Performative Art


Pressing my cheek to the large clear and cold window before me, I observe the vast sea of twinkling lights sprawled out before me. So many people traversing into and out of life. Sometimes, it could be fun to watch them, narrate their lives from a distance. Was the whore on the corner a single mother? The skinny white guy in the knit hat a dangerous gangster?

Tonight, there was another kind of fun in mind. A special presentation for the one I love. I threw the smooth curtains of the posh hotel window open wide. The music starts, or maybe it was always here, and I dance. My hands snake upwards, like fresh new plants seeking the sunlight. Slowly turning in ever widening circles, my light black dress was billows out around me as I spin. Could they see me, up here in my tower? Of course they could, they were my loving audience.

I opened the first few buttons of my dress, letting the night air caress my skin like a conscientious lover. I toss my head back, opening the dress the rest of the way. My fingers twine into my short bets10 hair as I continue my dance for the night. The smooth cloth of the dress falls from my shoulders, landing on the floor by my naked feet.

I don’t mind if you see, my loves. I love you.

I rest my fingertips on the glass, one by one, for this is the closest I can come to tenderly stroking my city. Hands slowly come up the sides of my breasts, still trapped by the simple black bra. I wanted to feel them freely, to let the nipples get hard and to feel the chill of the breeze. I pulled the straps down my arms, watching as my perky tits reflected back at me on the freezing glass window. I caressed them, playing with each nipple until it bunched up, super sensitive pinkish skin puckering in response to my playful touch.

My hips swayed in the thin black panties, thighs facing the window as I provided the show. Pinching them between my fore and middle fingers was sending electric shocks of pleasure throughout my entire body. I feel myself getting bets10 giriş wet. I love the thought of them watching me. I let them go, watching them bounce playfully. But I just can’t leave them alone.

The only thing that could take this to the next level is the tongue of a lover, to kiss and to caress. I love you too…

But sometimes, we don’t get what we want, and must make do without. My right fingertips find their way into my slippery mouth, collecting some of the moisture there. I rubbed my nipple with the saliva, the cool air turning me on. Again, I turn, dancing as my right hand yanked the short hair on my head. I craved that sharp pain mixed with pleasure. I pull at it again, from the other side, delighted as the tiny electrical shocks roll through my eager flesh.

I take the panties off, flipping them at the window playfully. I continue to dance for them, for the city sprawling below. My right hand finds its way between my legs, soaked and ready. I start with only two fingers, finding the bets10 güvenilir mi pace. I felt the slick inside, so hot and warm. I Increased to three, then four.

My left hand rested against the glass of the window, supporting us as the appendages explored. I thought that cold glass would feel amazing, pressing my bare tits against it was bliss. It was all I thought it would be and more, the cold sending a supreme jolt throughout my body. I moaned, pulling my soaked finger from inside me.

I smelled them, like a beast, then put them in my mouth. I sucked my own flavor off them greedily. I have to keep the show going, I couldn’t disappoint my loving fans. My fingers found their way inside again, working furiously. The walls tingled as I moaned and yelped like a wounded creature, drawing ever nearer to the point of climax.

For just one second, my breath caught in my chest. Time itself seemed to slow as the first waves of the orgasm struck my body. Spreading outwards like wildfire, burning bright, I tried to stop myself from cumming. It only caused the process to be quicker, licking my lips as I howled like a dog when the orgasm washed over me. When it subsided, I stroked the window, touching its icy surface in lieu of the city.

I’ve always loved you.

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