Over The Years Pt. 03: Liberty in Perth


Back in 1998 I was in one of the U.S. services and assigned to a staff. We were on a deployment and had pulled in to Fremantle, Western Australia. Being on a staff there were formal engagements we had to attend. On the night we arrived we were to attend a “meet and greet” at a hotel close to the harbor. For political reasons, attendance was mandatory for the staff.

I wasn’t a ring knocker (an academy grad) and hated the pomp that went with these events. After checking into my suite (the hotel had upgraded me to a really nice two room suite) and admiring the balcony and great view I had of the city, I got into my whites and hopped the elevator downstairs, walked in and said hello to a few people. A drink would make the time go by faster so I headed to the bar to get a Long Island.

I was loitering on the side lines chatting and watching people arrive wondering how long I had to be there before I could sneak out. The mayor of Perth and Freemantle were there, business leaders and quite a number of older mature women, by themselves.

It’s pretty common for one of these gatherings to see staff members, men and woman alike, pair up with locals and spend their port visit shagging their brains out safe in the knowledge that they’ll never see each other again. Our staff secretary (female 0-4) wound up with some Western Australian politician for a few days. She walked funny for a week after that visit.

Anyway… standing and people watching I began sizing up the ladies… and there were women in droves. Mostly middle aged I’d say between 35 and 60ish and dressed “to the nines”. One in particular caught my eye. I guessed she was around 45-50 years old; which was 10 years older than I was. I first spotted her when she was standing on the other side of the room talking with a younger auburn haired woman. There was something about her that kept my eyes going back to her. Her hair was jet black and worn up on the top of her head with curls dangling on the sides, pearl earrings with a matching pearl necklace, her gown was floor length blue satin with a dark blue diagonal stripe across it; it was backless with the front tied around the neck leaving her shoulders and most of her back bare.

She was about 5 foot 9 inches, just a little shorter that I am and maybe 140 lbs. I suppose the best way to describe her figure would be “mature.” Full figured in a womanly way but far from fat or pudgy, her figure was well proportioned at probably 36-32-34 with full breasts, maybe D cup. She reminded me of Honey Wilder. Her face had an allure to it that had my eyes locked on her. Her companion was more petite being about 5 foot 2 and clearly much younger, maybe 30 years old, 32-26 30 and 120 lbs, her breasts were very much smaller and only bumps on her dress. She was wearing a black mid-thigh dress that shimmered and it had some lace around the bottom, her hair had some curls, shoulder length and a beautiful auburn.

I decided to go say hello but before I could get there they struck up a conversation with another member of the staff, the guy was a dork and only temporarily assigned to us. I detoured to the bar and ordered another Long Island as I watched them. The brunette looked bored with her eyes darting to her companion but she smiled politely. I noticed her and her friend’s drinks were empty and they were swilling the ice around.

I asked the bartender to make it three Long Islands and then headed over to say hello. As I walked up I said hello to dork and then handed the ladies their drinks saying, “sorry it took so long, so… where were we?”

Without batting an eye Auburn hair said, “We were about to go outside.”

I replied, “That’s right” and said good bye to dork. I looked over my shoulder and smiled at him as we left. When Brunette began walking I noticed her gown was split all the way up to just below her hip on the left and her legs looked wonderful.

The three of us walked outside…

The patio was deserted with all the action going on inside. I began to apologize to them for butting in but Brunette stopped me and thanked me for getting them out of there saying too many people, too loud, etc. I introduced myself and we sat down at a table in a quiet corner of the patio. They asked what kind of drink I’d brought them and I explained what a Long Island was.

They tried their drinks and commented on how strong and different it was. Over the drinks we did our introductions.

The brunette was Millicent but every one called her Millie and her auburn haired friend was Sharon. Millie lived in Freemantle and was married to a Quantas airline pilot with 3 grown children, 2 daughters and 1 son. I settled on an age of around 50. Her son had just recently moved out to go to university and her husband was away. Sharon was her next door neighbor and had come along with Millie for some moral support as she felt Millie needed to get out.

