to strike me. “The name’s John. Remember it.”

I’m desperate for him to continue to fuck me. I half-whisper, fear in my voice, “Yes, I’m sorry John. Please forgive me.” After a moment he starts sliding into me again, hesitantly at first, then picking up a rhythm. As a bloom of heat extends from my cunt and up through my belly, to my boobs and beyond, I feel my legs, of their own accord, doubling up, my knees rising to give him greater access. He grasps my calves in his hands, straightens my legs, stretching the muscles as he lifts them over my head. I reach up and grab the brass bedstead to give us better purchase as he begins to fuck me in earnest, slow and hard, pushing himself in to the hilt. Oh Christ, his prick is so long and thick it feels as if he’s stretching me to the limit, he’s going so, so deep into me, his balls slapping against my perineum with every stroke. His hands are scooping my bum, his fingers digging deep into me. He’s bent his face down to my tits now, he’s biting a nipple, it hurts but it’s so electrifying. He is such a great fuck, and now he’s speeding up, and he’s penetrating me even more deeply if that’s possible…I gasp again as a massive orgasm hits me, crashing over me in wave after wave, my body writhing beneath his as he continues to pound that wonderful great prick into me, finally gasping himself as he unleashes his jizz into my body. He collapses on to me and we just lay there for a while, he still inside me, his breath rasping softly in my ear, a hand absentmindedly stroking one of my boobs as I trail my fingernails across his back, and his bum. As he finally slips out of me, overcome with lust for this man I squirm down the bed, take his cock into my mouth again, lapping at it with my tongue, tasting our mingled juices. A last small trail of semen leaks into my mouth and I capture it, loving the taste of him, holding it in my throat before I swallow.

After that I drowse for a bit. I’m vaguely aware of him sucking one of my breasts, his tongue flicking the nipple, while a hand caresses the other boob, fingers tweaking the nip gently. Mmm, that is so nice, so loving…I cradle his head in my hands. I awake some time later to find him avrupa yakası escort manoeuvring me onto my knees, his prick resting in the cleft of my bum. It feels burning hot, and I can instantly tell he’s stiff again. His hands are reaching around me, squeezing my breasts, the forefingers and thumbs rolling my nipples. As he presses his lips to my neck I sigh and lean my head back against him. His knees are between mine on the bed, and he pushes outwards. Taking the hint I shuffle my legs wide apart, bracing myself for him. He ducks his hips down and then he’s inside me again. He just rests there for a few seconds, his wiry pubic hair tickling against my bum. Then he starts humping me, slowly again at first. I reach out to the bedstead, pressing my backside into him as he begins to wind up the pace, and the power of his thrusts. He removes a hand from one of my boobs, flutters it across my belly, making me shudder, and presses a finger against my clit. It feels like a small electric shock, and I buck hard against him, my tongue lolling out of my mouth as my eyes flutter closed with the sheer sensual pleasure as this man, who picked me up just a few hours before, fucks me from behind.

As he slams into me his prick seems to be touching different parts of my insides from this angle, turning me inside out with ecstatic pleasure. One hand squeezes my tit harder, now pinching my nip, while the other tweaks my clit, a finger sliding into the top of my slit, as that heavenly prick thrusts into it from below. I hold off my release for as long as possible, but finally, when I come this time, it’s with not a sigh but a long gushing cry. Still he pounds at me, he has real staying power; I feel a second wave of orgasm abut to overtake me, my knuckles are turning white on the bedstead I’m gripping it so tightly, my head slumps, I no longer have the strength to hold it up as my shattering, strength sapping climax breaks inside me. Finally, as he explodes inside me my fingers slip from the bedstead and I sink exhausted to the mattress. He slides sideways to avoid his weight falling on top of me, leans over and licks a rivulet of sweat from between my shoulder blades.

A little later, after we’ve kissed for a time and I’ve fondled him back to hardness, I suck him off again, this time squeezing his big heavy balls hard as I chew on him, to increase the intensity of the experience. Then, swirling his spunk in my mouth like a fine claret, I sink into a deep sleep…and dream of my sweet, beautiful husband, who I love so dearly, and our last holiday together in Venice.

I’m awoken by the feeling that there’s a spider crawling across my belly. My lover is lying beside me, gazing at me as he lightly draws his fingertips together on me, just below my navel. Smiling sleepily at him, sunlight in my eyes, I murmur “Good morning my stallion. Fuck, you were magnificent last night.”

He smirks at the compliment. “That was really good fun. We should do it again, soon. How much did you pay Stuart to be me?”

I chuckle. “A hundred. Very good, wasn’t he?”

“Amazing, he nearly had me convinced! I’ll bet that Maggie woman gave him a shag out of sheer pity.”

“Mmm, she’s the type.” I reach my hand under the duvet, curl my fingers around his hot, thick cock. “Honestly: ‘John’ — that’s original. You realise I can never go back to that evening class? Or that pub? They’re all convinced I’m the mercenary whore from hell.”

He grins. “What’s your point?” Bastard. As I begin to slide my fingers slowly, rhythmically up and down his rapidly stiffening prick, he mutters, “You’re worth five grand of anyone’s money sweetheart. You know we’re going to be late for work, don’t you?”

I giggle. “Tough.” I swing a leg over him and sit on his furry stomach for a moment. Then, lifting my backside, I slide down, impale myself yet again on his wonderful rod. As he starts to move inside me he reaches a hand round my neck and pulls my face down to his. I share a long, lingering kiss with my darling husband Peter, the only man I have ever made love to, and the only man I ever will.

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