Phones Ch. 04


Everybody’s 18 blah, blah, blah.

Dad knows it all-so far.


Tessa came back to the room with me, shut, and locked the door. She dropped her robe and we slid back into bed with the lights off.

“He hasn’t shown or posted the video,” Tess said as she stroked my arm.

“What about the other one?”

Her hand froze, “I was going to tell you, but we got all tangled up with the one of Laura and I. I asked John, he hasn’t shared or shown anybody either one.”

Now, Tessa came into our marriage with a secret which she disclosed later. We both did. It was a surprise, but, since I’m a little kinky, and I like her family, I was okay. She and her father, while she was in college, took a trip and ended up having sex. It was all very consensual and they told her mom, which developed into something Tessa will have to tell about. So, the video of my daughter masturbating was not as shocking as it should be. It was hot.

“What are we going to do?” I asked.

Tessa snuggled up to me. Her body warm and inviting, an older version of my daughter.

“I don’t know why he’s recording us.”

I was confused, unsure. This isn’t stuff that normal parents deal with. Is there an incest gene?

“Are they both virgins?”

Tess shifted, her hard nipples rubbing my chest. My cock was hard too. I was ashamed but still horny. Her hand ran up my thigh, “I’m pretty sure they are. They haven’t had real steady dates and if anything went on at any of the parties, somebody would have blabbed.

“So, what’s the plan?”

Tessa’s hand moved to my thigh and then firmly grasped my rigid cock.

“Somebody likes talking about his daughter masturbating. Did you copy that vid to your phone?”


Tessa’s hand had the perfect grip and motion, “Ha. When I confessed to fucking my dad, you couldn’t understand. Now, when your daughter puts on a show, and you see her as a woman and not your kid, you’re hard and ready to do the taboo. Now you know how it happened.”

Tessa leaned over and took all of me down her throat. I’m not huge, seven and some inches of thick, circumcised cock, but it’s still a challenge. Her tongue slid along the soft underside of my cock-head, making me quiver. Her lips and mouth, oh, so warm. She stopped and got out of bed. She flicked the light on and got her phone, setting it on the bookshelf. She pushed the button, shut off the light and got back in.

“You have that training thing coming up. You need beat-off material. The phone has a night setting.”

Tessa started licking my cock and talking.

“Daddy, I like playing with your cock, it’s so big and hard.”

My cock throbbed, she sounded just like Molly.

“I’ve wanted to see your cock for a long time. I peek at you when you get out of the shower and then go back and rub my pussy, trying to imagine what your big dad cock will feel like in my mouth. Well, here I go.”

Tessa slid me into her mouth and I nearly came. Since it was dark I could fully embrace the role-play.

“Oh, Molly, Molly baby, you gotta stop or dad’s gonna come in your hot little teen mouth.”

She stopped and moved up until her mouth brushed mine, “But daddy, I want you to come in my mouth. I want to taste you, know that I’m pleasing you.”

I pulled Tessa’s face to mine and buried my tongue in her mouth. We kissed, hard and deep and I gripped her small ass in my hands. We broke.

“Touch my pussy daddy. Feel how wet I am.”

My hand slid between her legs and instantly was covered in her essence. Tessa gets wet, real wet, but this, this was over the top. She wasn’t playing to please me alone.

“You feel good Molly. Is that all for daddy?”

Tessa moaned, deep and hard, “Yes, yes daddy. I want your cock in me.”

“But Molly baby, I can’t, it’s wrong. What would mom say if she found out?”

“Oh, daddy. The other day she caught me masturbating and we ended up licking each other’s pussy. It’s okay, fuck your daughter.”

I rolled her over, spread her legs and put my cock at her flowing entrance, her pubic hair tickled the head.

“But Molly baby, what about your hymen? You’re a virgin.”

Tessa wiggled around, trying to get the head of my cock in her vagina, “No, daddy, I broke it with my new hairbrush. Stick it in me, fuck me, daddy.”

Oh, I did. I rammed her hard and just went to pounding. I knew I wasn’t going to last long. In the dark, Tessa felt just like Molly, same height, same build, same smallish tits, and based on that video, same gushing pussy. Two minutes or so and I couldn’t hold back. The whole time I was in her she kept saying, “Oh dad, I love your cock. Fuck me, daddy.”

Oh, Molly baby, I gotta cum. I gotta pull out, can’t make your pregnant.”

Tessa clamped her legs around me, “No daddy, I’m on the pill. Do it. Come in your daughter’s pussy.”

