Preacher sucks and dresses again


Preacher sucks and dresses againIf you have been following the stories, I had just fucked the preachers daughter, Jaimie, 23 year old and pregnant with my baby, and Katrina, a 19 year old young married m_ommy for hours in a hotel. I used them well and had them use each other. This was the week the preachers wife, Pam, a real MILF and another of my sluts, was seducing my wife (or ordered to do so anyway) at the church ladies retreat.I left the Jaimie at my house to meet the school bus and my k**s, Katrina had went home to her baby and looser husband.I called John and told him, it has been over a month since I fucked your hot mouth and man pussy. Where are you bitch? Nervous, he immediately replied, “at the store Master, where shall I meet you?” I said, “go home now bitch, you have 20 minutes to get home, get into your stocking and garter belt and one of those slut dresses, wear Pam’s (his wives) panties and have a pair of Jaimies (his d_ughters) panties she left there in your mouth. Be on Jaimies bed on all fours, dorr unlocked. MOVE BITCH!” I hung up and with the still hard on I arrived at his house. I pulled into the driveway and rang the door bell. I opened the unlocked door and walked in. I stripped naked and walked down the familiar hall to Jaimies room. I canlı bahis still remembered taking her virginity and her first time for everything I had trained her to do. I remembered taking and using his wife Pam and how she was my slut as well now. Now, I was going to take him again. Weak sissy slut!I turned and opened the door, he was facing away from me, on all fours, wearing a short dress, stockings, garter belt, Pam’s panties and I could see Jaimies in his mouth. I had removed my leather belt from my jeans and approached him. He shook and trembled. I raised the dress and began to carress his ass cheeks, his balls and cock and run a finger down his ass crack. I pulled Pam’s panties to the side and run my tongue over him, the way I had done his daughter and Katrina only an hour earlier. Less than as hours since I had my cock in Jaimie, the preachers daughter’s 23 year old ass. Before that, it was in Katrina’s young 19 year old tight ass. I wanted to just ram into him and tease him with my cock. But decided to make him taste Jaimie and Katrina. I then spanked him hard 5 or times with that leather belt making him yelp and wiggle that tight ass. I told him to turn and face me and suck my cock. I told him to smell it first and lick it. He did, spitting out Jaimies panties bahis siteleri he began to suck, kiss, smell and make love to my cock. I had him look up into my eyes and laughed at him asking if he missed it. “Yes Master” he moaned with my cock in his mouth. I ask him if he could smell the pussy juice, ass and cum. “Yes Master” I teased him asking if he wanted to know who is belonged too. I told him about Katrina, the young 19 year old married m_mmy and how she sucked me and fucked me and how I fucked her pussy and ass. I then told him about the threeway, and his precious daughter Jaimie eating and fucking and being fucked by Katrina and how I used her. He moaned and went crazy on my cock. I could not believe it but as I told him how less than a hour ago my cock was balls deep pounding his daughter Jaimie and Katrina in both their pussy and their asshole! I could not believe it but he moaned, was holding my ass cheeks, sucking me like crazy and he reached down and as soon as he touced his hard dick he shot all over jaimie bed. I cum a pint I bet and went limp. I asked it he was thinking of shooting inside his daugh_ter Jaimie. “Yes Master” I just laughed at him, my cock staying hard from virgra but I had cum so many times already. I then told him to turn again and güvenilir bahis raise that ass into the air so I could fuck his man pussy like I fucked his wife and daugh_ter ass and pussy and mouth. He was hard again and moaning. But he screamed when I rammed my thick long meat all the way into his very tight asshole. I held it a minute or two and worked it then began to fuck him fast. I fucked him fast and furious. I pounded him until he first cried, then moaned, then yelled, then moaned again. Finally, after about 20 minutes I was up straddling him, balls deep in that manpussy holding his shoulders and I cum hard again, I pumped him full. Damn, he cum too. What a sissy slut. I then pulled out, spanked those cheeks and laid beside him on Jaimies bed. I told John to lick and suck my cock clean. He did. Then I stood, bent over, told him to tongue my asshole and he did. Then I turned and slapped his face, then smiled telling him he was a good sissy slut. That I was going home now to fuck his daugh_ter again tonight, allnight, while his wife was away seducing my wife. He looked shocked, “really” SLAP SLAP SLAP on the face, “WHAT SLUT?” “Master, sorry, really, they are fucking?”I smiled and said, you will be informed and allowed to play when Master is ready.See you Sunday, but YOU will meet me and suck me off early that morning bitch.I walked away leaving him there, sore with a ass full of cum dressed like a bitch. Still in his wife Pam panties and holding Jaimies panties.

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