Sharon was recently divorced after 10 years of marriage, very pretty with kadıköy escort a narrow face and outgoing personality she was in her early 30s. After talking for a few minutes I found Millie and I had something in common, prolonged separations from loved ones, and we talked about how those separations weigh on a relationship. I said that the reunions almost made up for absence to which she replied, “not always.”

“Oh, come on,” I replied, “I find it hard to believe that you and your husband don’t re-kindle that flame when he comes back.”

Millie replied “I think he’s burning that flame pretty brightly when he’s gone.”

To which Sharon added, “bastard” and slugged down some Long Island.

“Oh… I’m sorry to hear that,” I said and quickly tried to change the subject to the sights of Perth. I failed, we made small talk about family and lamenting loneliness for about ½ hour. I asked if they wanted another drink; they said, “yes.” When I returned they were standing very close to each other by the railing overlooking the harbor and talking, they stopped talking when I got close.

I handed Millie the drink and noticed her hand trembling slightly, I asked if she was cold and to my surprise she downed half the drink without answering. I just stood and blinked… Sharon mentioned Millie was a Cadbury (someone who gets drunk easily) and it was getting cold. Sharon’s nipples were poking through her thin dress; I mentioned natures thermostats and suggested going back inside.

Sharon said, “nature’s what?” and I pointed to her breasts. She laughed rubbed the palms of her hands across them and agreed they did that when she got cold and tonight she was pretty cold.

Millie said she didn’t want to go back into the reception, “too loud in there.” I said something like the “night is young and it’s your city, where should we go?” While I was talking they had had drained their glasses, rather quickly I thought, and I suggested not getting another drink due to how strong Long Islands were.

Millie said she felt fine and that we should walk around the harbor. We left the patio and the noise and the crowd behind. After walking for about 15 minutes Sharon said she was feeling pretty pissed and suggested they head home, Millie finally was feeling her drinks and was leaning against me but said nothing; holding on to me and her head slightly hanging. Sharon asked if I’d help them to their car.

I said, “of course,” and I walked them to the car park. They got in a nice newer model Jaguar and Sharon rolled down the window to say good-bye. I leaned over to the window and told her to be careful and suggested we get together the next day. I gave her my room number and said maybe I’d see her again, she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek, smiled, and then slowly drove off.

I watched until they rounded the corner and then headed up to my room. The ladies had gotten me out of the reception so I lounged around on the balcony for a while and had just gotten out of uniform and into pajamas (ya, I wear satin pajamas, shorts not long ones) when the phone rang, it was Sharon.

Sharon apologized for calling but asked if they could come up. She said they were drunker than they thought and needed some time to sober up before driving. I said, “of course,” (again) and went to put on the robe that came with the room, a knock on the door brought them into my room. I hugged each of them and when we sat down and I asked Sharon why they came back after being gone for a while.

She replied that they had enjoyed my company and loved my accent.

It’s odd how when in a foreign country we’re the ones with the accents, not the locals. We began chatting about Perth, the area, things I should see and do. I was sitting in a chair next to a settee that put the seating into an “L” shape. During the conversation Millie got comfortable on the right side of the settee, and after a few minutes she kicked off her shoes, stretched out her legs, lay her head back and began drifting off, soon her eyes were closed. She was clearly fast asleep, her arms hanging by her sides served to accentuate her breasts. Nice and full but not large.

Sharon was sitting diagonal in the left hand settee seat and we continued talking for about an hour. She told me the wines along the Swan river were quite good so I called down to room service to see if they had local wines. Of course they did. So I ordered three bottles of various vintages so we could try them. We spent another hour or so drinking wine, eating strawberries, and talking about everything you can imagine.

The arm rests of the chair and settee was close together and Sharon would tap my hand or put her hand on mine when she wanted to emphasize something. There was definitely a chemistry between us. Sharon eventually said she felt hot so I walked over to the thermostat and said something like, “could feel hotter than it üsküdar escort is due to the alcohol, and your thermostats show you’ve warmed up.”

Sharon laughed, said “well I need to cool off” and with that she stood, reached to her left side, and suddenly her entire skirt came off. She folded and laid it on the table and then sat back down. She had on dark thigh highs and the best way to describe her top was like a one piece bathing suit or leotard.