Oh, I did, well in the role-play. I rammed deep and just stopped as my rigid penis twitched and jetted hard. It was the best orgasm I’d ever had. So satisfying, I shot four times, feeling my wife’s pussy ataşehir escort massage me as I came. I fell off of her and lay there, spent and sweating. Tessa rolled next to me.

“See how easy that was?” It was the same with dad and me. We had that old motel room and the bathroom door didn’t latch. I thought it was closed and let my towel slip off as I touched myself. When I came, I saw the door was open and my dad sat in the room, his cock out of his boxers, cum shooting out the end.

I was still panting, “Nice, but that was different. It’s sick to take advantage of your own children.”

“Yes, yes it is. That’s why it has to be their idea, with no coercion.”

“So?” I asked.

Tess rolled over to go to sleep, “Either, Molly will make a move to fuck her dad, or she won’t. It’s all up to her.”

I laughed, “I wasn’t talking about Molly. I’m leaving for a week.”

Tessa rolled back and kissed me hard, plunging her tongue in my mouth. She left her lips brushing mine, “He recorded Laura and I so I know he’s curious…”

That pause, the pause that says, ‘I want your permission to respond to our son’s advances but I won’t ask.’

My cock got hard again, a new world record, envisioning. I leaned over and took Tessa’s nipple in my mouth as my hand moved between her legs.

“Mommy, are you sure? This is strange but you feel so good.”

Tessa groaned with lust, “Oh John dear, it’s okay. You’re old enough. Make mommy happy.”

I rolled over as she spread more and wrapped her legs around my ankles, “can I put my cock in you, mommy? I’m so hard.”

Tessa groaned as my cock nestled her lips, “Yes my son, put your hard cock in mommy’s wet pussy. Please fuck mommy.”

I’d love to say I lasted, I didn’t. I fucked my wife like I was going to prison tomorrow, the whole time yelling mommy as she cried, ‘fuck me, John, fuck mommy’s pussy’. We exploded fell away and just lay there, sweating, wondering just how perverted we had become and what the future held.

The day things began to change

I woke up late. No time to give Tessa a good-bye fuck. As I stood naked, throwing the last stuff in my bag, she lay there, playing with her pussy. I had woken up during the night and we fucked again, so her vagina was a deliciously sloppy mess.

“I emailed that video we made last night. Enjoy it.”

“You know I will. But it’s still, well…”

She smiled a coy knowing smile, “Well, we both know we like it, so don’t deny it. Your son apparently does too.”

I stopped packing, “Yeah, what about that?”

Tessa caught on immediately.

“Same rules, big guy. It’s gotta be up to him. But, if anything happens, I’ll tell you.”

I couldn’t help it, again envisioning my son on top of his mother, fucking the shit out of her got me hard. Tessa sighed, lay back and spread her legs, “Come on John, fuck mommy real fast, daddy may be home soon.”

I am a sick bastard but I did it. I fucked her hard, calling her mommy and coming in less than a minute.

I had to throw my clothes on and race out the door I was so late. But it was worth it.


The front door slamming as dad left woke me up. It was time anyway. I didn’t hear anything from Molly’s room so I got up and headed for the shower. There’s a bathroom between our bedrooms with a door directly into each room. When Molly was moved in we made a deal, first up gets the shower first.

Standing under the warm water, my mind replayed those videos and mom’s hands on my body. I stroked my cock, nice and slow, wanting to do a slow build. I shouldn’t be turned on by my family, but I don’t care any more. I was close, then the banging on the door.

“Hey, perv! Get out of there. I gotta shower too.”

I guess I have a new nickname now. I shut off the water, stepped out and was drying myself when the doorknob on Molly’s side turned. I quickly wrapped the towel around me but my cock was still hard. Molly barged right in, her towel tied around her, covering from her tits to just under that furry little pussy. The thought of what was under that towel didn’t do a thing to reduce my swelling.

“Hey perv, get out. I need to shower.”

She was back to being Molly, my sister, just with a new name for me. I turned away from her so she wouldn’t see how hard I was but I know she got a quick look at the towel sticking out. I opened the door to leave and felt her hand on the towel in the small of my back. In an instant, it was gone and my sister was laughing.

“I know what you were doing in the shower, you perv!”

I was totally embarrassed and went into my room, pulling the door shut behind me.

I’m standing in my room, still naked and hard and the bathroom door opens. I see Molly’s back, still wrapped in the towel.

“Hey, perv!” She cried as she let the towel drop and I saw her back, from head to toe, including that nice round ass.

She giggled and slammed the door with her foot.

