Our Family Vacation Ch. 14


(All characters depicted in any form of sexual activity are 18 years of age or older)

I would like to thank my editor Joefelton

Back to Where it All Began

Day 26

It feels like I just fell asleep when I’m waken by Mom standing over me screaming, “Abby, wake up!”

“God Mom, good morning to you too,” I groan as I roll over.

Mom grabs the blankets and pulls them not only off me but off the bed before throwing them on the floor, storms to the door and before slamming it says in a very angry tone, “Just get your slutty little ass out of bed. We’re leaving in half an hour so if you don’t want to walk the rest of the way home you better be in the van.”

I just look at the door in shock for a moment before sitting up and moaning to myself, “Well, things definitely don’t seem to be leaning to the fun outcome.”


Later out by the van I try to say good morning to Daddy and he just nods at me before getting behind the wheel. I give Danny a confused look and he just shrugs at me, and Jack doesn’t even look at me as he climbs in. I feel like I’m about to start crying when Mom says in that same pissed off tone, “Abby seriously, get in or we’re leaving you.”

I have to wipe tears out of my eyes as I climb into the back seat alone, and all I can think is, ‘What have I done?”


We don’t even stop for breakfast before getting on the highway, not that I feel like eating anyway. For the next several hours we all just sit in silence as I try to figure out how to at least try to start fixing my mistakes. Mom is the first to say a single word since she told me to get in the van when out of nowhere she tells Daddy, “Daniel, pull in here.”

“Sure Susan, do you need to use the bathroom or something?”

“Or something,” Mom says in a sultry tone.

Having been in my own world I don’t see where we stopped, at least at first; then I realize where we are, “Mom, why are we here?”

“I’m curious,” she says with a naughty grin.

“Mom, really?”

“I’m game if you are,” she grins back at me.

I’m sure all three men are confused but Danny is the one to ask, “What are you two talking about?”

“Really son, you don’t recognize the place you first got sucked off by your sister?” Mom giggles.

With that I can see all three men recognize this is the same truck stop that started everything.

“Ok,” Daddy says, “that still doesn’t explain what you two are game for.”

“Doesn’t it?” Mom says with a naughty grin.

Daddy looks at her for a second before his brain computes what Mom is getting at and simply says, “Oh!”

“Are you ok with that?” Mom asks.

Daddy gets a big grin, “Sure why not, after all I’ve still got the five to look forward to.”

Mom giggles, “Yes you do.”

“Okay some of us are still lost,” Jack says.

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll figure it out, and if not your dad can explain,” Mom laughs as she gets out of the van, but turns to me before closing her door, “Abby you coming?”

I get out of the van, “Mom stop!”

“What’s wrong?”

“Are we really doing this, especially after the way you treated me this morning?”

Mom doesn’t look at me for a few moments, then finally looks up and I can see tears in her eyes, “Abby I’m so sorry.”

Before I can say anything she pulls me into a hug and buries her face in my shoulder, “Abby I acted like such a bitch. I was just so… so… confused about… everything and I took it out on you. Please can you ever forgive me?”

Completely taken aback and not sure how to respond I simply whisper, “Yes.”

“Oh thank you,” Mom cries, tightening her arms around me.

“Mom family always works things out,” I say as I start to cry too. I’m sure anyone looking at two grown women hugging and crying in a truck stop parking lot is convinced we are crazy. When my crying finally stops I have to ask, “Mom why the change from this morning?”

“I’ve been thinking all day and realized that if I were you… I probably would have done basically the same thing.”


“Yes, I wouldn’t have been able to keep the secret nearly as long as you did,” Mom laughs, which I join.

With that behind us I take Mom’s hand and lead the way to the stall with the glory hole.


Once in the stall Mom laughs, “You know I was expecting something more than a simple toilet stall with a hole in the wall.”

“Like what?”

“Honestly,” she smiles, “I have no idea but not this.”

I roll my eyes and she playfully shoves me as we both laugh.

Ten minutes later we are both half sitting, half leaning on the toilet when Mom groans, “I know this isn’t what I imagined but I at least expected there to be dicks involved.”

“I don’t know what to tell you Mom, last time I was in here only a few minutes when a cock slid through the hole.”

“If something doesn’t happen soon I guess we leave.”

“What I don’t understand is where the hell are Daddy and the boys? I mean they do know where we are and what we plan on doing.”

“Do you have your phone?”

“No, I left it in the van. Why?”

“I was going to call one bostancı escort of our dummy men and tell them to get their cocks in here,” Mom shrugs and smiles.

