Pool Party in da Hood

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Pool Party in da HoodWhen he met her it was love at first sight. Even though in high school Monique with her big tits, round ass, and yet flat belly didn’t pay much attention to him, DeAndre had the biggest crush on her. They were only friends. Then at prom when Monique’s date Earl tried getting fresh with her DeAndre stepped in punching Earl right in his big nose. Monique and DeAndre started dating and became more than just friends. Five years later DeAndre proposed to Monique and she said she would marry him as soon as he got a real job. He pounded the pavement looking for work because mowing lawns and selling bootleg dvds just didn’t cut it anymore. Finally he found a job as a grease monkey at an auto shop. With his job in hand Monique agreed to marry him. They planned on a July date. The couple bought a moderately priced house with a pool in the back too.To save money they decided to have their wedding reception at their new home. DeAndre invited his boss John whom he both respected and feared. John wasn’t thrilled about going to a party in the hood where he was likely to be surrounded by blacks but he agreed to go out of politeness.DeAndre married Monique at the Baptist church and after the I dos everyone headed to their place for a party. DeAndre’s barbecue was going great and everyone was having a great time. Two kegs were emptied and a third one was tapped as the sun went down. The aroma of weed was in the air. Tiki torches were then lighted over by his above ground pool. It was a soft light, casting many shadows in the large yard. The day was hot and most everyone was in their bathing suits in the above ground pool or periodically going in to cool off. The crowd was loud and rambunctious and the Miller high life and reefer seemed to have loosened everyone up.John, the only white man there that day had been watching Monique in her bikini all day. His gaze seemed to penetrate her body and she felt the sexual tension whenever she was close to him. DeAndre, her groom, liked John. But she knew that DeAndre had an underlying prejudice against whites. Even though he seemed to say the right things about John, whom he worked for, Monique knew the truth. This coupled with the ganja and the attention John was paying her, caused Monique to pay attention to him. She always smiled back at him. His eyes were burning into her exposed skin causing her to become aroused. But being excited and doing something about it were two different things. She loved the attention but he was her husband’s boss. He was big, strong and athletic looking and he exuded white male confidence and dominance. It was arousing to Monique. He looked to be a man that black people did not say ‘no’ to.Two hours later it seemed a lot of the crowd had gone into the house. The darkness of nightfall apparently had sent güvenilir bahis them inside. Monique’s husband, DeAndre, was inside watching the game with his posse and she stayed outside and so did John. A few others sat near the keg beside the house but the above ground pool area was empty. John was sitting beside the pool in a chair and Monique was in a nearby lounger. They were basically alone except that the light of the torches did illuminate them and she could easily see the way his eyes devoured her flesh.”I saw something back behind the garage I want to show you,” he told her getting to his feet and walking toward the darker back of the property. It was more secluded there and definitely could not be seen from the house. It was hidden away from the lighted pool area too. Monique was confused and had no idea what he meant or what was near her car hole that was of interest.”What be over there?” she asked getting to her feet and chasing after him. There was no answer.She followed John. Wandering away from the area near the light of the torches it was more difficult to see where he had gone. So she just headed out to the garage hoping to find him there. As she approached the garage she felt his hands reach out and pull her tight to his body. “Please, John, you crazy? What if they sees us here?” she protested. It suddenly occurred to her that she was only concerned with being discovered and not that he had grabbed her black married body in the darkness. Monique trembled.”You’ve been teasing me all day with that sexy bikini on that hot sexy body. Now it’s time for you to pay up,” he said. His hand reached down into her bikini bottoms and directly onto her pussy.”Please, don’t,” she begged as a finger entered her and pushed inside her wet twat. But her hands reached out to hold his powerful white arms and brace herself.”You’re soaked you fucking whore. I knew you wanted my fat white pecker buried inside your black body, don’t you?” he asked as his other hand pushed her bottoms down off her round ass and to her ankles. Monique stepped out of them without protest.John turned her around and placed her hands on the side of the garage and then pulled her ass back towards him. After being positioned like this, Monique didn’t move or even speak. She stood bent over facing the aluminum siding. Suddenly she felt his big cock head move between her well lubricated slit. He pushed it along the length of her clam and pressed it hard onto her swollen clit.”Oh please,” she groaned from the erotic contact. He continued to tease and move his fat dick along the wet valley. Instinctively she pushed back toward him. Just feeling the fat head inside her wet aroused cunt lips was driving her crazy with desire. The long day of teasing had her on edge. She was desperate for relief.”Do you want my white türkçe bahis cock to fuck your wet married cunt? Say it bitch,” he demanded.”Yes, I