What the fuck was that about?

I’m sitting in the kitchen, gnawing on a bagel in kadıköy escort bayan my usual breakfast clothes, a worn out pair of nylon running shorts and a tee. I’m still trying to make sense of what my sister just did and what’s going on around here. Mom all but jacks me off and my sister does a strip for me. Okay, wild exaggeration on both of those but, it’s still unlike anything that’s ever gone on here. If this is a result of me doing those vids, then I should have started sooner. Why is it that this feels so wrong but my cock is getting chubby thinking about it?

Mom sailed in, in that new short Asian robe thing that barely covers her hot ass.

“Where’s the vinegar?”

My mouthful of a bagel made a verbal answer difficult so I waved generally to under the kitchen sink.

“Oh yeah.”

As I sat, riveted, my mother leaned over from her hips, keeping her legs straight, opened the cabinet door and started rummaging around.

That silky red robe moved up her tight thighs, I stopped chewing. Up and over that little crease where her legs became her wonderful ass. My mouth opened in awe. Losing her balance a little mom’s legs opened. The bagel fell out of my mouth.

The robe only covered half of her firm mature ass. My eyes followed the joint of her butt down. Down to see her tight round butt hole, not a hair near it. Then, there it was, the place where I came from, my mother’s pussy. My breathing rose, as did my cock. It was beautiful. Fat and red from dad fucking her, the lips still wide open and, oh shit, so wet! Dad’s come and hers was still dribbling out of her pussy and running down her legs. As she moved the lips of her pussy flexed and more came out. My cock was rigid. I picked up my phone and hit record. I got five or ten seconds before mom stood up, vinegar bottle in hand and smile of triumph on her face.

“Ha! Way in the back, but I found it.”

As she turned, mom saw my blank stare and open mouth. Poised to ask me about the look on my face, she looked down at her, very brief, satin robe. To her credit, she blushed but then smiled. She walked past me, patted her hand on my thigh, right at the hem of my shorts, so close to the end of my rigid dick, and half-whispered, “Naughty boy got a show. I think he liked it.”

Yeah, he sure did, and as soon as mom went up to shower, I yanked my shorts down and masturbated right in the middle of our kitchen, ignoring the fact that my sister was still upstairs, I hoped. I pasted the bagel crumbs down in less than a minute and rinsed my cum covered breakfast plate. Man, what’s going on with me?

Molly came in soon after my dick went back to normal. It was like nothing happened. No mention of my recording her “changing” and certainly no mention of her flashing me. This house is going freaking crazy.


John gets a gift

Got home from practice, mom was still at work but would be home soon. In my room, I could hear Molly taking a shower. I wanted to crack that door and peek so bad, but I didn’t. My sister was being weird and I didn’t know how to handle it.

The shower shut off. That’s good, I had to piss. She yelled from inside, “All yours, perv!”

I sighed, I guess I deserve this. I waited to hear her door close and went in.

There they were. She never leaves them behind, but there they were, laid out perfectly on the floor of the bathroom, her panties, white, hipster panties. No Victoria’s secret, not yet. These were just Hanes white panties, my sister’s, perfectly displayed, the waistband towards her room. I’m stupid, but even I knew this was a presentation for my benefit.

I had never touched panties. I picked them up, warm, so warm, just off her body. They seemed heavy, and then I saw, the whole gusset was soaked. Had Molly peed herself? The scent came up, the one from that day in my closet. No, this was girl come, sister come. Molly had masturbated in these and left them for her perv brother to find, and?

I looked around and listened. Is this a trap? If I beat-off is the door gonna fly open and Molly will be videoing my beating off to her panties? No, her other door closed and I heard her on the stairs.

As I locked both doors and stripped, I saw it. The corner of the vanity shimmered. I bent down. Molly had rubbed her pantie-clad pussy on this corner, orgasmed in those panties, and left them for me. My cock was rigid.

I pressed my sister’s soaked panties to my face and masturbated, soaking in her scent, visualizing her rubbing her fat pussy on the counter, thinking of what I’d do with her drenched undies. Thinking of what it would be like to have her brother lick her pussy.

I could not hold back. I was coming, but where? There was only one place. I spread my sister’s white panties on the counter and covered the gusset in my come. There was a lot. My knees buckled. It felt so damn good.

Now for the reply to her invitation. I placed them back on the floor, nicely laid out, but this time, I put the gusset facing her room, the gusset submerged in my come. This is sick, escort maltepe but I love it.

