Only Innocent on the Outside


Only Innocent on the OutsideMy friend walks in the room, she is as shy and as reserved as always. So quirky, exerting elegance and innocence. Although in her mind, her thoughts are far from innocent. In her hands she is carrying a shoe box, but there are no shoes inside. Inside the box, are her favourite toys and deepest desires. She sits down on the bed without saying a word, no small talk here. She opens the box to reveal all the toys she has brought. The intent is clear, now it’s time for action. I reach into the box, and one by one take out the toys and lay them on the bed. There are blindfolds, dildo’s, plugs, restraints, and many more toys. Without further delay, I take her hand, and lead her off the bed. I just want to appreciate this moment, before I begin. She looks at me with her big brown eyes, her small pink lips are all I can think about. I want to kiss her, but I don’t want to hasten the moment. Her beautiful brown hair is tied up in a ponytail, and is gently moving by the force of the fan. Her stare, her bloody stare, it’s so enticing. As I approach her, she shutters as the anticipation is coming to the end. I take her cheek in one hand, she moves her head against it ever so lightly; I grasp her cheek with my other hand. For the first time, she stops making eye contact, and closes her eyes. This is it, I lean in and begin to feel her lips against mine. Her lips are soft, exactly how I imagined them. The kissing starts off slow, but becomes more passionate. I kiss her neck, she goes on to nibble my lips. My hands caress her petite body, as hers caress my chest. I want to keep kissing her, I can’t see myself ever tiring of those lips but I need to see more of her. I pull my lips away, as she opens her eyes. I scan my eyes downward to take in her body. She is wearing a tight white top, I can tell she isn’t wearing a bra, her nipples are so hard they are poking through the shirt. She is also wearing a denim skirt, not too long, but not too short. I grab both her hands, and hold them above her head. I caress my hands down her arms, slowly along her body until I feel the end of her top. I slowly remove her top, exposing her breasts. Her arms full to her side, and my eyes fall to her chest. They are the perfect size for a girl of her stature. They were perky B cups, with perfect pink nipples the size of a 10-cent coins. More turned on now, I have to feel her lips against mine again. As we kiss, my left hand feels her breasts, they are quite firm and her nipples are still very hard. With my right hand, I unbutton her skirt, slide down her zip and hear the skirt drop to the ground. Both my hands are now on her waist, I want to see what she was wearing under that skirt but I can’t bring myself to take my lips away from hers. I reach around and feel her butt, it’s so nice and tight; definitely a nice handful. She starts to scruff my shirt, so I take my hands away allowing her to take off my shirt. Her lips move away from mine, as she slowly starts to kiss my neck. I finally get a glimpse at what she has left wearing, and it is just lacey pink underwear. I don’t have much time to enjoy this site, as my eyes are draw back to her lips. They are slowly moving down from my neck to my chest, and before I know it, she is on her knees. Damn she looks good looking up at me with those eager big brown eyes. Her hands are now at my crotch, feeling my hard cock through my pants. The whole time she has not stopped making eye contact, almost like she is waiting for my permission to get my cock out. Without further hesitation, I untie my pant string and she pulls my pants and underwear down to my ankles. Before I can even get my pants off from around my ankles, she has already taken my cock in her mouth. It’s already rock-hard, as güvenilir bahis she pulls back my foreskin and wraps her tiny lips around the head. She starts off gentle, and sucks off all the pre-cum that has built up under my foreskin since she started turning me on. It feels so good, her mouth is so wet and warm; she has obviously been salivating for some cock. She goes to use her hands to jerk off me off but I tell her, “not to use your hands, sit on them.” She does as she was instructed, and keeps using just her mouth to suck me off. This blowjob feels amazing, she started off slow just pleasing the head, and now is progresses to go faster and deeper, taking more and more of my cock. My cock is a firm 6 inches, but with a nice thick girth, and she takes it comfortably. When she is deep-throating, her tiny mouth is almost at the base of my cock. Knowing she can handle it, I firmly take hold of her ponytail and begin to thrust. At first, only gently to test the waters, but seeing how easily she takes it I begin to go faster. At this point she is still on her knees, her hands holding the back of my legs tightly as her fuck her face. She is the perfect cocksucker, takes cock like a pro, with very little gagging. Every now and then I pull out and rub my soaking wet cock all over her face, I tell her to “to look up at me with