Petit Rouge


I have always had a ‘thing’ for red heads. It has been a fascination for longer than I can remember. A few days ago a young lady moved into the neighborhood. She is a nurse or something and I decided to do the neighborly thing and bring her some ‘goodies’. When the door to the little split level opened I nearly dropped the basket.

Her face was angelic, emerald green eyes shot with gold looked at me. Her frame was petite, however her bust line was anything but petite, and almost escaping the navy blue bandanna on her head, tendrils of red hair. I was in lust! There was a long difficult moment before I could speak.

“Hi, I’m Bill from down the block, your neighbor, welcome.”

Her smile was radiant. “Why thank you Bill, I’m Kate…would you like to come in? Be warned though, the place is a wreck.” I could only nod and follow her in. My eyes drifted to her finely sculpted butt; the way it moved was like, like music to my eyes. When I looked up she was leading me to the kitchen. I placed the basket on the table.

“Would you like a glass of water? It’s plenty hot outside.” She asked her eyes looking at the basket then up to my face.

“Sure.” I replied. She went to the fridge and bent over from the waist to get ice. Apparently she had one of the refrigerators with the freezer on the bottom. As she bent over her shorts pulled so tight I could see…she looked over and smiled as she stood up and closed the freezer door with her foot. I was suddenly pretending to be looking out her back window into her garden.

“Nice view!” I nearly jumped out of my skin. “My garden, it’s really wonderful!”

“It sure looks nice from here.” It was all I could think of to say. She grabbed my hand and opened the back door; we were strolling through her backyard and she was pointing and telling me all about the great changes that were going to occur. I could only think of what had peeked out of her shorts as she bent over for the ice. I was burning with desire to explore that bit of her ‘garden’.

“Would you have dinner with me?” Her question broke me out of my reverie; she had asked me before I even dared to ask her.

“Yes…” I stammered out, “please.” She actually blushed; I don’t think I remember a woman or girl blushing before. “What do you need?” I blurted out. “I mean for dinner.”

“How about a bottle of red wine?” Smiling she looked up at me, “and music of course.”


“Yeah, my CD’s and player are still boxed up.”

“Okay, what do you like to listen to?” I asked fearing her response. She listed of a dozen or so performers and bands and my fear was realized we had little in common.

“What time do you want to have dinner?”

“After dark,” she replied, “say eight o’clock.”

I nodded and reluctantly let go of her hand and showed myself out. I went to the grocery store and dropped thirty bucks on a bottle of wine. Then onto the music store to pick up half a dozen CD’s of bands I didn’t really like and snuck in a few of my own just in case. I showered, shaved and well took care of a few other things and waited impatiently as the sun traveled across the sky to its resting place in the West. Eight o’clock approached and on the dot I was knocking at her door. She answered the door wearing a dark green sundress and came barefoot to greet me. Her mane of crimson hair was done in long ringlets that framed her face and hung down her supple back. With wine and music in hand I entered the candle lit home.

“How romantic.” I commented.

“Yes,” she paused for a moment, “the electric hasn’t been turned on yet.” I couldn’t help but laugh; I stopped and she began laughing as well. She led me back outside and there was a picnic table with food waiting.

“The gas ‘was’ hooked up. I hope you like steak. I nodded and set the wine, CD player and CD’s on the table. She snagged the CD’s and flipped through them and a beautiful grin broke across her face.

“You my dear man are a sweetie. You bought CD’s just so I would have music to hear, music that I liked.”


“You didn’t unwrap some. Most of these have never even been opened I am guessing.” I lowered my head in shame. “Ready to eat?” She sat and motioned to the two plates heaped with meat and fresh vegetables. I attacked my food with gusto and watched her do the same. We drank expensive wine out of Styrofoam cups (not all the dishes were unpacked yet) and I think my lust grew for this woman.

“Eat up-you’ll need your strength later.” I looked up in hope and alarm but her head was down again as she renewed her feeding frenzy. I stole glance after glance at her hidden cleavage imagining how large and firm her breasts were. And then remembering the tiniest peek of her… After the meal I took out a one-hitter and loaded it and offered it to eryaman genç escort bayanlar her.

