Pippa Ch. 04


It was the first day of my new job, and from the moment I saw her I knew I wanted to fuck her brains out.

She had come over to set up my email. Emma had long blonde hair and long tanned legs. She was so fuckable, and she knew it too. A born tease, I thought. She could have used a chair yet opted to bend over my desk. I took a long look at her shapely butt. ‘I will be thinking of you tonight, Emma.’ I said to myself.

“It’s all set up now, Jason.” She said.

I watched her walk away, I knew that she had taken sly glances at my body too. Was she sizing me up, I wondered. Her breasts weren’t as big as I liked. Must only be an A cup. They did suit her body though.

Looking around the rest of the office, there wasn’t much else in the way of talent. A few milfs, but they didn’t interest me. I was only on a six month contract, if I had any chance, I was probably going to have to move fast. Emma did seem a little cold with me, but I think this was just her little test. A girl like that was used to being chased, you had to prove yourself. That wasn’t a trap I was going to fall into.

I opened up my newly created email account, and sent her an email asking out. I didn’t give a date, just asked her out for a drink. The reply was almost immediate. She told me she had a boyfriend. There was no sorrys, or better luck next time, just a blunt statement of fact. She was definitely used to using him as an excuse.

I let her stew on it. I wasn’t going to enter a tennis match of emails just yet. I got on with my work. The day after, I was finally ready to reply. She had probably deleted the email by now, time to bring the conversation back to me. I sent her a message, asking if she had told her boyfriend if she had been asked out, and if she hadn’t maybe she’d like to reconsider our date. I was confident she hadn’t told him. Guys who go with girls like that are always jealous and keeping their suspicions at bay was always a recipe for an easier life.

Again the reply was immediate. She claimed she had told him, and he wasn’t very happy about it. I doubt that was true.

I played the waiting game again. She beat me too it, and sent me an email warning me about abusing the email system, and if I carried on using it for personal use, she would report me. I didn’t wait to reply. ‘No you won’t’ is all I said. She never answered that one. I knew she wouldn’t report me. Girls who dress like that crave attention, good or bad. I didn’t reply. If she wanted my attention now she would have to earn it.

For the next few days I checked my emails. Nothing from Emma, but surprisingly there was something from a girl called Pippa. It was some silly email about welcoming me to the company. I was going to dismiss it as an overzealous HR person, but someone told me that she was just a new person like myself. A bit odd I thought. As she was pointed out to me, I thought she was not that bad looking really, very short, almost boyish, but a really nice set of tits.

The next day I went to see what she had wanted. It was painfully obvious what that was. She could barely conceal her awkwardness around me. Looks like I have an admirer, I thought.

It was time to show Emma that I wasn’t just going to be chasing her around all the time. It wasn’t exactly hard to attach myself to Pippa. Every time I went near her desk, she looked up expectantly at me, hoping for a chat. I tried my best to make them happen when Emma was around. Stir the coals of jealousy.

Pippa wasn’t such a bad looker all in all. Cute little body, big firm tits, and a nice tight arse. I did notice that she turned a few heads at work. Certainly someones type. Not the sort of girl you would see in magazines though. She was very awkward and shy. Some might call her kooky, but I just called it a turn off. If my friends saw me hanging around with her, I’m sure they would have had a big laugh.

One thing Pippa had going for her was her bee stung lips. Even without make up she looked like the perfect cock sucker. Emma on the other hand had fairly thin lips that were perfect for duck face selfies that were plastered all over her social media account.

Their dress sense was completely opposite too. Emma liked to dress up, outfits that loved to accentuate her body. Admittedly it did drive me crazy, but I was never going to let my guard down. Emma was going to have to come to me.


After a few more days of making a big deal of sitting with Pippa, Emma finally caved. I was in the kitchen on my own, when she came in.

“How’s tricks, Jason?” She asked casually. I’d won. Well not exactly, I knew I couldn’t just bend her over a table and start going at her, but it was beginning to fall into place.

“Not bad really.” I said equally casually, as if our email exchange had never happened.

“Bit snowed under.” She said as she took her drink and left.

I smirked. She didn’t care about my day. She was just showing me that I could now chat to her, and flirt too if I wished. She knew I’d asked her out, and that eryaman genç escort bayanlar I’d still be interested. You don’t lead on people you’re not into.