want it in me. Please push it in me,” she was almost crying as she pleaded for his cock.”Oh dayum,” she moaned as he pushed into her from behind. He took hold of her hips and pushed himself deep in her pussy. He was long and hard as steel and he filled her in ways she had dreamed about. He was bigger and fuller and longer than her new husband. When fully inside he slowly pulled almost all the way out and then quickly pushed again at a fast pace back into her. “Oh please, I need more. Please, harder,” she pleaded. He chuckled out loud. This was the sign he was looking for. This time when he pulled all the way out, he thrust forward with such force that his body slapped against her butt. It sounded like she was being slapped hard. Her head dropped down and she let out a pained a****l sound that seemed to come from deep in her soul. John now increased his pace and started to piston his fat white rod in and out of her much deeper and harder. Monique was totally lost in this sensation and her moans turned into words. She was out of control with submissive lust.”Oh ya, more cock, please, harder, fuck me harder,” she seemed to be saying over and over again. He did what she asked. Moving with savage thrusts he seemed to be lifting her completely off the ground as he slammed into her. His cock hit her cervix with each deep pounding and the pain was totally overshadowed by the humiliating pleasure. He battered her black cunt. He was using her for his own pleasure and she loved the feeling.”You like my big white cock, bitch?” He taunted her as his speed kept up.”I love it. I love ya’ll big white cock. Fuck my pussy with that white cock,” she cried out. Monique was in another world and her orgasm was coming on fast. He was doing to her what she had only dreamed of. He was taking her like the street whore she was meant to be. She was just a piece of meat to him. As these thoughts flashed through her brain they triggered a huge orgasm in her. She moaned and cried out as her body reached highs she didn’t know existed. He not only was fucking her hard with that white dick but he was dominating her and making her into just a receptacle for his cock and his cum. She felt degraded, submissive, used and controlled. These feelings mixed with the brutality of his powerful domination of her husband’s boss had driven her to the best climax of her life.”Do you want my cum inside your married body? Tell me you want it,” he ordered her.”Fuck yes, cum in me. Fill up my nigga cunt. Fill up my nigga body,” she begged as she was almost crying from the need and the emotion. She craved his release almost more than she welcomed her own orgasm that held her captive to this güvenilir bahis siteleri moment. His cum would in some way confirm his ownership of her in the secluded part of this yard.John exploded and she felt his penis twitch and spasm. He began to spurt rope after rope of his hot fertile white seed inside her unprotected black womb. Monique felt him fill her insides with his sperm. She knew she had no birth control. Her husband was sterile so there was no need for birth control or even condoms. John might make her pregnant. In some dark way she almost hoped he would. DeAndre would do whatever she told him just as she would do whatever John told her. She felt totally and completely conquered by this dominant white man. His cum confirmed this to her. All the other party goers were now inside and the music was loud so her moans and cries were not heard at all. He pulled back and out of her. But Monique did not move. She felt his huge jizz load seep out of her and run down her legs. It was an amazing amount of semen that he had pumped inside her womb; her unprotected black womb.”Turn around whore,” he told her and Monique turned to face him. She was ignited by the words he used with her.”Yes, Master,” she replied.”Take off your top. I want you naked now,” he told her. Monique reached for the clasp and dropped her bikini top. She was totally naked in front of him in the dark yard. Their eyes however had adjusted and they could easily see each other. His hands reached out and pulled on her engorged nipples and she whined in pleasure.”You know you’re mine anytime I want you don’t you?””Yes, Master, anytime ya’ll want me,” she said with a trembling voice.”You are my cock slave now. Say it,” he demanded”Master, I am your cock slave now,” she breathed out and her body shuddered as if she had a small orgasm. The feeling was surreal.”Get down on your knees, slave. Clean my cock with your mouth,” he commanded her. She crouched down in front of him and reached up to take hold of his enormous white phallus. It was wet to the touch and she moved her head forward and took it into her mouth. She loved the taste of her own pussy on her tongue. She licked it and swallowed all the juices she could. Then she shoved her head down to get more and more. She felt it lodge deep in her throat as she stifled her gag reflex to clean him. She worshipped his member with her tongue and lips and face. Monique loved the feeling of being owned like this. She was degraded and humbled and made to admit to him what she wanted. These natural feelings had been suppressed and dormant in her for so long. Now they had come up to the surface and she knew she needed this again. She would give him whatever he wanted from her. She knew her role was to be this dominant white man’s sex slave. She was conquered and defeated and in the process she was renewed and shaped into a new woman; a whore, a slut wife. She wanted this again and again. She knew her journey had just begun. She needed more. She sucked harder, hoping he would take her again right then.

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