Phoning Home

Double Penetration

Our nights together have been all too short and it is getting late. We both have to call the others in our lives, a difficult task to focus on after the escapades we have just put each other through. My call was uneventful, just a quick check in to be sure they know I am okay. Now it is your turn.

You pick up your phone while still lying naked on the bed. Your head is propped up on the pillow and you are beyond bashfulness as you make no attempt to cover yourself with what little bedding is not on the floor after our last hour of lovemaking. As you dial her number, you notice that my erection is back at full staff as I stand at the end of the bed with a sly grin on my face.

“Hello”, you say then begin the sort of small talk common to these types of conversations. I crawl up toward you as you talk and kiss your feet, then raise one foot and slowly lick the ticklish area on the underside of your right foot. You wiggle it away from me, then place one finger over your lips to quiet me as you listen to her ask about your day. I am still smiling.

I continue to crawl up, holding your ankles eryaman gerçek escort numaları apart as I kiss my way up the inside of your thighs. You are trying to be proper and carry on a conversation but your eyes close slowly as I reach the junction of your legs and tickle the hair there with my tongue. You gently slap my bald spot and mouth to me what a naughty boy I am. I release your ankles and place my hands up inside your thighs as I use my fingers to separate your lips to find my target. You are talking about your shopping day and the new shoes you bought as I lick up the inside of each of your lips, stopping at the top to lick, suck, then lightly nibble your hard clit. You try to wiggle your hips to slide up and away from me but I grab around your thighs and hold you in place.

You are taking about how much fun you and your sister are having as I continue to slowly lick down to your opening; using the tip of my tongue to make circles around the outside. My hands move closer as I slowly place two fingers into you, just barely penetrating you. Your conversation briefly stops as sincan escort you look down at me, your lips makes a small O. I try to remember how you told me to please you as I slide my fingers in slowly at first then more quickly as you raise your hips to move away. I hook my fingers, trying to find your special spot deep inside.

You keep asking her what she is saying. Seems you are having trouble paying attention as I start to move my fingers more quickly in and out of you. Your wetness makes this motion all too easy. You have quit moving away and are now raising your hips to meet my fingers. What a great night you are having with your sister you tell her. Haven’t had this much fun in years.

Suddenly, I withdraw my fingers. You are still talking but also looking at me questioningly. “What are you up to?”, you eyes seem to be asking. The answer comes next as I raise both of your legs up and slide my hips up against yours. I reach for my cock and in one motion slide it inside of you as far as I can reach. This one push slides you up to the headboard but you never stop telling batıkent escort her about the stores you went to today. I slide out of you, and then enter again. You let out a small moan, then cough to cover it with her. She must be asking what is wrong since you are telling her about a bad cramp you have in your leg.

As my rhythm increases from slowly to more quickly, you tell her how tired you are and how you have to go. You tell her you love her, then push the end button on the phone. “You are a nasty boy!” you say as you raise your hips to take every inch of me inside you. “You had better have something to give me after all of this.” The look on my face tells you that your gift is at hand. My pace increases again as I can feel the heat inside of you. You drop your head back onto the pillow and tell me to cum with your. I am begging you to cum for me, to cum on my hard cock. As we encourage each other, we can feel each others signals. You wrap your legs around me and moan as you cum. I tense and squeeze as I fill you with my warmth again and again.

I relax and rest my weight on your chest as my sweat mingles with yours. Our breathing is fast but in unison. I kiss your forehead, then wipe the hair aside so I can look into your marvelous eyes. “That wasn’t very nice, young man!” you tell me. “But it was really nice.” You know there is plenty more where that came from.

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