Paying the Rent


After weeks of just making out and groping awkwardly at each other’s clothes, I was finally face to face with his hard, young cock.

My boyfriend shuddered when I pulled back his foreskin and licked his exposed wet, purple cockhead. Andrew lay back in my bed and stared at the ceiling while he let me fellate my first ever penis. He was uncut, shaved his pubes, and was a little over five inches long. It was beautiful. I’d only been gazing lustfully at it for about 10 seconds before I decided I’d have plenty of time to study him in detail later. Now, however, we were both incredibly eager for me to put it in my mouth and see what I could do.

But the world is a cruel and unjust place. As soon as I wrapped my lips around Andrew’s cock and tasted his delicious, salty sweet precum, my father opened my bedroom door. I saw the movement in the corner of my eye. He just stood, staring at me with my secret, white boyfriend’s dick in my mouth, for about 4 seconds and then closed the door again.

I spat Andrew’s already deflating cock out of my mouth. “Fuck!” I whisper-yelled.

“Shit!” was his reply. He zipped up his fly and started putting his shoes back on; he knew as well as I did that today’s fun was over. Less than a minute later, he was sprinting out of the house on the way to the closest bus stop.

Andrew and I both graduated high school a few months ago. He only just came out in the last few weeks of school, at which point he made it clear he was interested in me, but then school ended before we could do anything about it. I took a year off before I went to university, but he got a job before he even graduated. Fortunately, he worked quite close to where I live, and after a few months of texting and chatting online, we’d started seeing each other in secret fairly recently. I spent my jobless days sleeping in, applying for work, making out with Andrew on his lunch break while my parents were at work, feeling depressed, and that’s about it. My parents hated it; maybe even more than I did. Almost every day, I was told I’d have to start paying rent, or find a job, or something.

I wasn’t sure whether to stay and cower in my room or go find Dad to face the music. About 10 minutes passed before I decided I should explain some things to Dad. For instance, I still wasn’t entirely sure he knew I was gay.

Dad was mindlessly flicking through the TV channels in the lounge room. He was sitting on His Chair. I sat on the lounge and found enough courage to say something.

“Dad, I think I should expl-“

“When you said you were looking for jobs, giving headjobs isn’t exactly what your mother and I had in mind, Martin.” He didn’t even look up from the TV. His tone made it impossible to tell if he was joking or pissed off.

“That’s not-” I sighed. “Look, I’m sorry but I can’t spend every waking hour applying for jobs every single day.” I considered pushing further but thought better of it.

He turned off the TV and came over to the lounge with me. He sat down with a sigh. In all this afternoon’s excitement I’d almost forgotten how much I wanted him. Yes, it’s a bit fucked up that I lusted after my father, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been in love with him since I was about 14. He was sitting right next to me, his leg resting against mine. I could smell his body. I took a deep breath. “I know your mother’s a bit more lenient on this matter than I am, but honestly, Martin, you really do need to start contributing in some way – paying rent or something.” This wasn’t the topic of conversation I was expecting.

“But how? Everywhere outs looking for 5 years experience, even for entry level jobs. If you can either fix the job market or find me some other way to pay my way, I’d be glad to do it.”

“Well,” my father replied with a sly grin on his face, “there is something I’ve thought of that I know you’ll be good at.”

I was confused and intrigued, not only because I’d never seen that devilish grin on my father’s ruggedly handsome face before.

“It all makes sense now. I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at me,” he said. “At this.” He unzipped his fly and flipped his penis out. As a gay guy, I had seen a great many cocks in porn, but before today, the only dick I’d ever seen in the flesh was my own. Now I’d seen two in one day without even leaving my house. Dad’s already-hardening black cock was circumcised, quite thick, with a vein or two on the sides. I had no idea what to do; I couldn’t tell if he was joking, if Dad knew how I felt about him and felt the same way, or if this was some kind of fucked up punishment for what he’d seen Andrew and me doing. “I know you want me, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t flattered. Now, time for you to start paying the rent, boy.”

