PLEASING POLLYAs Polly sat on the cold step of the large English Mansion she waited impatiently, Looking at her phone every 30 seconds. She had just travelled from Norwich by Train and a taxi. She felt excited but tired from the long journey which made her fidgety. 2 hours she’d been sat on this Step. The Building was an exquisite Victorian in architecture it’s vast beauty bellowed out of every seam. The name was the seal to the deal for Polly. Her Dom had paid for her to travel and stay with him for one week. All inclusive. The Buildings name rang so sweet in her ears as she opened the black envelope and took out the red scented paper. Which read.Dear Polly,On the 2nd of July 2017. You are here by summoned to my estate. At 14.00.Hardwick HouseBurySt EdmundsEngland.Please do not be a minute late as I liked to keep to a tight schedule.Kind regardsDOM.Polly looked at her phone again checking the time. Then it suddenly dawned upon her.Shit!I didn’t set my clock. I’m 2 hrs late! In a blind panicked state Polly stood up. Ringing the Doorbell and knocking the door erratically. Suddenly the double doors made a double loud’click clunk’.The doors opened. There he stood her Dom. His face was fiery red.” Polly so glad of you to join us! Why on earth have you been sat on my door step for 2hrs when you were on time is beyond me. What say you young lady !”Polly stood straight with her suitcases next to her Looking at her Master. She replied”my apologises Sir!.”Polly wore a tartan short skirt White pop socks a blouse and her beautiful Blonde locks were tied up in a bun. She wore a sexy matching set of underwear. That could be seen from certain angles. As instructed” what am I to do with you! The rules have changed. You failed to keep to my time frame. So I’m set back. Leave your belongings here. I shall get the maid to collect them. You my dear put your hands on top of your head.”She did as she was told. It bursa escort was 4 o’clock on a warm summer’s evening in Bury she was about to experience her dreams her fantasies and her filthy desires.With her hands on top of her head Her Dom reached and grabbed both hands attaching handcuffs locking and placing her hands behind her back. He whispered into her ear softly.”I want you to walk forward 20 paces make the first left into my study. You will not look any other direction… remain facing forward. “When I count to 3 you will make hast!”” 1, 2, as he slapped her right cheek 3!”Startled by his brisk but sharp smack she hurried forward up the few stairs counting in her head. As she walked through the door she could hear voices and laughter from people talking above. She got to 17 steps looking forward she couldn’t see a turning. 20 she turned but was 2 steps over. She hadn’t accounted for the steps outside!” POLLY !”The Dom Shouted down the hallway.”Stand still girl”. The DOM came racing down the long hallway. His face still RED with anger.Undoing her cuffs She was staring at a picture on the wall. It was a picturesque scene of a hunting trip. Below the frame was a convenient foot stool and tall slender bin which contained walking sticks and a few bamboo sticks.“ pass me one of those Dear..”Pointing at the bin..But poor Polly didn’t know which one as there were several. Being A smarty pants and fearing the worst possible outcome she picked a small 18″ long tube.”Is this it Sir?”Her Dom smiled back at her without making a sound.” Interesting Choice I can see your logic.”As Polly handed over the tube the Dom flicked a set of switches on the tube. Turning away from her as if to hide something from plane sight.” put your knees on the stool lift up your skirt and put your hands and palms flat on the floor.”She did this. Her beautiful pert bottom was ready.Suddenly a loud Crack whistled past her bursa escort bayan right shoulder and hit the wall above. Omg she thought as another went past her shoulder. How the Hell!!!.” I’m just getting my bearings how many paces was you short of my study Polly.?”” 2 ” replied a terrified but excited girl.Whip crack the first one connected to her bottom. She let out an almighty scream.Whip crack the second landed. Again she screamed. Shaking with pure adrenaline the Dom put down the whip as it whistled back into the tube . Walking straight over to her he softly caressed the new lines he had just created. Giving her an additional 20 smacks.” now girl, compose yourself. Take a minute if you need. When you are ready I will be in the study. ” Standing up and looking at her Dom. She wiped a single tear from her eye. She was a good submissive but bull whips fucking hurt! The Dom placed her hands in front this time and yet again fastened the cuffs. He then turned and walked into his study. She gave it a few minutes before she soon followed. Polly entered another set of large double doors. The room was enormous In front of her was a great big fire place not in use at the moment due to the current season of fortunate weather. To the left of the room there was a reading bay of a large gothic window. To the right of the room there were book cases and a big oak desk. Her Dom stood waiting looking at his paper work around the desk.”Right my Dear. I think it’s time you got some well deserved rest. We have a big day tomorrow and I want you on the ball. No room for error!”Polly was horny and devastated by this. Knowing she was about to break the second rule she did it with such bare face cheek… even her Dom was shocked.Polly starred right at her Dom… Uttering the simple reply…”NO!!”Sticking her Tongue out and middle finger way up at her Dom.He was in total shock. No one had ever Dared disobey escort bursa his word.And this was a kind word at that.Composing himself He removed his tie. He was clearly flustered. Pacing from one end of the room to the next . Jean stood still with her finger up high and tongue out mocking her Dom. What a bad little sub…..He thought. The Dom didn’t want to show any signs of weakness. He’d never seen this before. His heart began to race. The wild b**st inside him was taking shape. Pointing at her He suddenly stopped pacing. Polly automatically froze retreating her tongue and closing her mouth. Lowering her finger and closing her hands. He marched over to where she stood. Grabbing the back of her hair She was startled but then smiled back up at him. Her pussy became instantly saturated with warm juices. He pushed her forward over to the desk throwing the papers and pens to the floor. Bending her over and lifting her skirt high over her back. She put her head to the side looking back at him while her cuffed hands lay in front on the desk. Tearing at her knickers She arched her back pushing her ass into his crotch. He took off his belt with one hand. Has he’s trousers fell to his ankles. This Dom always went commando. His Thick 8″ fuck pump flopped out and was poking at the lips of her wet hole.. He kicked at her ankles spreading her legs further apart. Positioning himself as his thick Helmet met her tight lips. And almighty thrust inside he went. Grabbing at her hair The b**st was let lose. Both they began moving nsync of each other. As he thrust in she’d pushed back and tighten her lips round his meat sucking that cock with her magic. Both in a state of sexual bliss. Polly soon came over and over. Her legs began to give way. But the Dom made her stand and take every deep thrust he gave.. Quicker and faster the thrust became harder and harder like one giant piston. Polly’s orgasm was loud and fierce. The Dom pulled out of her as he shot his thick hot cum all over her ass and legs. He collapsed onto a chair. As her legs shaked as the warm cum dripped down her thighs Both parties left smiling in a sweaty sexual splendour.. xxx

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