Powers Ch. 00


This is the opening to a novel I started several years ago. My laptop was stolen so the rest is lost. I think I’m going to try and rewrite it for NANO this year, so I thought I’d post this to get some reactions.

Chapter 00: Intro

Professor Julia Herron down shifted as she neared the entrance to the Nuclear Testing Facility. She mashed the brake gingerly and went down another gear. The old Jaguar sedan slowed with a menacing growl from the dual exhausts. Downshifting again, she cut the steering wheel to the left and entered the dark empty parking lot of the place.

Cutting her lights, she allowed the car to coast on toward the brightly lit gates. Before she reached the lighted area, she stopped and let the car idle. The rumble of the exhaust sounded powerful even with the old car standing still.

The Jag was her baby; she had hand built it from the ground up and the only thing stock about it was the body. Underneath the 1957 Jaguar salon body was a late model fuel injected American V-8 nestled in a racing chassis. Such a machine could barely satisfy Julia’s need for speed.

Julia cut the engine and relaxed for the first time in a little over three hours. That’s how long it had taken her to cover the three hundred miles from her home to here. She was early and hadn’t needed to hurry but she had much rather fly down the back roads in the middle of the night than cruise the freeways in the daylight.

She needed her adrenalin fix from time to time and this was as good an excuse as any. When the Government called you out for an emergency, you had a free license to speed and she used that every chance she got. Although from where she sat, there didn’t seem to be any dire emergency at the moment.

Everything was quiet, eerily quiet. The dark brooding beehive shaped building silhouetted against the night sky seemed to be normal. There wasn’t any hustle and bustle at the gate. No flashing lights and sirens to mark impending doom. When she rolled down her window, even the insects sounded normal.

In her mind she went back over what she knew of this place, which wasn’t much. It had been built back in the late eighties for magnetic research under a Doctor Lance. It had been hooked into the bases atomic reactor power grid in the mid nineties and shortly after that, Doctor Lance had been killed or maimed. The details had never been released.

The place had been shut down for over ten years and they had started to dismantle it earlier in the year. Several workers had been killed and several more were missing. That’s where she had been called in. Dead workers the Government could handle but missing ones sent up red flags all over the place, especially when the workers held clearances to top-secret places.

The fact that the project, whatever it was, had been shut down years ago didn’t matter. The Government policy was everything in and nothing out. Missing workers were loose ends and that was her job, tying up loose ends. She was a specialist of all things, a Jill of all trades and a master at problem solving.

She had been a child prodigy, raised by the Government to work for the Government. Her mind was a sponge soaking up everything she came in contact with. Math, science, psychology, physiology, you name it and she could tell you about it. That’s what made her the highest-ranking troubleshooter the Government had. If there were a mess anywhere, she would be knee deep in it.

Bright lights in the rearview mirror brought Julia up from the depths of her thoughts. At first she took the lights for a big truck and then she realized that it was a very large motor home. That could mean only one thing. Her supposed boss, Brad Place had arrived.

Brad was cover for Julia, a slight of hand to keep her free and anonymous. In reality she had total control with Brad as a face man for the media. It had worked great for years but as of late Brad had taken to acting like he was the Boss for real. He was supposed to take all the public bows and leave her in the shadows to do what she did best.

Julia knew what the problem was and it was her own fault. She had become his lover and let him talk to her about marriage. She did love him, as much as she had ever loved anyone, but now he was getting the idea that he was in charge of everything. His ego was growing even larger than it had been originally.

Things in the world had been quiet as of late and they hadn’t seen each other for several months. Maybe now was the time to take her control back. She would have to wait and see, Brad could be cold and aloof at times and this might be one of them. She doubted it though.

If the anxiety and butterflies she felt were any indication, then they would be on each other like starving wolves. They weren’t exclusive yet but neither of them had any other outside interests. It should prove to be a wild and interesting morning and the main reason Julia was so early.

The motor home had pulled off to the right and parked. A few minutes later eryaman genç escort bayanlar a very large man in a dark suit came around the front of it and walked toward her car.

Julia grinned and got out. “Harrison, how are you, a long time no see.”

