part 2 my husbands business trip


part 2 my husbands business tripAfter picking my daughter up from her grandparents and having a small lunch with them, we made our way back home.Later that night while laying in bed relaxing after a wonderful weekend with Jen, I received a sms from my lover Nick asking how am I doing. We exchanged a few sms’s and then he asked if it was possible for us to see each other tomorrow. I thought about it for a while and then replied to him saying that it would be nice as we have seen each other in a long time. He replied saying awesome and asked me what time. I told him that I would skip gym so I would be home by 8h00 and he replied saying that is perfect, he would see me tomorrow. The next morning I got up and got my daughter dressed and soon left to drop her off at creche and then went back home. Thankfully my pussy had recovered from all the orgasms I had with Jen the weekend and I was rather excited to see Nick. Soon after 8h00 the doorbell rang and I went to open the door. It was Nick and we greeted each other with a kiss. I offered him coffee and we walked and chatted in the kitchen catching up a while. He told me about his new girlfriend Kirsten and how his studies were going. Once we finished our coffee, Nick took my hand and he led me to my bedroom. He grabbed my ass and pulled me into him as we started kissing. We soon undressed each other and I pushed him onto the bed. I kneeled on the bed and bent down and took his hard cock into my mouth. I started sucking his hard cock up and down. I deepthroated him a few times before stopping and moving up to sit on his lap. I lowered my wet pussy onto his hard cock and started riding him back and forth. He placed his thumb on my clit while I road him and soon I was moaning as I started cumming.After my orgasm I fell down to kiss him and he rolled us over so he could be on top. He pulled his cock out of me and started kissing me down my body making his way to my pussy. Once between my legs he started muffing me, licking my wet pussy and clit bringing me to climax once more, he then sat up and turned me to kneel on all 4s in front of him. He entered his hard cock into my pussy again and started fucking me hard, Placing his thumb on my bum hole while he made me scream from the pleasure of the rough fuck. He massaged my bum hole bahis firmaları while he continued to fuck me rough.  He soon started moaning as he shot his load of cum into my pussy. Once he finished cumming he removed his cock from my pussy and laid down on his back. I laid on top of him and told him that was a great fuck as I really missed him. He said he enjoyed it as well as it was way too long since we slept together. He placed his hands on my ass as our lips met for a kiss. He then asked if he could please fuck me in the ass. I looked at him with a naughty face and told him only if he went down on me right now and licked his cum out of my pussy. He said sure but I replied that I was only joking and that he could. I first suggest that we cool off a bit first as it was rather hot again. We then got up off the bed and Nick picked me up and carried me downstairs and outside to the pool. While holding me he jumped into the pool. I was rather shocked as I didn’t expect that. It wasn’t long till I had my legs wrapped around his waist my arms around his neck and looking in his eyes as we chatted. His hands were placed on my ass and his middle finger was between my crack as he started rubbing my bum hole. We continued chattin for a while and soon we decide to get out the pool and dry off and head back upstairs. I pass Nick the lube as I laid down on the bed. I spread my legs as he squirted lube onto his fingers. His hands went between my legs and to my bum hole and he slowly started to finger my ass, starting off with 1 finger while kissing me. He soon squirted more lube on my pussy allowing it to run down onto my ass. He then move his upper body down and entered a 2nd finger into my ass and with his other hand started rubbing my pussy and clit. He was soon fingering both my pussy and ass with two fingers and not long later I was moaning as I reached orgasm. After I finished orgasmning Nick moved to be on top of me. He lubed up his hard cock, and placed it by my bum hole. He slowly pushed his cock into my ass. He said it feels so good and tight as he started to fuck my ass. He pulled out and turned me to kneel on all 4s and entered his hard cock back into my ass. He started thrusting rather rough and hard and after a while it started to hurt. I asked him if he could calm kaçak iddaa it down a bit and he did. He continued to fuck me in doggy style for a while and soon he started to moan. I moved forwards so his cock exited my ass just before he could cum and I told him to lay on his back. I climbed on top of him and lowered my ass down onto his hard cock in reverse cowgirl position. I moved my hips up and down sliding my ass up and down his hard cock as he said that feels so good as he started to moan again. He started shooting his cum into my ass while I continued to move up and down his cock. Once he finished cumming I laid back onto his chest and he placed his hand between my legs and started rubbing my pussy up and down while his cock was still in my ass. He fingered me till I started moaning and soon I my body tensed and my ass tightened around his cock as I started cumming once more. He said oh my gosh it feels so amazing the tightness of your ass as I finished orgasmning. I then sat up and removed my ass of his cock. And turned around to lay on him again. He had a big smile on his face and he said thank you that was great. I gave him a kiss and we then laid and discussed to see each other tomorrow morning again. I soon got up to go to the bathroom to clean up the cum from me. Nick and I then got dressed and went downstairs. We chatted for a little while before he left to go to class.The rest of the day went by quickly and soon it was the next morning and I was on my way home from dropping my daughter off at crèche when Nick called me to say that he wouldn’t be able to see me today as his girlfriend needed his help with something. I said that it’s fine although I was a little disappointed as I really enjoyed yesterday. I got home and made myself breakfast and at about 11h00 I decided I would have a swim and cool off. While in the pool and sitting on the step I felt a little horny. I put my hand under my bikini bottoms and started playing with myself. I fingered my pussy while thinking about the doggy style sex I had with Nick yesterday and I soon started cumming. After orgasmning I got out the pool and my phone soon rang. It was my husband, he phoned to tell me he was about to board his flight home and that he would see me soon. I made myself lunch and soon after eating I kaçak bahis left for the airport to fetch my husband. He greeted me with a big kiss hello. He put his bags into my car and we drove to the shops to get a few groceries before going to fetch our daughter from crèche. We soon were home where we chatted and made supper together while my daughter played in the lounge while the tv was on. We soon ate. After supper I bathed my daughter while my hubby went and had shower. Once my daughter and hubby were clean they sat downstairs and watched tv together while I went to shower. Once I dry and clean I put on my new red semi see through bodysuit and a gown to cover it, in the mean time and then went back downstairs to my family. We watched tv for a while till my daughter fell asleep. My hubby carried her up to her room and tugged her into bed while I switched off all the lights downstairs. By the time I got upstairs and to our room my husband was already laying down on the bed. I stopped in the doorway and removed my gown, showing him the sexy bodysuit. He got up off the bed and said well this is sexy, as he walked up to me. I could see his cock was starting to grow as it pitched a tent in his boxes. Once reaching me he took my hand and spun me around having a look at how much of my ass the bodysuit covered.Once facing him again he placed his hands on my ass and pulled me into him. Our lips met and we started kissing passionately. The bodysuit was soon on the floor and I was on my back with my legs spread and my man between them as he started to muff me. He licked my wet pussy and clit, giving me great oral pleasure and bringing me to climax as I moaned while orgasmning. I then told him to lay on his back and I moved on top of him, guiding his hard cock into my wet pussy. I started riding him back and forth while he gripped my ass. I soon reached climax again and started to orgasm. After cumming a 2nd time I got off his hard cock and kneeled down on all 4s and told my man to give it to me. He kneeled behind me and pushed his hard cock back into my pussy and started fucking me hard and rough. He placed his hands around my waist as he thrusted hard back and forth into my pussy. He soon started moaning as he started to cum and as he was cumming he fucked me harder until he finished his load into me. He pulled out of me and then laid down on his back, I laid next to him while catching my breath before going to clean up. We then soon fell asleep to a great return of my hubby’s business trip.   

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