I wasn’t going to abandon Pippa though, but I kept it platonic as I could. Just imagining all those thoughts going through Emma’s mind, and besides, Emma had a boyfriend, she could hardly hold the high ground here.


I was chatting to Emma on a regular basis now, casually of course. One thing we never talked about though was either her partner or Pippa. It was almost as if those topics had become weapons we might use to fend the other off. I liked this game. I was used to it. I bet she was too. The deal needed closing at some point though. In such a big open plan office there wasn’t much opportunity to be alone, and the social functions were almost non-existent. Although there was one event coming up that might just be ideal. The Christmas dinner.

I knew Emma was going and Pippa too. It was almost too perfect I thought. I gleamed Emma mobile number from her facebook page. I wasn’t going to use it yet though.

A few days before the big day, a man called Jim came round with an envelope for the secret Santa. I pulled out a name, it wasn’t someone i recognised. I just dropped it into the trash after Jim had left.

I managed to catch Emma in the kitchen, She was cleaning down the tables. Must be on the rota, I thought.

“So are you bringing anyone to the party?” I asked.

“Erm, no, I wasn’t planning on it.” She replied.

That wasn’t really ideal for me, a single Emma would garner a lot of attention. I would probably be drowned out in the noise. Even though it seemed to go against conventional logic I needed her boyfriend there. Someone to corral her, keep her occupied. I had her interest already, and combined with her phone number a way to communicate with her.

“What about you, Jason?” She continued.

“Just me and Pippa,” I said, inwardly smirking. I knew it would get her hackles up, and she did her best to hide it.

“Maybe if Santa brings you a boob job, someone would go with you.” I said and chuckled. I made it sound like a joke the best that I could, even though I knew it was a cruel thing to say.

“Uh huh,” she replied dismissively. I grinned and left. I knew it had to hurt. It was so obvious to me that it would be a sore point with her. She had everything except a large pair of tits. It really was the nuclear option I thought as I made my way home.

I skipped going into work on the day of the party. Instead, I made my way to the hotel in the late evening. I made sure I was a little late. I didn’t want Emma to think I was too keen. As I arrived to was happy to see Pippa, I took her by the arm. She seemed overjoyed. All dressed up she looked kinda odd. Out of place. Casual dress suited her better. As we were seated, I caught a glimpse of Emma who shot daggers at me. I grinned as I saw she had brought her boyfriend.

Pippa was chatting to me as we ate. It was nice not to be sitting on my own, but at times she could be quite annoying. Under the table I sent my first text to Emma. I told her I was glad she had found someone to come to the party with. I didn’t sign my name, I didn’t need to.

‘Fuck off prick’ was the reply. A bit harsh I thought, but expected. What was she going to do tell her boyfriend about our chat, I doubted it.

Eventually the gifts were handed out. Someone had bought me some socks, woolly socks. I kicked them under the table. Pippa seemed overjoyed at her necklace, she thought I had bought it. For a second I was going to claim responsibility, but the guy who had her name seemed nice enough, so I told her the truth. Either way she thanked me for some reason.

My phone buzzed in my pocket. It was Emma. ‘This is not funny.’ I was a bit confused, so just replied with a bunch of question marks. Apparently someone had bought her a sexy maids outfit, and she presumed it was me. I wasn’t going to claim that one, although I found it pretty funny. I told her it could be any number of men in the company and I wasn’t exactly in a position to rig the secret Santa. She told me she believed me, but still wasn’t happy with me.

The dinner ended and we all moved to the disco area. I sat with Pippa on some sofas. I took out my phone and replied. ‘I bet you will look fucking gorgeous in it.’ Maybe it was the wine, but I decided to speed things up. I didn’t wait for a reply. ‘You’re going to wear it for me when you blow me.’

Emma was dancing with her partner now, but I saw her pausing to check her phone. She didn’t say a word, just continued. There was one glance in my direction. Enough to send a pulse of excitement through my dick. I knew it wasn’t going to happen tonight, not with her gorilla of a boyfriend there. It was hard to concentrate on what Pippa was saying, I just nodded and smiled. Checking my watch, I saw it was getting late, and I was getting horny, just the though of Emma dressed like a slutty maid caused my blood run warm.

