Part 1


Note: I wrote this for a good friend of mine. I am an 18-year-old virgin female. I have blonde wavy hair, I’m about 5′, 36D, average weight, and very fair-skinned, and this is my fantasy…

You are sitting in an armchair in a hotel room. It is just before 8:00 pm, and you are waiting for a knock on the door. Only the lamp is on, and it is on low. A bucket of ice, a pitcher of water, and two glasses sit on the table next to you. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. You ready yourself, knowing who it is, and go to open the door. As you open the door, you see me in the hall. I am wearing a form-fitting black sweater set and a slinky black skirt that goes just below my knees. I am looking at my Mary-Jane shoes, but, when you open the door, I look up at you with a wide-eyed innocence. You smile, saying, “You made it.” and move to let me through the doorway.

I walk in slowly and meekly and stop a few feet inside the room, my hands clasped behind me. You shut the door and reach for my hand. As you do so, your hand brushes against my hip. I turn to you, blushing, and smile slightly. You sarıyer escort lead me to the middle of the room and ask me if I would like some water. I accept, and you pour me some with lots of ice. We sit on the side of the bed, and you ask me how the trip was to get there. I tell you it went just fine, and take a sip of water. Once I finish my drink, you take the glass from my hand and set it on the nightstand. As your hand returns across me, you tilt my head up and give me a passionate kiss on the lips. I return the kiss and put my hands on your shoulders. As my hands wander up to entwine in your hair, your hands wander down to my sides. You lay me down on the bed and pull my legs up as you reposition yourself over me.

Your hands wander from my sides to the buttons on my sweater. You unbutton my sweater, toss it on the floor, and begin to pull my shirt up over my head. Once I am wearing nothing but my black silk panties and bra, I begin to work on your pants. I giggle as I have trouble, and you assist me, only too esenyurt escort happy to quickly throw off all your clothes but your underwear. As you return to kissing me, my hands slip under the waist of your underwear and down the front of you. I reach your very hard member and begin to stroke it slightly.

You groan lightly into my mouth as you kiss me and begin to caress my breasts through my bra. I leave your instrument alone for a moment to slip your underwear over your ass and down to your knees as you remove my bra. At this point you kick your underwear off onto the floor with the rest of our clothes. I gasp at the sight of your huge member…keep in mind, I am a virgin. You hastily remove my panties as you lick my very hard, erect nipple. I moan a bit in pleasure, and you cover the sound with your mouth. As you kiss me, I spread my legs and wrap them around your waist, pulling you closer to me. I reach down and carefully grasp your rod, guiding you to my tiny slit. Once there, I return my hands to your shoulders.

You push lightly at first, avrupa yakası escort but then you increase force. I wince a bit as you push the head into me, but I am so wet I hardly feel much pain. What little pain I do feel only enhances my pleasure. You move your hips rhythmically, pushing further into me bit by bit. Once you are halfway in, I moan for more. You become unable to control yourself and push into me to the hilt. I gasp deeply and my eyes open wide. You begin to pulse in and out of me, our hips grinding together. My muscles clench around you, pulling you in.

Just when I think I can’t take any more of the powerful sensations, you push yourself into me and remain still as we climax. I feel you emptying yourself inside of me. I arch my back, pressing my chest against you as I try not to scream too loudly. You collapse on top of me and I lie under you, quivering, my arms out wide and my legs still around you, holding you in me. After a moment, you regain your composure, but stay inside me. You grab a piece of ice from my glass on the nightstand and let drops of water land on my chest between your breasts.

I inhale deeply at the cold, and the water trickles to my neck and over my shoulder onto the bed. You glide the ice cube down my stomach and let some of it pool in my navel. I giggle, as it tickles. Once the cube melts to nothing, you lean down and kiss me passionately for what seems like forever as we drift off to sleep.

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