Parking lot sex w/unknown young woman


Parking lot sex w/unknown young womanSometimes things just happen in the most serendipitous manners. You are in the right place at the right time and then WHAM…. Take for example this little incident from a couple weeks ago….~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~After work I drove over to the fast food place and got a large iced tea and then drove to the far end of the parking lot like I do a couple times a week. It is not that I am really weird; it is just that I have to wear dress clothes, including long slacks to work in and I like to hike after work out at a park nearby. When I was young, I worked in restaurants and I saw what happens on those floors and in those stalls. I do not ever change in them!! And after a guy was arrested this spring at that same park for changing clothes in the parking lot, I just figured I would do my thing here.I had unbuckled my belt and undone my pants when I realized there were no white socks in the seat next to me. Thinking they may have rolled into the back seat I turned and saw them on the floor on the far side of the car. Without even thinking, I twisted around, leaned back and between the seats, pushing myself further and further back until I finally was just able get my fingers on the socks. I smiled at my victory and started to wind my way back into the driver’s seat when I heard the car pull into the parking spot right next to me!Fearing the worst, that a cop had just pulled up and was about to bust me for something, I whipped around and immediately noticed that it was not a cop car, but a little sports car. “Score one for the home team!” I thought to myself only to look over the three feet to my left and see the driver of the car was a very cute girl, about the age of my college senior daughter and she was smiling right at me! “Shit!” I said and then remembered that because of the heat, I had the windows rolled down!She laughed and I realized that not only had I the bad luck of being caught literally with my pants down, I had been caught with my pants down by a very beautiful young woman whose sun-bronzed skin glowed in contrast to the lightweight white tank top style shirt she had on!She cut off my apology with a dismissive wave of the hand then said, “I saw you pull in over here as I got my food and I thought that eating my sandwich in the shade might be more comfortable. It didn’t even occur to me that the reason you parked out here was to change clothes! It’s my bad!”Her features were tight and pointed, and reminded me of a fox… As she moved her big sunglasses to the top of her head and used it to hook back a few strands of straight brown hair, I saw that her blue eyes were fairly dancing with merriment over the entire situation. Her smile was wide and inviting and her laugh was genuine as I searched for something less than stupid to say!The door to the little sports car opened and she stepped out. Now I have reached an age where I no longer see the value of filtering what I şişli escort say or do. So when I saw this petite little thing standing up with her skimpy little red shorts and white piping mere inches from my face and a pair of firm young breasts with hard nipples straining the material of her shirt, the only thing that saved me was that I was speechless! Rising up on her tip toes she grasped her hands together and stretched and twisted from side to side. The short white top lifted exposing the silver piercing in her belly button and causing the nipples on her breasts to harden all the more! “Mary, mother of God!” I quietly swore and she laughed and stopped stretching.“Oh, I almost forgot….” She said suddenly and then she turned, leaning over the closed door of her car and across to the passenger side. From where I sat, I did not care if she was retrieving a 357 magnum to kill me. At least I would die happy! The shorts rode up onto her mature hips and the bottom slivers of ass cheek poked out the bottom of her shorts! I let out a long low whistle and to my delight, she responded by shaking her ass at me!!!!I was just starting to reach out the window to fondle her firm bottom when she stood up straight, turned around and leaned back against her car as she folded her arms under her boobs. Every move this girl made emphasized one attribute of hers or another and I felt my cock hardening. That was when I realized that I was still sitting there dressed only in my shirt and underwear!“Now we are all even. I have seen your ass in your underwear and you have seen me basically in mine. Satisfied?” She asked with a smirk on her face.Pulling the bottom of my shirt up a few inches I said, “Does this look like I am satisfied?”The young woman cocked her head to one side questioningly and pushed herself up off the side of her car. She stepped closer to the side of mine and looked down. The front of my underwear was tented up and at the top point of my “tent pole” the dark moist spot on the light gray material made it clear what was going on.“No, it does not look like you are satisfied. And to be jus brutally honest, neither am I. Let me show you, Give me your hand.”It was my turn to look at her questioningly, but I lifted my hand up and she cast a quick look around. As I also looked around, she grabbed my hand and pushed it down and between her legs and onto her covered pussy!! Even through the thin cloth it was obvious that she was hot and wet and as she had said, she was not satisfied either!I pulled my hand back and she looked at me confused at first and then with a note of alarm as she realized I was opening the door on my car. “Open the door on your car.” I said, “The doors will keep anyone from seeing us.” She stepped out of the way as my door swung open and once it was fully open all that people could see from the restaurant were feet and heads. She smiled down at me, turned and opened her own door before looking down at me.I swung şişli escort bayan my feet around and put my sock clad feet on the hot pavement and raised my ass