“Miss Herron, it always a pleasure to see you. The boss wants to know if you’d care for a bite of breakfast.” The huge black man asked with smile.

“If you’re cooking then yes but if he’s cooking, no way.” Julia replied with a grin of her own.

“I’m cooking so you’re safe, at least from the food.” Harrison ended with a deep rumbling laugh.

“Don’t worry about me, Brad’s the one that may be in trouble on that account. I’ve been way to busy with this committee and council to have time for myself as of late. So if you hear screams from him don’t worry, I’ll have everything under complete control and if you hear screams from me…. Well, then you’ll know I’m getting what I want.”

Harrison laughed and shook his head. “Why don’t you two just go ahead and get married. Even I can tell you two love each other and every time you get close together, you end up fucking like there’s no tomorrow. The last time I had to take two cold showers and neither one helped a damned bit.”

“Be careful Harrison, one of these days I might just get brave enough to marry the asshole and then you’d be stuck with both of us. Although with us being together all the time, it might take a little of the adventure out of our sex life.”

“I doubt that. You are two of the horniest people I’ve ever known,” he said as he escorted her around the motor home to the door. “You go on in and greet him, I’m going to stay out here and have a smoke.”

She knew that this was his way of giving them some privacy. From the first step into the bus, Julia was tall enough to lean over and give Harrison a peck on the cheek.

“You’re a good man and a better friend.” She told him as she climbed the other two steps.

She paused there and looked down at him for a second before she whispered, “One of these days I’m going to get the nerve up to invite you into the bedroom with us. That would put Brad properly in his place and probably kill me in the process.”

She fanned her face with her hand for a second and then blew out a deep breath. “Damn, Brad’s in for it now.”

Harrison laughed as she went on inside.

Julia thought about her love for Brad but wasn’t sure if it was real or not, or if she could put up with him and his ego all the time. And Harrison was right, although their sex was infrequent; it was ferocious and all consuming, a mixture of animal lust and loving passion. Julia also wondered if that would change if they married.

Brad was sitting on the couch as she entered and rose to meet her with an ardent kiss. Her arms went around his neck as she kissed him back just as passionately. His lips on hers, his arms around her, and his caressing knowing hands shot her mood from horny straight to lust. All thoughts of love, marriage, and putting him in his place disappearing like mist in a high wind.

She ground her hips against him and hooked a leg behind one of his for more leverage. She wanted him and wanted him now. Brad must have felt the same way as his hands dropped to her ass and pulled her tighter to him, his hips moving as much as hers.

Julia released his leg and without breaking the kiss started them moving toward the short hall to the bedroom. Half way down the hall they were fumbling with each other’s clothes. His suit coat hit the floor, followed shortly by her satin jacket. His shoes were left in two steps along with hers.

Brad’s back hit the bedroom door and he reached back to fumble with the knob. Julia was feverously working on getting his shirt off, which wasn’t helping him with the door. When she pealed it off his shoulder and down his back, the cuffs were still buttoned. Somehow she twisted it around one wrist and back around the other.

Julia had his belt undone and was working on the button and zipper when she heard Harrison ask, “Why don’t you two get a room?”

She wondered the same thing. Brad hadn’t opened the door, so she reached around and did it. She hadn’t realized that Brad was leaning on it until he stumbled backwards and they started to fall. They ended up in a heap on the floor, Julia’s skirt up around her waist and Brad’s pants around his knees, his arms still pinioned by the shirt.

Julia raised her leg and used her foot to close the door. A loud wolf whistle from the front of the motor home told her that she had just flashed her naked bare pussy at Harrison. That just pushed her over the top. She broke the kiss, jerked Brad’s underwear down around his thighs, and climbed across his hips.

She paused and grinned down at him for a second before she whispered, “Baby, I’m fixing to fuck your brains out.”

Brad looked at her with a shocked look on his face. She had never spoken to him in such a crude manner before. When she grabbed ankara escort bayan his dick and rubbed the head along her sopping wet seam and around her equally wet opening, he suddenly believed her.