your tongue out.” She does what she is told again, and I slap my cock on her tongue before shoving it back in her mouth. Face fucking her feels amazing, but I have to stop soon or I’m going to blow. As much as I’d love to cover her pretty face with cum, I pull my cock out. I lean down and grab her by the hand, and help her to her feet. I give her a quick passionate kiss as a reward for her good efforts, and proceed to bend her over my bed. Her cute butt looks so good hanging over the edge of my bed, I have to take a moment to just enjoy the site. For a while I just leave her waiting there, building the anticipation and making her wonder what is next. After a minute or so I firmly grab her butt with both hands and give it a good squeeze; it’s a nice combination of firm and soft. I proceed to rub my hands gently from her butt, all the way up her bare back. She shudders a little, not sure from anticipation or if she is just ticklish. My hands make their way back down her back until there back at her waist. I grab her nice pink undies and pull them down to her ankles. Now her bare butt is exposed, I can’t help but give it a firm spank. She lets out a tiny moan, and for the first time I hear her speak, “harder!” Her bare butt looks great with my hand print all over it, so pale with the cutest tan lines. I give her another good spank, this time harder and on the other side of her butt. I reach over her and grab her ponytail firmly in my left hand, and pull it back. With my right hand, I start spanking her butt from right butt cheek to the left. Not too hard, but not too soft, just enough to give that pale butt a nice reddish tinge all over. Just as I thought I’ve had enough fun with her butt, I notice one the toys she laid out on my bed earlier. It was a small black butt plug with a pink love heart at the end. Next to it conveniently was a small tube of lube. I add a generous amount to the butt plug, and a generous amount to my fingers. I tell her to “relax,” as I gently begin to rub my fingers around her butt-hole. She initials squirms at how cold the lube is, and then begins to relax. The more she relaxes, the more my fingers find a way inside her. I’m at the point where my middle finger can go all the way in down to the knuckle. She is ready, I gently slide the plug into her butt. The pink love heart plug only makes her butt look cuter, and much more inviting. Now that one of her holes is occupied, türkçe bahis it’s time to explore the other. Her pussy is nice and smooth, and feels freshly waxed for the occasion; it’s practically dripping she is so wet, my fingers comfortably slide in and out. She begins to moan, and although she sounds so sexy, I want her to be quiet for the time being. I reach down to the floor and grab her undies, and slowly walk around to the other side of the bed until I’m facing her. She still has that eager look in her eyes as I stuff her undies in her mouth. While I’m there I take advantage of a blindfold nearby, and cover her eyes. I slowly walk back to the other side of the bed, where her butt is still hanging over the edge. I give it another firm spanking before my fingers find their way back into her nice wet pussy. Although my fingers are easily sliding in and out, her pussy still feels tight around them. Being such a petite girl, I always imagined how tight her pussy would feel, and I’m not disappointed.It’s now time to see how tight her pussy is around my cock. I start by rubbing my cock around the lips of pussy, every now and then pushing just the head of my cock inside her. It feels so warm, but I don’t want to hasten the moment. After teasing her for a little while, I put my hands around her waist and thrust inside her until she is taking my whole cock. I start fucking her slowly, getting a nice rhythm going. Every now and then picking up the pace, while I slap her butt and wiggle her plug. Every time she squirms, I fuck her harder. Every time she stops moaning, I pull her hair back. She is turning out to be the best little fuck toy.It’s time to change positions so I flip her over so I can play with her tits. I pull her partly off the bed, and raise her legs so her feet are leaning against my shoulders. This makes her pussy even tighter, and the view of tits bouncing back and forth is sensational. I can see her undies, which are still in her mouth are dripping with saliva; It’s time to give her a reprieve. I take them out, and throw them across the room, they have served their purpose. I keep pounding away, finally getting a proper chance to hear her moan. For such a small girl, she makes a lot of noise. Her legs are quivering, so I let them fall to my side. I reach down and grasp her throat with my left hand, and choke her till her moan softens. With my right hand, I take turns rubbing her clit, and pinching her hard nipples.I’m starting to run out of steam, but I’m still not ready to cum. I instruct her to “lie in the middle of the bed, and keep your legs spread.” She does as she is told, and I have another look through her toys. I find a set of restraints, a fluffy purple