Polly Gamey (5. Finale)


Polly Gamey (5. Finale)5.FinaleI stood in my shower one week later studying the ring-shaped bruise around the base of my cock. It was fainter, but still visible, no longer tender to the touch or when erect. I had just finished my workout and was preparing for Lizvette’s guitar lesson on a pleasant autumn Saturday evening.As I stood before the mirror drying myself, Lois entered. “You know what I’m craving?” I covered my bruised shaft with the towel. I had been hiding my cock from her all week. “Pizza! Why don’t you order when Lizvette gets here, then she can join us after the lesson?”She stood beside me waiting for her answer and put her hand on my ass, patting and carressing it, a touch that always stiffened my cock. “Yes that’s a good idea. I will, sweetheart.” She kissed my arm.I dressed in jeans and a loose sweatshirt and knocked on Bethie’s bedroom door. “Angel?””Come in, Daddy.”I opened the door to see my daughter standing in front of her closet, topless. She turned to me and smiled. I could only admire her, in speechless wonder. I drank her in from face to breasts, down her jean covered legs to her painted toes, and back again to her full, supple 17 year-old breasts, bared only for me. “Oh my baby,” I mouthed. “I love you so.””Papi.” “I’m … We’re going to have … Ordering pizza and inviting Lizvette to join us. About 40 minutes. What would you like, darling?”She unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. She stood before me in blue panties and blue and white striped socks. “I like what you like, Papi. You know that.” She tucked her thumbs into the front of her panties and exposed just a peek at the untanned caramel skin beneath, but would go no further. My cock shot a tiny spot of jizz bahis firmaları in my jeans.”Yes, precious,” I said to her panties. “I…” My daughter made kissy face at me, telling me she knew. “So beautiful, angel.” I closed the door.With cool cum in my shorts and mental images of Bethie in her shower above me, I prepared the living room for lesson time and Lizvette knocked soon after. “Stay and have pizza with us after you play, baby.” I heard Bethie’s shower water still running and knew Lois would not be down till the pizza arrived. I pulled Lizvette close for a kiss. I breathed in her herbal scent, her new favorite since our wedding.She reached for my cock through my jeans and rubbed gently. “It looks a lot better today, Daddy.” I had sent her a photo of my healing cock that morning, to show her the bruise was going away.We had our lesson, uninterrupted. She was still working on my own composition, The Three Graces. She had mastered the Preludio and was now working on the Andante, the first major movement, very chordal and controlled, which built to an upper register climax, befitting of the inspiration for it, my sister Dawn and her first touch. I had explained it to Lizvette as being intended to evoke the qualities of elegance and tenderness, as embodied by the Grace named Aglaea, with the climax being descriptive of her kiss. Lizvette understood the dynamic aspects well, and threw herself into the climax with abandon, if not yet musical control. I was very pleased, hearing her play for me a memory I cherished, and a secret I wanted so much to share with her, but dared not. Not yet. Maybe one day she would know all, but that would be years away.”Sometimes I can’t tell if it’s you or Daddy, kaçak iddaa playing, Lizvette. You are getting so good!” Bethie appeared from the stairwell, freshly showered and wearing an off-shoulder dress of white with red and black floral print. “Angel you’re going to be a little cool in that tonight, aren’t you?””I’m cool in everything Daddy. You know that.” Lizvette laughed at the remark while Bethie stooped to kiss the top of my head. I allowed myself a pat on her ass, hidden from our guest. To Lizvette, I said, “Don’t encourage her, young lady.” Back to Bethie, I said, “Wear a sweater, anyway, baby. It’s going to get cool out.”Daddy. I’m goin to a movie. Indoors? They have climate control.”The doorbell rang, pizza was served. The four of us sat at the small round table in the kitchen. Lizvette to my right, Lois across from me, and Bethie to my left.”I’m working in the nursery at church tomorrow,” Lois said. “All services! It will be so fun seeing those little munchkins. But it means an early bedtime tonight.” She looked at me and licked her lips slyly before taking a bite of her pizza. I got her message. I would get a blow job from my wife at bedtime.”Then don’t you have that shower to go to for Mrs. Hopkins’ daughter?” Bethie asked. “Yes. In Little Oak. I’ll be gone till dinner. At least.” I felt my daughter’s foot press on mine. Lois asked, “What are your plans, Lizbeth?””Sleep in. Study.” She pressed hard. I got her message. “Make Daddy’s lunch. Study some more.” I would enjoy some very inappropriate alone time with my daughter tomorrow, time that would likely include more than kisses and caresses. Instinctively I seemed to know she was ready for, and mature enough to enjoy, much more. Our kaçak bahis time was here, and, most importantly, it was of her choosing. My cock pulsed and a ticklish surge of pre-cum shot. “You can help me with my lit essay, Daddy?””Yes, angel, of course.”Lizvette observed, “It’s dark out already! And I didn’t bring my glasses.” She pressed her palm into my inner thigh. “Mr. Conlin can you drive me home? My sister can bring me back for my car later.” I would get a hand job from my baby-daughter-wife after dinner. I planned to wear her ring. I looked at each of them, considered all the beautiful secrets we kept, all the joyous love we shared, and I sighed. Lois winked. Bethie tapped her foot against mine. Lizvette groped my thigh. By then I was sure a cum spot was been visible on my jeans.”Any plans you have in particular, darling?” Lois asked me. “Actually, yes,” I began. The music Lizvette had played still sang in my ears, the music I had written almost thirty years before, while trying to capture the spirit of each of my three older sisters, the Three Graces of my youth, and the love they had given me, the lessons they taught me, and the beautiful, precious secrets I kept with each. Now, three new graces filled my life, and though the music still seemed to fit, it wasn’t quite right for them. Lois reminded me so much of my eldest sister Dawn, so stable, nurturing, but was more spiritual. Bethie had always been so like her aunt Lili, fun loving, lively, and still so deep, but not demanding, never cruel. And now Lizvette, it occurred to me, shared with my youngest older sister Blair the traits of passion and fearlessness, but she so much wanted to please, and not simply to be pleased.”Well?” they all sang in a laughing unison.I looked at their beautiful faces, all smiling and waiting for my answer, as if nothing in the world mattered more. My heart swelled with love. “I think I want to write some music.”* * *

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