I ankara escort bayan took Pippa to the dance floor. She was terrible, I had to bring her close to me so her limbs would stop flailing about. I glanced around, Emma could have turned her back but she didn’t. Besides, I wanted her to watch as I started to snog Pippa. I kept one eye open watching Emma dancing, she wasn’t looking, but I was enjoying her body. She was an amazing mover. She looked so sexy. I felt my dick getting hard again.

Enough was enough, I thought, and knew I had to fuck someone. I made a beeline for the toilets with Pippa in tow. I did hope that Emma was watching us leave.

Pippa looked so nervous and out of her depth in the toilets. I bet she had never fucked outside of a bed before. Certainly not a virgin, as she had kept going on about her ex to me.

I made sure I got a good feel of her plump tits, before I made her blow me. It was good to get a release. Pippa’s mouth was ideal. It certainly wasn’t the best blowjob I’d ever had, but imagining Emma’s mouth on me made me cum quite hard. I left my cock in her, to make sure she swallowed.

When we returned to the disco, Emma was still there but she didn’t stay long. Her boyfriend had dragged her away. I was stuck with Pippa clinging onto me.

I had to make an excuse about getting up early. Pippa seemed to be implying that I return to her house. I wasn’t going to. I’d shot my load. I just wanted to sleep now.


Over the Christmas break, I got lots of text messages from Pippa. She invited me out to go and see a movie called ‘A girl in Paris.’ Probably a chick flick. I told her I was spending the time with my family so wouldn’t be around. I kept her on the boil though. No need to burn that particular bridge just yet. No messages from Emma. In the cold light of day, I worried that I might have overdone things slightly. You could only push people so much before they broke. My contract would be ending early in the new year. So what I didn’t have, was time.

It was new years eve now and I was out with my friends looking for girls. The group was too big, I thought. It turned into horseplay and male competition. The only chance I had, was to break away and go hunting on my own. I didn’t really fancy it though, I was enjoying myself with the guys.

My phone buzzed in my pocket. I was going to ignore it, but on the off chance, I checked it. It was Emma, it gave me a nice smile. Wanting to savior it, I took my drink and sat outside in the smoking area.

‘Did you have a nice time with Pippa?’ The text message asked. I guessed she was drunk, it either gave her the courage, or was bringing out her true self. If she was drunk I didn’t want to waste this opportunity.

‘What are you wearing?’ I replied. I needed to take the lead, take advantage of her renewed interest.

‘You’re so bad.’

‘Tell me.’

Her next reply too several minute to arrive and to my delicious surprise, it was a selfie. As I had suspected, she looked a little worse for wear. Also, it looked like she was in a night club. I couldn’t tell what she was wearing from the picture, but that wasn’t the point of it. Quite quickly I dismissed the idea of trying to force a meeting right now. The logistics would be a pain, and I’m sure she’d be with people who wouldn’t want their drunken friend wandering off alone.

‘If you beg me for it, I will send you a dick pic.’ I had no real intention of sending her one, but I was curious to how she would reply.

‘You’re a bad boy.’ She replied. Good enough, I thought.

I didn’t send anything back, I didn’t want to go around in circles. Later on she sent me one wishing me a happy new year. It was pretty garbled and it was probably a group text.

I didn’t end up pulling anyone that night. On the off chance, I did text Pippa. To my surprise she was still up at two am. I told her I wanted to see her. She told me she was home alone and sent me her address. What a lucky night, I thought, as I made my way over. It had been a long time since I had a booty call.

“So you’ve been out?” She inquired as she answered the door. She was wearing a big t-shirt, and not much else. Quite adorable really. I asked to use the toilet as I was bursting for a piss.

I checked my phone as I relieved myself. It was nice to have a picture of Emma now. I’m sure she’d regret it when she sobered up. I shook my dick off, and went to see to Pippa.

She was sat expectantly on the edge of the sofa. Poor girl, I thought. Alone on new years eve. There was an anxious smile on her face.

“Show me your bedroom.” I said, slurring my words a bit.

That perked her up, and she gave me a big smile. If only Emma was this easy. She led me to a cute little bedroom. I didn’t want to waste any time, as I was pretty horny. I picked her up by the hips, and pushed her face first onto the bed. She let out a gleeful squeal.

I was straddling her now. My hand running up the back of her thigh, pulling etimesgut escort her shirt up over her bum. It was like a peach. I gave it a firm bite. My hand slipped between her legs and my mouth moved onto the back of her neck. As I nibbled and kissed the soft skin on the nape of her neck, my fingers slipped into her already wet pussy.