I didn’t even have time to pretend to resist his proposition. With one fluid motion, Dad grabbed me by the back of my head and pushed me down towards his half-hard dick. Instinct and lust took over, and I opened my mouth wide, eager to taste my father’s cock, my literal first taste of incest. He buried kartal escort bayan my face in his thick, dark curly pubic hairs. I breathed in his strong, manly odour. Dad groaned with pleasure when I wrapped my lips around his thick, hot cockhead and let him slide his dick – the same big black cock that made me – as far down my throat as it would go. I closed my eyes and let him control my head, sliding my mouth up and down his hardening, throbbing member. His cock tasted just like Andrew’s precum – salty with a hint of sweetness – mixed with an almost intoxicating masculine musk. Dad started thrusting his hips in time to his manipulation of my head, fucking my face and moaning with delight.

It took me a while to register it, but so help me god, I was enjoying it, too. I could feel my cock getting hot in my pants, straining against my boxers, creating a noticeable bulge in my shorts. I could feel the precum starting to ooze out of the tip of my dick, leaving a wet patch on my boxers. I moaned as Dad facefucked me, faster and faster. I reached out and started caressing his thighs while sucking his cock, then moved my hands underneath his shirt and started rubbing his hairy chest and paunchy stomach. His body felt so hard, so rough, and so hairy – and I fucking loved it.

I pulled my hands free from his shirt and used them to pull my head away from Dad’s big, delicious cock. “Just a sec,” I gasped. Catching my breath, I hopped off the sofa and onto my knees in between Dad’s legs. With one trembling hand, I nervously reached out and grabbed hold of Dad’s cock and started jerking it slowly. He didn’t seem to mind. With my spare hand, I undid my belt and fly and pulled my pants down around my knees, showing Dad my moist, incredibly hard, throbbing cock in case he was interested. With that done, I lowered my head and resumed sucking my father’s dick, stroking it while I licked his cockhead and swallowed the combination of precum and saliva that coated its length.

Before long, I heard Dad’s breathing getting faster, and his legs started to twitch. I smiled, pleased with my progress as a first time cocksucker. Somehow, Dad’s cock got even harder the closer he came to cumming, swelling inside my mouth. Then, like magic, he was there. He groaned loudly as his cock spasmed in my mouth, his body jerking while he orgasmed. I felt each spurt of cum working its way up my father’s cock, and into my mouth where it shot into the back of my throat and the roof of my mouth. I kept my lips wrapped tight around his dick, not wanting to spill a drop. About 20 seconds later, my mouth was full of Dad’s cum. Carefully, I slid my lips off his cock and swallowed the entire salty-bitter load. I winced at the taste, but regretted nothing.

Dad was clearly not done with me yet, though. He pushed me down onto the carpet and leapt on top of me, pinning me to the ground with his hard, warm body. He held my biceps in each hand and put his lips on mine. I opened my mouth and let his tongue slide into my mouth and run circles around my own. I moaned into my father’s open mouth and started grinding my hard cock against his leg, leaving a sizable wet patch of precum on his trousers. He sucked at my tongue and my lower lip as we made out, breathless and overwhelmed with incestuous lust for each other. Making out with my father was so different from making out with Andrew. It wasn’t just the incest factor; Dad was stronger, bigger and more experienced than Andrew, who was even more of a submissive twink than me.

Dad eventually released my arms from his steely grip, and I immediately embraced his hard body, caressing his back and running my fingers through his thick, dark, hair. His hands likewise free to explore, Dad propped himself up on one arm while his other explored my body. He ran his fingers from my face, down my neck, over my hairless chest, down my tight stomach and came to a stop at my naked, hard, throbbing cock. He traced his fingers over my smooth skin where my pubic hair “should” be, then lightly caressed my balls. I moaned something about how it “felt so good” into his mouth, then kept kissing him deeply and passionately. Very quickly, he stopped playing around, though, and grabbed hold of my cock in his warm, large, manly hand. Dad meant business now. He started stroking my dick gently, getting used to the feeling of another man’s cock in his grip for the first time.

“Oooh fuck,” I grunted, relishing the feeling of my father jerking my cock so delicately. I thrust my hips up and down, moving my cock through Dad’s hand, increasing the pace of my incestuous handjob. Dad sucked at my earlobe and moaned into my ear, and he started jacking me faster. Holding my cock tighter in his hand, he moved up and down my shaft faster, running his curled fingers over the ridge of my cock, then bringing it down to my ballsack, driving me wild with pleasure. I stared into his dazzling brown eyes while I shoved my tongue into his mouth, wrapped my arms around his torso and prayed to god that this would last forever.