Back in normal land. Mom got home, we had dinner, talked with dad via facetime, and then had a long family walk through the neighborhood. It was a late and warm night, so when we got back, everybody decided on a quick shower and bed.

Molly got there first so I waited in my room, a towel wrapped around me. The shower shut off and, in a minute or so, I heard Molly through the door. “It’s all yours perv.”

I was surprised when I opened the door. Normally she’s gone but tonight she stood at the corner of the vanity, leaning over to check her face in the mirror. She had her towel-clad crotch pressed into the corner, that corner, just looking at herself in the mirror. When did my sister get so fucking evil? No mention of this morning, or anything. As I moved past her, she stood back up and turned to go into her room. She paused next to me, leaned over and nearly put her lips in my ear.

“I know I wasn’t changing when you took that video.”

I was tired and confused. Stuff was happening that wasn’t supposed to happen. My feelings towards the women of my family have evolved, not because of me, well, a little, but because of something, something changed, something happened. Did making those vids change something? Molly? She knows I recorded her masturbating. She knew mom didn’t tell her the truth. Then she leaves those panties and flashes me. And mom? On my bed, and that comment about seeing her? That’s not regular mom. I know mom and dad have some sex thing going on now with their friends. I think it was from that weekend. But she was touching me the other night. She gripped my boner, briefly, it was no accident. Then the show in the kitchen. Okay, that was an accident, but not what she said as she left.

As I lay naked in my bed, the sheets piled at the bottom, I stroked my hard cock and admitted to myself that I would very much like to have sex with my mother and sister. I laughed, who would get my virginity first? But, do they want to, or is this just a silly game?

Tomorrow was Saturday and I’m a real light sleeper. I like to sleep late so I had the curtains pulled tight.

Mom ramps it up

The sound of the door opening woke me, it doesn’t take much. Now what? Or better, now who? Molly, taking it to the next level, or apologizing? Or was is my mother?

The hall was dark so when the door opened I still had no idea. She came in and shut the door quietly. There was a pause and then I felt her sitting on the bed. Our thighs touched, she was naked. A hand brushed up my thigh, almost to my cock.

“John, John baby, are you awake?”

My mother. I stayed quiet, wondering what would happen. She kept her hand at the same spot.

“Hey, mom. Yeah, I’m awake. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, well nothing bad. I wanted to know something.”

Her fingers toyed with the light downy hairs on my thigh. My cock started to grow.


“Well, those videos. Your sister and the one with me and Lauren. Why did you keep them?”

I had to be honest, “Cause they were hot.”

She didn’t answer. Mom’s hand moved a little closer to my cock. Her hand was way up on my thigh, near my belly. She had to know I was naked.

“But, that’s your sister, and I’m your mother.”

Her fingers toyed with the edge of my small pubic bush. My cock throbbed.

“Doesn’t matter to me. All my friends think you two are hot. Never really thought about it till then.”

“What did you do with them?”

“I told you, I didn’t do anything. Nobody saw them.”

Now just her index finger played in my pubes, still not touching my cock, “No, what did you do with them?” Her question was obvious. I paused and whispered my answer.

“I masturbated.”

Mom gasped lightly, “really?”

“Yeah, like I said, you two are hot.”

She moved her hand away, but as she did, she felt my hard cock. She gasped again and pulled her hand back, “Oh, sorry.”

“It’s okay, mom, it felt good.”

No sound but our breathing. I felt her thigh shift against mine. My cock twitched. Then her hand rested down near my knee, “are you sure?”

“Yes, mom, it felt good when you touched me.” I knew I had just crossed a big line. Now it’s not an accident.

“But I’m your mother.” As her hand moved up my leg, now an inch below my ball sack.

“That’s what makes it hot, mom. Please, do more.”

For the first time in my life, somebody, other than me, grasped my erect penis. It was awesome. Mom gripped it and then explored, running her fingers over me, squeezing, rubbing, taking the pre-cum from the head and smearing it around. She giggled, lightly, “You’re big, not as big as dad, but you will be. Is this nice?”

I groaned, “Oh yeah, please, more mom.”

“I shouldn’t be doing this.”

I thrust my hips up, “Mom, we both want this, I’m old enough. Please don’t stop.”

“Okay, I get it. Let mommy make her boy feel good.”

Mom masturbated me. It was weird having somebody else do it. At first, it wasn’t working, then I remembered who was doing it. She stopped, I heard her spit and then a warm wet hand came back, “Better?”

“Oh shit mom, yeah. I’m getting close.”

Her pace picked up. I couldn’t hold out any longer, “Mom, oh mom, I’m gonna come.”

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