Pool’s Closed


Mark reflected on the joys of being a lifeguard as he let himself and his girlfriend Kristy into the pool, this year he was at Brighton Village Pool which was probably the most secluded and least-used pool ever. Most of the houses around the area were deep in the woods and people had their own pools… he didn’t even know why a community pool had been built here in the first place. Perhaps they’d been expecting more housing to go up faster. But he was blessing his lucky stars, ever since he’d started working as a lifeguard in the area he’d been hoping to be assigned to Brighton, mostly because all the lifeguards said that it was easy as pie to get in and skinny dip. He’d always wanted to go skinny dipping, especially with his beautiful girlfriend – they liked to do exciting things, usually with the thrilling danger of being caught.

Looking at her as he let her in the door, her green eyes were flashing with excitement as she smiled at him, tugging her light brown hair from its band. Giggling, she suddenly broke into a run, stripping off her clothes as she headed for the water and he sprinted behind her, shedding his own clothes. For a moment he thought he was going to fall as his foot got caught in his shorts, but he hopped a few steps and managed to keep upright although Kristy laughed at him as she watched. She stood by the edge of the pool, her pale skin glowing in the moonlight. For a moment he just stared, as always, caught by the beauty of her naked body.

He was sure she was posing for him, that insolent smirk on her pretty lips, but that didn’t stop his eyes from running over her perky breasts with their pink nipples and her smoothly shaved mound. Turning she glanced over her shoulder, giving him a full moon of her ass as it glowed in the light of the moon. He chuckled at the pun in his head as she tossed her hair back and down into the water. Walking up to the edge he looked down at her as she floated, her breasts buoyantly floating while her nipples hardened in reaction to the cool temperature.

Suddenly he hurled himself towards her in a cannonball and she shrieked as he landed right in front of her, holding her hands up to ward off the large splash aimed for her face. With her hands in the air and her body turned away from the liquid assault, she couldn’t see him under the water as he pushed off the bottom straight towards her. eryaman escort bayan So it came as a complete surprise as he hit her midriff and dragged her under while she yelped. Her skin was smooth and slippery in the water, slick against him without any friction or hold. Somehow he managed to find her lips and they shared an underwater kiss as they rose, until the water was sliding off their faces and their hair as their kiss deepend.

When she pulled away green eyes looked into brown ones and suddenly she was diving away from him. Laughing he chased her and they played a game of catch all around the pool; every time he got her he played with her body – her breasts, her ass, her pussy – until she managed to twist out of his grasp and the chase began again. Eventually he managed to corner her in the deep end and he pressed her against the wall with his body, each hand on either side of her head and they kissed again. Her arms wrapped around his neck and his dick pressed against her warm body, getting harder as it slid against her smooth skin. If it hadn’t been for the cool water he’d have already been rock hard from touching her during the chase.

Now he started pressing his hips against hers, shoving her against the pool’s wall as he moved her back. Giggling again, she slid under his arm and towards the ladder.

“Come on,” she said in that husky, teasing voice that he loved, “I think it’s time for the rest break.” And she winked as he followed her over.

Watching her go up the ladder before him was a real treat, water droplets slid over the smooth curves of her fantastic ass as it jiggled while she took each step up; her pussy lips were spread open and glistening with her juices and the water from the pool, he actually got to watch them move and rub as she stepped upwards. Following her out, his dick was quickly moving to full mast from all the teasing that they’d been doing to each other in the pool, plus watching her walk around wet and naked was too hot for him not to be turned on.

Placing herself on the edge of one of the lounging chairs, she smiled sexily at him and he trotted over to her eagerly. Pulling his hips towards her face, she started to lick and caress his dick with her mouth, moving her lips slowly up from the base of the shaft to the head before taking its mushroom into her mouth. Watching her pouty lips etimesgut escort slowly slide down his shaft, he gripped her hair with one hand and reached the other one down to start toying with her breast. His knees went weak as her lips reached the base of his groin and pressed against his crotch.

Kristy was damn good at giving head, but she normally didn’t like to because she always said that it was something that only the guy really got any pleasure out of. She must be really excited about being out in public and being let into the pool after hours. Pumping his hips gently in and out of her mouth, he wanted to take full advantage of it.

Looking down at her, he could see her green eyes glowing in the moonlight, water drops still on some of her dark, long eyelashes while her pink lips sucked his dick as they left it and the tip of her tongue flicked out to lick the tip of his dick.

“I want you to take me in all my holes tonight,” she whispered huskily before taking him in her mouth again and pressing him all the way down her throat. Mark whimpered in lust, both at her words and the wonderful sensation of her throat muscles tightening and loosening around his dick, her tongue rubbing against his shaft. She was definitely feel exceptionally horny, she only ever wanted anal sex when she was really turned on – usually when they were at their most public and in the most danger of being caught. Which of course, they were. The pool wasn’t very close to the road, but if someone passed by and happened to glance over, they would be visible. After all, it was almost a full moon.

Mark enjoyed a few more minutes of her oral skills before pulling her off his dick and bringing her over to the life-guard stand. Bending over, she put out her hands and held onto one of the rungs of the ladder that he would climb tomorrow to get into the chair; with her legs spread wide she glanced over her shoulder at him, “Fuck me baby, fuck me hard.”

Always one to follow a lady’s wishes, Mark lined up his dick and rammed in, eliciting a full throaty cry from her as her pussy was roughly stretched around his invading dick. Without pausing he started pumping at her hard, knowing that she liked it best when he was fast and brutal, even though it made it much harder on him not to cum. But if he was going to take her in escort elvankent all her holes, he wanted her to cum while he was in her pussy and he would just have to concentrate on saving himself… it wasn’t often that she offered up her ass for plundering. And finishing in her ass at the pool, where they could definitely be caught, and he would be returning for work the next day was just too good to miss.

Using her arms, she pressed back against him as his hips slammed into her ass, his balls slapping roughly against her body with every thrust. Leaning over, he reached around and grabbed her tits hard, pinching the nipples with his fingers and using them for leverage to slam even harder into her, going at a bruising pace. His rough hands and the brutal thrusts combined with their surroundings had her orgasm building quickly, she could feel it itching inside of her, coming closer and closer every time he buried himself into her.

‘One more,’ she thought, ‘just one more’… he thrust hard and her pussy exploded with pleasure, shaking her entire body as she cried out in ecstacy. As he felt her convulse around his dick, he enjoyed the sensations for a few moments before pulling out and pressing into her ass. Much less brutally, but still firmly – a slow long slide in that never let up. With her ass stretching out, the slight pain just contributed to the orgasm and as he hit home in her bottom her orgasm lifted her even higher.

Mark could feel her ass clenching around him as she came, and he used quick small thrusts so that he could still enjoy the way she gripped him and her ass muscles massaged his whole shaft. Tugging on her nipples as though he could milk her like a cow, he then gripped her boobs hard with his whole hands, squeezing them like melons while he took three long and brutal plunges in and out of her ass. Kristy screamed as her orgasm took her to almost painful pleasures and Mark had to quickly pull one arm down and under her waist to help keep her from falling. Using that arm to press her hips up even further, he took one last pillaging thrust into the deepest part of her bowels, and groaned loudly as he started to cum.

Her orgasm over, she could feel every pulse of his dick as spurt after spurt shot into her ass, her tight ring clenching him and milking every last drop that he had to offer. Exhausted he stood and pulled her up with him so that they were standing straight. Turning her head she kissed him gently on the lips as his dick began to shrink inside her.

Tired, but completely satisfied, they gathered up their clothes and put them on before running back to their car and heading home.

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