Our Kids Ch. 02


I had some work to get done on the computer so after breakfast I went into the office for a couple of hours. I could hear the rest of the family as they carried on their normal Saturday morning chores. At about 11:30, Trevor and Becca left for a grocery run.

My brother-in-law had sent me a link to a photo-sharing site and I checked that after my work was done since I didn’t know when I would have a chance to get to it again.

The site featured family pictures, and x-rated family pictures. Like us, Becca’s brother had teenaged kids and the pictures included explicitly sexual poses and some that were not poses but actual, in-the-act sex shots of the kids and their parents. One very clear and explicit image was of the dad butt fucking the son and one of the dad sucking off the son. Both had captions. There was one of the daughter hugging her mom, their tits mashed together, with a large cock dripping cum onto their noses. The caption indicated, “Mom loves daughter and Daddy loves them both”

As I sat admiring the photo I noticed that my cock was hard again and a little tickling sensation ringed its swollen head. Just then, Tinley walked in.

“Hey dad, what are you doing?” She asked as she approached. I could smell the fragrance of her hair and the recently applied deodorant. I felt her nipple brush my shoulder as she leaned over to look at the monitor.

“Wow, that’s aunt Marsha and Cammie, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, that’s what it says, what do you think?”

“That is like so freakin’ hot!” Her eyes were large and transfixed on the screen. I turned my head and kissed her shoulder. “Are there other pictures?”

“Have a seat, we can look at them real quickly here.” I found the “slide show” button and clicked on it. Tinley sat down on my thigh to watch the show. I had the show set for 10 seconds per frame so she could see the pictures before they advanced.

“Holy Crap! That’s Evan fucking Aunt Marsha!”

I could see that she was impressed with Evan’s equipment. I could tell that my equipment was impressed with the proximity of my hot little girl and her naked pussy. I felt my cock being grabbed and then softly stroked by my young daughter.

“You like these picture too, don’t you daddy?”

“Oh yeah baby, I like the pictures and I love what you’re doing to me.”

Tinley dropped to her knees between my thighs and began licking and sucking my raging boner. Although I didn’t know how often she had sucked cock, I knew she could get all the practice she wanted on mine.

I heard the doorbell ringing.

“Sweetie, someone’s at the door.”

“Oh, it’s probably Sasha.”

“Do you want me to get dressed before you let her in?”

“No, I told her the rules, so she expects to see us all nude today.”

“I bostancı escort bayan was just kidding about the rules.”

“Yeah, dad, sure you were.”

I watched my daughter’s sweet ass move out of the room as she went to answer the door. A few seconds later I heard Tinley and Sasha as they came down the hall.

“OWWW! Tinley, what happened to your clothes?” I heard Sasha almost scream, followed by the slamming of the door and raucous laughter.

“Hi Mr. Compton, thanks for letting me come over to tan.”

“No problem Sasha, you’re welcome anytime.”

I turned just my upper body to say hi, but Sasha and Tinley were already gone. A few seconds later I saw them out by the pool. Sasha didn’t hesitate to strip. She is a good-sized girl, about 6 months older than Tinley. Sasha has massive round tits, the size of melons. Her Italian ancestry is apparent in her olive complexion, long dark hair and dark eyes. Sasha is almost 5’9”, and probably approaching 140 perfectly distributed pounds. I noticed that she had some sort of a tattoo right at the edge of her neatly trimmed pussy bush.

My cock was still hard and seeing Sasha walking around in our backyard nude wasn’t helping.

“Daddy! There’s a snake in the pool!”

“Shit!” I thought, “I hope it’s not a rattler again.” The last time a rattler was in the pool it took a half hour and three of us to catch him and then I had to dispose of him in a humane and safe manner. Not thinking about my nakedness and our guest, I grabbed a net mesh laundry bag and fishing net from the garage and rushed out to the deck. The girls were hugging each other and pointing toward the far end of the pool.

I heard the girls giggling as I stood by the pool looking for the snake.

“Sorry, I guess he got away.” Tinley giggled.

“Yeah, I think he’s on the deck now.” Sasha offered

I noticed Sasha looking at my crotch as she laughed.

“Very funny ladies! You better watch out there may be more snakes around here than you know.” I smiled; suddenly aware of how beautiful our daughter and her friend were standing there holding each other like that.

“Yeah dad, I can see at least one right now.”

“Well, hopefully you already knew about that one.”

“Hey Mr. Compton…nice snake.”

“Thank you Sasha…nice tits!”

“Daddy, will you get us some sodas?” Tinley was vampishly batting her eyes at me and pouting her lower lip. It was a little game we played.

“Okay Sweetie, just a minute.”

I went into the house and got a small selection of canned sodas and some ice in plastic cups. I put them and a couple of bags of chips and napkins on a small tray and carried it out to the girls. I made a point to linger in the space between ümraniye escort their chaise lounges as I put the tray on the small table. Sasha’s tattoo again caught my attention.