With wild abandon, Julia impaled herself on Brad. They both moaned loudly as she settled down along his shaft. Two hard up and down movements of her hips had her sitting on his hips. She paused for only a second before she was true to her word and rose up until just the head was inside and then dropped her hips to sit down hard.

Julia’s loud gasp was mixed with a loud grunting groan from Brad. Leaning forward, she raised her hips and fucked herself on his dick as fast and as hard as she could. A sense of power was mixed headily with her growing orgasm. An “I am woman, see me fuck you blind moment” if there ever was one. Being this aggressive surprised and excited Julia to no end.

Brad’s dick felt so good sliding in and out and each time her clit slammed into his pelvic bone, jolts of raw energy shot outward along her nervous system. She was building to a monster of an orgasm and building quickly, but not quickly enough. Brad beat her by a few heartbeats.

When the feeling of his hot come washed into her vagina, she sat down hard and hunched her hips quickly, rubbing her clit on him. The climax that followed was all bright pinwheels of light and waves of glowing pleasure. Her whole body convulsed and jerked as the intensity ebbed and flowed throughout her whole being.


Julia was breathing hard and fast, her body slowly rocking back and forth in the afterglow of her orgasm. Her eyes slowly focused on Brad’s face. She smiled as she saw the silly grin he always got immediately after he came. She flexed her hips, squeezing him with her inner muscles, feeling his still firm erection rubbing in all the right spots.

“Damn that feels good,” she whispered to herself.

A groan from Brad made her add, “You think so to, I see.” Brad nodded a couple of times and then groaned again as she moved her hips.

“This is what I should do with you, keep you tied up in the closet until I really, really need some and then drag your ass out and ride you into oblivion.” She told him as her hips moved more forcefully.

She could feel him swelling back up to his full size. “You like that idea, don’t you. You’d just lay there and let me do all the work wouldn’t you.”

Julia could feel the beginnings of another orgasm starting to rise as Brad struggled to free his arms. She knew that if he got free, he would roll her over on her back and pound the hell out of her. Ramming his dick into her with all the force he could muster, driving all thought from her mind and making her a captive of her own sensitive and needy body.

She shivered at the thought, her pussy clamping down on his shaft as she moved up and down on it. The thought had appeal but she was enjoying being in complete control, being the one taking the pleasure, instead of just receiving it. She wondered briefly where she could find four sets of handcuffs but a spasm deep inside her sex sidetracked her mind.

Slowing the movements of her hips, she concentrated on making long full strokes along the large hot dick in her slippery pulsing sex. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, her attention focused on the point of their union. She thought she could actually feel the flange below the head of his dick scrapping along the walls. She shivered again.

Brad had had his orgasm so it was now all for her. She would let this one build slowly and see just how strong of one she could achieve. Her clit was a lot more sensitive and she didn’t need to slam it against him. As it was she could feel it tingle as his pubic hairs brushed across it.

Her thighs quivered and tingled from this unaccustomed type of exercise. She would have to work on that the next time she went to the gym, she thought lazily. The tingling itch deep inside her sex was growing faster than she wanted, so she leaned forward to kiss Brad. This changed the muscles she was using to move herself up and down, which was more of a back and forth now.

She groaned softly into Brad’s mouth as his manhood rubbed on a different set of points on her insides. Her sex clamped down which just intensified the feelings. The tingling itch increased as she worked her hips, a warm glowing pressure building.

Julia kept her hips slightly raised to keep from rubbing her clit on Brad. The only thing wrong was that her mind supplied a picture of what she looked like in this position, her naked ass raised and pointed at the door, her skirt up over her back.

Anyone opening that door would have a perfect view of Brad’s dick sliding in and out of her sex as she fucked herself on it. Her ass cheeks would be spread and her asshole on display. This made Julia shiver; she had always had this fantasy of two lovers at once.

A mental image of Harrison opening the door and standing there nude etimesgut escort filled her mind. The fact that she had never seen Harrison in anything but a suit didn’t make any difference, her mind supplied the muscular body and the long thick shaft standing out from his crotch. Julia heard herself moan into Brad’s mouth.

She had tried anal sex in collage but hadn’t cared for it until she met a certain older undergraduate student. He had taken his time and showed her what it was all about. He had been slow, gentle, and oh so patient but it had been well worth it for both of them. She had had the most powerful orgasms of her life each and every time they had done it.

