Please, Not Another Picnic


For the Earth Day Contest 2007, I offer up this little vignette. I hope you’ll enjoy.


Jamie opened her eyes and groaned. It was one of those spring days, sunny yet not too hot, and she knew he would notice. Right on cue, her husband sauntered into the room. He opened the curtains, letting the bright morning sun flood the bedroom. Jamie pulled the covers back over her head.

“Jamie Honey,” Dan called out, “wake up. It’s a beautiful day. Perfect for a…”

Don’t say it. Please don’t say it, Jamie thought.

“…picnic,” Dan finished.

“Oh, great,” Jamie said. She forced a smile and dragged herself out of bed.

“Get dressed. I’ll go get everything ready.” Dan left and Jamie heard him run down the stairs like a kid on Christmas morning.

Jamie had really hoped Dan would grow out of his tree-hugging phase after they got married. His activism had been endearing when they were in college, but now it just seemed childish. Oh well. At least he wasn’t getting arrested for chaining himself to bulldozers on construction sites anymore.

Jamie took a long, hot shower. She might as well enjoy the comforts of civilization while she could. She was all for social consciousness. After all, she sent a check to the World Wildlife Foundation twice a year. Still, she enjoyed the bug-free convenience of being indoors. She turned off the water and toweled herself dry. She put on plain white panties and a short cotton dress the color of fresh tangerines. Just as she left the bedroom, she heard Dan call up the stairs.

“Honey, what should I pack for dessert?”

“You know what I like,” Jamie yelled back. She was hoping he wouldn’t pack any of that weird soy-based ice cream he always tried to feed her. Real chocolate ice cream would be nice though.

When Jamie got down the stairs, Dan ran over and grabbed her hand.

“Come on,” he said, “I already got everything in the car. And I packed a tub of that great chocolate soy ice cream. Did you know it’s made on a commune out in California?”

Jamie tried not to cringe. “Yes I know,” she said. “You told me that last time.”

“Man, sometimes I wish we could just go and live like that, you know? All natural.”

“That sounds, um, interesting. Are we ready?”

Dan nodded, and Jamie followed him eryaman bayan escort to the car.


On the drive to the woods, Jamie half-listened to Dan rant about the new constructions popping up allover the landscape.

“You know, there used to be oaks that were already old when Gramps was a kid, right here.” Dan pointed at a condominium complex. “And see that new development? Built over tortoise habitat.” He shook his head in disgust. “And this one—are you listening?”

“Yes, yes, I hear you. Old trees and turtles.”

“Oh and did you hear they moved some eagle nests to accommodate the airport? I mean…”

Jamie had heard it all a million times, and she still didn’t understand why he cared so much. Such was the cost of progress, right? She was almost happy when the woods came into view. At least Dan would stop talking now. He got the cooler and basket from the trunk, and Jamie followed him down the trail to the clearing.

Unlike Dan, Jamie had never much enjoyed the outdoors. While his parents had taken him on hikes and nature watches as a child, Jamie’s had been more of the library and museum type. Besides, as far as she remembered, both of them had always suffered from various allergies.

It took Jamie all her willpower not to start cursing out loud as they made their way down the path. Young branches lashed at her naked arms. Nestlings shrieked in her ears. Gnats latched onto her skin to suck to their little hearts’ content, and the sun blinded her. Damn, she’d forgotten her sunglasses.

They reached the lakeshore clearing after what seemed, to Jamie, like an eternity. Dan put down the cooler and basket. He stood with his arms wide opened, as if to embrace the world around him, and took a deep breath.

“Isn’t it beautiful?”

“Sure,” Jamie answered without looking up. Grass, water, and trees. Big deal, she thought. She focused on finding a spot without ants, so that she could put down the blanket. Once she did, she tossed it down and reclined on it.

Now Dan was standing under a lush, blooming orange tree with a few early fruits. He looked up dreamily at the white flowers and inhaled their scent. He caressed the surface of the trunk.

“The same gorgeous shade as your skin,” he said, turning toward Jamie, “and the oranges escort sincan match your dress.”

