Payment For A Job


I woke up to the sound of the ocean rushing up the shoreline near my house in Florida. I rolled over and looked at the beautiful women lying next to me clothed in nothing but the sheets that formed perfectly to her figure due to the sweat that covered her body in the morning heat. As my eyes wandered up and down her body taking in every subtle figure and shape my mind couldn’t help but wander to the events that took place earlier that morning and the night before…

It was a normal day like any other starting off the same way as it always does. I woke up in a lull from too much alcohol the day before, dragging myself out of bed and to the shower was a chore in itself. I considered calling in sick to work because of my hangover. When I arrived at work the phones were already ringing off the hook with customers needing help with their computers. As the day continued on with phone call after phone consisting of “just run a virus scan and you’ll be fine” or “Well, do you have everything plugged in the right way?” it was getting rather mundane. Her call started off like any other but little did I know it would change my life

“Hi thanks for calling AA computer tech how can I help you?”

“Hello” The woman’s voice said on the line. I could tell she was extremely frustrated with something that was going on. “My computer keeps acting up and shutting down randomly on me”

After about 15 minutes of virus scans, spy ware scans, and general trouble shooting I told the lady that if she’d like to bring the computer in to the shop we would be able to diagnose and repair her machine. She agreed and shortly arrived at the shop. I watched her through the window as she pulled the heavy machine out of the backseat of her car. She was an attractive woman. Her long red hair shaped her pretty face and the sun easily caught the slight glimmer of blonde highlights. She stood five feet eight inches, and carried her round, full breasts well. Her rounded womanly hips flowed smoothly into her long tan legs that came out of her skirt around mid-thigh. Her toned leg muscles flexed as she carried her computer toward the entrance of the shop.

I opened the front door and took the computer from her hands. She thanked me softly for the relief. Briefly, I introduced myself and quickly took the computer to my workbench near the back of the shop. I worked on her computer for about an hour, stumped at every possible solution. The whole time she sat quietly in the waiting area reading a magazine. Occasionally I would catch her in mid stare and she would quickly return to reading her magazine. Now, I’m not your typical geek guy that you would see running a computer repair shop. I’m 24 years old and six feet two inches tall with piercing blue eyes that would melt even the iciest of hearts. My hair is sandy blonde, shaggy and curly. I almost look like I was born to surf. I am of a medium build and by no means ripped or fit like the men you see in magazines and porno. I’m not overweight either; I do take care of myself and try to go the gym whenever life permits.

After much time passed she got up from her seat and walked over to me with a puzzled look on her face, “Were you able to find the problem yet?”

I replied, “No I can’t seem to pinpoint what the problem is.”

She looked me in the eyes and smiled, “Not a big deal really I have the whole week off.”

I smiled at her and began to work on her computer again, though this time she didn’t return to her seat in the waiting area. Instead she pulled up a chair and sat down watching me work, occasionally asking a question about this part, what that wire was, and also making small talk with me. Her voice had a sultry tone to it the whole halkalı escort time that I didn’t pick up on when she had first arrived. This intrigued me and I found myself enjoying her company and her tone. Over the course of a couple hours I had learned she was 23 and had just moved into town about a week ago. She needed her computer for the work that she did from her home which explained why she was so frustrated on the phone.

As it neared closing time, every one of my employees had left already and I had just about exhausted all my resources when I suddenly got an idea of what could be the problem. Frantically working I managed to run the computer through a serious of tests and programs without it crashing. I looked up grinning and caught her staring at me licking her lips. I proceeded to tell her what I had done and she was ecstatic that I was able to fix her machine. I gave her the bill and started to lock up the store after she had left; relieved to know I could finally go home. When I arrived at my car I found the woman leaning against the trunk with one foot propped up on the bumper, allowing me a slight glimpse of her black thong she was wearing underneath that skirt. I stood there with a puzzled look on my face.

