Our First Dogging Experience

Our First Dogging ExperienceKate is my wife of 25 years and has sexually relaxed over the years as she accepts her beautiful rounded body. She has the most amazing big boobs and a sexy hairless pussy. One evening we are on our own at our home pub getting pickled and chatting about our sexual experiences, Kate mentions that she has this fantasy about trying out Dogging. This is when you go onto the net and find a spot were people meet and do sexy things while others watch you and if invited are included, she explains. Let’s make this fantasy real, she asks me with a sheepish smile. Sounds like fun, I say.She pulls out her phone and finds the local dogging site. She finds it in seconds. She certainly knew where to find it, I think to myself, mmm. Here I have a site at the soccer club down the road. Just think this is just down the road and we did not know what was happening under our noses. The one invite was 20 minutes ago by a husband and wife. Come babes lets go, I’m so horny and a little tipsy and would love to see what it is all about. Kate shoots off and puts on some sexy shorts and top. Honey that is rather revealing. It makes me feel sexy Babes, Kate comments, please.We jump into the car and off we not know what to expect. Will it be embracing and meet our best friends there or will it just be a bunch of horny old me looking to perve. As we get to the spot we stop and see two cars parked next to each other. Looks quite innocent. We slowly find a parking next to the couple. They turn to see who is parking sinop escort next to them or are the cops looking to bust them.We roll down the window and great them sheepishly. Hi guys are we at the right place. Depends what you are looking for. We haven’t done this before and really nervous about how it’s done. They smile. No you are in the right place if you want to watch us play. We get out the car and Kate goes to greet them, we shake hands and introduce ourselves. Just then the back windows open and another couple greet us, they are buck naked and he has a Hugh boner on him. Looks like his wife was sucking him off. They introduce themselves; this is Megs, Tom’s wife and point to the guy in the front seat. Oh, I thought you guys were together, hell no, we here to share otherwise we would have stayed at home. This is Tom’s wife Sue and I’m Jim. They all get out of the car and we get chatting. We were just getting started. We love to swop partners and watch as they play in the nick. So how it works, Tom says. You can watch us do our thing or you can join in if invited only. Tom looks at Kate’s tight pants, wow that is a nice pussy you have their girl. Would love to see it naked. Kate just smiles. Do you guys want to watch us or join in, your choice? Can we watch you guys first say’s Kate nervously. That’s fine. Do you mind if we take our clothes off and watch you, I love being naked. That’s fine with me says Tom with a grin. We undress as they watch us and I see Kate has no panties or bra on again, such a escort sinop slut. The four just watch as she removes her pants and exposes her pussy. Nice pussy there and love the tits. I follow and am a little embarrassed as I have a hard-on looking at Tom’s naked wife who has some nice firm tits on her and a shaven beaver. I pull down my pants and by cock is standing ridged point to the sky. The girls give a clap. Nice boner you have, says Sue. Love to get to know him better some time.Tom and Sue also undress and revealing Sue’s very voluptuous body and Hugh tits. I just stare at her, you like says Jim. I smile with approval. They pull out a blanket and lay it on the lawn. The two women lay down and the we swap partners and start licking their pussies. Come join us guys, you will like it says, Sue. Kate goes closer to Sue and sits down next to her. Sue takes her hand and places it on her boobs, play with them, she moves her arm to Kate’s now very wet pussy and starts to stroke her wet crack, Ooooh that is nice Kate moans. Megs beckons me to join her, she grabs my cock and I oblige, she strokes it gently and places it into her mouth. Honey, I’ve found another cock to fuck me, she says with a smile. She sucks my cock like a professional.Time to switch, I see Tom is keen to get his cock into Kate. He grabs her and slides down to her wet hole that Sue got wet. He climbs in licking her madly. Megs grabs me, you not going anywhere and lies on her back. Now get your cock into my pussy and fuck me. I oblige and sinop escort bayan guide my hard cock into get really wet pussy, she is so tight.Tom sees this happen and slides onto Kate and guides his rock hard cock into Kate. Ooo she groans, this is better than I expected. Tom proceeds to fuck Kate harder and harder. Just then another car rolls in and it’s full of young guys hoping to see some horny couples fucking and yes they are in luck. Kate asks, is this safe? Don’t worry we know them, just college guys who come and watch horny couple fuck on weekends. The guys get out and grab a beer. They come and sit around us and have a good look at the action. Look at Tom fucking that horny bitch, comments one of the boys. This is Kate and her husband. They are new on the scene. Kate puts out her hand to greet them as Tom is still pounding her pussy hard. Pleased to meet you all. Looks like Tom is really fucking your pussy, lady. He is and he is so large. Just then Tom releases his load into Kate. Kate lets off a scream of pleasure as she orgasms. Yes, yes, yes. Hearing this Sue and I also climax as I release my load into her pussy. That was such a good fuck, Sue says to me. Love to do that again some time.Kate gets up with cum dribbling down her legs, naked and feeling so vulnerable. She walks past the guy’s turns to face them and squats as she releases her load of hot cum onto the floor. The guys watch her every move and looking at her pussy discharge Toms cum. You like that boys? She gets up and walks over to them to introduce herself, buck naked. Did you enjoy the show boys? You must come back next week for another show and maybe you will be invited to fuck me as well, she teases.Everyone cleans up and gets dresses and we head off to have a drink.

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