One Rainy Day


It was a cloudy day when Nikki looked out her window. She had wanted to go for her daily walk along the path behind her house. Looking outside she figured she would have time before the rain came.

As she approached the trail, she noticed a car near by. Hoping she wouldn’t run into any weirdo’s along her journey. Walking along the path, her eyes remained fixed on the ground in front of her, deep in thought, she hadn’t even noticed it had started to rain down a light rain.

Hearing a branch break somewhere behind her, she stopped and looked around, not seeing anything, turning back around and continued to walk along her path even though it was raining. She knows about 5oo yards up the path there is shelter if it begins to rain to much.

As Nikki continues her walk, she hears another branch snap and stops, her heart pounding now, turning and looking around,again not seeing anything. Her blouse soaked thru to her skin, clinging to her voluptuous breasts. Turning back around she startles and screams as she runs into this immovable being.

Arms slide around her waist to steady her as she reaches out and grabs onto this person. Looking up she recognizes the face, smiling up at Him and saying, “You scared me, Stan.” He laughed softly at her and then stood there staring down at her. “Nikki,your getting all wet in this rain, you are soaked.”

Blushing, she looked down and noticed how hard her nipples had gotten since he put his arms around her to make sure she didn’t fall when she ran into him. Stan placed a finger under her chin and raised her face. His eyes searching her face. Muttering something under his breath, leaning down and placing his lips over hers in a rough, passionate kiss! Moaning as he pulled her roughly against him! His hands pressing against her back, pushing her breasts against his chest.

Pulling away from him, her breasts heaving from the kiss. Her body tingling from the pleasure she felt from his embrace. Looking down into her eyes and smiling, Stan grabs her around the wrist and pulls her against him, twisting her arm behind her back, making her arch against Him, pressing her breasts into His chest.

Her breathing more rapid now as she tries to fight him! Knowing she doesn’t want to escape! He tangles his fingers into her hair and sharply pulls her head back! Again looking into her eyes. Slowly he leans down, his tongue tracing lightly over her lips as the rain continues to fall, soaking them both, catching her lower lip between his teeth and gently biting, making her gasp! His mouth moving to her neck, licking and nibbling. Her moans of pleasure ringing in his ears. His grip in her hair loosens, slowly running his fingers thru it now. Her body trembling in His arms, her hands sliding around him, holding him to her as he continues to nibble on her neck and ear.

Groaning bakırköy escort in her ear, he picks her up in his arms, looking around he sees a nice little green grassy area off the path. Carrying her to that, he gently lays her down, Nikki looking up, her hand pulling at his shirt, wanting to feel his body over hers.

Smiling, he lowers his body over hers, pressing her into the grass. Arching her back, wanting her breasts pressed tightly against him, feeling the desire slowly run thru her body! His mouth once again covering hers, His tongue pressing into her mouth, moaning against her as his hands slide over her body. Slowly running over the swell of her breast! His thumb brushing over her hardened nipple, making her gasp.

Gently, at first, he begins to twist her nipple, making her body squirm beneath him. Undoing her blouse, his hand slides inside, cupping her breast in his hand. His fingers twisting and pulling on her nipple. His leg pushed between her thighs, pressing it up against her crotch! Hearing her moan and feeling her grind against his leg, he knows she is getting to the desire and is wanting to feel him inside her. But he smiles to himself thinking not yet!

Pulling her blouse from her body, his eyes roaming over her beautiful breasts! Watching how the nipples harden when the rain hits against them. He watches as her chest moves rapidly, her breathing coming in shallow gasps! Leaning down, His tongue lightly running over each nipple, gently flicking them with the tip of his tongue. His hand gliding down over her body. Lightly his fingertips glide over her stomach, feeling her draw a breath and hold it.

Feeling her hands slide into his hair and pull his mouth against her breast as she pushes her back up off the ground. Sliding his fingers down further, undoing the button on her shorts and slowly tugging the zipper down, softly sliding his fingers down, rubbing her pussy through her shorts, her hips raising up, pushing against his hand.

His fingers pushing against the inside of each thigh, spreading her open. Trailing his fingers lightly up and down the inside of each thigh, her body trembling as he slowly glides them back up, slipping his fingers inside her shorts and panties. Moaning against her nipples as he feels her wetness on his fingertips.

Pushing his fingers deeper inside her shorts, he gently squeezes her clit between his fingers, her groans of pleasure push him more!Sliding down over her body, licking and biting into her flesh on the way down! As he reaches her hips, he pulls his hand from inside her shorts, looking up at her and letting her watch as he licks each finger, tasting her sweet juices! Nikki watches intently as he cleans his fingers, licking her lips wanting so badly to taste what he does. Stan sees beşiktaş escort the look of desire in her eyes, smiling he raises his finger to her lips and allows her the taste of her own nectar.