“I just wanted to thank you again for sparing me the expense of buying another computer for my home business.” I told her she was welcome and that I appreciated her business. Suddenly, she then hugged me tightly pressing her breasts into my body with her chin on my shoulder. I could smell the tantalizing scent of her perfume as it wafted into my nostrils. It caused me to shiver and I had to catch myself from falling over. She let go of me, looked at me seriously, and asked “Would you like to accompany me for dinner tonight at Linguari’s?” Stunned, I managed to form the word “ok.” She smiled and walked to the passenger side of my car.

The restaurant was perfect, the food delicious, and the company gorgeous. Throughout the entire dinner she kept flirting with me and gazing deeply into my eyes, occasionally running her foot up my leg. The night continued on with relentless flirtatious glances, feeding each other cherries and suckling the juices off each other’s fingers. In my car on the way home I asked where she lived, in which she replied, “Let’s not go to my house it’s still being unpacked and is a complete mess, I’d love to see where you lived.” My mind went wild thinking about what the night could be coming to I drove us to my house and showed her around the place. We sat down on the couch together talking and flirting madly with one another. She inched closer to me as we sat there, placing her hand on my leg and turning her body and facing me. I took this opportunity to place my hand gently on her cheek and pulled her in for a long passionate kiss. We pulled away from each other, both breathing harder than before and gazing into each other’s eyes. She stood up, grabbed me by the hand and led me to my bedroom half walking half skipping down the hallway.

Inside the bedroom she pulled me in kissing me again, even harder and more passionately before. I started to roam my hands up her back slowly while our tongues danced and massaged each other’s forcefully. She broke the kiss and pushed me down on the bed, straddling me and pulling my tie off and tossing it aside. She started kissing me again. I had never been kissed like this before and my blood was boiling. She was so aggressive and confident and her actions turned me on immensely. My cock had already begun to grow in my pants. It strained against the fabric and rubbed her inner thigh slightly as she ground her hips into mine. Both olgun escort her hands had started to make their way down my body across my chest and stomach. She stopped at my waist before moving back up to my face. I ran my hands up her back and across her neck before running them through her hair. She moaned into my mouth started to grind even harder.

We made out some more and my hands made their way down her back, just above her ass, and around to her stomach. I moved her hair out of the way and started to kiss my way down her cheek and neck stopping to suck on her earlobe. I sucked and nibbled lightly on her neck, hearing her breathing shorten and quicken with every suck and lick that I used on her. I slid my hands up her stomach resting them on her breasts and massaging them lightly. I then slid my hands underneath her shirt and found her nipples to be erect and poking out through the fabric of her bra. She slid down my body and started to suck on my neck, causing me to gasp and moan slightly, while her fingers undid my shirt, button by button, slowly removing it as she went. Pretty soon she had taken off my shirt completely and I pulled hers off over her head allowing me to see her tanned stomach and lacy black bra.

I kissed my way down her neck and onto her chest kissing her breasts through her bra at first. I moved down her stomach further and further with each kiss until I reached her bellybutton. I moved back up kissing her passionately on the lips and removing her bra skillfully with one hand letting her round, full breasts exposed to the crisp evening air that circulated in through the open window across the room. Kissing and sucking on her hard nipples caused her to moan and shiver in pure delight. She started to undo my belt, almost forcefully tugging it out and throwing it across the room. Kissing down my exposed chest she stopped and started to suck on my nipples sending shivers down my spine. She unbuttoned my pants and slid them off allowing my rock hard cock to stand straight up in my boxers. She tossed my pants away and started to rub my cock through my underwear with her hand and kissing me impetuously on the mouth.

My hands made their way down her body atop the waistline of her skirt. I slid them down her legs and up under her skirt feeling the dampness on her inner thighs. This made me want to feel more and more of her body. Just the thought of her pussy wrapped around my cock made me quiver rapturously and caused my cock to twitch at the thought. I pulled her skirt off and devoured the site of her black thong thoroughly soaked by her juices; I just wanted to bury myself in her hot womanhood. She pulled my boxers off and moved down with her head between my legs, the head of my cock just mere millimeters away from her lips, her hot breath falling down upon my cock, my eyes just begging for her to take me in. She looked up at me with my member in her hand and said “You want me to take your huge cock in my mouth don’t you?”