She made soft mewling sounds as I finger banged her. I was rock hard now. With my free hand I undid my belt and freed my cock. Using my knees I spread her legs. Planting both my hands beside her head, I effortlessly slid my cock into her wet cunt.

Her body convulsed underneath me. It wasn’t a time for gentleness as I started fucking her hard. Each time I drove my cock into her she let out a deep moan. The bed springs were going crazy.

After a while, I pulled her to her knees, and started fucking her doggy style. Reaching under her shirt, I got a good grope of her pretty tits. Playfully tugging at her pert nipples. As I reached climax, I took a handful of her hair, pulling her head back. My cock pulsed as I shot my load into her. I collapsed on top of her.

Afterwards we had a cuddle, which was more for her than me. I drifted off to sleep pretty quickly with Pippa wrapped around me. In the morning, she sucked my cock before I left. A pretty successful start to the new year.


It seemed my antics at the Christmas party had become widely known at work. Every time I made eye contact with someone they gave me a sly look. Nothing like living vicariously through others, I mused. I bumped into Dave in the kitchen. He asked me if I’d had a good Christmas break. It was refreshing, as it wasn’t a leading question about who I was fucking. He was having trouble opening a jar, and asked me to help him, which I did. A quiet guy, I thought, but pretty cool. Just needs to come out of his shell.

I sent an email to Pippa, that we should probably cut our interactions to out of hours. It wasn’t very professional, and I didn’t want snickering people. She agreed which was a relief.

I let Emma simmer for a few days, avoiding any casual encounters the best I could. She must have been aware of her drunken texts, I wanted to let her know that I wasn’t going to make a big deal about them. The more discreet she thought I was, the better. Not wanting to wait much longer, I sent my text when I got home.

‘Don’t wear any knickers tomorrow.’ There was no reply. If she had been offended she would have replied.

Getting into work super early the next day, I made a beeline for Emma’s desk. There was only a few sad sack employees that got in this early, so I was pretty much unseen. I stuffed my pockets with all the pens and pencils that I could see. Admittedly it was a bit of a school boy trick, but I was sure it would work.

As the day rolled on I kept a keen eye on the stationery room, and sure enough I saw her heading to fill up with supplies. I made my move. It had been coming for so long. Deep down I knew I preferred the chase to the catch, but I was going to enjoy myself thoroughly now.

She had a handful of pens as I entered, quickly I locked the door behind me. She turned a little startled.

“So, are you wearing any?” I asked smoothly.

“Of course I am. You don’t tell me what to wear.” She answered defiantly, but with a smile.

“Ok, that’s cool, but show them to me.” I challenged. This was the moment, I felt my cock twinge in anticipation.

She was wearing a red blouse and a short black skirt. Blinking a few times, she complied. Carefully she pulled the waistband of her skirt down, showing her knicker top.

That was enough. Girls don’t just show their panties to anyone who asks. I approached confidently. She tensed up, I was giving her no chance to throw up any defenses. Wrapping my arm around her slim waist I pulled her to me, and went straight for the kiss. I did detect a wriggle of unsurety, but I think it was just to try to convince me she wasn’t so easy. I kissed her hard, and all resistance melted away.

Once relaxed, her true self started to emerge. Her hands were all over me. Unlike Pippa who always let me take the lead, Emma was the opposite. Her fingers caressed my chest as she searched out the buttons. She wants it so badly, I thought to myself, as she opened my shirt. She dragged her nails down my chest. Her tongue was in and out of my mouth in quick motions. I took a nice handful of her firm arse.

My belt was being unfastened. Without much warning her hand was down the front of my trousers, her fingers encircling my cock. I was breathless. She pulled it out, I almost came right there which would have been embarrassing. Too much build up, especially with her skilled touch on me.

I dragged her to the ground, I wanted her on her back, but she took the lead. Her toned and tanned thighs straddled me. She looked so hot on top of me, her hair falling forward. She wasn’t wasting anytime at all. With my cock in hand, she used her other, to hike her skirt up. I was inside of her in seconds. My mouth was open, holding back a moan. Blonde hair enveloped my head as we kissed. Her hips rocked back and forth. My cock was ready to explode inside of her. She wasn’t gentle with her kisses either, my bottom lip was nearly pulled off with sharp tugs. I didn’t mind, it was crazy.

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