Playing after


Playing afterI arrived at Master’s house at the time I had promised. Luckily there was a parking spot nearly, so I did not have to walk too far in my heels.I knocked on his door, waiting a little nervously.The door opened, and I was invited in. We chatted a little, but we didn’t proceed to the lounge or bedroom as I had expected – or hoped.Master led me into the kitchen, and there I saw a kitchen chair at the table, with a large dildo tied on the seat, sticking up obscenely.”Sit, girl,” I heard him say. There was a towel and a tube of lubricant on the table, and I quickly set about my task. Master stood back and watched my efforts. I wiggled out of my panties, and then applied the lube generously to both the dildo and to my own tight hole. I straddled the chair, and aligned the plastic monster. And I slowly eased myself down, the head of the cock slowly entering my tightest hole.I took my time, easing it in slightly, then out. I applied some more lubricant, and finally I managed to sit all the way down on the huge dildo. I felt so full, so stretched. And doing it in front of Master was so embarrassing, but also very exciting.I waited for a time, adjusting to the intruder. Master let the room for a time, and returned with a bundle of items. He grabbed my hands and pulled them behind my back on the chair. Then wound some thick soft cotton rope around them, tying me firmly in place. I was really hoping he would fuck my mouth next, I so much wanted to suck and lick his cock. My own little clitty twitched in its cage as I contemplated doing so. But no, he had other ideas.Master produced a medium-sized penis gag, slipped it into my mouth, and then buckled it behind my head. It didn’t restrict my breathing, however I could do nothing except suck on the next intruder in my body.A blindfold was slipped over my eyes, and then… fiddling with my hair, my head… ah… a latex hood was pulled over my head, and zipped up at the rear. I was utterly blind, my mouth filled with cock, my pussy filled with a huge cock, and I was tied and helpless.Hands felt my body, my tits, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my face and neck, groping at my clit cage. I could do nothing to resist.My dress straps were peeled down over my shoulders, exposing my bra. My bra was then lowered, and my 36 C-cup breast forms were removed. My tits felt cold in the air. My left nipple was then squeezed, ahhhhh… and I felt the bite of a clamp being attached. Ouch. Then my right was treated likewise. The breast forms were restored into the pouches of my bra, and then the bra was lifted back into position. The dress straps were lifted back as well. I was left with a constant biting pain in both my little nipples.”Listen, slut,” I heard spoken near my ear. “I don’t care about your chastity. I am going to extract juices out of you.” What? How was this going to occur?”Girl, for every minute this takes, it is another stroke with the crop you will accept. Do you understand?” I nodded, but how was this…. ???I then heard, and shortly felt, the familiar buzz of a vibrator. And I felt it placed right on my cage. Oh. I moaned into the gag, and felt hands squeeze my titties, almost causing me to scream as the clamps were pressed. And still the buzzing continued. Still the vibe worked on my cage. I did not know if I would be able to cum like this: impaled, tits clamped, clit in cage. Minute after minute passed. I *wanted* to cum. Every minute was another stroke afterwards. No. It seemed like hours. Master had such patience. But after a time, he seemed to hit on a location, a particular spot, that started to really stimulate me.”Ah, that’s the spot, is it?” I heard him say.Without even realising it, I started to lift myself on the huge dildo, gently fucking myself. And as I got closer and closer I rose higher, and faster. I must have looked pathetic, tied, helpless, but fucking myself on the huge plastic cock. And all the time Master kept the vibrator right on the right spot on my cage.I knew I could not last much longer. My whole focus was on the incessant buzzing, and the need to be fucked güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri at the same time.Finally…. ahhh… I groaned. I fell right down on the dildo, and I felt some juices ooze from my clitty. Locked in the cage I could not really cum properly. There was little pleasure in it, just a release, and two or three little pulses. I was spent, slumping in the chair. I was completely aware of the cock in my hole, of the clamps on my tits, of the cock in my mouth. And after cumming (well, after releasing a little girly juice), I was definitely not horny or excited. I just wanted out of this and to relax and recover for a time.I felt Master behind me, and the hood was unzipped, and the gag unbuckled. Ah, fresh air. “Thank…” I started to say.”Shut up, slut,” Master snapped.I felt something at my mouth. Oh yes. His cock. Well, I was not horny or excited, and the last thing I wanted in my painful position was to do this. But I has little choice.I started licking and sucking on his cock. I moved up and down as much as my restraints permitted. I tried to give a decent blow job.He pulled out. “Pathetic,” he said.”Get up.”I was roughly lifted up off the dildo. I felt empty when I was standing, but good to have it out. Now it was only the constant pain from my poor nipples which was still afflicting me.MAster dragged me forward, to the table. I was bent over. There were some pillows it seemed as I was pressed face forward. Yow! The pressure on my titties was extreme! My legs were kicked wider apart. “So, whore, it took s*******n minutes for you to produce your pathetic little dribble.”No! I shook my head. No. He wasn’t going to crop me now? Surely? I wasn’t horny. I had just cum (for what it’s worth). And I’d at least given him a half-decent blow job. Hi hand on my back, holding my tied hands, and pressing me down. And… crack! Yow! The first stroke from the riding crop. Crack. Crack. Yow. I squealed. “Shut up, slut”Crack. Crack. I could just imagine the stripes starting to appear on my poor soft white bottom.Crack. I screamed. güvenilir bahis şirketleri “OK, you whore. I told you to shut up.”Master fiddled behind me, and then in front of me. “Open wide.”Something was at my mouth. A lubed dildo maybe. “Go on, take as much as you can.” I managed to get maybe three inched down my mouth.”Well, that’s just been up inside you for the last hour,” Master chuckled. “If you removed your mouth off it, I will double the punishment.”And then the cropping continued. Only now I had my mouth filled with a huge wide plastic cock, covered with the lube and my own pussy juices. This was so disgusting.Crack. Crack.I started to lose count. I was dazed, I was in a mess of self-loathing, disgust, and pain. I suppose it ended. At least the punishment did. I relaxed a little. I didn’t know whether to take my mouth off the dildo. I thought it safer to keep it on.I then felt a coolness, a finger… ahhh… lubricant… at my hole. And then some more. “Yes, slut, these are your own little cum juices. Hahaha.”What? Oh. Master must have scooped up my lttle cummies, and decided to use the mess. Yuck. Then I felt pressure, and intruder at my hole. And after cumming, and after lifting off the dildo earlier, I was back to being so very tight. But there was no evading this.The pressure continued, and Master’s cock slipped into me. I moaned as he started fucking me. This was the worst. I was totally un-horny. I just wanted to go home. Have a shower. Sleep. Never think of sex again. Gods, I was such a fucking pathetic whore!I felt no pleasure, only pain. Pain from my still-screaming tits with the clamps. Pain from my sore muscles, from my bound arms. Pain from the wide dildo still embedded in my mouth. ANd significant discomfort from the ongoing fucking I was receiving from Master’s cock.At last I could feel him tense. I knew what was coming as he slammed into me, once, twice, three, four times… pumping me… I could almost feel the condom filling up.He finally pulled out of me. I slumped, falling to the kitchen floor. Master slipped the blindfold off my head. At least I could now see. And he grabbed my jaw, forcing my mouth open. And then dropped…. oh no! the condom he had just filled… into my mouth. The whole condom! “Suck my seed out of that, slut,” he ordered.And I began my gooey, disgusting job.Surely there was no worse that could befall me this evening?

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