set of handcuffs. I proceed to use them to restrain her hands to my bed head. With her hands bound behind her head, she is truly my fuck toy now, to do whatever I please with. I grab one of her dildo’s, the biggest one I can find. It was a big black one, around the same thickness as my cock but longer. I start shoving it in and out of her pussy slowly, just enjoying the show. It’s so hot watching her pussy lips bulge around the dildo, but now I want her actual lips to taste it. I pull out the dildo and put it in her mouth. “Suck it,” I tell her, “taste your juices.” For a little while I alternate putting the dildo in her pussy and her mouth.As much as I’m enjoying making her taste herself, it’s my turn for a taste. I keep the dildo inside her, but bring my lips to her pussy. I find her clit, it’s almost doubled in size since I first played with it. I begin to gently lick her clit, it tastes so sweet. I can feel her legs shaking, as I stop to nibble on her thighs. The harder I lick, the more she squirms. The sound of the handcuffs being pulled against güvenilir bahis siteleri the bed head fill the room, only being drowned out by her moans. As I suck and lick her clit, I am shoving the dildo in and out. She is moaning harder and harder, squirming more and more. Her legs begin to squeeze hard against my head, her breathing becomes rapid. There it is, her first orgasm. I pull my head away, remove the dildo and give her a kiss; her juices still fresh upon my lips.I run my fingers back inside her, she is still very jumpy at this point, still sensitive. I place the dildo back in the box, and pull out a smaller one. This one is a vibrator. I adjust the settings to low, as I run in around her nipples. She likes that, she doesn’t make a sound but I can see it in her smile. I run the vibrator down her torso, almost to her clit before running it down her thigh. I adjust the vibration to the highest setting and run in back up her legs. I slide it inside her, as she resists and squirms, but remains helpless by the restraints. As I pull it out, I spread her clitoral hood apart with my fingers and place the vibrator firmly on the clit. The reaction is immediate, and once again the room is aloud with her moans. Her orgasm comes much quicker this time. That is two orgasm now for her toys, but none for me. It’s time for my cock to please her, and for her to make me cum. I once again get between her moist thighs, and slide my hard cock inside her. She feels wetter than before, warmer as well. Her pussy feels so good around my cock as I thrust in and out. But as much as I love her restrained, I want to finish by fucking her from behind. I release one of cuffs so I can put her in position. I bend her over, re-cuff her hands behind her back and start fucking her like the piece of meat she is to me now. I love fucking her doggy style, her cute little butt in the air, my hands around her tiny waste. This is exactly how I always fantasied it going down. I can feel myself getting close to cumming, as I can feel her getting there as well. Her moaning starts to increase, and I can feel her pussy tightening around my cock. I grab her by the hair and shove her face into the bed, as I start to thrust home. As she makes a large gasp and cums, I want nothing more than to unleash my load inside her, but I need to see the cumshot. I pull my hard-throbbing cock out, and lead her off the bed. I put her back on her knees, it feels only right as that is where she began. I finally take off her blind fold, as I want to see her eyes as I cum. She still looks so god damn sexy, with those big brown eyes still eagerly looking up at me. Her hair all messy completes the image, and makes her look sexier. I’m ready, and only have to jerk my cock for a few pumps, before a massive load comes surging out. The first load hits her straight on the lips, bulls-eye. The next few squirts cover the majority of her face, her hair, and even down her chest. She looks so good covered in my cum, and doesn’t for a moment seem phased being drenched in my warm load. For a few moments, I just stare and appreciate the site of her cum covered body and face. I’m still hard, and my cock is still dripping with cum so I shove my cock back in her mouth. As she sucks off and savours the last remaining bit of cum, I reach over and grab my phone of the night stand. I tell her to “look up at me one last time,” as I take a photo of her. I don’t think I’ll ever take a better photo. She looks so incredible with those gorgeous big brown eyes staring up at me, kneeling butt naked, covered in my cum, and my cock in her mouth. She continues to blow me until I’m no longer hard, and all the cum has left my cock. Now that we have both had our fun, I release her from her cuffs. I help her up, and we go off to the shower together to clean up. What happens in there, is another story, for another day. One thing I can tell you is, she entered that room a friend, and left as something much more. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

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