“You’re amazing! I so need to decompress and after fixing that meal and oh hell…” She took the hitter and fired it up taking in a lungful of ‘smoke’. She held it for a long time and let it out slowly. A look of peace settled over her. We got good and stoned finally settling on the ground her head on my chest looking up at the summer stars.

“I had an ulterior motive for getting you over here tonight.”

“Yeah?” I replied.

“I have a real heavy chest of drawers upstairs I need moved and I figured I could feed you and get you relaxed enough to help me move it.”

“I would’ve for free you know.”

“Yeah, I also wanted the company, new girl in town ya know.”

“As beautiful as you are…you could have any guy you want.” The words were out before I knew it.

“You think I’m beautiful?” She had turned over and was looking up at me, her green eyes boring into mine.

“Inside and out.” I was already damned so what the hell; this is where she’ll laugh and walk away. But she didn’t; no she leaned up and kissed me. It was like a damn bursting inside; I kissed her back and rolled her on top of me. I don’t know how long we kissed but she was shaking when we finally broke off and came up for air.

“Damn!” She whispered still laying atop me. I just grinned from ear to ear. As she stood up her leg brushed up against my leg and raging erection.

“Oh my!” she said smiling, “we mustn’t leave you like this.” Without a chance to say anything she fished it out of my shorts and stared open mouthed at it. Then an almost evil grin came over her angelic features.

“You and I,” she said looking down at me, “are going to have lots of fun!” Almost reverently she kneeled down and kissed the head. I shuddered at the coolness of her mouth and then her warm tongue come out and flickered over the area. I grit my teeth as she raked hers over the length of me. I have always had problems with women because of the size of my, manhood. It scares most women away, it draws a few curious passerby’s but it never lasts; they were too sore after a few encounters. But Red here could only smile knowing she could accommodate me. She took me in her mouth; an amazing feat in and of itself and then more until six inches was buried in her throat. It was the first time anyone had even attempted to give me head. I had to settle with hand-jobs and the occasional stretched out old whores in the neighborhood. This was a brand new sensation I reveled in it! She stopped, I looked down as she held me in one hand and rubbed her jaw in the other.

“You have got yourself a monster there my friend.” Smiling she returned to bobbing her head up and down on it and soon it swelled and I was shooting down her throat; she didn’t spill a drop.

“Now about that chest of drawers.” She didn’t miss a beat. I tucked myself back in and followed her up to her bedroom and saw the true monster. It was six feet tall made of solid oak and dared to be fucked with. The drawers were out and testing it, it still weighed half a ton.

“How the hell did you get it this far?” I asked.

“It took three guys to carry it up the stairs and they left it here in the middle of the room.” There was obviously more to the story and I guess the expression on my face said as much.

“Okay, it was friends of my cousin, I promised I would screw all three if they helped me move. I couldn’t afford to hire movers and I ran out of time. They wanted payment before they finished the move.” She was obviously ashamed of the whole thing but I knew guys like she was describing, real pieces of work and no conscience at all. There was something about the whole thing that awoke that darker side of me. I wanted to hear her story from her own lips, eventually.

“Where do you want it?” I asked and she pointed to a nearby corner. I nodded and moved out anything in my way to shift this monster. I walked over to the beast and eyed it thinking very loudly in my head, ‘it ain’t that fucking heavy!’ Over and over again the words burned in my brain and I grabbed the chest and with a burst of strength and speed I dead lifted it and took five steps till the back of the chest made contact with the wall. Air burst from my lungs and I am sure I was red as hell but it was moved. She looked thunderstruck and I saw a new appreciation in her eyes.

“Don’t try that at home.” I rasped as I tried to catch my breath and ignore the pain in my arms and back. She threw her arms around me and hugged me to her.