“You know while we wait I think I know something we can do.”

“Oh,” Mom grins, “what’s that?”

I stand up and pull down my jeans and panties, “You can make up for being a bitch this morning,” I grin before grabbing the back of her head and pulling her face into my pussy.

“Abbyyymmmm,” Mom starts to shout before my pussy blocks her words.

“Well, don’t just sit there, start licking,” I command as I rub my pussy in her face.

I look down at Mom to smile and see her glaring up at me and for a moment I think I’ve really stepped in it now, but then she locks her lips around my clit and starts sucking and all I can do is moan. I don’t know if it’s the situation we are in or the fact I’m so happy it seems our family is going to be okay or what, but in no time Mom’s talented mouth has me cumming on her face.

“Oooooooo yeeesssss make me cum Mommyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,” I scream as my orgasm overtakes me and I collapse against the wall of the stall.

Mom continues to lick and slurp at my pussy through my orgasm and after to the point I have to push her away, “Oh god Mom can’t… take any more!”

When Mom moves back releasing her grip on my hips, I slide down the stall wall until I’m sitting face to face with her on the floor. Before I can even catch my breath Mom attacks me again as she pulls me into a deep kiss. When Mom finally deems it time to release me I just give her a small smile and out of breath gasp, “Wow!”

“So my sexy little daughter, does that make up for Mommy being a bitch earlier?”

I grin and say, “It’s a start.”

Mom gasps, then starts laughing as she pulls me into a hug, “Ha, now who’s being a bitch?”

Mom and I both let out a small scream when we hear through the hole, “Are you two really mother and daughter?”

“Fuck, you scared us!” I yell at the eye staring at us through the hole.

“What she meant to say,” Mom smiles, “is yes we are and we were hoping to get some nice, hard cock through that hole, so either lets see whatcha got or make room for the next guy.”

“Oh ho ho, my pleasure sexy Momma,” he laughs before we watch his eye disappear to quickly get replaced by his cock.

“Mmmm, not bad big boy,” Mom kind of purrs as she wraps her fingers around his hard sevenish inches, “but I’ve had bigger.”

“Ahh, be nice,” we hear him laugh through the wall which makes us both laugh.

Mom strokes him for a minute or so before turning to me, “Do you want the honors or can I… have this one?”

“He’s all yours,” I giggle and watch as Mom takes him into her mouth.

Even though this is obviously not my first sexual experience with Mom, not by a long shot, being here on the floor of a public bathroom in a highway truck stop watching as she slurps on a stranger’s cock sticking through a wall was just bizarre, and so fucking kinky. Though I let Mom have this first cock I couldn’t let her have all the fun, so as she continues to bob her head up and down on her new tasty treat I slide up behind her and start unbuttoning her shirt. After her shirt and bra are both off I start working on her shorts with one hand as the other plays with her nipples.

“MMMMmmmm,” Mom moans around his cock as I slide first one, then a second finger, into her dripping pussy.

We continue like this for several minutes before I can see tell tale signs our friend is getting close as is Mom. I get a naughty idea, not sure if it will push Mom over the edge or pull her back, but either way it should be fun to see her reaction. I lean forward until my lips are right against her left ear, “Do you think Daddy and the boys are in there waiting their turn, knowing it’s one of us making this stranger moan?”

I don’t know if Mom was simply at the tipping point and would have cum either way or if I did indeed push her over the edge, but either way as I finish asking my question Mom lets out a deep moan as her pussy clamps onto my fingers. Her orgasm is so strong she has to pull back from the cock in her mouth, and as she does we hear through the wall, “Oh fuck yeah baby,” before we both get a face full of cum.

As her orgasm subsides Mom falls back into me and just pants as our new friend starts to shrink before vanishing through the hole.

“Damn, you two are hot as hell! If you ever wanna get together without the wall my number’s on here,” he tells us as a roll of cash drops through the hole at Mom’s feet.

“Okay Abby,” Mom kind of laughs, “what we did at the strip club might not have made us whores, but this sure does.”

“Nope,” I simply say as I lick a glob of cum off her cheek.

“What do you mean, nope? Abby we just got paid for sucking cock.”

“No, we didn’t. You sucked a cock because you wanted to and he gave you a gift. To be whores we have to charge them for what we are doing. If the men decide to give us something, that’s all on them, not us.”

“Abby, that is really pushing it,” Mom says then smiles, “but that explanation works for me. Oooh, ümraniye escort bayan looks like it’s your turn.”