“Right, thanks,” Jamie said. “Are you coming to eat or what?”

Dan left the shade and joined Jamie on the blanket. They ate the cheese, bread, veggies, and fruit Dan had packed. They sipped on crisp white wine. Their hunger sated, Jamie and Dan lay next to each other.


Jamie didn’t realize she had dozed off, until Dan’s hand under the hem of her dress startled her. She sat up to allow him to pull the orange garment above her head, and settled back into his arms, closing her eyes once more. This time, it was a kiss that startled her.

She kept her eyes closed and enjoyed the feeling of Dan’s lips against her skin. Kisses landed on her face, her neck, her breasts, and on her soft belly. Something cool made her shiver. She opened her eyes to see Dan retracing the same trail, an ice cube between his lips.

The sun that had been so blinding earlier now warmed Jamie’s skin, just enough for the coolness to be titillating when Dan circled her nipple with the ice. She arched her back, offering herself up to those sunbeams as much as to Dan’s mouth. He sucked at her full breasts, delighting at her small sounds of pleasure.

Dan slid up to kiss Jamie, and their tongues mingled while they pawed at each other’s skin. They rolled off the blanket, and Jamie was lost between the prickle of the grass beneath her back, and the roughness of Dan’s jeans against her inner thighs. Dan took off his shirt, and Jamie thought he looked like an angel, looking at her from above, against a backdrop of blue skies.

She reached up to touch the golden skin of his chest. She trailed her hand around his nipples, down his side, and followed his waistband with one finger. She unfastened the button on his jeans and pulled down the zipper. She sat up, gently pushing Dan down so she could get him out of his pants. She tossed them aside, and did the same with his boxers. He laughed at her haste.

She licked his hardening cock from root to tip. Dan gasped. He reached for her thigh. Jamie knew what he wanted, so she turned until she was straddling his face and looking down at his cock. She stuck out her tongue to lick the drop of precum glistening at the tip. She almost elvankent escort bayan missed it when Dan pulled her panties aside and wiped his tongue along the length of her slit. She took him into her mouth, letting him slide past her lips, and holding him there for a moment before swallowing all of him. He licked and sucked at the flesh of her pussy, slurping and devouring, and shivered every time Jamie whimpered around his cock. When Jamie came with a drawn-out moan, the vibrations almost sent Dan over the edge.

Jamie stood and took a moment to steady herself. She tossed off her soaked panties and straddled Dan’s thighs. She sank onto his cock slowly, until her pussy lips pressed against the coarseness of his thick curly hair. She closed her eyes, the sun and breeze teasing her skin. She felt she might have floated away without Dan’s cock anchoring her to the earth. She flexed her pussy around him. He groaned, and she opened her eyes see his face, still glistening with her juices. She licked it clean and kissed him, searching his mouth for more of her musk. She sat up, and Dan pulled her down until he captured her nipple between his teeth. Jamie moaned.

She rocked against him, her body undulating in rhythm with the crystalline waves of the lake. Dan followed her pace at first, and then bucked against her, hard and fast, palming the pliant skin of her hips. Jamie’s moans grew into howls, and she arched her back, looking at the drifting clouds while Dan filled her completely.

Jamie was dizzy with the scent of sex and orange blossoms when she came. Dan was not far behind. Mockingbirds took flight, frightened by the lover’s echoing cries. Exhausted, Jamie collapsed next to Dan. She felt a fine drizzle on her face, the beginning of a light spring shower. It was as if nature sought to cool her, washing away Dan’s seed as it trickled from between her thighs.

Jamie took a deep breath. She smiled at the clean scent of wet grass. The sun was already reappearing. Maybe this was worth caring about after all.

“We should do this again,” she whispered. She slipped her orange dress over her rain-slick skin.

Dan finished zipping up his jeans and looked up at her. “What do you mean,” he asked, “we have sex almost everyday”.

“Not that, Silly”, Jamie said. The sun beaming on her face, she opened her arms wide, like Dan had done earlier. “This.”

Thank you for reading my submission. Votes and comments are much appreciated. When you are done, please read and vote on the other Earth Day 2007 contest submissions.

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