“You are a life saver! I am so tired of sleeping on the floor.” And then together we put her bed together; first the frame and then the spring and mattress. She put on her silken sheets and drew her pillows ankara escort bayan out of the walk-in closet and placed them on the bed. She sat there and looked up at me like a deer caught up in headlights.

“You want the details about me and those three men don’t you?” I was nodding before I even really thought it over. The fever of my lust was burning me from the inside out. “Well then you shall have every gory detail, you have earned it you know.” She was smiling and some glint of evil was there and I was reveling in it. She rose without a word and went to the closet and took out some clothes and went to the bathroom to change. I sat on the bed and ran my hand along the silk, my fingers gliding along its length like cool skin. She emerged from the bathroom wearing an emerald teddy with stockings and garter. Her mane of hair seemed alive with the candlelight shifting from light and shadow. She eased herself on the bed leaning forward where the tops of her breasts were exposed to my casual inspection. Her voice was deep and husky as she began her narrative.

“Setting and mood are very important doesn’t you think?” I nodded in agreement and motioned for her to continue. “The three men were quite young and not plain to look upon.” The fingers from her left hand slid down the front of her breasts teasing her nipples to erection. “The first was pale of skin and black hair, his eyes were like blue fire. He was muscular and moved like a cat. His cock was about six inches long and not so thick, but he knew how to use it. The second was tanned and looked like a beach boy. Blonde hair and green eyes with a butt that wiggled,” she squealed like a schoolgirl just then, “I do love nice butts, like yours. And his cock, oh eh about nine inches and fairly thick.”

She was now rubbing her nipple between thumb and forefinger. “The last, oh the last he was a dandy. Tall he was and dark hair and dark skin, with eyes of steel gray. He too was muscular with powerful legs, like a great hulking beast, with a eight inch cock with a lovely head and the perfect thickness.” At this she moved a little closer and moved the material covering her nipple aside so that the rosy areola was exposed along with the thick hard nipple. “They all were very nice up until the chest came off the truck. They bitched and swore all the way up the steps. Halfway up they began to change their minds about the chest and began to carry it back down the stairs. I pleaded with them and offered them anything they wanted. Well they decided I was their prize once the chest was in place.”

She now moved into a cross-legged position and her hand drifted between her legs now and her eyes glazed over as she teased her clit. “They got it in the middle of the room and stopped to catch their breath. That’s when they decided to take their payment thinking I would back out once the chest was actually in place.” The smell of her sex was beginning to excite me and my hand went to my dick lightly stroking it. “The pale skinned one came up behind me and grabbed my breasts and began to tease my nipples like this.” She cupped both breasts and her breathing began to get ragged as she played with her nipples.

“Then the surfer boy came up and kissed me grabbed my ass and began to fondle it. I was so wet by then and looked on as the last started to take off his shirt exposing his tattooed skin. Then his shoes and pants soon followed and lastly his underwear. He didn’t approach at first he just stood there playing with his gorgeous cock like you are doing now.” One of her hands left her breasts and lightly touched my covered cock. “Watching him watching me drove me insane with lust. Seeing their friend naked they decided it was a good idea and soon clothes were flying everywhere. My clothing included, soon all of us were naked and pawing each other. I closed my eyes and soon who was touching me blurred and the only thing that mattered was the pleasure. Take that beautiful cock of yours out so I can see it again.”

I rose eased off my shorts and let them fall to the floor. Then my underwear soon followed and my dick was there for her to see and touch if she wanted. I sat back down and began to play with myself again. She licked her lips and continued her story. “Lips were teasing my nipples and clit, hands were groping my tits and ass, and I was in heaven. Someone pushed me to bend forward and soon the first cock entered my pussy. I nearly screamed as slowly inch-by-inch the pale one eased himself inside of me from behind. Still the tattooed man’s tongue flickered my clit as his buddy fucked me. Surfer boy started to suck harder on one tit and groped the other fiercely.”