My mouth had to be agape and I told her the outfit was stunning and I’d not noticed it was two pieces.

Before I sat down I removed my robe, sat back, down and she asked why I was looking at her so intently and I told her I was trying to figure out how her outfit it went on because I couldn’t see any zippers anywhere. She said it fit over the head and then snapped under her fanny (slang term for a woman’s “doins”). She put her hand on mine and leaned back into the settee spreading her legs a bit and said, “see.”

I leaned forward and could see the two snaps between two very white thighs. It wasn’t hard to see she didn’t have panties on and there were no hairs peeking so she was either shaved or well trimmed, when I looked up she was smiling at me but didn’t close her legs.

I continued to look at her and said, “That’s a dangerous outfit around a sailor,” then lifted my right hand until our finger tips were touching and caressed her fingers and hand. She smiled closed her legs and we continued to talk. After a while she got quieter and lay back a little leaning her head back still looking at me with those lovely green eyes, her breasts rising and falling with her breath, I figured what the hell…

I took her hand and interlocked our fingers, palm to palm and stood up to lean over her, my right hand holding hers on the arm rest and my left hand on the back of the settee next to her shoulder. I leaned over, looked at her and paused; she reached up with her right hand and brought my lips to hers.

We began a deep kiss that became deeper with every passing moment. Sharon smelled lovely, like a faint aroma of fruit. I let go of her left hand and brought my right hand to caress her face as we kissed. She slid her right hand up and down my side a few times and then opened her eyes to look and me, I felt her smile under my kiss and then the next time my tongue was in her mouth, she bit my tongue hard and held onto it.

I said, “OW!” best I could with her locked on my tongue and I frowned looking at her. She was looking into my eyes holding my tongue as she cupped my balls and felt my cock, then she slipped her hand into the opening of my pajamas and stroked it. I have an average length penis, 6ish inches, but the circumference is 8 inches with the head being a little larger than the shaft. One of my past girlfriends actually measured it.

With her still holding my tongue I tried to say, “you sure you want to do that?”

She let go of my tongue and pushed me to a standing position. She leaned forward holding my cock with both hands and stroking it slowly as she sized it up and said, “Wow, my hand barely goes around it, ” and then added, thank God you’re circumcised.”

“and I shoot blanks,” I quickly added, she looked puzzled, I smiled and said, “I’ve had a vasectomy.”

She smiled back and said, “Ooohhh, the Goldilocks cock.”

She pulled my cock and balls out of the hole in the pajama bottoms and stroked my cock and fondled my balls watching me get hard. I watched and enjoyed this fro a few minutes.

I said, “My turn to size you up.” I told her to relax and lean back, she did and I put her left knee over the left arm of the settee and she moved her right leg and laid it across Millie’s left leg. Millie snoozed on. Sharon was obviously no stranger to this… I kissed up and down the tops of her thighs above the thigh highs, they were smooth and she was freshly shaved. I moved up to her crotch and I clenched the snaps in my teeth and pulled each one free. I was surprised to see she not only wasn’t wearing any panties but had a full auburn bush trimmed to a strip about two inches wide, hair was about an inch long, and her pussy wasn’t shaved, I like that, it created a wonderful red strip.

She reached down to pull the snap sections up to her waist and I put my hands under her ass cheeks and pulled her to me. I kissed the outside of her thighs and she lowered her hands to the sides of my head. Her desire was clear so I intentionally avoided her clit and pussy. That’s when I noticed the oddest pussy I’ve ever seen.

Her pussy was physically huge. Her labia major were puffy and thick and started about an inch above her clit and went nearly all the way to her asshole. The length surprised me, her slit had to be 6 inches long. Her inner lips were “normal” and I decided to make the best of it and began running my tongue from her ass to above her clit and sucked on her inner labia. I guess she’d had enough teasing tuzla escort because she physically moved my head to where she wanted it and I began to kiss and lick her pussy, but concentrated on her clit. I was in heaven because I deeply love giving oral to a woman and here I had a beautiful 30 something woman allowing me to enjoy her to my heart’s content.