Now, with the thought of Harrison’s fantasy cock sliding slowly into her ass, Julia exploded into a massive fireball. She didn’t care about anything except the rub of her clit and the squeezing, grabbing spasms of her pussy around Brad’s dick. She was in her own little world of pure unadulterated pleasure.

The hot blast of Brad’s orgasm registered on her brain like a flicking pen on an earthquake chart, driving her orgasm to new heights. Her insides were molten magma and she was all-powerful, a fiery goddess on high, riding a blazing chariot across the sky.


A moaning groan from Brad drew Julia’s mind up slowly from its warm fuzzy cocoon of complete and total satisfaction. Her whole body was still vibrating to the aftershocks of her orgasm. The world and everything in it was just a nuisance at this very moment and she wished it would all go away.

Brad moving slightly and groaning again made Julia open her eyes. Her head was on Brad’s shoulders and her full weight was on top of him. At five eight and a hundred and twenty pounds, Julia wasn’t all that big but Brad wasn’t much bigger, maybe an inch taller and a few pounds heavier.

Julia pushed up onto her shaky arms and groaned softly. The groan was followed by a soft sigh from Brad and then he asked softly, “What the hell has gotten into you? You’re acting like a wild woman.”

Julia tried to stifle a giggle and whispered, “Your dick for one thing and my imagination for another.”

“I wonder which one is the more powerful,” Brad whispered, a note of sarcasm in his voice.

“At the moment, my imagination.” Julia replied as she wiggled her hips, making his shrinking manhood move closer to falling out of her sex.

“Point taken,” Brad whispered with a smile that was more of a smirk. “But that’s not what I meant. I was talking about your sluttish language and even more sluttish advances.”

Julia grinned down at Brad and then shook her head. He could be such a pompous asshole at the most inopportune times.

“You want to know how big a slut I could be if I wanted to? Well, let me tell you. What launched me into that last orgasm was the thought of Harrison shoving his big black dick up my lily-white ass. Is that slutty enough for you?”

The shocked look on Brad’s face made Julia laugh. “Bingo, I think I’m a winner. If you don’t want to know then don’t ask as they say. You know how blunt I can be when I want to or need to.”

“Yes, you are that,” Brad whispered.

“Which do you mean? Blunt or a slut?” Julia asked just to goad him.

“Both,” Brad shot back at her.

Julia laughed and climbed slowly and shakily to her feet. “I’m also very, very satisfied and in desperate need of a shower.”

She moved forward and stood with her feet spread wide on either side of his head. She squatted slightly, showing him her well used, abused, and very messy sex.

“I should sit down on your face and make you clean me up, you made more than half of this mess after all.”

Brad’s eyes got wide and he licked his lips before he opened his mouth to protest. That protest was never voiced, as Julia made good on her jokingly made threat. Why she did it she didn’t really know for sure but it had to do with the fact that Brad tied up was a totally different person in her eyes. Anyway, it would take some of the starch out of him and continue her control over the situation.

Brad tried to yell and get her pussy off his mouth. Julia laughed and ground herself against his face. “Get that tongue out there and get to work. I’m in charge and don’t you forget it.” She ordered more forcefully than she had meant to.

To her surprise, Brad did as he had been told, his tongue snaking into her sex and swirling around the opening. Julia groaned before she could stop herself. She wasn’t sure if the groan was from the feel of his tongue, the knowledge that he was licking his own come, or the power of ordering him around. It was probably all three.

Brad had never been into oral sex. He was more of a wham bam, slam his dick in, and fuck, sort of guy, so how good he was doing with his mouth and tongue was a surprise to Julia. She rode his tongue, the tip of his nose brushing and rubbing on her clit, with growing excitement. He had never brought her to orgasm orally before, but he was well on the way now.

Julia’s hands found Brad’s hair and used it to urge him on. His tongue, his nose, she couldn’t decide which was better. She shifted her hips and jammed her clit against his mouth and tongue. Brad tried to suck on it and then flicked it back and forth with the tip of his tongue.

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