She shuddered as her fingers now moved in and out of her sopping wet pussy and a low moan now escaped her lips. etimesgut escort “Now I was forced to my knees and surfer boy wanted his cock sucked so I greedily took him into my mouth and leering glances were exchanged. I knew they were up to something but it wasn’t until the pale skinned one withdrew from my pussy that I began to suspect what was to occur. The tattooed man slid under me and entered my pussy with a quick jab of his hips. Then the pale one with his dick wet with my juices grabbed my ass cheeks and entered my virgin ass.” She now rose onto her hands and knees and turned away from me showing me her fine ass bisected by an emerald t-bar. Her hand ran up and down her perfect ass cheek. She watched me from over her shoulder and that evil gleam had become a glow. Her face was heavy in shadows and yet her eyes were both clearly visible.

“I cannot describe the feeling of being doubly filled like that. You cannot believe the pain and pleasure mixing and becoming a new sensation altogether.” She pulled her t-bar aside and once again I saw her shaved pussy from behind as her fingers slowly penetrated it moving until they passed the second digit and them they backed out. In and out they moved and the longer she fingerfucked herself the more animated her face became. “All my holes were filled and soon they were rotating positions until at last each had fucked my mouth, my pussy and my ass. The orgasms and sperm all began to blend with our sweat to become a mixture of our lust and power. The ancient Hindu understood this; they called it Kundalini or Tantric Sex. Sex magic is very powerful, do you want me to teach you?”

She turned around and leaned over my cock and took its head in her mouth once again, her saliva running down its length to my balls. Her hand also ran down the length of me getting it nice and wet and slippery. She then straddled me and lowered her soaked pussy onto my iron hard dick. I watched fascinated as her pussy lips parted and she enveloped my cock. And then inch-by-inch she continued to take me into her limitless depths until at last completely hilted she sat there simply enjoying her triumph over my twelve-inch monster. The beast was now slain, buried in her womb content to have finally been conquered. Then she began to ride the serpent and her voice rose like a banshee wailing in pleasure. Her pussy gripped me like velvet-lined glove; squeezing me the entire time, her muscle control was unbelievable.

Up and down she rode me like a merry go round, but this ride would end with her orgasm or my death I feared. A trick of the lights, it had to be, because it looked like a green radiance was coming from her emerald eyes. In and out the monster cock tried to drive her over the edge and give the orgasm that she needed so well. Her pleasure was building, but so was mine and I had to hold back or loose myself in her. I calmed my thoughts and could do only one thing; go on the attack! So I grabbed her hips and began pumping in time, meeting her down thrusts with upward jabs of my own. She cried out with each stroke now and her breathing was becoming extremely labored and raspy, her climax wasn’t too far off. I threw her off and forced her onto her knees and took her from behind, savagely pumping into her impossible pussy. I buried myself to the hilt with each thrust and her moaning was the only sound save the slapping of our bodies in the throws of deepest passion. I eased a single finger into her ass as we fucked each other. She took it with ease and moaned for more.

The hidden blaze became manifest in her eyes, her body and mine were lit by its defiling radiance. A second finger joined the first and still my cock attacked her pussy and clit. Come damn you! Finally a third finger invaded her ass and she was covered in sweat, as her orgasm got so close. Desperate to survive this unholy encounter I did the only thing left to me. I pulled the fingers out of her ass and my dick out of her pussy and unceremoniously rammed it into her tight ass. Like her pussy her ass began to try and milk the come out of me but resist I did.

I looked down and watched as my cock moved in and out of her; it was a once in a lifetime experience. No other woman could possibly do what this petit thing was now doing. So with long slow strokes I drove myself in and out of her ass. I paused in my assault and she somehow managed to roll me onto my back and was driving her ass up and down my cock, she was back in control and going for broke. I reached around and teased her clit as we moved into the final moments of my life for my own orgasm had snuck up on me and was nearly there.

My cock began to swell and grow as it inexorably approached and it must have been that swelling that triggered her orgasm. One moment she was riding my cock the next she was thrashing about with her pussy and ass spasming in undeniable ecstasy. Her thrashing pushed me over the edge to the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced. I shot into her ass and thought I would never stop. When all was over and done she cuddled in my arms and called me Master.

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