Pulling her shorts from her quivering body, his eyes looking over the beauty from her head to her toes. His own body on fire from the desire of wanting and needing this beautiful lady. Not being able to hold back, he wedges himself between her thighs, his fingers lightly tracing along each of her lips, feeling her juices as they spread lower! Groaning loudly he lowers himself between her thighs, his tongue sliding over her lips. Sucking each one gently between his lips, pushing her legs wider apart, wanting those sweet juices! Pressing his tongue between her lips, tasting her sweetness as his tongue slides up and down along her moistened slit. The tip of his tongue flicking against her hard throbbing clit.

“Oh God yes! Oh that’s it Stan! Lick my clit! Bite it!” Her hips grinding up into his face. Moaning into her pussy, he slides his hands under her ass and pulls her tight against his lips. Moving his mouth over her pussy, his tongue sliding down along the slit, pressing lightly against her opening, feeling her body tremble from the desire.

Sliding his fingers down, playing along the crack of her ass! The wetness already there, he gently sucks her clit into his mouth as he slides a finger down along the crack, rubbing over the puckered entrance. He gently bites into her clit, he pushes his finger inside her ass, feeling her muscles grip around his finger. Nikki yelling out loudly as his finger enters her. Hearing her tell him how good it feels with his finger inside her.

His own body wild with desire! Feeling the need to have her swelling deep within. Slowly he pulls his finger from her ass, raising up over her, he pulls his own clothes from his body. His body soaked from the rain. His cock, hard as can be, throbbing, as he looks down at her. Lowering himself over her, taking her luscious mouth with his, savagely kissing her lips! Hearing her whimper as they kiss, He slides his mouth over to her ear and whispers hoarsely..

“Sweet Nikki, you are mine! I am going to have you in every way I can take you! To feel my hard cock thrusting in and out of each of your holes.”

As she looks up at his face, which is now just inches above hers, letting him see the desire and the want inside her.

” Oh God yes! Oh I need to feel you fuck my holes! I want to feel Your cock thrusting in and out of me!”

As she said the last word, He thrust his hard cock into her soaking pussy! Sliding deep inside her. Her legs wrapping around his and holding his cock deep inside her. Her hands sliding around to his back. Her nails scraping up and down lightly over his spine! His beylikdüzü escort body shivers as she rakes her nails over his back, moaning loudly as he thrusts in and out of her! He slides his hands under her ass, pulling her into him.

Both of them moving in time with each other. Their bodies covered by the rain. Her back arching as he pounds his cock harder and deeper inside her! Hearing her scream out his name as he thrusts in and out, her pussy gripping his cock as she releases her juices! Her body trembling as he continues to fuck her!

Slowly down, letting her body fall back to the ground. Her breasts heaving up and down. Placing his lips around her nipple, sucking it gently into his mouth, his teeth tightening around it! Hearing a moan deep with in her throat as he bites into her nipple.

Pulling his still hard cock from her pussy, rolling her over onto her side and getting behind her, grabbing his cock in his own hand, he slowly rubs it along her slit, her juices running all over the head. Leaning in and whispering softly, ” Nikki, darling, reach back and open your cheeks for me, I want to feel your ass surround my cock, baby!”

Doing as asked, Nikki slides her hands back and pulls her cheeks apart. Feeling the moisture from the rain running down the crack. Feeling him rub the tip of his cock over her asshole, moaning softly, her heart beating wildly in anticipation. Finally he slowly pushes the tip against the opening, then gently thrusting forward, the head slides inside her! Hearing her whimper as her ass stretches over the head. Holding just the head inside her entrance. Leaning in and nibbling on her neck. Her moans of pleasure once again being heard in the air.

Slowly, Stan pushes his cock deep inside. Feeling her ass so tight over his cock. Moaning from the pleasure, His hands sliding along her body, resting at her hips. He pulls her tight against him, closing his eyes from the pleasure of feeling her tightness around him. Slowly thrusting in and out of her, sliding his hand around her and finding her clit, his fingers rubbing over the hardened little bud.

Both of them breathing harder now! Their bodies moving as one. His cock thrusting in and out of her ass faster as his fingers rub and squeeze her clit! Feeling his own pleasure nearing the point of no return, his one hand grasping her waist and holding her as he rams in and out of her ass. His fingers rubbing wildly against her clit. Nikki was the first to fall over that edge into that place of complete satisfaction. Feeling Stan thrusting faster and faster, finally his cock swelling and exploding deep inside her.

Still thrusting in and out of her tightness, both of them yelling out as they reach and fall over that edge together. Both of their bodies shaking from the intensity of the orgasm. Laying there in his arms, Nikki turns and smiles. Stan leaning in and gently kissing her bruised lips, holding her tight in his arms, whispering softly,

“Darling Nikki, you are mine! Now and forever! I will never let You go.”

Smiling as she snuggles deeper into his arm, both of them laying there in the rain!

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