Peggy Sanford and Friends Ch. 01

Camel Toe

Thanks to Kate for editing my story. I am sure you could tell that English is not my native language.

The two women in my story are both talented Literotica writers. They have both approved that I have used them as characters in this story. They have both read the story before posting.

Please check their profiles and stories.

This is my first ever entry. So please be gentle.

There is no sex in this story. I know is unusual for both Ladies, but it will come later, if you readers want me to post more chapters.


My name is Peggy Sanford.

You probably know me. I have posted some stories at Literotica over the years, so you know I love sex and have a healthy appetite of the good things in life, like orgasms, cocks, pussies, cocks and orgasms. Did I mention pussies and hard cocks? I have to admit I love it when males ejaculate in my pussy, my ass, on my body, but especially in my mouth. I do love the taste of a man. The wonderful taste and fragrance of an aroused woman is even better.

I know I’m slut. I just love sex.

Other people have posted stories in my name. Some have been extremely good and very close to home, but you must know that what they write is their fantasy and has nothing to do with my life at all. Ok Maybe a little, or actually quite a lot, but I did not write it. I might have told them, but you will never know.

I joined Literotica at age 46 in 2002, so you can calculate that after 13 years I am now in my late fifties.

Any woman will know what that means. Emotional changes, feeling hot, sweating, and changes in the lubrication of my pussy. Fortunately my GP knew exactly what to do, so I am now on a tight monitored hormone treatment, that keeps me healthy and young both at heart and at my body. I still like to fuck, I still get extremely aroused when in sight of a beautiful cock, and I still have great orgasms. I love the pharmaceutical industry. They keep me wet.

When I got close to turning 50, I went through a phase of emotional changes. My doctor had a good control of my body, but I had a hard time accepting that I got older, so I fucked everybody that had a hard cock. I loved it, but still felt depressed. My orgasms were very good, but I needed that extra special. Any woman, who has experienced “The halkalı escort small death” knows exactly what I mean.

I still remembered “The Ultimate Orgasm” I had when I was 44. Ever since that day, I had searched for the same fabulous experience, but I never got close to it. I was thinking that maybe the hormones and my changes with age would prevent me from ever having that experience again.

I settled down and accepted that my sex partner could get me off with nice orgasms, but frankly, I became a little bored. In my mind, I felt that the orgasms I had with my toys were at least as good as the ones I had at the end of a warm, hard cock.

Should I stop fucking men? I knew I would never do that. I loved the admiration they had for my body. I loved when they went down on me and spent hours licking my cunt and ass, but I needed “The ultimate orgasm”, that I had not had for almost 6 years.

I have a lot of female friends. I love a 69 or just mutual oral stimulation. The female body is so different from a male body. It is soft and wet and the taste and fragrance of an aroused pussy is just fabulous. I could lick a pussy until I died. Really I mean it. I love giving a blowjob, but I will prefer a pussy anytime. Maybe a threesome with both a pussy and a cock would be better. It is a hard choice to make.

Two week ago, one of my female lovers, Bonnie, visited me. We met through the Literotica bulletin boards. Bonnie had also submitted stories that have been highly rated by the readers. We see each other quite often and have had several sexual encounters with men together. I trust Bonnie and she trusts me. She is married to Bob. She loves him dearly, but she also craves sex with other men occasionally. Bob allows this, knowing that Bonnie loves him dearly and would never leave him for somebody else.

When she came through my door I knew something special had happened. She looked radiant. Even her nipples sent signals through her tank top. I could smell her pheromones. Jesus, I had never experienced that before. Obviously, I asked her what had happened to her.

She talked fast and babbled, but looked so happy, so I had to tell her to take it easy and tell me what had happened.

After some olgun escort time she told me that she had experienced Henrik.

Who the hell is Henrik? I asked her.

She told me that Henrik was a Danish Viking that had settled in our community. He was a tall man with very big hands, and he gave great massages. She talked a bit with him before her massage and learned that he had been a businessman working in Denmark and most of Europe before retiring. He had always loved giving massages to women, so now he had made a business out of it.

Bonnie had heard about it from a friend and as the price was ridiculously low, Bonnie decided to try it. Her friend had told her that it was nice. Her friend was happily married and quite shy, so for her to admit that it was nice, Bonnie knew that it had to be quite special. She booked a massage called a ‘yoni massage’. Her friend had told her that she had to be naked for this massage, but had also told her that Henrik was very professional.

Bonnie could not hold back her excitement and said it had been the best ever massage she ever had. After some pause, she added that he had given her the most amazing orgasm.

“It just went on and on.”, she said dreamily. “I think I passed out and when I came back, I was wrapped in a big towel. I had been crying. Not from being unhappy, but from this rare and wonderful experience.”

She added that Henrik had held her tight for a very long time until she settled down. He spoke gently with her about what the massage could do to release stress and tension, and that was probably what she had experienced.

I kept thinking about my Ultimate Orgasm 6 years ago. Had Bonnie just had one of those ultimate orgasms? I needed to know so I asked if she had an orgasm like that before.

She answered, “No never. I have had many great orgasms in my life, but never ever have I had anything like this. I got my massage and felt relaxed and very calm and then he inserted a finger into my pussy. I think he just touched my g-point. My body kept convulsing for a very long time. My body lifted into the air. I floated on a bed of lust. It just continued until I fainted. When I woke up again in the arms şişli escort of Henrik, my body felt strong and heathy. I knew then, that I was addicted to his hands. I know that if he can get me off like that once a month, I will not need sex anymore.”

I know Bonnie loves cocks. She can’t live without cum. What the hell had happened to her? Her experience must have been something very special, so I decided that I had to book a massage with Henrik.

Thinking of being massaged by a tall Viking with big strong hands made my pussy wet.

“Did he have sex with you?”

“No”, she answered. “He just gave me the best massage of my life.”

I had never heard of a yoni massage before so I asked her what it was.

Bonnie replied, “He asked me to get naked and lay on my front. He then gave me a full body oil massage. First my back, from top to toe. Then my front. I should tell you, when he massaged my face it was so much better than at any spa. When he massaged my breasts, I almost fainted. Strangely, it was not erotic at all, but I felt a close sensual connection. I felt so relaxed and at peace with myself and the world. Then he concentrated on massaging my vagina, my lips, clit and the wall of my vagina. Everything was so gentle and he kept on doing it. It was like I was being transformed into a person that felt beautiful both inside and outside. When I slowly came back to the real world, he touched me and then I had this fabulous orgasm. When I look at my watch, I saw that the whole encounter had lasted almost 2 hours. I was floating into air. My mind felt at peace with the world and my body had never been more relaxed.

When I recovered from my orgasm, Henrik told me that the goal of the massage was to relieve stress from my mind and to relax my body. He certainly managed to do that. I never felt better, even after the best fucking with my lover.

He also told me that the massage would probably make my sex life better and give me stronger and longer lasting orgasms with my partner.”

Bonnie told him, that she had never ever had an orgasm that came close to what he had given her. Henrik smiled at her with admiration and told her that he was happy that she enjoyed it.

At that point, Bonnie booked the next massage within a month, but already thought, that she would need it sooner.

Bonnie told me to contact this man and try a full yoni massage. I must say I was tempted.

Should I do it? Please advise me.

Should I try what Bonnie did. Should I be afraid to become addicted? Would I crave not only the hands of Henrik, but also his mouth, tongue and cock? Could I survive that?

Would he be able to give me that Ultimate orgasm again?

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