Dad escort maltepe pulled his face away from mine and he stared at the sight before him: his son lying on the carpet of the lounge room, completely overwhelmed with passion, naked from the waist down while he jacked me off with precision. “Jesus, Martin,” he sighed. “I never knew I could feel so fucking turned on by a guy. And for that guy to be my son-“

“Oh Dad, that just makes it hotter, and you know it,” I told him, thrusting my cock up and down through his hand.

He laughed, “You said it.” Dad looked down at my cock, wet and hard, while he jacked it fast, holding tightly. “Now cum for your Daddy.”

I hadn’t realised I was just waiting for permission. Waves of ecstasy washed over me, radiating from the tip of my cock and throughout my body. I closed my eyes and yelled up at the ceiling while, on Dad’s command, I had the most intense orgasm I’d ever had in my life. I arched my back, my legs and stomach spasming uncontrollably while cum rocketed out of my cock, shooting ropes of white stickiness high into the air. They landed with a wet splat all over Dad’s hand, the carpet, and me, the white cum contrasting with Dad’s and my dark skin.

While he waited for me to catch my breath, Dad wiped his hand on my leg and pulled himself up from the floor. “Well, I should be getting back to work now. I expect this will be all cleaned up before your mother gets home, right?”

My head was still swimming, orgasmic light-headedness replacing most of my rational thought. “Wha-?” I propped myself up on my elbows and looked up at Dad, ignoring the cum running down my stomach. “So, that’s it? We’re done?”

“Absolutely – for now. But you still owe me a shitload of rent, Martin. Don’t you worry your pretty little head; we’ll be doing this for quite some time yet, my darling son.” He bent over and caressed my cheek. “See you tonight, okay?”

“Wouldn’t miss it, Dad.” I watched him leave after he grabbed his sandwich from the kitchen. So much for eating lunch at home, I thought.


My afternoon was spent cleaning up my cum, and then replaying the events in my head. I wondered what had caused Dad to proposition me like that – so brazen, with so much certainty that I would be into it. I had never thought my glances at his body were that noticeable. But more importantly, I’d never actually come out to either of my parents. As far as they both knew, I was straight. I was always so careful with my browser history, and even at high school I’d only experimented as far as making out with other guys. Ironically, I was worried about coming out to my parents mostly out of fear how my Dad would react.

When Dad returned home that night, he acted like nothing had happened between us. I know it was probably safest that way, but it just felt so weird to me, so wrong. When Mum was out of the room at one point after dinner, I asked Dad if he enjoyed his afternoon. He just replied by complaining about work. Later that night, Dad went into his office to do some reading. I stayed in the lounge room, watching some lame drama on TV with Mum. During one of the commercial breaks, I decided to chance it, and I asked Mum if she thought Dad had been acting strange that night.

“No… Well, I don’t think so, anyway. He’s probably just had a tiring day at work. You know what he’s like.” She paused. “Say, since when have you been so concerned about your Dad like this, anyway, honey?”

“I dunno, he was just a bit weird when he came home for lunch today.” I realised far too late that I probably shouldn’t have started down this road.

“What do you mean?” Mum was growing concerned.

“On second thought, it’s probably nothing. He just came home and grabbed his sandwich, probably ate it on his way back to work. So yeah, you’re right, he was probably just having a bad day.” I’ve never been a great actor, so I was hoping like mad that Mum believed me enough that she wouldn’t tell Dad that we had chatted about his lunchtime visit. It probably didn’t hurt that nothing I said was a lie.

“Yeah, see? Nothing to worry about.” She went back to watching her show.


I went to bed around midnight that night, and fell asleep surprisingly quickly considering how much was on my mind. At 3:20 that morning, I awoke to Dad gently shaking me awake. I mumbled something incoherent while trying to open my eyes. The fact Dad had turned on my bedroom light made that very difficult indeed.

My eyes hadn’t even fully focused when Dad asked me, “Ready for round two?” I groaned for a second or two while my eyes woke up.

Dad was standing next to my bed, completely naked. His chest caught my attention first. A light blanket of curly dark hair covered my Dad’s torso, almost obscuring his liberally tattooed chest. He has a bit of a “dad bod” – he’s fairly lean, but carries a little beer belly and love handles. But man, standing there naked in my room, my Dad looked like the sexiest man on earth. His little nipples pendik escort were erect in the chilly night air, begging to be sucked on. Also erect and begging to be sucked was, of course, his thick cock. It stood proud in front of me, throbbing with the tip glistening in the light of my room. I couldn’t believe I had almost forgotten how big and beautiful it was in the less than 12 hours that had passed since his lunchtime visit.