I slipped my right index finger inside her, she wasn’t overly wet but I was surprised at how tight she was, tighter than any woman I’d ever been with. I only had a finger in and she was gripping my finger tightly as, palm up, I stroked the top of her vagina in the area of the G spot and she quietly said, “don’t stop, there.” She began to get very wet and her hips rotated which tilted her pussy upward and pushed toward me a bit, I began to suck on her clit gently flicking it with my tongue while stroking her G spot. After several minutes she began to tremble and gripped me at the top of my arms with her hands.

She let out a loud, “unghhh”, her legs closed against my head and her hips started to thrust toward me in little jerks. I licked up the most delicious nectar and stuck my tongue into her as far as I could feeling her spasms on my tongue.

I looked up her body, Sharon’s head was back, eyes closed, lower lip sucked in and she had her hands on her breasts. That’s when I noticed Millie had turned her head to the left, which was toward us, and was watching. Sharon said softly, “The Aussie kiss always does it for me.” (an Aussie Kiss is a “kiss down under”, cute).

Anyway, Millie’s split in her dress had slipped over her left leg leaving it completely exposed up to her hip.

Still on my knees in front of Sharon I kept gently nuzzling her pussy. With my left hand I reached for Millie’s left thigh, stroking it gently. I moved my hand on top of her leg from her knee to the top of her thigh until it touched the dress, my fingers sliding under the dress on her left front up to the hip bone and then moving my hand to her inner thigh and caressing back down to her knee. I made a mental note that she had panty hose on. I did this several times and was more lost in the moment than actually trying to arouse her.

Sharon sat forward putting both her hands on my shoulders and pushed me backward onto the floor; as I moved she came with me and I wound up flat on my back in the middle of the room with Sharon lying on top kissing me. She sat up unbuttoned my pj top and removed it. Then she looked over her shoulder and told Millie to pull my shorts off.

Millie smiled and said, “you wanted him.”

I thought, “aha… that’s why they came back.”

Then Sharon reached behind her and grabbed my shorts by the band, I lifted my ass and she removed them in one smooth pull. Sharon’s pussy was on my cock like a hotdog bun, she pulled her top up and over her head, tossing it into the chair I had been sitting on. She was now completely naked, her hands on my chest, and moving her hips forward and backward working my cock on her long slit. Her juices made me slick and she slipped all the way down so my balls were at her clit and then back up again, she was not trying to get me inside her.

Her complexion matched the auburn hair being slightly pale with freckles. I reached up to fondle her small breasts. They were a beautiful freckled pale skin so common with redheads, God I love redheads. My hands slid under her ass cheeks and lifted her, shifting her up my chest so her pussy was on my chest, she looked at me and I winked. I moved her again and she wound up with her knees under my shoulders sitting with her pussy just below my chin. She looked down at me and I saw a smiling face framed by pussy hair and breasts, she leaned forward so her hands were on the floor and slowly moved her pussy onto my face.

With her hips free she was grinding on my face and soon all I did was keep my tongue out and she moved where she wanted it using my nose as much as my tongue for pleasure gyrating. My hands were on her ass as I kept my face in her pussy as I loved her for a second time.

That’s when I felt something stroke my cock. It took me a moment to realize it was a nylon foot gently moving up and down my cock. Soon it was joined by a second foot.

Sharon was beginning to cum again and she arched her back and sat down, reaching down with her hands to pull my face up and pushing her pussy down onto my face. Pinned there she slid all over my face and again let out another, loud, “unnnhhhh,” as her pussy quivered and I again drank in those lovely juices.

Sharon sat still for a bit moving her pussy on my face in barely perceptible little circles, obviously savoring the feeling before she then rolled off on to the floor next to me breathing deeply.

She said, “Oi, God I really needed that.”

I replied, “Uh huh, but I needed it a lot more than you did.”

She got up on one elbow and looked at me and then my cock with a “you’ve got to be shitting me” look on her face. She had cum at least twice and I still had a hard on.

I explained I enjoyed going down on a woman almost as much as regular sex and especially treasured discovering each woman’s likes and dislikes.

Millie, who hadn’t stopped stroking my cock with her feet, said an Australian man would never bother to take the time.

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