“What’s the tattoo Sash?”

“”Oh, just a little Devil…do you like it?” She spread her legs a little and patted down the little pussy fluff so I could see it better.

“Yeah, it’s kind of cute.”

“My dad got it for me.”

“Nice.” Actually, I don’t like tattoos; they are sort of a violation of the beauty of the body as far as I’m concerned. For the first time, I noticed that Sasha had a ring through one of her nipples and a belly button ring. I don’t much like piercing either, but I guess they will heal over if they aren’t stretched out too much. She also had three earrings and several rings on her fingers. It was also the first time that I had noticed that her nipples were very large, proportionate to her massive mammaries, but still very large.

“Daddy? Will you put sunscreen on us?”

“Sure, Sweetie.” I answered, without hesitating. “ I was hoping you would ask.”

“Do Sasha first.” Tinley handed me the plastic bottle.

Sasha smiled at me, spreading her legs and closing her eyes as soon as she rolled over on to her front.

I squirted the lotion into my hand and began applying it to the girl. I loved the feeling of her soft smooth skin. Her legs had been freshly shaved so there was no stubble. Her ass cheeks were tight and I made no bones about applying lotion in the crease where her ass and thighs met and up her ass crack. She even used her hands to spread her cheeks to allow better access for my trembling hand. I noticed the little wisps of pussy hair that she left. I let my hands stroke her pussy lips several times as I pretended to be getting all of the area that the sun might burn. My thumb even probed a little into her fuck hole, feeling the hot sticky moisture of her sex. My cock was throbbing as I finished at her shoulders and neck.

“You can do the front for your self.”

“Yeah, I could, but what would be the fun in that?”

Trevor was right, she is a slut, and very bold.

Next I moved to Tinley. Again I enjoyed the sensation of rubbing my hands all over her sweet young body. I paid special attention to her ass and cheeks, like I had done with Sasha, even applying lotion around her anus and almost to her pussy. I just brushed her pussy lips with my thumb a few times.

“I know what, “ Sasha said, “You do my front and I’ll do Tinley’s”

“That would be fun to watch.”

“Daddy? Do you want to do my front, or do you want to watch that nasty girl do me?”

I couldn’t talk for a second, but my dick was speaking loud and clear. “I’d rather do Tinley’s front and watch her do you.”

“Do kartal escort me? Ohhhh, that sounds sooo fucking nasty…what do you think Tinley? Do you want to ‘Do me?’”

I felt a large gob of precum emerging from my dickhead.

“Okay, Sash, I’ll do your front.” Tinley rolled over onto her back, spreading her legs and raising her arms to clasp her hands above her head. What a view.

I used more lotion to spread it evenly and deliberately all over her body. I again paid special attention to the parts of her anatomy that rarely got sun. I slathered a good mount on her tits, tweaking and strumming the hard daughter-nipples as I did so. Then I traced the fine line of her body down, down, across her slightly visible ribs, down across her flat tight smooth tummy, down to her beautiful, sweet hairless daughter pussy. I noticed that the lips were puffy and aroused. A little trickle of moisture showed as I massaged the lotion in to the satin smooth labia, the vaginal opening appeared, guarded by the little pink pea of her clit. I felt myself salivating as I worked my way down farther, along her slender thighs and firm but smooth calves. As I finished, I kissed her pussy, inserting my tongue in her hole for just a teasing second.

As I moved away, my hard cock standing up in front of me, I noticed a smirkey grin cross Sasha’s lips. Tinley and I traded places and I watched as she applied lotion to Sasha. I have to admit that I hoped she would put on a better show. Instead it was very quick and almost non-erotic. If watching my own beautiful nude teenaged daughter apply sunscreen to a nude beautiful young woman could possibly be non-erotic. Sasha didn’t help any. She giggled and flinched like every touch tickled her. I noticed though that her nipples were hard.

Tinley set a timer and soon the girls were both asleep. I returned the snake catching equipment to the garage and returned to the home office to turn off the computer. The sight that greeted me there blew my mind, and the load of cum that had been trying to escape.

Trevor was sitting in the computer chair and Becca was on his lap. They were both naked and his cock was trapped in his mother’s pussy. I watched my wife as she raised and lowered herself up and down on our son’s rigid cock. He was holding her tits, as though supporting them but at the same time holding her pointed nipples.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” Becca asked

“Oh yeah,” I answered, as I reached between her legs and felt Trevor’s cock as at slipped in and out of his mother’s hot cunt.

My cock head touched her lips for a second and she licked the tip but was too close to climax for me to trust her with my cock in her mouth.

I grabbed the digital camera and snapped a few pictures of their lewd incestuous coupling. I saw Trevor’s cock swell and then his balls contracted. I took a picture of his cum seeping out between his cock and his mother’s cunt lips. I took a picture of their beautiful orgasmic faces.

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