“Yeah” was all I could muster under the situation and with that she placed the tip at her lips giving it a kiss and slowly kissing down the shaft to my balls slowly sucking on my balls and licking my dick all the way back up to the top before engulfing the entire thing in one slow motion, deep throating my whole cock and moaning softly causing waves of pleasure to erupt through my body. She started to suck and move her head up and down, moving faster with each stroke bringing me closer and closer to orgasm with every passing minute. My orgasm was building within my body. She felt the head of my cock swell and started şişli escort to suck even harder and moving faster and faster, pushing me over the top. My cock exploded into her mouth filling it with more cum then I had ever had before with waves of pleasure streaming throughout my body. She swallowed every drop and moved back up kissing me intensely with the slight taste of my own cum still lingering on her lips

I rolled over pinning her between the bed and myself kissing her fiercely and sliding her thong down her legs, discarding it across the room. I kissed my way down her body sucking her nipples and licking and kissing her stomach till I reached my destination. Her pussy was dripping wet with her juices and the pungent aroma that filled my nostrils activated a dormant, carnal instinct deep inside that drove me wild. I ran my tongue down the lips of her pussy and kissed all around it on her legs and crotch just savoring the sweet taste that glistened on my lips. My tongue worked its magic on her clit, licking and sucking it causing her body to tense up and her breathing to quicken to nothing but short gasps for air. I ran my tongue down the slit and slid it in her pussy letting the juices cover my tongue. I moaned deeply and started to slide my tongue in and out slowly at first, then picking up speed. She placed her hands on the back of my head and pulled me in forcibly wanting me to go deeper and deeper with every penetration. I moved my tongue in and out of her quicker and quicker while my finger played with her clit. She bucked her hips into me reaching her orgasm and convulsing uncontrollably while I felt her pussy walls contract around my tongue with each wave of her orgasm.

She then did something that had been a fantasy of mine and no girl I had been with could fulfill, as most girls were too shy in the bedroom with me. She pinned me down on the bed forcing my arms up high and securing me to the bedrail with my tie, which she had retrieved from the foot of the bed. Laying there, breathing heavily, with my cock just aching to be ridden, she straddled me and positioned herself directly above my cock. Her juices dripped down onto my erect rod, soaking me in hot, wet secretions. She lowered herself upon my erect member, the head just sliding into her body and her pussy engulfing me bit by bit. Her pussy was tight but I slid in with ease because of how wet she was. She lowered down all the way just sitting on me and staring into my face, her eyes full of lust and passion. I could feel her steamy pussy wrapped around me while she squeezed my cock with her strong pelvic muscles.

She started to move up and down slowly at first building speed as she went, soaking my stomach and legs with her pussy juices. Both of our bodies moved in perfect rhythm. We were both glistening in sweat as we had some of the most amazing sex I’d ever have. The cool breeze from outside washed over us as we made love in the moonlight that danced across the water and into the room. She braced herself with her arms and bent down, kissing me fiercely on the lips. She only got faster and faster as time went on and I knew I couldn’t hold out for too much longer. With her moaning loudly I felt her orgasm erupt around my cock pushing me over the edge and shooting my steamy cum deep inside her. But she was relentless and kept on riding me for another hour; both of us having more and more orgasms till neither of us could take it anymore.

She untied my wrists and collapsed on top of me, my cock still deep inside her, kissing me affectionately and just laying with her arms wrapped around me. Basking in the afterglow of our orgasms together I pulled the covers over us and we just lay there listening to the sounds of our breathing. Wrapped up in each other’s arms, her warm body pressed against mine, she softly kissed my chest and neck. We must have lain there for hours before finally falling asleep dreaming of the love we would soon share with each other the next day. Needless to say we would soon become lovers for all time and eternity, the sex only getting better and better as time passed us by.

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