Pregnant Wife Caught With pregnant friend

Pregnant Wife Caught With pregnant friendMy Wife (amy) and I who have been together for around 4 years expecting a c***d had a bbq one summer evening. It was put together fairly late and only Amys friend Alice (who was also heavily pregnant) and her partner could make it.I remember when Alice turned up I couldn’t help but stare at her magnificent Figure her huge round tits bounced as she walked or giggled, her Ass was incredible and was barely contained in her tight jeans. my cock was beginning to throb as I watched her and my wife hour or 2 passed and the girls seemed to be getting bored so they decided to disappear into the house to talk. alices partner and I spoke for a while but all I could think about was how much I would love to worship alices incredible body and cum on her swollen belly. The girls had been in the house for around 30 mins when I decided to check in on them when Alices partner walked to the shop to tokat escort stock up on beer. I entered the lounge and to my surprise there was no sign of the girls, I shouted up the stairs but received no answer. I crept up the stairs and found our bedroom door pulled to leaving just a small gap I was able to peep through. What I was about to see would change my Sex life forever. I could see the back of my naked wife her Huge round ass and small pert tits glistening in the light coming from our window she seemed to be covered in some sort of massage oil her pregnant belly looked so arousing, alice then came into view she was wearing the sexiest white lingerie ive ever seen the bra was hardly containing her huge swollen breasts as she rubbed oil into my wifes breasts and belly. I could here laurens soft moans as she clearly enjoyed her friends touch. they locked eyes and began a long passionate kiss and my cock was pushing tokat escort bayan hard against the zipper of my jeans. Amy pushed alice  onto her back on our marital bed and spread her legs, her knickers were crochless and I had a clear view of her wet gash. Amy started to rub alices engorged clit and I could hear alice moaning gently. I released my 8 inch hard cock from my jeans and began to rub it to these two horny women. Alice began to groan louder as my wife finger fucked her wet pregnant pussy “fuck, oh fuck fuck my cunt with your fingers I’m gonna cum baby” i heard alice say as her body rocked to orgasm. she took a few minutes to compose her self. she reached into her bag and pulled out a big black strap on alice put it on and proceeded to tease amys opening with her shaft.I Concentrated on working my had up and down my shaft for a minute or two and when i returned to looking at the action could see alice was escort tokat pounding my wifes wet pussy doggystyle with her strap on. my heart stopped in that moment alice was staring straight at me through the gap in the door. I had been caught. she placed her finger on her lips and shhd me. she pounded Amy until she began to cum “oh alice, oh fuck, slam that big cock into my slutty hole I’m gonna fucking explode, oh fuck I’m cumming, I’m cumming) alice pointed to the bathroom i obliged and quickly ran in to our washroom.I heard Alice say to amy she was going to clean up and she came into the bathroom. alice was on her knees in front of my throbbing cock and she began to stroke. i was in ecstasy alice began to talk dirty to me while furiously wanking my member ” i saw you wanking to me you filthy man, mmmm look at that throbbing cock i bet you wish you could fuck me ehh, hmm youll have to settle for my hand you dirty boy, that’s it baby i want you to cum on my pregnant tits and belly” with that i was sent over the edge and let go i covered alices tits and belly in a huge cumshot. she licked up every drop, kissed me on the cheek and disappeared out of the washroom.The End.

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