up so I could pull my underwear down to my ankles. Upon sitting back down I saw her fall to her knees and lean face first into my lap, pushing me back toward the passenger side. I leaned back on my elbows as she flicked her hair back over her shoulders and out of her way. Then she grabbed my cock in a fist and aimed it at her mouth.Now I have had my share of women give me a blow job in my life and she was definitely in the top two!! At first she kept a fist wrapped around my shaft, from the base almost to the head of my cock and she did this grip tightening thing that pushed more and more blood up into the head of my cock! Then she would slide her mouth over my cock head from the right, run her tongue all over the underside of it as she moved her head from one side of my bodyt. She would keep sucking and licking then as she pulled with her mouth off in the other direction before doing it all over again… and again… and again!!!When I was rapidly approaching that point where I thought to myself, “She does that to me a couple more times and I’m going to explode!” she suddenly stopped and wrapping both her hands around the shaft, she squeezed like she was trying to make a tube of toothpaste explode! I fell back into the passenger seat and thought for sure she was going to make my purple mushroom explode!!She then let go of me and I was vaguely aware of her standing up, turning around and tugging the leg hole on her shorts to the side with one hand as she grabbed my cock and aimed it at her pussy as she sank down.If her mouth had been talented, her pussy was the very essence of perfection! From the second my throbbing cock head nudged against her meaty pussy lips clear through as it squished deeper and deeper into her tight tunnel until her greedy little body finally came to rest with my cock fully sheathed within her there was not a single sensation that you would not call simply heavenly! Her soft tight walls rippled with pleasure as the insides of her thighs rode on top of mine. She leaned forward as if to take even more of me into her and the velvet muscles deep within her coiled around my cock and absolutely pulled on my manhood in a way that I had never even dreamed possible.Her feet found purchase on the door threshold and using that, she then began to slowly twist, turn and rock her pelvis so that my cock rotated and rubbed against every wet and wonderful cell of her womb! She did not rise up and slam herself down onto me over and over again like when I bang a woman. She never let a part of me escape from her depths! But I knew by the way that she was moving that my stiff cock was touching things deep within her at angles and depths that I have never before touched any woman before. She may have been young, but this girl could fuck like a minx!After only mecidiyeköy escort bayan a couple of minutes of rotating my magic wand deep within her cauldron, she began rising an inch and no more off of my cock and then slowly sliding back into place on my hips. After a couple such motions I began raising my hips to meet her and I heard her moan. She was like an a****l in heat!!I felt her fingers brush against my nuts and then she began furiously rubbing her clit! If I thought that she had been tight before, now she became a vice! She squeezed so hard I could feel her juices being squeezed out and running down the base of my cock and over my tight scrotum and into the crack of my ass! She was lost in her own universe of pleasure and I could hear her mumbling things that I could not really make outHer bouncing and rotation now grew in pace and intensity. She was riding me now. I was little more to her than a throbbing prick to her, and I was good with that. I mean, I did not know anything about her. Not her name, where she was from, what she did…. Nothing! All that existed was sex and I was starting to sweat trying not to blow my load before she hit the home run!Her feet slipped off of the threshold and she fell on me. I was so stiff; both inside and out I seriously thought for a moment that she might snap my cock right off of my body! That was all it took though. She clamped down and the walls of her secret place closed in and ratcheted the pressure up to volcanic! The red hot magma that boiled down deep in my balls reached its critical limits and burst through every blockage, constriction and vessel to erupt deep inside this girl in the region of her torso just behind her navel!On and on she shuddered, shook, vibrated and twitched as I did everything within my power to not scream. I know that orgasms like that usually do not even last a minute, but I swear to God; the twitching pulses of live electricity that arced hack and forth between the two of us deep within her continued to have us both experiencing a multitude of mind blowing circuit exploding fractures that felt as if they went on for an hour.Eventually, the intensity did diminish and I sat up and pulled her back against my chest. She turned and with lust satiated heavy eye lids, she looked back at me over her shoulder and we kissed with the passion of experienced lovers. When the kiss broke she took a deep breath and then rocked up and off of my lap. Quickly she adjusted clothing, turned and simply said, “I need to use the restroom. Have a nice life and thanks for the pick me up.” She leaned over and kissed me full on the mouth.I watched her walk across the parking lot and into the restaurant. Pulling on my shorts, I started the car engine and pulled out of the parking lot thinking to myself, “Well I guess that takes care of my evening cardio workout!” and I laughed as I steered toward my apartment instead of toward the park.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~May all of your trips to get fast food provide you with a quickie as well!!!If you enjoyed my account, then won’t you take the time to vote or drop a note?And if you see me changing clothes in the parking lot some day, stop by and say hello!!!! LMFAO!!!

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