I look over and sure enough another cock has taken the first one’s place. This one is smaller than the first, at maybe five inches, but way fatter. So fat I’m actually a little surprised he fits through the hole, “Mmmm yummy.”

I pull off my shirt and bra and put them with Mom’s before sliding in front of Mom and taking this fat thing in my hand. Looking at it I could tell it was thick but feeling it in my hand is something else; it almost takes both of my hands just to reach around him once. I interlace my fingers at the first knuckle and I have to squeeze to get the tips of my thumbs to touch under his cock, “Damn! This thing is fucking thick.”

“Thank you,” I hear through the wall, “now suck it bitch!”

I wrap my lips around him and take in just the head before biting down hard.

The man scream from the other side, “Ahh, what the fuck are you doing?”

“Don’t call me a bitch,” I yell through the hole, then add, “if there’s anyone else waiting he’s done.”

“Now wait a second,” he starts to complain but is cut off.

“You heard her, dude get out,” another voice says.

After what sounds like a bit of a struggle another cock comes into view. This one is average in length and girth which makes it very easy for me to give him one hell of a blow job. He lasts maybe five minutes before he fills my mouth with his seed. After his cock disappears another roll of money drops through, “Damn baby, that was the best head I’ve gotten in years. Thanks.”

“My pleasure,” I giggle.

It’s not even thirty seconds after he leaves when a very familiar cock pushes through the hole. I give him a few gentle strokes, then a quick kiss on his head before turning to Mom, “I think we should do this one together.”

Mom smiles at me, “That’s Danny, isn’t it?”

“Well, you’ve had Danny before, come see if this tastes familiar,” I grin as I pull her up to the wall with me.

Mom wraps her hand around him and gives him several strokes before giggling, “Well it isn’t your Dad, it’s just a little too big. So unless my sons are cock twins this is Danny alright.”

“Mom,” I whisper.


“Shut up and help me suck him,” I grin before leaning down and wrapping my lips around his cock.

“Slut,” Mom slaps my ass before laughing and begins slurping at his shaft.

Mom and I take turns working on his head and shaft for close to fifteen minutes before we get another helping of man sauce. After his cock disappears a note drops through the hole. Mom picks it up and reads it before laughing, then saying through the hole, “I’ll hold you to that mister.”

“What it say?”

Mom hands me the note, ‘Sorry, I don’t have cash but I’ll pay you both back in kind when we get home.’

“Mmmm Danny’s good at that too,” I giggle as yet another familiar cock says hello.

“No this one I know,” Mom giggles as she starts stoking him, “Hi, hubby.”

“Hi, Daddy,” I laugh as I start licking his cock.

“Oh fuck! Hi to you both too,” Daddy groans through the wall.

Mom and I give Daddy the same treatment he gave Danny, though Daddy lasts several minutes longer.

“Fuck you two are good at that,” Daddy laughs before dropping a single dollar through the hole.

“Really babe, that’s it, one dollar?”

“Read the back,” Daddy laughs.

Mom flips it over and we both read, ‘You two already control my wallet so why pay you with your own money? Love, Daddy Daniel.”

“Real funny,” Mom yells.

I just giggle, “Mom he’s not wrong,” earning myself another slap on the ass.

I expected to see Jack’s cock slide through the hole next, but unless Jack grew several inches and turned black since I last saw him it’s someone else now wanting our attention.

“Damn, that is a big one,” Mom giggles as she starts stroking him.

“Not as big as Ty,” I grin, adding my hand onto his nearly foot long length.

“Abby I doubt there are many cocks as big as Ty’s, at least on a person.” Mom laughs.

“True,” I grin, “and since I took care of the last two black cocks this one is all yours Mommy.”

“Mmmm, fine by me,” Mom grins before taking him in her mouth.

For the next several minutes I watch as Mom chokes herself over and over as she tries her best to take every inch, “Fuck, I just can’t take it all he’s too thick.”

“Want my help?”

“Sure, what do I do?”

“Okay Mom, first take him as deep as you can, then I’ll help.”

Mom nods and goes back to sucking. Mom bobs her head a few times before going deep. As she reaches her limit I whisper in her ear, “Okay now relax,” before pushing as hard as I can on the back of her head.

“Abbggliee,” Mom screams around his cock as she struggles to pull off him.

“Mom I said relax. Trust me.”

Mom kind of groans and I guess he likes the feeling as I hear a deeper groan through the wall. I Pull Mom back letting her catch her breath for a second before shoving her head back onto him. This time Mom doesn’t struggle, and as I give her head one last kartal escort shove Mom moans as the last few inches slide down her throat.