Wasting no more time, Dad pulled my sheets back and climbed into my bed. I held him close to me and immediately started kissing his soft lips, letting his stubble prickle against mine.

My parents’ room was at the other end of the house, but still I whispered my confession to my father in between passionate kisses. “I was so worried you’d started to regret today.” I lovingly caressed his stubbly cheek, staring deep into his eyes as we kissed.

“Never,” he whispered back. That afternoon, we’d been so overwhelmed by lust that I wasn’t able to take in all the details. Now, in the dead quiet of the night, when we could take our time, I could focus on everything. Every breath in, every breath out. My heart racing in my chest, Dad’s heartbeat thumping into my chest. The smell and taste of his breath and his recently showered skin. Every touch and caress – his hands on my body, and my hands on his. Skin to skin, man to man, father to son.

He rolled me onto my back and started unbuttoning my pyjamas, and kissed my hairless chest, sucking my nipples. He sucked them hard, and I moaned softly. While licking and sucking my nipples, Dad pulled at the waistband of my pants, and slid them down my legs. I kicked my pants off my feet and Dad came back up to me to resume our make out session, both of us now fully naked.

“God, you’re so fucking sexy,” Dad whispered while he nibbled my earlobe.

“You’re not so bad yourself, Dad,” I replied while letting my hands work their way down to his nice, round ass.

“Never would’ve thought I’d want to fuck my son as badly as I do right now,” he confessed.

I’d spent far too many years fantasising about hearing Dad say that. I wasn’t going to let this chance pass; I had to reply the way I’d always wanted to. I whispered to him, “Fuck me, Daddy. I want your cock inside me.”

He responded with the most intense kiss of my life. He held my face in both his hands and thrust his tongue into my mouth and started grinding his big, hard cock against my own. I massaged his ass in my hands and started grinding back. We both groaned and moaned while our tongues danced in each other’s mouth. We only stayed that way for about 30 seconds before Dad broke the kiss to instruct me, “Roll over, babe.”

He climbed off me and let me roll onto my front and get into doggy position. It was about that point that my horniness finally gave way to nerves. I was nowhere near ready enough to take any dick inside me, let alone my Dad’s thick monster. Dad made his way behind me. I felt the bed giving way as he readied himself. God, I wanted him inside me so bad, but at the same time I wished I’d had some time to allow myself to properly accommodate him. I braced myself for the agony that no doubt awaited me.

None came. Instead, I felt Dad’s soft, wet tongue moving slowly down my butt crack, down to my asshole, and down to my ballsack, then all the way back up again. I’d never even been touched there, let alone licked so intimately. I couldn’t help but shudder and moan “Yeaaaah” and “Feels good” like an idiot. Dad didn’t seem to mind; he kept licking me, shortening his laps until he was just focused on my incredibly sensitive asshole. He grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them, increasing his access to my most private area. My father tossed my salad for a couple of minutes while I just kept moaning in ecstasy, bent over in front of him like the world’s most bizarre prayer offering.

Dad’s tongue eventually started to tire out. That, or his desire just became too great to ignore. He stopped licking my asshole and I felt the bed move behind me. I felt his hot, hard cock head lightly poke me while he lined himself up, ready to fuck his son in the ass.

“Ready to start paying your rent back?” I couldn’t tell if he was trying to put me at ease with a joke, or whether he was totally serious. Either way, I replied with a nervous “Uh-huh” and tried my best to relax, giving full control of my body to my father.

He slowly eased his cock inside me while he rubbed my back with his free hand. On top of the exciting and new physical sensations of giving my father my virginity, I was in such a vulnerable position in many ways, and I had to put all my trust in Dad. I was giving all of myself to him. Was there a more powerful symbol of love I could ever give to my father? I certainly couldn’t think of one.

I lowered my head and moaned into the pillow, inadvertently but not unhappily granting Dad a better angle to work his thick dick into my virgin ass. With each tiny bit of his cock that he slid into my asshole, I stretched more and more, hurting a little more each time. It was the best pain I’d ever felt in my life, and it kept building the more he forced his way into my incredibly willing, incredibly tight virgin passage. Inch by inch, my beautiful father gently made his way deeper inside me.

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