Playground Tales 5: Boytoy Takes My Ass


Playground Tales 5: Boytoy Takes My AssIt wasn’t my fault!My big mouth really gets me into trouble sometimes. Not because I get lippy or sassy (well I do, but in the proper context), but just because I share information that I probably shouldn’t. Like mentioning to my boytoy that I’m not wearing panties under my jeans at work, naturally that’s going to lead to me being pinned against the quarter panel of an SUV with his fingers pressed against my clit. Not to say I wouldn’t have ended up that way anyway, it’s just far more likely when there’s only one layer of fabric between his touch and my body.We made plans for Wednesday night, but by Wednesday at lunchtime, Mother Nature had thrown a monkey wrench into the mix. Fucking bitch. Anyway… I don’t particularly need an excuse to just suck cock, but Head Week gives me one anyway. My boytoy said he’d be fine with that… and then I opened my mouth. We had talked a little bit about him putting that huge cock in my ass, and I have to admit that I was a little bit scared by the idea (yeah, ME! It really is fucking huge…), and without even thinking, I said, “Maybe you’ll have to put it in my ass after all…”. Needless samsun escort to say, I had to change my pants before I went back to work, the butt plug that was stretching my asshole in preparation for later was clearly visible through the yoga pants I had been wearing. Did I stop there? Did I learn my lesson to stay quiet after being told my ass was going to be destroyed later that night? Of course not. My boytoy got a picture of my ass with the plug in it, and then proceeded to torment me for the rest of the afternoon. I would gasp when I sat down, the firm leather upholstery reminding me the plug was there, and upon hearing that, he would come over and push down on my thighs, driving it deeper into me. While bent over vacuuming, he would come up behind me and grab my ass, his fingers against the base of the plug, and spend a few seconds using the toy to fuck me. By the time I left work for the day, and he instructed me to keep the plug in all evening, I was ready to rip his clothes off in the parking lot, but I had a few things to do first so I would have to wait. Goddess is not always the most patient.I didn’t bother to wear any more siirt escort than just a little white dress, so it was easy to strip off once we got back to my bedroom. He laid down on the bed and let me rest my head on his belly so I could get that cock into my mouth and worship it. It was so yummy, I think I must have spent about an hour playing with it, trying very hard to get it down my throat but it’s so fucking big! He asked me more than once if I was ready for it in my ass, and I said no, I wasn’t done sucking it, but truth be told, I may have been putting it off a little too. After the third time he asked, a little more insistantly by grabbing a handful of my hair and pulling me off his dick to look at him, I couldn’t say no, so I let him get up and I got on my knees. Face down, ass up, the ring of the plug waiting for him to pull it out and replace it, I handed him the lube and pulled a pillow under me… just in case.The plug came out easily, it had been in for several hours by then so my little asshole was stretched open. The toy is nowhere near as thick as his cock, but when he pressed the head against me and it slid in, my ass escort bayan accomodated the girth with no trouble. He pushed in a little further and hit the point where the plug tapered so I began to really feel that giant member invading my body. I had to ask him to stop, to just hold still for a moment, had to take a second to relax again, then he gave me a little more, and a little more. I know I didn’t take the -whole- thing, but dear God, most of that massive cock was buried in my tight ass, and I could feel every inch as he fucked me, I felt like I was being split in half and was loving every second! Fuck, it was big but it felt so fucking good!I knew he was going to cum a few seconds before he said it, I felt that big cock get even bigger inside me, and I begged him for it, “Please Daddy, please cum in my ass, please!” Fuck, the way it throbbed as he dumped his cum into my asshole made my eyes cross, I pushed back against him even though it made me gasp as he buried himself just a little more into me. When he finished, he laid down again as I collapsed beside him, but he didn’t let me get comfortable just yet. The last bead of cum sat on the head of his cock, and he called me over to take care of it. I ran my tongue across the tip, then purred as I nestled into his side, my head on his shoulder as his cum dripping out of my ass, a very contented Goddess.If he’s going to keep doing that, I may need a bigger plug……..

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