“Oh fuck,” the guy screams from his side and I see Mom’s eyes go wide as I can literally see her throat bulge as he starts blasting straight into her belly.

“Holy Fuck!” Mom gasps when his cock finally slides free of her mouth several minutes later, “he fucking came a bunch.”

“You like it?” I giggle.

“Fuck no,” Mom yells then laughs, “he came down my throat so I didn’t even taste it.”

“Next time baby,” we hear a very deep voice say before another roll of cash drops through.

Over the next hour Mom and I suck and jerk off several more men, but surprisingly not one of them is Jack, though Danny makes a second appearance.


After taking more than a little time cleaning each other up, partly with water and towels and partly with out tongues, Mom and I leave the bathroom.

As we are leaving I hear, “Well, look who’s back.”

I turn to see the same clerk from last time, “Oh, hi again.”

“I see your momma joined you this time,” she says with a chuckle.

“Um, Abby who is this?”

“Mom, she’s the clerk I told you about and… well…,” I stammer.

The clerk answers for me, “I’m the woman who installed that glory hole you two enjoyed for the last two hours.”

Now it is Mom’s turn to stammer, “Look I… don’t know… what you…um… think we’ve been doing… but…”

“What I know,” she emphasizes the word know, “you’ve been doing is sucking strangers off in a truck stop bathroom, and if the guys were good today you probably made some good cash besides. Don’t worry Hon, like I told your daughter the first time she got on her knees here, I’m the one that installed that there glory hole and spend more than a little time enjoying it myself.”

Mom just kind of stands there not sure what to say, “Um, okay.”

“No problem, but you two better get going before I go out and spend some time with those nice men you’ve left waiting,” the clerk says with a chuckle.

“Um right, bye,” Mom says before darting out the door.

As I follow the clerk laughs at me, “Til I see you again cutie pie.”


As soon as we both close the van doors Daddy asks with a chuckle, “So did you two enjoy our stop?”

Mom gives him a playful smile, “It was mostly good, but this one cheap jerk was a real smart ass with his one dollar payment.”

“Hey, was what I put wrong?”

I answer before Mom can, “No Daddy, it wasn’t but still that was really cheap. Come on, one dollar?,” I then turn to Jack, “and I couldn’t help noticing you didn’t make an appearance Jack.”

“Hey, maybe it’s old fashioned but I’d rather be able to enjoy watching whoever it is sucking my cock,” Jack laughs, “besides the whole thing is just kind of weird to me.”

“Well, I guess your sister and I will just have to make it up to you when we get home,” Mom teases, “besides I believe someone else in this car gave Abby and I an I.O.U.”

“Which I plan on paying back as often as you two will let me,” Danny laughs.

“Careful what you ask for there buddy boy,” Mom teases, “we might just take you up on that.”


The rest of the drive home is actually strangely normal after what just happened. We mostly just talk about the trip and what we liked most, not including the incest Mom joked, and about what we need to do once we get home.

When we get home we see Tina’s car in the driveway and her sitting on the front step. I struggle not to laugh as I watch everyone but me give Tina awkward hellos.

“Okay were you all talking about me when you pulled up or something? Because you all are acting weird,” Tina jokes as Daddy opens the back to unload the van.

I smile and say, “Well, things got a little more crazy and we all got a whole lot closer than any of us expected during this trip.”

“Close as in how we got close in L.A.?”

“Yep,” I grin.

“Oooooh, I can’t wait to hear all about it, but maybe we should go inside before you give me the details,” Tina says as she takes Daddy’s hand, “but if what you have to tell me is anything like what I think it is, I doubt you will want your neighbors overhearing.”

Daddy looks back at us as Tina leads him to the front door as if asking what to do. Mom just shrugs before she closes the van back hatch, follows them and smiles back at the three of us, “You heard her kids. Let’s get inside.”

As I close our front door after following the rest of my family inside my last thought is, ‘I think life is going to be a whole lot more interesting around here from now on.’

[Author’s Note:

This was originally going to be the end of the story with them getting home from their vacation, however I’ve gotten a lot of feedback asking for an all out family orgy. I know there are some who love that kind of ending and those that hate it and those like me that don’t care as long as it works with the story. So, what I’ve decided to do is end this chapter here for those that don’t like the family orgy endings; for those that do there will be one final chapter to this series that picks up right where this leaves off as they enter the house. I’m hoping that doing it in this manner will satisfy most of my readers. Whether you loved the story or hated it please leave your comments and feedback, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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